Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 124

Chapter 110: chapter 109-- look at the house

"All right, when Shao Ruihan discharges from the hospital, you'll blend it." Tang Ningshan also solemnly agrees to the system, after all, whenever hearing the system with the voice of loss and sadness, her emotion would be affected uncontrollably.

"Li, let's go to Wanjia Community. Do you know where it is?" Tang Ningshan says to Li after getting in the car.

"Yes, I do.' Li answers very confidently, so Tang Ningshan immediately leans comfortably on the seat.

Li drives so steadily that she couldn't even feel the brakes and bumps. Tang Ningshan is sleeping all the way deeply. The car soon arrives at the city center, Wanjia District is in the city center, which is a high-end residential area, the housing prices are quite high. The around environment and the house structure is also not bad; this is also the reason why Yu Huan recommends it.

The moment the car stops, Tang Ningshan opens her eyes. Li looks back at her and says "Mrs. Shao, here we are."

"I'll go and find my friend. Just wait here for me." Tang Ningshan does not want to let Li feel too tired, after all, after Shao Ruihan got injured, she finds that Li only leave the hospital in the evening and the leaving time is not long.

"Mrs. Shao, I'd better go with you, or I won't be able to explain to the captain." Li is sad, being afraid that Tang would leave him here. After they come back, if Shao Ruihan asks him something he doesn't know, Shao Ruihan would blame him. The matter this time has not been settled, then if some other charges are added, then Shao Ruihan will punish him to death.

"All right, then!" Tang Ningshan looks at Li's appearance, could not help but laugh.

Tang Ningshan takes out his cell phone to call Yuhuan. Soon, the line is connected.

'Where are you?' Tang Ningshan's voice is light and cheerful, and it's like she is talking to her friend who she has known for several years.

"I'm at the door. Are you there?" The voice of Yu Huan is also relaxed, which is not like talking to a person who he has never seen.

"Well, wait for me. I think I see you. I'll come right away." With that, Tang Ningshan hangs up the phone. Yu Huan opposite is smiling and shaking his head, keeping fantasizing about what kind of person she is.

Tang Ningshan gets out of the car with Li and strolls towards Yu Huan. Tang Ningshan stops in front of Yu Huan and greets him with a smile "Oh, what a coincidence! Wait for someone?"

"You live here? I'm waiting for a friend to come to look at her house." Yu Huan looks at Tang Ningshan in amazement and says.

"Oh? I thought you live here. Why didn't you drive?" Tang Ningshan looks around but doesn't see the car that Yu Huan drove that day, so she asks curiously.

"The neighborhood I live in is very close to here, so I took a walk here. See the park over there? It's just across from the park." Yu Huan reaches out to point to the spot where Li was parked. Behind the car is a small park, which separates the two communities.

"Oh, let's go in and see the room, then." Tang Ningshan says with a smile.

"What?" Yu Huan is stunned, taking out a mobile phone to make a phone call, then he hears Tang Ningshan's phone ringing.

"You knew it is me?" The smile on Yu Huan's face deepens.

"Don't you know that you have your cell phone number on your business card? You gave me it that day in the library" Tang Ningshan shows two lovely dimples.

"Well, I miscalculated. I sold myself out so easily." Yu Huan subconsciously wants to rub Tang Ningshan's head, but seeing Li who is standing beside her, he naturally changes the direction of his hand and lands on his head.

"Ha-ha, let's go in and have a look. I think it looks nice from outside." Tang Ningshan stands in the neighborhood entrance, looking at the environment around. Skyscrapers surround the area, but this area is tranquil even located in the city center; it can be seen that the management of this area is quite good. Looking from the outside, she can see there are too many trees in this district, which protects the privacy of the residents in the area, the inside people cannot be seen from outside.

"Come on, let's go. I've already made an appointment with them. They've vacated the room now. I'm the first one to come to look at it. We're going to look at the others if it's not appropriate." Yu Huan says gently.

"Well, let's go in and have a look." Tang Ningshan follows Yu Huan and is ready to go inside.

When entering the residential area, three people do the registration. After calling the homeowner to confirm, then they can come to the house, which lets Tang Ningshan again feel that this community's security would be guaranteed.

The environment in the area is beautiful. There are small park and fountain downstairs, and the virescence is quite good. There are a lot of lawns, the road inside the area is covered by cobblestone, which allows you to feel very relaxed.

When coming to the building that Yu Huan said, Tang Ningshan sees a man standing downstairs. He sees them, hurrying up to greet them and ask if they come to look at the house.

Tang Ningshan smiles and nods.

Several people take the elevator to the 8th floor.

