Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 128

Chapter 114: chapter 113-- so weak

"All right, I got it." Tang Ningshan now has no other way, but to stand there and look at Shao Ruihan in bed.

After several minutes, there's no sign of improvement. Tang Ningshan suddenly thinks of Shao Ruihan's words that he is unhappy, his voice was so fragile.

Going to bed to sit down, she puts Shao Ruihan's head on her leg, and she gently wipes the sweat for Shao Ruihan.

Looking at the pale Shao Ruihan, she never knows that he would have such a weak side. He seems so fragile as if a soft touch would break him.

"Shao Ruihan, are you all right?" Tang Ningshan asks softly in a tone, which she thinks is the gentlest voice.

His eyes slowly open, which is so empty, as if having lost all color and luster.

"I don't know why you're upset, but I'll be there for you." Tang Ningshan's voice is soft and solemn.

Tang Ningshan even is a little confused about her idea. She doesn't know why she would feel uncomfortable when seeing him being so fragile. She wants to know what he had been through in the past, and why she is so upset because of him.

She keeps whispering in his ear for a long time, and finally, his eyes slowly regain some of the sense.

"How are you?" she asks softly.

Shao Ruihan nods.

"There are no clothes for you to change. You can take off your clothes later. I'll ask them to buy the quilt. I'll change the quilt later. Can you stand up?" Tang Ningshan's eyes are full of care and worry.

Shao Ruihan is about to say something.

"Mrs.Shao, is the boss better?" Lee's voice comes from the door.

" come in. " Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan, who has stopped trembling, saying to the door.

The door opens, they all come in, and each one's face is filled with care. In their eyes, Shao Ruihan is God-like existence, nothing can defeat him, but just now Shen Quan said that Shao Ruihan had been stimulated by something. Otherwise, he would not have shown such a morbid expression, which lets them all upset.

"Come on in. Did you get the quilt back? Could you please hold him, I'll change the quilt on the bed, it's a little wet, I'm afraid that he will have a cold." Tang Ningshan says as she wraps Shao Ruihan in the quilt, being afraid that he gets cold.

" ... Ah, you can rest assured that I'm all right. " Shao Ruihan's voice is husky as if the body has no strength.

"Be good, be good." Tang Ningshan's hand touches his head to feel his temperature.

"..." Shen Quan looks at Tang Ningshan's movement speechlessly, and she is like taking care of a child.

"Mrs. Shao, I'll go to take the quilt." Li sees such situation, feeling that Tang Ningshan's position is higher than Shao Ruihan, so he must carry out the policy to carry out Tang Ningshan's order.

"Well, you two come and help him." Tang Ningshan answers Li and calls Shen Quan and Lee to come over and help Shao Ruihan.

The two of them help Shao Ruihan up and go to one side, and Tang Ningshan quickly drags the sheet and quilt off the bed and puts them aside, then takes the new quilt on it.

"Help him to take off his clothes, and then put him on the bed and cover him with the new quilt. I'll go out." Tang Ningshan say, being ready to go out.

"Shan..." Shao Ruihan's voice is soft, but there is a strong reluctance inside his voice.

"Come on, Mrs. Shao, we are not scrupulous, we are afraid of hurting boss's wound." After saying that Lee gives Shen Quan a wink, two people work together to put Shao Ruihan on the bed and immediately go out and close the door.

Tang Ningshan foolishly looks at the door which has been tightly closed. After a while, she realizes that she needs to help Shao Ruihan to take off the clothes; otherwise, it would be troublesome if the wound is infected.

Going to Shao Ruihan's side, she musters up the courage to reach in the quilt to look for the clothes buttons.

Tang Ningshan gropes for a long time. Until she finds Shao Ruihan's face is becoming paler and paler before she vaguely feels as if she has touched Shao Ruihan's wound.

To make a quick action, Tang Ningshan can only lift the quit, untieing all the buttons. She takes off his clothes, after taking off his coat, and she can see the bandages on his body. There's a lot of wet places, and there's a trail of blood in one place.

"Shen Quan, come in and see if his wound is cracked!" Tang Ningshan doesn't care too much this time, taking Shao Ruihan's trousers straight off. After taking off, she quickly puts Shao Ruihan on the bed and puts the dry quilt on him.

When Shen Quan comes into the room, he sees Shao Ruihan's uniform lying on the floor. He smiles without making any noise. Anyway, they have done something more intimate. Taking off his clothes is not a big deal.

