Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 120

Chapter 106: chapter 105-- they are all talented people

Shao Ruihan bites his lip. Tang Ningshan has no idea what he is thinking.

Tang Ningshan does not want to complain, but within such short time, from the being shot to being in hospital in the present, there have been several such things, including Shao Kaile's plan, which lets Tang Ningshan have to doubt Shao Ruihan's ability.

"Don't worry, I live here to find the truth quickly, or else I wouldn't be living in a place where no one is watching." Shao Ruihan deliberates for a long time before saying such a sentence, which is like describing a fact, but also like comforting.

After all, if he doesn't figure out the problem and find out who did this, he'll have plenty of them in the future. Now that he has begun, he has to leave his enemies a hole. He thinks they might kidnap him again, or find an assassin to assassinate him, but he had no idea that they would find such a lowlife to drug him.

Although he was trained to resist the drug, it does not mean that his present body situation can withstand such resistance.

But the person who has been holding by Tang Ningshan, also understands that they had noticed him and was here waiting for someone to come. Unexpectedly, this beautiful girl around Shao Ruihan is also such fierce. This time he is not sure whether he has the opportunity to throw out the medicine so that his family will also have a good life in the future.

Tang Ningshan looks at the people under his hand who is always struggling, knowing that this person does not figure out any good idea.

"You'd better behave yourself if you want to suffer, but I wouldn't advise you to think of things that you shouldn't do. Do you think I've got you and you will have a chance to escape?" Tang Ningshan thinks he is trying to escape. Then she uses more strength to press his head, and he could hear the bones snapping.

'Ah!' The man yells by the hurt, and in a few moments someone comes in and turns on the light in the room, and the place suddenly becomes brighter.

"Boss." Lee gives a nervous shout.

Right behind him is Niu Er. "Boss."

Lee glances at Shao Ruihan in the bed with sharp eyes, shivering unconsciously.

Tang Ningshan looks at Niu Er and says, "Oh, you're awake. What about my little sister? How is she going?"

"Mrs. Shao, did you say Miao Yu?" Niu Er scratches his head questioningly, thinking for a long time before asking.

Tang Ningshan nods.

"Just me. They're not awake yet, I also just woke up, I wanted to ask Lee about the situation of captain, then I knew that the boss was injured too, Lee said that the boss had an accident, so we immediately come over." Niu Er explains.

"Take this man away quickly. There must be some medicine in his hand. Be careful. It's either roofies or poisons. It's all for your boss." Tang Ningshan says indifferently without any special meanings, which is just a brief description. But in Niu Er's opinion, she means to let them give him a taste of his own medicine that he was trying to drug Shao Ruihan.

"Mrs. Shao, don't worry, I'll take care of it." Lee looks at Tang Ningshan with a severe look and says solemnly.

Tang Ningshan winks, not understanding what Lee means, and then turns to Shao Ruihan, who has no expression as if he is thinking of something.

"Did I tell him to do something?" Tang Ningshan asks foolishly.

Niu Er shakes his head and looks at Lee who is on the way out blankly.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan and Niu Er, shaking his head helplessly.

"Niu Er, you go back to rest, watch out for the three of them, until they wake up and contact Lee, then Lee will tell you about the next task." Shao Ruihan says.

"Yes, sir! I promise I will finish the job!" Niu Er hears Shao Ruihan's voice, immediately straightening up. After giving Shao Ruihan a military salute, then he turns and goes out to leave.

"... Your men are talented." Tang Ningshan does not know what word to use to describe their strange behaviors, can only say that they are the talented person.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, who is speechless. He doesn't make any movement or sound, as if he does not hear her.

The next morning, Tang Ningshan receives a call from Shao Kaile, who is asking her to come down and saying that he is waiting for her downstairs.

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan, who is asleep, but she decides to wake him up. After all, he is the only one left in the room if she goes out, so it is safer to be awake.

"Hey, wake up, Shao Kaile called me and said he's waiting for me downstairs. I'm going down to check it out." Tang Ningshan pushes Shao Ruihan and says.

'Hmm.' Shao Ruihan opens his eyes, and there is not a trace of sleepiness in his eyes, as if he has been awake for a long time.

Tang Ningshan comes down the stairs to Shao Kaile's position and sees a black car parked there.

Tang Ningshan goes over and knocks on the car window, and the door opens.

Shao Kaile is sitting in the car with a woman, who is appeared on Shao Kaile's computer. Tang Ningshan looks at her with distaste and frowns. "Come out, and we'll talk."

