Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 123

Chapter 109: chapter 108-- stay together forever

The location that the car disappeared on the computer is a tunnel. And generally, such tube is not allowed the vehicle to stop. Then there are only two ways for the car to disappear, one is that the car was loaded by other vehicles, another possibility is that the car broke down in the tunnel, it has always been parked here.

"Can you find out where this tunnel belongs?" Tang Ningshan asks.

Shao Ruihan nods to Lee.

"Yes, Mrs. Shao," Lee says and immediately takes out the phone, directly dialing out. soon, Lee hangs up the phone.

"Mrs. Shao, there are usually not too many cars passing by this tunnel. It is under the management of the traffic police in the area." Lee says, looking at Tang Ningshan with anticipation.

'Hmm.' Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time, planning to invade the entire traffic police force, after all, it's more reliable because all the surveillance videos would be summarized and reported to the head office.

Soon after, Tang Ningshan finds the channel's security footage.

"Here, find it yourself. Find out where he's going. You'd better be quick. It'll be a problem if they get separated." Tang Ningshan frowns and looks at Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan smiles innocently.

Shen Quan leans over to Shao Ruihan, whispering "What's the situation now?"

Shao Ruihan does not answer him at all, the eyes stay in Tang Ningshan's body, and there is a trace of tenderness in his eyes, which he doesn't perceive.

Shen Quan shakes his head and chuckles. " it's going to be a good show this time. I hope they don't act too bad" he says to himself.

"Captain, look." As he speaks, Lee puts the computer in front of Shao Ruihan and reaches out to point to the computer and says "They split up into two cars. The hackers that we got that night was in one car, while the doctor, the driver, and the guy who drugged you in the middle of the night got in the other car." Lee says and looks up at Shao Ruihan, being ready to wait for his instructions.

"Shan, can you find out where they are and put them under surveillance? It's a waste of time to check the video one by one. Is there any other way?" Shao Ruihan's eyes are filled with anticipation as he speaks. And he wonders how excellent Tang Ningsahn's technique is. Hackers can hack into many hackers' computer, and it's not a difficult task as long as you have rich experience. But Shao Ruihan never understands that why Tang Ningshan can monitor people's rooms without monitoring machine, and every time she seems to have installed some software, then she can see what's going on inside the house without the surveillance equipment.

Tang Ningshan glances at Shao Ruihan, and the meaning in her eyes is clearly that Shao Ruihan is a sophisticated person.

Shao Ruihan touches his nose and says with a smile, "Shan, please."

Tang Ningshan snorts and grabs the computer.

The security footage on the computer is split in two, and they don't know what she pressed on the keyboard so that the images on the monitor keep moving until the car stops, and finally, the surveillance comes to a halt too.

" do you know these two places?" Tang Ningshan sees one of the two cars driving directly into a senior district, asking curiously.

"One of Ni's sons seems to live here, but the boss has nothing to do with Ni's family. They shouldn't have tried to harm the captain." Lee doesn't understand what was going on.

"What about the other place?" Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan and asks.

" this place is a military base, and there are prisons in it, and ordinary people cannot get into it. and after entering it, many people will be assigned to be the experiment subjects." Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan's eyes and says.

Tang Ningshan involuntarily thinks of the woman in the video that the system showed to her, so she begins to feel cold, biting her lips.

"Shan? Come here!" Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan's pale face, calling her to come to his side.

Tang Ningshan stiffly walks to Shao Ruihan, and he pulls her into his arms. Shao Ruihan pats her on the back as if he is comforting her.

"Hey, I mean, do you guys know what the situation is now? It's time to check up on people, not flirt." Shen Quan can't stand them, how could they hug, do not they see there are two living people nearby?

Shao Ruihan gives Shen Quan a supercilious look. Shen Quan subconsciously shrinks his neck, immediately stepping back.

"That neighborhood should be fine. I'll take a look at that military area first." Tang Ningshan spends a long time to come back to her sense, after all, now is not the time to be afraid. Only when Shao Ruihan is all right, she can be safe, and this is the present thought in her heart.

Tang Ningshan takes the computer and begins to intrude, but no matter how hard she tries, it doesn't work, which makes Tang Ningshan frown.

"Isn't this place covered by the Internet?" Tang Ningshan asks aloud.

"It should be, maybe it's some other network, is that okay?" Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, whose face is worried. He thinks maybe it is tough, so he softly asks.

"If there's a network, it should be fine. I'll give it a try." Tang Ningshan's hand is dancing on the keyboard quickly. She even begins to sweat, as if she is doing some physical work.