"You'd better check whether the wound is cracked or not, and I think there's blood on the bandage." Tang Ningshan tugs at Shen Quan's sleeve to pull him to the side of Shao Ruihan.

As soon as Shen Quan is about to lift Shao Ruihan's quilt, Tang Ningshan says aloud "Could you please be more gentle? I am afraid that he will be cold, then will cause the wound to inflame?" When

Tang Ningshan speaks, her expression is so worried that Shen Quan doesn't know what to say. He has not touched the quilt yet, OK? How could he know if it would be inflamed if he doesn't look at it?

"Girl, you can rest assured. you must let me look at his wound then I can know the situation." Shen Quan can only patiently say to Tang Ningshan.

"Oh, well, hurry up." Tang Ningshan also knows that she is way too anxious, can only touch the nose and stand aside.

Shen Quan lifts the quilt, seeing Shao Ruihan's wet bandage. He immediately frowns.

Tang Ningshan immediately asks, " What's the matter? Isn't it good? "

"We need to change the medicine. We can't go on like this." Shen Quan says seriously.

"All right, I'll go downstairs and get some." Tang Ningshan says and turns to run out.

"girl, you do not have to go, I go back to get, you do not know what medicine he needs." Shen Quan immediately pulls Tang Ningshan, who is running out.

After Shen Quan leaves, Tang Ningshan thinks that she was foolish just now, how could she be so anxious.

"Lee, go to buy some living goods, I'm afraid Ruihan will have a fever." Tang Ningshan says to Lee in the doorway, holding out a card and handing it to him.

"Mrs. Shao, if you want anything, I'll have it delivered by someone." At this moment, Zhang Jia comes and stands beside Tang Ningshan, looking at Shao Ruihan, who is weak in bed.

"I don't know. I'm afraid he's feverish. we'd better have a towel or something to mop up the sweat." Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time before saying such a sentence.

"By the way, Lee, why don't you ask someone to bring your computers over and see if you can get any clues at night? After all this, not a place where Shao Ruihan can stay for a long time. There's no medical machine." Tang Ningshan suddenly remembers that they haven't monitored for a long time, perhaps something important will be missed.

Lee nods and says "Mrs. Shao, you don't worry, I'll send the computer, the medicine you gave the captain in the morning has been sent to test, we'll know the result in the evening." Lee sees already flustered Tang Ningshan is concerned about Shao Ruihan's security problem, can not help but admire her.

After Tang Ningshan speaks, she returns to the room where Shao Ruihan is staying. Sitting beside Shao Ruihan, she looks at him quietly. He looks harmless, and his handsome face is sickly pale. He seems weak now.

Oh... Tang Ningshan sighs a breath, then her thoughts slowly fly away, starting a daze.

Lee and the others have been standing outside in the living room.

"Brother, I saw Yin Bilu downstairs just now," Li speaks softly to Lee.

When Zhang Jia hears this, he leans over to him with a gossiping face.

"Her cousin? Why didn't I see her last time? " Zhang Jia hurriedly asks. the last time, he went to do the paternity test with Tang Ningshan, he just heard that there is such a person, but he never met her.

"do you want to see her? She was trying to climb on the bed of the boss but was thrown out by Mrs. Shao." Lee looks at Zhang Jia and says.

"Brother, I saw her with several men, she also lives in this community, her clothes should have been not changed for many days, and which is the same as that day of the exam," Li says gravely.

"Oh? Tell me what you saw." Lee thinks there is something wrong, so he wants to know what Li has seen.

"I just went outside to familiarized myself with the situation. Then I saw several men were around her, pushing her along. And at first I thought it was a kidnapping, so I decided to follow her. And they went into a room. It's on the first floor. They put her on the couch. She took her clothes off, being tied up, and then I wasn't watching... " Li blushes, when talking about it. There is disgust in his eyes.

"Why don't you talk to Mrs. Shao and see what she says?" Lee thinks for a while, still feeling they should tell Tang Ningshan this matter, after all, Yin Bilu is her cousin.

"Well, I see." Li nods and stands there to organize the words. He doesn't know how to describe such a picture to Tang Ningshan.

"Brother, you come to tell her. I don't know what to say. Besides, how could I describe such a picture to her?" Li struggles for a long time, still feeling that he can not describe such a picture. Just let his brother solve such a difficult problem.