Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 125

Chapter 111: chapter 110-- nominally

"I don't have a boyfriend, but I'm married..." Tang Ningshan says carelessly, and she does not think that the marriage is a big deal at all.

"What? What? Are you married? Then why didn't you wear a ring? Besides, shouldn't you be here with your husband when you buy a house?" Yu Huan does not understand and even begins to worry for Tang Ningshan that whether her husband is not reliable at all.

"He's in hospital. Besides, it's my business to buy a house, and I'm going to live there myself. Of course, I come to look at the house for myself." Tang Ningshan says.

"..." Yu Huan looks at Tang Ningshan speechlessly, not knowing whether she is heartless or silly.

"Oh, don't overthink about it. We got married by accident. We have an agreement. It's not what you think." Tang Ningshan shrugs.

"... Well, I hope to see your husband someday." Yu Huan thinks that Tang Ningshan should not be such an unreliable person, but such a thing is about her privacy, it's not appropriate for him to ask directly. Only then, he intends to ask her in the future, after all, it is the right thing to look at the house now.

"I'll introduce you sometime." Tang Ningshan smiles and says.

Soon, the two people come to the gate and get into Li's car together. The house owner's car parks in front of Li's car. After Tang Ningshangand Yu Huan get in the car, she tells Li to follow his car.

The two cars come to the property office soon after, and when they get out of the car, they see Zhang Jia standing in front of the property office.

Tang Ningshan calls him to come over.

"Why aren't you coming with Ruihan?" Zhang Jia is showing the same smiley expression.

"He's in hospital, don't you know?" Tang Ningshan looks at Zhang Jia strangely and says.

"... I didn't know that. I've been busy lately. No contact with him." Zhang Jia frowns and looks at the person next to Tang Ningshan, saying.

"And this is?" Zhang Jia asks.

"Oh, my friend Yu Huan. He looks at the house with me." Tang Ningshan introduces.

"Hello, I'm Yu Huan, Ningshan's friend." Yu Huan smiles and reaches out a hand to Zhang Jia.

Zhang Jia looks up and down at Yu Huan. He wears a simple shirt and blue-and-white water-washing jeans and a pair of sneakers on her feet. The dressing style is similar to Tang Ningshan's, and if looking at them from a distance, their clothes would be a bit like a couple's clothes, which are all in the same color, so that Zhang Jia looks at him carefully for a while before reaching out to shake hands with him.

"Hello, I'm Zhang Jia, Mrs. Shao's lawyer." Zhang Jia's eyes remain on Tang Ningshan's body for a few seconds. He realizes that after saying 'Mrs. Shao', neither one of the two people on the opposite side have any reaction. He begins to wonder what the relationship is between the two of them.

"Come on, let's go inside. I want to get it done quickly and then go to dinner with Yu Huan." Tang Ningshan smiles at Zhang Jia and says. Then she directly pulls Yu Huan to walk inside.

Zhang Jia looks at Tang Ningshan with a man's arm pulling. They dress like a couple. Inside the property office, Zhang Jia thinks for a long time, then he still takes out the mobile phone to take a photo of the two people's back, directly sending to Shao Ruihan.

After sending out the picture, Zhang Jia shows a funny smile on his face. He especially looks forward to seeing what Shao Ruihan's expression will be after seeing this.

In the hospital, after Shao Ruihan hangs up Li's call, he can't help but imagine the image that Tang Ningshan is having dinner with a man. But he does not think Tang Ningshan will fall in love with the other person so quickly; If she has someone she likes, she shouldn't just agree to the content of the agreement. Shao Ruihan can't figure out why Tang Ningshan would be such happy when chatting with him if he doesn't like the person.

When he sees the picture from Zhang Jia, Shao Ruihan has only one thought in his mind, which is to go to Tang Ningshan's side immediately and ask her what the hell is going on, who the man is. He has completely forgotten that there is nothing about the relationship between them in the marriage at all.

Shao Ruihan pulls the needle in his hand, changing the clothes quickly. His face is extremely black, a pair of black eyes is bright but frightening as if there is hiding a knife inside his eyes.

"Boss, the infusion is not finished yet, where are you going?" Lee comes back from outside and sees Shao Ruihan, who has changed his clothes. Shao Ruihan pushes Lee to the wall and walks out.

"Let's go after him. I think there's going to be a big show." Shen Quan looks excited after Shao Ruihan. Although he does not know what Shao Ruihan saw just now, whatever he saw, Shen Quan feels that there is a show coming. Since there is a show, he must not miss it, so he says as he follows Shao Ruihan.

But Lee can only follow up, after all, Shao Ruihan still has the wound on his body. If he is in some matter, then the consequence is unimaginable.

"Boss, wait a minute. at least, you need to wait for me to drive the car here." Lee shouted after him, and he is also hopeless now. Shao Ruihan was cold, but he did everything according to his plan. Recently, Shao Ruihan is fickle, and there's no any omen before he does anything, so he doesn't have time to prepare for anything at all.