Finally, Tang Ningshan expires to relax.

"Well, it should be here. Who the hell made the internet? He used such a complicated string code." Tang Ningshan leans on Shao Ruihan and complains.

"Lots of computers there. Do you need their research data?" Tang Ningshan leans against Shao Ruihan without any intention of getting up.

"It's really hard to say, but not yet. If it's not too difficult, bring it over. If it's not easy to get it, take a break. Look, how sweaty you are." Shao Ruihan says faintly, but his eyes are full of interest.

"Mrs. Shao, you're too amazing. If you had shown up earlier, we wouldn't have lost so many lives." Lee sighs as he says.

Tang Ningshan does not know how to answer Lee's words, can only be silent.

Shen Quan looks at Tang Ningshan's face and thinks that she must have worked very hard to get these things for them. Otherwise, she wouldn't have sweated so much, and he's beginning to believe that Tang Ningshan may deserve what Shao Ruihan has done for her. After all, she has saved Shao Ruihan several times, although one of them is just a test.

Shao Ruihan has always been holding Tang Ningshan in his arms, and he can feel that her back has been wet with sweat clothes. Even his clothes are a little wet. He knows that Tang Ningshan is in good physical condition, but he didn't expect such a thing to be so tough for her.

"Why don't you lie down and have a rest?" Shao Ruihan wipes the sweat on Tang Ningshan's forehead with his hand, and only then, he feels that even her hair has been wet.

"No, I'm going to look at the house later. You can watch it here. If you want to see inside the room, click that. I can recover the data from their computer, even if they delete it. Just tell me whenever you need the data." Tang Ningshan waves her hand to show she is all right.

"You're such tired, and you're going to look at the house? why you are so anxious to move out!" Shao Ruihan's tone is not good, and he suddenly feels that letting Tang Ningshan move out is a wrong decision, perhaps if she does not move away, she would also help him.

"I want a home." Tang Ningshan's voice is very soft, but Shao Ruihan, who has been holding her, hears her. These few words let his heart tremble, he even begins to think whether he can give Tang Ningshan a home, and give both of them a home!

"No, I'll rest in the car. Someone is waiting for me." Tang Ningshan gets out of Shao Ruihan's arms and takes the computer to knocked on it.

"If you want to see the whole picture, that's it. When you point in, you can hear the sound, and this kind of surveillance has no dead angle, but can only monitor three hours or so. after three hours the computer will automatically change the code. When I come back, I will change the code for you guys. I got to go." Tang Ningshan says as she hands the computer to Shao Ruihan. She takes a phone, and bank card from the computer bag, putting it in her pants pocket, and she leaves the house.

"Boss, Mrs. Shao can't teach us this technology? " After Tang Ningshan leaves, Lee finally could not help saying. Tang Ningshan is not a soldier, and it is impossible to serve them all the time. If one of them can master this technology, it would be fantastic.

"Did you see her speed just now? If you can train yourself to be that fast, and then have the same IQ as her, she'll probably teach you." Shen Quan answers Lee's question directly. He has just clearly seen that the speed that she types codes is extremely fast, even the machine cannot be faster than her.

"Hey... Boss, I hope you'll stay with Mrs. Shao forever." Lee says sincerely.

"I think so too, Ruihan. How the hell did you find her? If I hadn't examined her body, I'd have thought she is an alien." Shen Quan also sighs.

"You said she is my wife, so definitely, she must be better than most people!" Shao Ruihan smiles and says. Even he does not know why when Lee said that he hopes that he and Tang Ningshan can always be together, he feels anticipated.

Tang Ningshan goes out and calls Li to follow her, after all, she is exhausted now. But there are too many people around her, and she can't take out the potion to drink, so she has to go to the car first. It seems that she should find a time to replenish her physical strength on the way to find Yu Huan.

"Master, have you noticed how strange that network is?" the system asks suddenly.

"I thought you didn't notice anything unusual. It's not like anything designed with earth's technology, nor is it like your plant's. Is it true that there are aliens?" Tang Ningshan even thinks of aliens.

"No, that code is not alien technology. Master, and now probably you can't find a second outer space product within the whole universe, except me." The sound of the system has a strong sense of loss.

"So what do you think is going on?" Tang Ningshan asks.

"Concerning the difficulty of this string of code, it should have existed for years or more. Otherwise, you won't untie it such easily. there are many unknown things that we need to study, so, Master, I need your Energy Stone very much now." The system requests Tang Ningshan for the stone for the first time.