Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 126

Chapter 112: chapter 111-- be good

"Fine, I'll accompany you. You'll go back to the hospital with me later!" Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan's angry appearance. His attitude becomes changes. Shao Ruihan likes Tang Ningshan's blushed face with a little anger; she is really like an angry cat who is waiting for the host to coax.

"I don't know how you could grow up? You can't even take care of yourself. Lee also doesn't care about you. What's the matter with you?" Tang Ningshan now also realizes that Shao Ruihan is determined to come back with her after finishing the buying procedure, so she does not say anything, can only complain.

Shao Ruihan feels more at ease after hearing this. He cannot bear Yu Huan, but he's Tang Ningshan's friend, and also he is wearing the military suit, so he cannot punch him. He has to figure out a way to keep them apart. He thinks that Tang Ningshan and Yu Huan need to keep distance when they are in the same room.

And Li, Zhangjia, Shen Quan and Lee, who have been watching the show quietly all the time, have different ideas about this.

"What do you think? Why is the boss here? When I called him just now, he didn't tell me anything." Li is confused, so he wonders why Shao Ruihan is suddenly here.

"Haha, I knew there must be a reason for Shao Ruihan to get married, but I didn't think the guy is such possessive. he even wants to control his nominal wife." Zhang Jia says with a smile.

"... Today's show is not bad, but Shao Ruihan has suffered a loss, you are not ready to help him?" Shen Quan says to Zhang Jia.

Shen Quan smiles mysteriously and shakes his head. "It would be a shame for him to have to ask for help on something like this. Anyway, he said she is his nominal wife, so let them deal with it themselves, who knows what will happen in the end."

Lee looks at Shao Ruihan, and there's only one thought in his heart. He thinks that Shao Ruihan is here because of Tang Ningshan's ability and his wish that they can stay together all the time. Otherwise, the boss wouldn't have come here in a rage.

There are only two staffs there watching the fun, after all, such a thing is rare to happen, which is like the plot of soap opera.

Tang Ningshan soon realizes that there are outsiders around, she should not be so noisy.

"Let's go through the formalities first. After the transfer, you can take the money and go to see your wife." Tang Ningshan touches her hair, putting on a faint smile on her face, and then says to the homeowner besides her.

The homeowner hears the word 'transfer,' only then, he comes out from the scene just now, after all, he only wants to take money to save his wife. He is not interested in their household affairs. He wants to transfer the house quickly.

"All right, now, all the formalities are here." The owner takes a paper bag out of and hands it to the staff.

Zhang Jia also takes out the house purchase contract from the bag to hand to Tang Ningshan. This contract was drawn up on the way he came here, what Tang Ningshan needs to do is to write the amount of money and the location address on the blank line, and then signs her name.

Tang Ningshan adds an item under the contract about the garage, then looks at it carefully and hands it to the owner of the house opposite.

"Hey, see if there is anything that needs to be amended. If not, print out the draft, and we will sign a notarization, then you can take the money to the hospital." Tang Ningshan says.

The landlord takes a sample of the contract and looks at it briefly, nodding. After all, all the items on the contract are detailed, which is accessible to understand, so that the homeowner is very at ease.

"The contract is all right. It's already written in detail." The landlord returns the contract to Tang Ningshan.

"Mr. Zhang, please." Tang Ningshan's face shows a faint smile, saying softly.

"No worries. We're family." Zhang Jia waves his hand and looks at Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan gives him a look, motioning him to control his mouth.

Zhang Jia curls his lip and keeps harping in his heart that Shao Ruihan can't tell good from bad.

Shao Ruihan is so mean to him even though he helps Shao Ruihan's wife from being stolen.

Transfer, notarization, transfer money. These things are done quickly under the direction of Zhang Jia. The landlord looks at the transfer information on the phone and calls the bank to confirm it. He hands Tang a series of ID cards and then leaves without stopping.

At this time, Lee comes over anxiously, whispering in Shao Ruihan's ear. Then Tang Ningshan sees something flashes through Shao Ruihan's eyes.

"Shan, let's go to the house you bought." Shao Ruihan reaches for Tang Ningshan's waist as if he is proclaiming sovereignty.

"Huan, why don't you come with us? Then you can come back to your home; it's close. But it seems that we cannot have dinner tonight. Let's make another appointment. I'll give you a call then." Tang Ningshan does not break free from the bosom of Shao Ruihan, saying very calmly to Yu Huan.