Shao Ruihan hears Lee's words without slowing down his speed. He is still trotting down the stairs, not even taking the elevator. The pace of going down the stairs is not like the injured person, and he can go down three or four steps within one step, which allows Shen Quan after him to run to chase.

Lee could only run all the way down the stairs, at least, he needs to take the car before Shao Ruihan gets downstairs. Otherwise, he is afraid that Shao Ruihan would go to the place on foot.

Shao Ruihan goes downstairs. Lee has already parked his car there. Shao Ruihan opens the door to get into the car, whose action is smoothy. After he gets in the car, he directly tells Lee to start the car, not caring Shen Quan who is following behind.

Outside the door, as soon as Shen Quan, who has just put his hand on the handle, is about to open the door, the car rushes out. Looking at the back of the vehicle, Shen Quan sadly thinks that do they forget about him? But he is a living person, why do they leave him there? Does Shao Ruihan not want him to watch the show? Well, he's going to follow them anyway. Shen Quan runs to his car quickly, chasing after him. Anyway, he has the soldier papers, and if he is said to violate the traffic rules, then he can say that he is catching the escaped convicts. He ignores a lot of red lights along the way and finally, he catches up with Lee's car.

Two cars are parked in front of the property. When the vehicle stops, the people on the side of the road can hear the loud brake sound. The car has not yet come to a halt, Shao Ruihan opens the door and jumps out of the car. Lee can only immediately gets out of the car to catch up with him because he must guarantee the safety of Shao Ruihan at any time, although Shao Ruihan's skill is several times better than his.

Shao Ruihan strides into the property office then he sees Tang Ningshan standing next to Yu Huan as if they are discussing something. Tang Ningshan's smile on the face is sweet, Yu Huan's smile is also gentle, which lets Shao Ruihan feel quite angry, and is eager to come over to separate them.

Shao Ruihan thinks so, and also does so. He goes to Tang Ningshan's side, reaching out to put Tang Ningshan in his arms. He looks at Yu Huan with a pair of deep eyes.

Tang Ningshan winks and still does not understand how's the matter. Perhaps because that she familiars with Shao Ruihan's breath and the smell on his body, the moment when he pulled her in his arms, she also forgot to struggle and revolt.

"And this is?" Yu Huan smiles and looks at the hostile Shao Ruihan. When he held Tang Ningshan in his arms, Yu Huan seems to know who this person is. But why would Shao Ruihan regard he as an enemy? Perhaps, Shao Ruihan is the only one who knows the reason.

" Oh, he is Shao Ruihan. " Tang Ningshan gives a brief introduction.

"Oh, hello, I'm Yu Huan." The soft voice of Yu Huan spreads to Shao Ruihan's ears crisply. At the same time he nods to Shao Ruihan, not because that he does not want to shake hands with Shao Ruihan, but because that Shao Ruihan's eyes are full of anger, he doesn's want his hand gets hurt.

Shao Ruihan stares at Tang Ningshan and says, "I'm her husband, Shao Ruihan." Shao Ruihan replies, which is a kind of supplement.

"Well, I can see that." The smile on Yu Huan's face is getting stronger. He feels that the man should take Tang Ningshan's on a vital position of his heart. Otherwise, he would not have shown such a look to him.

"Aren't you supposed to be in the hospital? Are you done with the shots? Why are you here? Who told you that?" Tang Ningshan asks, looking at Shao Ruihan in bewilderment.

"No, Zhang Jia asked me to come, and he said that you want to buy a house, he is afraid that you don't have enough money with you." Shao Ruihan says with a serious face, and he doesn't even look like telling a lie.

"That's all right. I've got enough money. If it's not enough, I'll borrow it from Yu Huan. You'd better go back to the hospital now." As she says, she tries to push Shao Ruihan out. She wants him to go back quickly, although he seems to recover well, Tang Ningshan feels that it is not good to leave the hospital before the injection.

Shao Ruihan stands still and does not want to leave at all. He looks at Tang Ningshan as if she has made a terrible mistake.

"Hey, can you be reasonable? If you need me, tell me, don't you know what your body situation is? Get out of here and go back to take infusion!" Tang Ningshan's words are a significant blow to Shao Ruihan, although he is injured, he still has the energy to accompany her to look at the house. Why did she find another man to accompany her instead of him? Whether she still remembers that she is his wife!

" you are my wife!" Shao Ruihan whispers.

"Well, nominally." Tang Ningshan replies straightforwardly.

This sentence lets Shao Ruihan's fists clench, being eager to tear Yu Huan into pieces.

"Even if it's nominal, you can't pull anyone else's arm in public, and it's gonna be my shame." Shao Ruihan growls, with the fiery breath. Tang Ningshan feels the temperature of Shao Ruihan is like a volcano.

"Whose arm am I fucking pulling? If you think I've humiliated you, then you'd better change another wife!" Tang Ningshan is not a soft touch, although she used to be afraid of annoying Shao Ruihan, now there is an agreement between them, so she does not scare Shao Ruihan any more, after all, he will not do anything excessive on such an occasion.