Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 129

Chapter 115: chapter 114-- inform

"... You, uh..." after saying, Li runs away, then lee suddenly does not know what to say. He keeps murmuring in his heart that Li does not respect him. "Since he said that he could not describe such a picture, but can I?" Lee says to himself.

Lee hesitates to go to the door of the room where Tang Ningshan is staying. He stands on the doorway for a long time, without knocking on the door, he does not know how to describe it. Does he need to say directly that "hey, Mrs. Shao, your cousin is playing with someone?

Tang Ningshan can hear Lee's footsteps. Every time she thinks he is coming, but the steps would disappear. After about ten minutes, Tang Ningshan opens the door and tells Lee to get in.

"Got the stuff?" Tang Ningshan sits on the bed with a hand putting on the forehead of Shao Ruihan. She does not look back at Lee, asking.

"No, Mrs. Shao, there's something, I don't know if I should tell you about it," Lee asks bravely.

"Well, you tell me what it is, and I'll do my best if I can help." Tang Ningshang also thinks that Lee found some clues, and he needs her help, so she immediately says.

"Not this, Mrs. Shao." Lee scratches his head and doesn't know how to start the topic.

"? If you have something to say, say it. you are not such a time-consuming person, how can you still hesitate to say it." Tang Ningshan confusedly turns her head to look at Li and does not understand what is the matter with him.

"Then I'll be frank with you, Mrs. Shao. Li saw your cousin just now." It takes Lee a long time to say these words, and Tang Ningshan motions him to continue.

"... She is with several men. and she is doing something..." Such a description has already reached Lee's limit. If such picture is described to Shao Ruihan, he can complete very well. But when facing Tang Ningshan, he does not know what kind of words should be used to describe this.

"Where is she?" Tang Ningshan listens to these words, remembering the scene that Yin He and Tang Yichun went to the villa at that night.

"It's also in this neighborhood. I asked Li to go downstairs to check the terrain and see if there's any danger, so he saw your cousin." Lee explains.

"Okay, I know. Just keep an eye on him for a minute, and I'll go out to make a phone call." Tang Ningshan thinks for a while to decide to give Tang Yichun a phone call, after all, Li has seen her. But if he did not see it, then it's another thing.

Tang Ningshan takes her cell phone to another room and finds Tang Yichun's phone number. Tang Ningshan always thinks that as long as the relationship between him and she is cut, then she will never call him because there is no relationship between them anymore.

Soon, the call is answered.

"Ningshan?" Tang Yichun asks cautiously.

"Hello, Mr. Tang. I'm calling to ask you a question." Tang Ningshan's voice is cold and distant as if she is talking to strangers, but in Tang Ningshan's heart, they are strangers.

"... You say." Tang Yichun's voice becomes muffled.

"Well, may I ask, did your daughter go home that night, after you had a row at my house?" Tang Ningshan feels that now that the relationship has been broken off, then there is no need for any involvement, so she just faintly asks.

"... Oh, you mean Bilu, don't you?" Tang Yichun asks softly.

"Of course. Do you have a second daughter?" Tang Ningshan sarcastically says.

"She never came back, your mother..." Tang Yichun seems to realize that he has said something wrong and immediately changes his words. "Yin He has been looking for her for many days. Bilu also didn't go to school, so Yin He always suspects that you have kidnapped Bilu so that she has been hanging around Shao Ruihan's villa these days."

"Well, I have a friend who saw your daughter in Wanjia District just now, and I'm calling to tell you that I didn't kidnap your daughter." Tang Ningshan directly tells Tang Yichun where Yin Bilu had been seen and then what will happen next is beyond her consideration.

"Wanjia Community? Okay, I know. I'll send someone over later to pick her up. Even if you kidnapped her, I wouldn't say anything." The meaning of Tang Yichun is apparent that even if Tang Ningshan kidnapped Yin Bilu, he also does not intend to look into it. Ever since seeing the paternity test, Tang Yichun has been somewhat at a loss, and he doesn't know what kind of mentality should be kept to face Tang Ningshan. And also he finds that the so-called product of the betrayal has become his biological daughter, which has been a significant blow to him. Recently, when he sees Yin He, the suspicion in his heart would deepen unceasingly, he even doubts whether there are more matters that he does not know, so also he does not want to go to look for Yin Bilu.

And lately, he would think about the woman on the bed every day, who said that he would regret it. Yes, maybe he does now, but he doesn't know what to say to Tang Ningshan.

After all, Tang Ningshan is the child of him and the woman he loves. He now deeply regrets not taking her to do a paternity test when she was born. Then there would have been no sequence of events that followed, and no such thing happened that when the woman died, he did not even go to see her.

