Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 121

Chapter 107: chapter 106-- buy a house

"Watch it yourself. It's all here, and I have no idea what you want, so the surveillance video is the best, I don't know what's useful or not." After saying, Tang Ningshan hands the computer to Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan turns on the video one by one to watch, but he does not find any useful clue. But Shao Mushuang and Shao Kaile said something about him when they were on the phone, but it's brief, there are no valuable things. Shao Ruihan also is not disappointed, after all so many years have passed, he is not afraid that they do not leave any clue, he can afford to wait.

"Let's sign the agreement again, I speak, and you type on the computer, and if you're not satisfied, just put it forward." Shao Ruihan hands the computer back to Tang Ningshan.

'Good.' Tang Ningshan has a lot of ideas about the new agreement, but she doesn't want to appear to be such eager if Shao Ruihan doesn't ask.

First, we should always maintain a husband-and-wife relationship, so that no one else can find that we are not a husband and wife. For example, if there's a third party appears between us, give both sides a confession, and we both have the right to know the truth. You should also understand my current situation if the marriage is in trouble... "

Tang Ningshan agrees directly. She understands Shao Ruihan's meaning, and if she has been living as the identity of Tang Ningshan, then the marriage between them must not have any problems. Even if she wants to get divorced, it must under the condition that the divorce won't affect Shao Ruihan.

"Well, I know. if you have someone you love, or I have someone I love, we have to talk to each other, and I will get a divorce, and it will not tarnish your reputation." Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time, giving such a reply.

Shao Ruihan thinks about it, assuming it is feasible, after all, he can add other content, so he nods to show that he agrees.

"Second, If I have a problem and need your help, you cannot refuse." After long-term thinking, Shao Ruihan put this forward, after all, this is his primary purpose.

"If you ask me for help all the time, won't I become your servant? No." Tang Ningshan doesn't want to work for free.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan's expression and adds "Paid service!"

Tang Ningshan thinks about the future life, and since the help is paid, it can be considered, so that she would not have to worry about money from now on.

"Yes, but only if I have the time, and if it is an urgent matter like this time, it must be stated promptly." Tang Ningshan says.

Shao Ruihan nods.

"Then I have no other demands. Look, what else you have to say? and write it down if it's not too much." Shao Ruihan's goal has achieved, a smile is showing on his face. And in the future, with Tang Ningshan's help, their safety will get a guarantee when they are on the mission, which lets him feel gratified.

"Third, I wish I could move out of your villa. You live in the army anyway, and I don't intend to live in your villa. There are not too many people around the area, and there is no respect, and also my life is watched in your villa." Tang Ningshan says as she looks at Shao Ruihan's face. If he doesn't agree, then she also can refuse to accept the above two.

Shao Ruihan can see the meaning of Tang Ningshan, but he is very anxious to know why.


"The reason is I feel disrespected; I wish I could have my place. and according to our relationship, you live in the army, and I don't want to go on a free meal at your house." The most annoying thing for Tang Ningshan is that every day she can feel a pair of eyes staring at her, letting her fail to sleep well even if she locks the door.

"No problem!"

"Fourth, I can help you with the information you need. You can't tell others about my secret, especially my history, you can't tell anyone. although I still can't understand, I think a lot of things are arranged, and you can't mention it to anyone!" Tang Ningshan's expression is quite solemn, and she looks at Shao Ruihan firmly.

"Yes!" Shao Ruihan had no intention of talking to anyone else, and even if he tells it to others, no one would believe him. He still can't understand why he would trust what Tang Ningshan said. If it weren't for Qu Bo's suspicions, he wouldn't have doubted the place where Tang Ningshan had said.

"Well, if anyone of us violates the agreement, we must pay for each other's losses. Pay all the property we possess" Tang Ningshan thinks this compensation is the most serious, but she does not know how much money Shao Ruihan has, if he possesses too little, then the loss will be her own.

Shao Ruihan nods.

Tang Ningshan draws up the agreement and prints it out. Both of them signs their names, then it works. Why didn't Tang Ningshan say anything about a new identity? The main reason is that Tang Ningshan thinks that the last agreement is still with Shao Ruihan, so there's no need to add the same item in the new one. And Shao Ruihan is also happy that Tang Ningshan did not mention it, so the two people ignore this one for different reasons.

After everything is done, Tang Ningshan feels relaxed. She smiles and says to Shao Ruihan, "I hope we will have good cooperation."

Shao Ruihan also smiles and answers her: "The cooperation is happy."

