Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 122

Chapter 108: chapter 107-- people are taken away

At Shao Ruihan's villa or Shao's house, all of them are villas, each with a room that is big enough for several families to sleep in. But Tang Ningshan feels suffocating in such a place, because everything she does should follow the rule of their house, especially, some housekeepers are around her.

The most unbearable thing for Tang Ningshan is her messed-up clothes. She just bought some clothes on the Internet, and the package is opened to check without her permission. If she goes in living there, will she have to ask the consent of the housekeeper?

She couldn't get all the things to her hand the first time, which makes her quite unhappy.

Shao Ruihan looks at the excited Tang Ningshan, being a little doubt whether Tang Ningshan was mistreated in the villa. Why else would she want to leave so much? Shao Ruihan is a bit confused and decides to ask Li sometime if anything that he doesn't know happened to her.

But he doesn't think anyone can mistreat Tang Ningshan, and though he doesn't know how well her real skill is, he doesn't think she is going to be bullied at all.

Tang Ningshan's mind is on the housing thing, the attention never falls to Shao Ruihan's body a, so she also does not know he is struggling now.

It's almost the lunchtime, and no one comes to give Shao Ruihan injection. Yu Huan does not call her, and she is waiting anxiously, so she is going to find something to do.

"Hey, would you like to change your clothes?" Tang Ningshan is bored, suddenly remembering that the pile of clothes that she brought here that day, so she is just about to ask Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan squints and then shows an ambiguous expression, and he says with a smile "sure, but I cannot move now, you help me?"

"... Well, forget it. I was asking." Tang Ningshan is speechless, why whenever she thinks Shao Ruihan is a nice person, he will become a pervert? She now begins to doubt whether Shao Ruihan is a split personality.

"I changed my clothes when you went downstairs. Don't worry, and it won't stink." Shao Ruihan rarely makes a joke, letting Tang Ningshan scared.

Tang Ningshan stares at Shao Ruihan for a long time, looking up and down. she unsurely asks "Are you Shao Ruihan?"

"What else? Who do you think I am?" His voice is soft, and his face has a wicked smile. Shao Ruihan listens to Tang Ningshan's words, all of a sudden, there is a mood of fun appears. Tang Ningshan is an interesting person, the mind of her brain is not the same as ordinary women. Every time he teases her, she will appear an unexpected expression.

TangNingshan gives Shao Ruihan a supercilious look, deciding to ignore this pervert. She only knows that women have the menstrual cycle, and does not expect that the men's moods are also inconstant, which changes faster than her own.

Their phone ring at the same time. Tang Ningshan is excited, while after Shao Ruihan receives the phone, the facial expression becomes extremely serious.

Tang Ningshan takes the phone and goes to the other side to answer.

"Hello, Yu Huan?" Tang Ningshan answers the phone directly with a definite tone.

"...? How do you know that's my phone number?" Yu Huan asks on the phone.

"Of course, Don't you know what I do?" Tang Ninshan smirks, the expression on her face is proud, but unfortunately, opposite Yu Huan cannot see it. However, Shao Ruihan is watching her with a cold look.

"I made an appointment with this couple to see your room at two o'clock in the afternoon. I'll be there early, and call me when you get there." Yu Huan's friendly voice spreads through the phone, letting Tang Ningshan feels that Yu Huan is a good friend, at least he didn't suspect her when she asked him to help her to check the information of Shao's family.

"Well, I see. I'll be there early and call you when I get there." Tang Ningshan smiles and hangs up the phone. Then she sees Shao Ruihan sitting there with a ghastly expression on his face as if someone owed him several millions of dollars. The chill on his body pours out uncontrollably.

"... You, what's wrong?" Tang Ningshan frowns and asks suspiciously.

"Lee just said that the men we caught were taken away by others." Shao Ruihan's voice is so cold that Tang Ningshan feels the air is going to be frozen.

"Even the doctor was taken? When did this happen? What kind of car did they drive when they left? Or if the person who was taken was carrying a cell phone or something with an Internet connection?" Tang Ningshan's first thought is how to find this person, after all, their target is Shao Ruihan. And helping him to get rid of unnecessary trouble is the beginning of building good cooperation.

"Lee will come later. Ask him what you need." Shao Ruihan gets straight out of bed, taking the phone into the bathroom. After about 10 minutes, he comes out, the face better than before.

After he goes out from the bathroom, Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan taking his uniform. When he is ready to set on the body, she immediately reaches out to block.