Tang Ningshan gets off the elevator and looks around. There are only two families each floor. She thinks the area inside the house should be huge. She even has the idea that if she has enough money in the future, she will buy the one opposite too, and then she can get through the wall, she'd be more comfortable.

The man opens the door and invites them in. The interior of the house is not very luxurious. It is just a general decoration. It could be seen that no one had ever lived in the house. Inside the house, there is still the smell of formaldehyde. The layout of the house is not bad. In short, Tang Ningshan is satisfied. Tang Ningshan has started planning to make more money to buy the opposite side of the house as soon as possible and make a good decoration.

'What do you think?' Yu Huan asks Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan winks at Yu Huan.

Yu Huan knows that Tang Ningshan wants to consider about it, so he doesn't disturb her, just following her.

"What do you think of my house? This house was built last year, and it was only delivered in May this year. Originally, we intended to stay here, but now we need the money urgently. If you are satisfied, we can still negotiate the price." The man seems to be anxious to get the money. The reason why he is willing to sell his house to Tang Ningshan is that she can make a one-time payment so that he can save a lot of time.

"Oh? How much do you expect? It's been decorated, but I need to redecorate it if I'm going to stay here." Tang Ningshan says with a smile, the smile on her face is appropriate.

"If you want to buy it in good faith and transfer the ownership today, I'll give you the price of 2.6 million. I promise that you will never find a lower price all over the neighborhood, and I'll give you the garage as well." The man thinks for a long time, gritting his teeth and saying.

"May I ask, is there something wrong with the house? Why else would you be so anxious to sell it?" Tang Ningshan feels that it is better to ask, after all, she will live by herself in the future.

"Girl, don't worry about the quality of the house. I wouldn't want to sell the house if my wife didn't get ill. And we have to pay for the surgery now, but none of my relatives would be able to do anything about it. My wife can't wait too long, so if you can make a deal today, only $2.6 million, then you can have it and a garage, and we'll go to transfer the ownership today." The man says this with a bitter expression. There's some sense of impatience and anxiety in his voice.

"Well, let's go to do the buying procedure. Your house is fine. I'll call my lawyer directly." Tang Ningshan feels that it's better to have a lawyer to help her, after all, she is buying a house from a stranger instead of the estate agent.

When he hears Tang Ningshan's words, the man nods at once.

"Li, you call Zhang Jia and ask him to go to the property office. We'll go to the transfer." Tang Ningshan comes out of the house and says to Li.

"Let's go, now. Yu Huan, let's go to dinner tonight." Tang Ningshan says with a smile.

Yu Huan nods and follows Tang Ningshan.

Li is now feeling sad for Shao Ruihan. How could Mrs. Shao and this man get more and more intimate? Boss is still in the hospital, but she even is about to ask another man to eat together at night. If the caption knows this, he would be upset.

Li follows them and calls Shao Ruihan directly.

"Boss, do you know that Mrs. Shao is looking at the house with someone?" Li sees that Tang Ningshan has entered the elevator and he goes straight into the stairwell to walk down.

'Yeah, I know.' Shao Ruihan says.

"What do you feel that Mrs. Shao goes to look at the house with the man who drank coffee with her last time?" Li is a little confused, what is the relationship between them? He feels that people like Shao Ruihan should be very possessive, how can he be so indifferent to his wife?

"You mean she's looking at the house with the man last time?" Shao Ruihan's voice becomes cold, but Li still feels that he is very calm, so he begins to think that if he has overthought.

"Well, Mrs. Shao also asked him to have dinner in the evening. Just now she asked me to call Mr. Zhang and tell him to go to the property office." Li confesses what had just happened.

"Well, I see!" Shao Ruihan says and hangs up the phone.

Li looks at the phone and hangs up. He doesn't know what the hell is going on.

But he still calls Zhang Jia, telling him that Tang Ningshan wants him to go to the property office and she wants to buy a house.

After finishing, Li rushes downstairs to chase after Tang Ningshan.

"Mrs. Shao, Mr. Zhang is coming now. I'll go to take the car." Li decides not to be such nervous next time, as if he is provoking their relationship. Mrs. Shao and this person may not have any connection.

"Ningshan, you knew it's me the last time, but why you didn't tell me." Yu Huan asks.

"Isn't this a surprise? I didn't know we were such good luck. We were born to be friends. We can even meet out of the internet." Tang Ningshan's words are very positive.

"Well, I think so. Maybe we've known each other in previous life," said Yu Huan with a smile.

"By the way, why didn't you come with your boyfriend?" Yu Huan asks in disbelief.