" I solemnly tell you, Mr. Tang, I did not kidnap your daughter, I hope you can understand that if I kidnapped her, I would admit. Besides, that day in Lan Yuan, clearly it was your daughter who menacingly came over to ask me to Tang's house. after coming out from your home, I directly backed to my home, so I have no time to kidnap your daughter." Tang Ningshan doesn't know why she must talk nonsense here with Tang Yichun, but she doesn't want to have such a charge on her.

"Well, I see. Could you come by sometime?" Tang Yichun hesitates for a long time before saying aloud.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Tang, I don't think I have to go to your house. After all, there's nothing between us. Besides, your wife doesn't like me coming to your house, that's all. I have nothing else to do. Good-bye!" Tang Ningshan then hangs up the phone, directly putting Tang Yichun's phone number to the blacklist, and she hopes that she will never be involved in any matter of Tang's family in the future.

Tang Ningshan comes out of the room and sees a jumble of stuff in the living room, even including tables and chairs.

" where did all this come from? " Tang Ningshan looks at it for a long time, and feels that their action is too fast, and even doubts whether they had moved someone's house there.

"Girl, these things are just sent, I have a friend who takes charge of a large shopping mall, so these pieces of stuff can also be delivered when they are off work. I picked up some of the things that can be used now and let him send over." Zhang Jiayi's proud face makes Tang Ningshan's nervous mood suddenly relaxed.

"Well, in that case, see if you can fill in the rest of my rooms." Tang Ningshan looks at Zhang Jia with a playful look.

"... If you say what you want, I'll try to have it delivered now." Zhang Jia says, looking at Tang Ningshan speechlessly.

"All right, I'm just kidding you. I'll go online tomorrow to get the rest of the furniture. The goods delivered may not meet my standards. There are still two empty beds, one single bed, and one double bed. If you want to stay here tonight, look around to find a place to sleep. Has Shen Quan come back yet?" Tang Ningshan says for a long time, suddenly remembering the most important matter, then immediately asks.

"He's back already. He's just gone inside." Zhang Jia then becomes serious, stammering.

"Well, I'll go in and have a look." Tang Ningshan then walks to the room that Shao Ruihan is in.

Tang Ningshan comes into the room and sees that Shen Quan has cut all the bandages which have been wrapped around Shao Ruihan. All the wounds are exposed, the difference between a gunshot wound and a normal wound could be seen from the sutures. And Tang Ningshan feels a twinge in her heart as she looks at the scars on his muscular body.

"Can I help you?" Tang Ningshan goes over to ask.

"Well, you're here. Did you learn first aid in training? I'll give you the medicine. I've got an operation to get over there right away." As Shen Quan says, he stuffs everything into Tang Ningshan's arms.

"Red is for bleeding, blue is for anti-inflammatory. Use the red one first, then the blue one. If he has a fever in the evening, you call me. If I do not answer, there is anti-inflammatory inside the box, directly give him to eat. but it's better not to take the anti-fever medicine." Shen Quan looks at the already stunned Tang Ningshan, informing.

"Hey, will you be a bit more responsible? You're just going to hand him over to me. Aren't you afraid I'm going to kill him?" Tang Ningshan feels Shen Quan is wholly irresponsible. He hasn't changed the medicine for Shao Ruihan; even he does not say anything about the situation of him now.

"He's fine now. It's best not to leave the wound exposed for too long. The rest is up to you. I have an operation. The man is Shao Ruihan's soldier. I must get back immediately. I hope you can understand." Shen Quan's face is solemn, and there is even a look of entreaty in his eyes.

"All right, you go ahead. I hope the surgery will be successful. I don't know what happened to the soldier, but I hope you'll be back soon." Tang Ningshan doesn't know how to say. Can she still not allow him to go? Seeing Shen Quan's expression, she knows that it's impossible for him not to go. So it's better to let him leave quickly, then he can come back early.

"Then I'll go, girl!" With that, Shen Quan immediately leaves the room and rushes out with almost flying speed. Tang Ningshan hears the outside door slamming shut.

Tang Ningshan blinks her eyes. She thinks that if there had been dust on the ground just now, it would have been taken out by Shen Quan.

Tang Ningshan is carrying a bunch of pills on the bed and letting Shao Ruihan lean on her body. Otherwise, she would not have been able to give him medicine.

Tang Ningshan quickly sprinkles the medicine on the wound, then the movement of bandaging is smoothy, which stuns Lee passing through the room.

When Tang Ningshan finishes her action, she sees Lee, who is standing at the door.

"What's the matter?" Tang Ningshan asks suspiciously.

Lee shakes his head to show that he has nothing.