With that, Tang Ningshan walks to one side and doesn't look at the people in the car.

"Baby, wait for me." Shao Kaile says, then kisses the woman on her lips, patting her on the shoulder. He gets out of the car and follows Tang Ningshan.

"Look, this is for you. If you give it to my cousin, you won't have to do anything else." Shao Kaile takes a small bottle and hands it to Tang Ningshan.

"Just this? And then you can set me free? I don't believe it. You're going to tell me it's not poison. After all, If Shao Ruihan dies, it won't be all my responsibility? I can't afford the responsibility." Tang Ningshan's face is cold with no expression at all, which lets Shao Kaile feel that she is developing to the direction of Shao Ruihan. She now is entirely different from that shy girl when she first came to Shao's house.

"you can rest assured that I cannot bear you to take responsibility, how could I allow you to have an accident?" Shao Kaile smiles at Tang Ningshan ambiguously.

"I see. Just let him drink it." Tang Ningshan's face is pale, but she wants to know what it is, so she has to cooperate with Shao Kaile.

"Of course, I'll wait for your good news, bye." After Shao Kaile says, he is trying to kiss Tang Ningshan's face, but Tang Ningshan ducks directly.

She looks at Shao Kaile angrily and says "What do you want? If you don't need my help, also I can get someone else to help me. You are not the only one who can help me, but I am may the only one who can help you." Tang sternly rebukes.

"I'm sorry, but you are charming. I'm afraid I'm not in control. I'm sorry." Shao Kaile indifferently apologies, but the desire inside his eyes is getting more and more apparent. He does not have the intention of apologizing, letting Tang Ningshan feel nauseated.

"I'll go." Tang Ningshan says and takes the small bottle and walks into the hospital.

"Well, you'll have to beg under me one day." Shao Kaile looks at Tang Ningshan's back, showing a dazzling smile. He says to himself, before getting in the car and leaving.

Tang Ningshan angrily goes upstairs, and the first thing after she gets into the ward is to take a fresh towel to wash her face.

"What's the matter?" Shao Ruihan asks.

"Almost got bitten by a dog!" Tang Ningshan clenches her teeth.

" this is for you. " Tang Ningshan takes out the small bottle and throws to Shao Ruihan.

"Shao Kaile asked me to give it to you, and you won't be a threat, as long as you drink it. Find out for yourself what the hell this is, I don't want to see Shao Kaile in the future, I will send out all those videos in my computer to give him a lesson, let him know that I am not easy to be taken advantage of." Tang Ningshan clenches her teeth and says, her voice is as cold as ice.

Shao Ruihan takes the bottle with a solemn expression on his face. Although he knows that some people in Shao's family have involved in his accident this time, he had no idea that they are ready to take action before he solves the last thing.

"Take your time with the video, and I'll just let Lee do it." Shao Ruihan thinks for a long time, and his eyes flash of a trace of emotion, which disappears so fast that Tang Ningshan cannot catch. Initially, she also wants to ask why. But looking at Shao Ruihan's expression, she thinks that if she asks, she may even not get an answer.

"I'll give you two days. If you don't teach Shao Kaile a lesson, I'll do it myself. I haven't settled with your cousins about the thing last time yet. This time..." At this point, Tang Ningshan sneers and looks at Shao Ruihan's, and her expression also becomes colder.

"Shan, I know I'm Shao's family too. But I did not order what they did, and what is more, according to the situation now, we are on the united front, so could you please stop looking at me in the way of looking at an enemy." Shao Ruihan is somewhat speechless. Initially, he already has tried very hard to restrain his temper and emotion before Tang Ningshan, and he doesn't want to affect their weak ties. After all, they're mutual benefits now, but Tang Ningshan is not happy about it at all.

"It's your family's business anyway, and I wouldn't be in so much trouble if it weren't for you." Tang Ningshan curls her mouth and says.

"Yes, yes, you're right. It's all because of me. I'll take care of it. Do you have any clues about what you're looking for?" Shao Ruihan can only change the topic, being afraid that Tang Ningshan continues to talk.

"I haven't seen it yet. I'll show you the security footage of the villa during that time later. and I don't know if it's useful for you, and we only went to one villa and can only monitor one of your uncle's house." Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time.

"Well, let's see first." Shao Ruihan nods.

Tang Ningshan takes out the computer, typing on it for about a few minutes, only then there comes out a folder, which is full of videos inside.