Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 127

Chapter 113: chapter 112-- mental diseases

'Why?' Tang Ningshan does not understand that since she has moved out of his villa, why Shao Ruihan still does not go to the hospital or come home and why he always wants to stay with her.

"Someone went to the hospital to assassinate us after we came out, thanks to that we have left, or I'd have a few more wounds on my body." Shao Ruihan's face shows a helpless expression; he looks at Tang Ningshan with a trace of grievance in his eyes.

Tang Ningshan begins to suspect that if she is wrong, and then she stares at Shao Ruihan carefully, finding that it is true that Shao Ruihan even shows such an expression, which surprises Tang Ningshan.

"But there's nothing here. How can you sleep?" Tang Ningshan does not want Shao Ruihan to stay here, after all, this is her territory, she does not want all her affairs to be related to Shao Ruihan.

"I can help you order it now and have them bring it straight over, but you have to tell me the size and requirements of the bed. I see three rooms here. How many beds are you going to buy?" Zhang Jia is ready to help Shao Ruihan, after all, this place should be safe. Tang Ningshan bought it just now, so if Shao Ruihan lives here, he will have enough time to recover before being exploded.

Tang Ningshan stares at Zhang Jia and mutters. How can he be so blind? Can't he see that she doesn't want them to be here at all?"

Zhang Jia raises his hand and touches his nose.

"All right. Let's get two double beds and a single bed." Tang Ningshan thinks for a while.

"Yeah! Oh! I'll call them right now and have them deliver it." Zhang Jia's action is swift. After Tang Ningshan finishes saying, he has already made the phone call, even has begun to tell them the size of the bed. He has just looked in those rooms, so he knows what size is suitable.

After about twenty minutes, Lee had ordered Li to go down to familiarize himself with the terrain so that he can even know the location of every corner. And the bed has been delivered.

Hearing the doorbell ringing, several people are unconsciously looking towards the door. Lee goes to open the door, looking through the door mirror, then he opens the door.

Tang Ningshan watches that piles of wood are carried into the house. And there are also the mattresses, sheets and even quilts, which makes the impression of Zhang Jia in Tang Ningshan's heart changes.

He's a babysitter, instead of a lawyer. He's better than a housekeeper.

"The double beds are in that two adjacent rooms, and put the single bed in the middle one." Tang Ningshan says to the person who comes to deliver the bed.

After Tang Ningshan says, these people begin to carry this board mattress to the inside of the room continuously. After a short time, all the beds are assembled, they put the mattress directly on the bed box, which lets Tang Ningshan feel convenient.

Looking at the bed which is made up entirely of solid wood, Tang Ningshan feels excited. The bed seems solid, and the standard bed is about two meters wide, this double bed is nearly 2.6 meters wide.

Tang Ningshan covers the bed with the sheet and then puts the quilt on the couch. Her movement is swift as if she does these things often.

Tang Ningshan put the bedclothes on the bed and lets Shao Ruihan lie down on the bed, and then she goes to the other side to cover other quilts and pillows. After covering all of them, she throws to Shao Ruihan on the bed.

"Why don't you take a rest? I'll go to clean other rooms. Oh, right, where's Li?" after Tang Ningshan says to Shao Ruihan, only to find that Li is not in the house at all.

"Mrs. Shao, what's the matter? You can tell me." Lee comes at once. As Li is not there, he has to run errands.

"Well, I'd like to ask him to call Pu Jiayi for me and tell him to move in, and he'll have his room done by himself, so..." Tang Ningshan's words have not finished, and she feels Shao Ruihan is looking at her coldly.

Tang Ningshan straightens up to walk to Shao Ruihan and asks "What are you doing?"

" ... " Shao Ruihan immediately exposes a very aggrieved expression, his face writs that you do not care about me, and you even let others live here instead of me.

"Pu Jiayi is my family." Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan and says, but the expression on her face can be regarded as stiff, after all, Shao Ruihan's aura is too strong, even if he shows that appearance, the coldness in his eyes can still be seen.

Shao Ruihan listens to Tang Ningshan's words, immediately standing up from the bed.

"Go out, all of you." The voice of Shao Ruihan is deep and cold as if it could freeze everyone in the house in a moment, which makes Tang Ningshan have an impulse to escape.

Li and several men hear Shao Ruihan's words and immediately run out of the house and even close the door for Shao Ruihan.

"Your family?" As Shao Ruihan speaks, he approaches Tang Ningshan step by step.

" yes, he is, and he even said that I am his master." Tang Ningshan frowns and says. She doesn't feel that this sentence has anything wrong, but why Shao Ruihan suddenly becomes angry.

"One is your friend, you call him Huan, and the other is your family, you said that he calls you master, then what about me? who I am in your heart." Shao Ruihan has forced Tang Ningshan into the corner. A pair of deep eyes let Tang Ningshan feel as if she is stripped.