"Sure, give me a call. I have something to do later. I am afraid that I won't come with you. Why don't you take your nominal gentleman to go and have a look." sYu Huan says, smiling, and paying attention to the expression on Shao Ruihan's face. He takes Tang Ningshan as his idol. He especially admires hackers like Tang Ningshan. When he first met her in the library, he just regarded Tang Ningshan as his sister. That's why he doesn't care whether Shao Ruihan is angry or not. If he's angry, it's good to prove that he cares about Tang Ningshan and the wedding is a success.

Shao Ruihan sneers.

"Then we'll go. We'll be in touch tonight." Tang Ningshan smiles and waves to Yu Huan.

She sees Yu Huan standing in the same spot nodding his head and watching they leave.

Tang Ningshan directly says after they get in the car, "Now can you untie me?"

Shao Ruihan's hand is still firmly locking on Tang Ningshan's body; he refuses, then he puts her head on his chest.

Tang Ningshan is now wondering if Shao Ruihan has not had a childhood. Why can he show such a child's expression? As if she is a toy, and Yu Huan is the person who is going to rub his toy, so he instinctively wants to protect the toy from being stolen from others.

"Hey, girl, why do you want to buy a house all of a sudden? And I think the card you just swiped is not Shao Ruihan's." Zhang Jia asks.

"How do you know it's not Shao Ruihan's card?" Tang Ningshan struggles for a long time to raise her head and asks.

"Each time, after Shao Ruihan's card is swiped, he and I will receive the payment information at the same time." Zhang Jia explains.

'Why?' Tang Ningshan does not understand why Zhangjia will receive the payment information of Shao Ruihan's card.

"Because I'm also in charge of his finances." Zhang Jia says with a smile.

"... Shao Ruihan, You're surrounded by talented people, but it's all one-sided, and they are not reliable at all." Tang Ningshan says wryly.

Shao Ruihan rubs her head and presses her head back to his chest again as if this could bring them closer.

"I mean, will you stop pressing my head? Don't you know I am uncomfortable...." Tang Ningshan is trying to get rid of Shao Ruihan's arms.

"Shan, be good, don't move." Shao Ruihan's voice is husky and seductive.

"..." Tang Ningshan immediately stops struggling, because she is afraid that Shao Ruihan would lose control.

Zhang Jia looks at them, then bursts out laughing.

Undoubtfully, he gets two supercilious looks.

"Hahaha, Rui Han, you must control yourself, we are all in the car." Zhang Jia's words let Tang Ningshan blush.

Shao Ruihan puts his head on Tang Ningshan's shoulder to take two deep breaths to depress the heat of his body, saying coldly, "Shut up!"

Zhang Jia doesn't care about Shao Ruihan's anger, but he has never seen such Shao Ruihan before. It is said that Shao Ruihan had a girlfriend, but he does not know why they broke up. After that, there is no fixed person around him, let alone a girlfriend. He even didn't get close to any women.

"Boss, here we are!" Lee quickly drives the car to the main gate of the neighborhood.

"Just drive right in." Tang Ningshan takes out the door card inside her bag, tapping on the machine. Thanks to that Li's car is in front of them. Otherwise, the Li and Shen Quan cannot enter the community.

When they reach the house, Tang Ningshan asks Lee to stop.

"Let's get out of the car. I'll show you my apartment. It would be better if the owner of the other side of the floor is willing to sell his house." Tang Ningshan says as she walks.

Shao Ruihan makes a wink to Zhang Jia beside him. Zhang Jia immediately understands, taking out the mobile phone to make a few phone calls, and then returns Shao Ruihan a gesture.

"By the way, did you take my computer when you came out?" Tang Ningshan turns to look at Shao Ruihan and says.

"Yes. I'll bring it to you right away." Lee immediately runs back to the car to take out Tang Ningshan's computer and hands it to Tang Ningshan.

"Thank you!" Tang Ningshan takes the computer and smiles at him.

"You're welcome, Mrs. Shao," Lee says with a serious look.

Several people enter the elevator under the lead of Tang Ningshan, and soon they reach the eighth floor. Tang Ningshan takes the key to open the door and asks them to go in as if they are all guests, of course, it also includes Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan walks around the house and finds that nothing is there, frowning. How could he live here if there's nothing? At least, there should be a bed with a quilt and curtains.

"You can take Shao Ruihan back to the hospital. I'm going to do some shopping later. When you get back, I'll make a screen share for you so that you can monitor them on your computers." Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time, deciding to let Shao Ruihan return to the hospital, after all, his wounds are not well recovered.

"Shan, I'll stay here with you at night." Shao Ruihan goes to Tang Ningshan's side, directly taking her hand in the palm and saying.