"Hey, what are you doing? It's only been a few days after your surgery. What are you doing? Why are you dressed? Just lie there, and if you want to die young, you should wait until I leave here. You are pretentious in front of me. Shen Quan said, if you do not have a good rest, then you will have sequela, do you want to feel pain in the future?" Tang Ningshan growls, she does not understand him. His life is already in danger, and if he wants to leave, he would have gone to a different place to recuperate, rather than put on his uniform to arrest people.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, whose eyes are already red. He pauses his movement and stares at his clothes for a long time. How long has it been since he didn't get any care of others? The teacher intended to train him, and though he didn't get shot, he had wounds all over his body. How long has it been since he joined the army? And he has been on a high-risk mission every day, but no one yells at him because of care.

"What are you looking at? Put your clothes down and go to bed quickly. Don't worry; I'll get the lost one back for you, I hope you can take good care of your health, don't forget our agreement, I do not want to be a widow soon. although I can remarry, I am afraid of being scolded by your family at that time." Tang Ningshan angrily says, reaching out to grab the clothes in Shao Ruihan's hand.

She throws it to one side of the sofa, pushing Shao Ruihan to the bed, perhaps because of the inertia of the body, she also presses on Shao Ruihan's body at once.

Just then, the door opens at once, Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan look out the door together. They see surprised Lee and Shen Quan standing in the doorway. Lee's foot is still hanging in the air; his whole body is stiff.

Tang Ningshan's face brushes, immediately jumping up from Shao Ruihan's body, then gives him a fierce stare.

Shao Ruihan looks at the blushing Tang Ningshan, feeling very funny. Is not she put him on the bed? Last night he also did not see her blush, how could she blush at this time?

"Come in, and close the door, and have it guarded at the door, and tell me what's going on." The voice of Shao Ruihan is cool, letting Lee return to his sense at once. He executes Shao RuiHan's instruction immediately and lets Li and a few people stand outside the door, then quickly closes the door. His action is swift.

"Go on, tell me what's going on." Shao Ruihan looks at Lee and says.

"Boss, the person has the official document, we can only let our men accept it. There is the seal of the commander on it. We can't stop it at all, so we can only let you know as soon as possible." Lee's face is pale, and there is a sharp look in his eyes.

"Who the guy is working for?" Shao Ruihan squints, and there is a danger in his eyes.

"It is General Ni's men, who took all the people away. I tried to leave the doctor and the driver, but they wouldn't listen to us at all. They just threw the approval on the table, and we had to carry out the order." Lee says reluctantly.

"Do you know their plate number?" Tang Ningshan suddenly asks.

"I know that. I deliberately asked someone to follow them and was stopped in the middle of the way. the person said that we would violate the law if we go on following him." Lee answers Tang Ningshan's question directly, after seeing that Shao Ruihan doesn't say anything.

"Give me the plate number." Tang Ningshan takes out her computer and bangs on the keyboard. The whole A city's surveillance video soon comes out. The picture of every road, including the mountain roads and parks, is shown above.

"Find out yourself. See where they came from and where they ended up. I suggest that it would be better to transfer Shao Ruihan to another hospital or another safe place. There's too much traffic, and the safety factor is too low. If you want Shao Ruihan to be the bait, give him more protection. I don't want to be in a situation like last night." Tang Ningshan says straightforwardly, and she thinks that if she had not been there last night, Shao Ruihan would have had an accident again, so she has to avoid such a disaster.

Shao Ruihan wanted to say something else, but when looking at Tang Ningshan's expression on her face, which is like protecting a child, he swallows what he tried to speak back. He even feels that being protected by Tang Ningshan is also good, not being afraid of being looked down by Tang Ningshan. He does not consider why Tang Ningshan had such a worried emotion, but he feels a sudden change of mood.

Shen Quan looks at Shao Ruihan and shakes his head. The cold-faced officer is surrendered so quickly? It's not fun. He remembered that Shao Ruihan didn't pay such much attention to Tang Ningshan's words at the beginning. At that time, Tang Ningshan was drugged, if not because that the medicine should be solved in time, Shen Quan knows that Shao Ruihan would not help her. Such two people now even can get along such harmoniously, which lets Shen Quan feel interesting.

"Mrs. Shao, this is the car. Look, when they arrived at this place, the car stopped. It seems to be a dead angle. After that, the car never shows up." when Lee sees the trail of the car, he says at once.

'Let me see.' Tang Ningshan reaches for the computer in Lee's hand.