"What do you mean? we are a partnership, partner, what else relationships we have?" Tang Ningshan immediately gets out of his arm and keeps a certain distance from him.

"We're husband and wife, legally!" Shao Ruihan says with a cold face.

" yes, we are a couple, but we have an agreement, which means that our husband-and-wife relationship exists in name only. What else do you want! " Tang Ningshan is unhappy now. The agreement just went in effect, does he not want to admit it?

"You're my wife!" Shao Ruihan pulls Tang Ningshan, who wants to continue to retreat, throwing her on the bed, and lies down on Tang Ningshan's body, then coldly says.

"Yes, I'm your wife, but so what?" Tang Ningshan glares at Shao Ruihan. While saying, she is still struggling as if she backs to that day, and there's even a trace of fear in her eyes.

"You're my wife. You have to keep your distance from other men!" Shao Ruihan's head is getting closer to Tang Ningshan's face. The cold voice directly hits Tang Ningshan, letting her feel cold all over her body.

"Shao Ruihan, you are not reasonable, it was you who put forward the agreement in the first place. You agreed to the terms of the agreement, didn't you? Now you're telling me I'm your wife, I have to keep my distance from other people. I think I've not overdone anything, have I? How dare you talk to me like that!" Tang Ningshan's voice is harsh, which even can be heard from downstairs if the window is opened. While Shao Ruihan, who falls on her, appears to have not been affected at all, the head continuously leans toward her face.

Shao Ruihan frowns, and his body is trembling. his fists are clenched so tightly that Tang Ningshan can see the white bone knot of his hand. Suddenly, he presses on Tang Ningshan's body.

"Shan, I'm not happy." The voice of Shao Ruihan is weak, the trembling of his body is getting stronger. Tang Ningshan pushes him; then he is directly fallen to the other side of the bed as if he has no strength at all.

"Hey, what's the matter with you?" Tang Ningshan feels something is wrong with Shao Ruihan, immediately asking.

Shao Ruihan's forehead begins to sweat, and it is clear that the sweat is slipping.

"Cold?" Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan, who grits his teeth, thinking that he is cold. She puts the quilt over him directly, but she does not see that he is getting any better.

"Shen Quan, come inside quickly and see what's wrong with him." Tang Ningshan has already got anxious. They are talking the last second but how could he become like this the next second.

When Shen Quan hears Tang Ningshan's voice, he rushes into the room and sees Shao Ruihan, who had been wrapped up by Tang Ningshan, and he is trembling.

"Come and see what's going on with him. What's going on? I don't smell the blood. It couldn't be the pain of his wounds. Is that possible that he has other toxins in his body?" Tang Ningshan is now starting to wonder if Shao Ruihan is poisoned.

Shen Quan pulls Shao Ruihan's hand out of the quilt. Shen Quan puts his hand gently on the pulse of Shao Ruihan's wrist, and Tang Ningshan watches him quietly, not daring to move, for fear of disturbing Shen Quan.

After a few minutes, Shen Quan takes his hand off Shao Ruihan's hand, and he says "There is nothing wrong with the body. The pulse is normal."

"Then what the hell is going on with him now?" Tang Ningshan is anxious. Seeing Shen Quan is still calm, she asks.

"It's probably a mental disease." Shen Quan thinks for a long time before saying.

"mental disease?" Lee also comes in from outside at this time, not understanding what Shen Quan meant by the mental disease.

"What kind of disease? Is there a cure?" Tang Ningshan asks at once, fearing that Shao Ruihan is suffering from an incurable disease.

"As the saying goes, a mental sickness needs mental medicine. It's probably what you just said that touched the most painful part of his heart. That's why he became like this." Shen Quan shakes his head and says.

Shen Quan doesn't know what was going on with Shao Ruihan, but he couldn't pretend to be in his present condition. Therefore, he could only guess that Shao Ruihan should have gone through something that caused such a severe hangover, and whenever the words touch his pain which he hides in the deepest place of his heart, he would show such a trembling.

"Go out and buy yourself a couple of quilts and bring back some soup for Shao Ruihan. You can come in and have a rest in the other two rooms. I'll be here to take care of him." Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time, deciding to let the system to see if he has a mental problem.

Lee looks at Tang Ningshan's anxious expression and knows that she care about Shao Ruihan, so he directly pulls Shen Quan out without considering.

"System, what's wrong with him?" Tang Ningshan asks.

"Master, he may be sick, and I feel as if something has made him particularly angry, but after that, he was not able to let it off, so he got into this condition. He would become like this whenever he comes across a similar situation. There is no way to cure it, but you needn't worry, as long as he gets proper care, he would get well soon." The system explains and comforts Tang.