Relaxed Tang Ningshan decides to buy the house first. Later, she can let Pu Jiayi move to the new home, after all, living in Shao Ruihan's villa is not a good idea, especially Pu Jiayi is also one of her family to some extent, after all, Pu Jiayi has the letter that said that he knows her origin.

Tang Ningshang finds Yu Huan's the message, which says that there is a pretty good house located in the center of the city. The security factor is high, and the community environment is also good, it's three bedrooms house, the house is decorated. Initially, it's a house of one couple. But the wife is about to give birth to a child, so they cannot live in the new house, and they originally intended to rent, but now they urgently need money, so they plan to sell it, which is about 3 million. Yu Huan asks whether she is interested in.

"Got a picture? Or the area name and address, and then I'll check the specific area." Tang Ningshan asks.

"Well, the neighborhood is called 'Wanjia,' and you can find it as soon as you search it, which is a very famous community, Shao's company develops it, so the reputation is excellent. now basically it is a new house, so you consider it. if it's appropriate, I will help you to book." Yu Huan replies.

Tang Ningshan directly hacks into the video of the security room of the 'Wanjia' District. She looks at the monitoring data inside and finds that it is almost the same as Yuhuan said. People inside are driving a luxury car mostly, it looks good. And the security will patrol every ten minutes. It's daily patrols, so the security also has a guarantee. Whenever you enter or get out of the neighborhood, you have to swipe your room card. If someone out of the community wants to get in, they have to do some records before entering, which makes Tang Ningshan satisfied.

"Well, it's better to show me a picture. Ask him when I can go to see the room?" Tang Ningshan quickly says.

"Okay, I'll call you when I know something?" Yu Huan asks carefully. After all, their relationship is within the range of the Internet; especially hackers generally do not want to explode themselves.

"All right, just give me a call if you have any news." Tang Ningshan happily shuts down the computer, and the smile on her face is full of happiness.

"What's up, you are so happy?" Shao Ruihan feels very confused about Tang Ningshan. Why she is always such a server when talking to him. What kind of personality the person on the computer has that attracts her, which can let her smile so gently from the bottom of the heart.

"Well, the house has settled. Of course, I am happy." Tang Ningshan answers carelessly.

"A house? Are you renting a house?" Shao Ruihan carefully asks. They figured out the agreement just now; she has already found a suitable house so soon? It is hard to convince him that this is not premeditated.

"No, I am going to buy it. I only wanted to buy a house on the day you were in the hospital. After all, I am alone and have no family. Of course, I should buy a house and settle myself down." when Tang Ningshan is talking, she ultimately does not care about Shao Ruihan's expression, because she is about to her own new house, is not afraid of Shao Ruihan anymore.

"Do you have the money to buy a house?" Shao Ruihan doesn't need to buy any houses but still knows the housing market. A similar home in A city costs millions of dollars. She should not have had enough money.

"Yes, I earned it. Oh, it's from your family. I made $5 million from Shao Mushuang. Do you think I have no money?" she asks. Saying here, Tang Ningshan thinks Shao Kaile is only annoying, but also is useful to her, after all, he allows her to earn a lot of money.

"..." Shao Ruihan doesn't know how he is supposed to reply.

"By the way, can you get someone to watch you, I might go out to look at the house, so..." Tang Ningshan's face shows a happy expression; she looks at Shao Ruihan excitedly.

It's hard for Shao Ruihan to refuse when seeing Tang Ningshan like this. Although he does not want her to move out, after all, Tang Ningshan is his wife, and they also had a very intimate relationship. He does not care, but why she cannot settle down a bit? Shao Ruihan can only nod.

"Let Li drive you later." Shao Ruihan keeps an eye out, even though there is an agreement between them, If Tang Ningshan falls in love with someone so soon, it would be a problem. Especially when he thinks that if Tang Ningshan has someone she likes, she will file for divorce, he feels upset. He thinks that he doesn't love Tang Ningshan, but he is willing to protect her and treat her as his wife. After all, he had promised his teacher to take care of her, and he has no intention of getting a divorce when they got married.

"Well, it would be perfect. I don't know the place well enough. but I'll have to wait for the call." Tang Ningshan also doesn't care, after all, she has been used to accept Li for driving her. And she doesn't have her car and driver's license now, although she has learned to drive, and it seems that she has to take a driving test sometime. Tang Ningshan thinks.

The excited Tang Ningshan has always been in a state of euphoria. After all, her former house was rented, and she had never had a home of her own. Now she is finally going to have a home of her own, could she not be excited? It's said that the Golden Nest is not as good as one's doghouse, Tang Ningshan feels that it would be just right for her to use this phrase.