Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 13

chapter 211-- I will do what I said

The expression on Shao Hong's face quickly returns to normal, and he says with a smile "Chairman you can rest assured that I will send the information to Ningshan in a moment."

Xiao Leping nods and pats Tang Ningshan's hand and says "Okay, then today's meeting is over."

After that, Xiao Leping takes the lead to go out. After Tang Ningshan waits until the people in the room all leave, she takes the laptop and goes out.

Going out of the conference room, Tang Ningshan sees Shao Hong standing at the door of the conference room. Tang Ningshan knows that Shao Hong should be waiting for her, and smiles and walks over.

"You are waiting for me?" Tang Ningshan asks directly as she walks over.

Shao Hong nods and says "Yep, I thought you still need some time to read the information. I didn't expect you to finish reading it so soon. In this case, I will let someone send the rest of the information to you in a while. "

After Tang Ningshan hears it, she instantly understands that Xiao Leping is finding troubles for her. However, Shao Hong's words have already been said, and she can only continue to say "You overestimate me; I haven't finished reading it yet. But you can send it over. After I finish reading, I will sort out the information and send it back to you."

The smile on Shao Hong's face becomes more intense. He looks at Tang Ningshan and says "Ningshan, we are family, don't be so polite. By the way, you don't have to call me General Manager in the future, you can call my name. "

Tang Ningshan does not know what purpose Shao Hong has, but she still says with a smile: "This is not appropriate. After all, when we work in the company, I should still call you general manager. In private, I can call you your name, but in the company, I think we still have to be formal."

Shao Hong sees Tang Ningshan's serious look and smiles and says "Well, but outside the company, you don't have to be so polite."

"Of course, you are the cousin of Ruihan, naturally, you are also my cousin." Tang Ningshan can only say this with Shao Hong.

"Let's go downstairs. I still have so much information to read. I don't know how long it will take. If the chairman wants to test my study results, I will be in trouble." Tang Ningshan's inadvertent one sentence digs a trap for herself.

After Shao Hong listens to her words, a glimmer of light flashes through his eyes. After that, he smiles and goes downstairs with Tang Ningshan.

Both of them return to their respective offices. Every ten minutes someone will knock on the door to send her documents. Finally, Tang Ningshan understands that Xiao Leping is planning to exhaust her.

By noon, Tang Ningshan's office has been filled with documents. There is no extra place in the office. She can only sit honestly in front of her desk to read the information. Anyway, she doesn't plan to have lunch; otherwise, she doesn't know how long it will take her to complete the work.

Tang Ningshan is also glad that she has prepared in advance. Otherwise, even if she really finishes reading all the information, she would not understand what these things mean, especially some financial aspects. The amount of money flow generated by this company is very large. From the book, Shao's company's annual income is estimated to catch up with the income of some small country.

Tang Ningshan has been sitting in her seat reading these documents, until 8 o'clock in the evening. At this time, her phone rings, and she puts the information in her hand down. She stretches herself and takes the phone out of the bag.

"Hey..." Tang Ningshan says with a weak voice.

"Why are you still not coming back?" Shao Ruihan's voice is very dull.

"My work today has not been completed..." Tang Ningshan leans against the back of the chair. She turns her head and looks out the window, only to find that it is already dark.

"When will you come back?" Shao Ruihan then asks, but there is anger in his voice that Tang Ningshan does not found.

"Overtime work... I'll hang up; I will go home after reading these documents." After that, Tang Ningshan hangs up directly.

Tang Ningshan continues to fight with the information on the table. Tang Ningshan never thought that a large company like the Shao's company has experienced several large-scale personnel changes.

Especially in the year when Shao Ruihan's mother disappeared, the top leaders of several departments were directly dismissed. After that, the newly-changed supervisors were also replaced after only a few months in the company.

In the year when Shao Ruihan's mother disappeared, the financial situation of the Shao's company was also quite bad. The information writes that the economic loss caused by investment failure. However, Tang Ningshan is skeptical about such an explanation.

Tang Ningshan turns on the laptop and builds a hidden folder inside. She begins to sort out the information she has read in the past two days, and she stores all the problematic information she thinks on the computer. She doesn't know when she would return the information, but since she feels that the information is very problematic, and then she must find out the truth. After all, she has promised Shao Ruihan.

Only the voice of Tang Ningshan typing on the keyboard can be heard in the office. Only the office of Tang Ningshan is lit up in the entire building.

About 10 o'clock in the evening, Tang Ningshan simply finishes sorting out the materials she read and storing them. Looking at the remaining information on her table, Tang Ningshan feels that it's almost impossible for her to finish the rest of them. She goes to the window and looks at the night scene outside the window.

A city is the capital city, and the location of the Shao's company is the center of the capital. Her office has a good view, she can see the traffic outside, and she can see the woods park, which looks magnificent.

Tang Ningshan feels the comfort of this moment. She focuses on the window and empties her thoughts.

Suddenly, Tang Ningshan hears footsteps in the corridor and immediately looks back at the glass wall. Although there is no light outside, she still can see the outside situation.

The sound of the footsteps is getting closer and closer, and each step is very calm. Tang Ningshan frowns, sticking to the side of the wall and waiting to see who this is.

Tang Ningshan isn't relieved until she sees the person holding the insulated lunch box and a bag in his hand. She immediately opens the door for him.

"It's so late, why do you come?" Tang Ningshan opens the door and looks at Shao Ruihan, asking directly.

Shao Ruihan walks in and sees the office full of documents. He raises his eyebrows and says, "I thought you had a tough situation so I come over to see."

"Go to the rest room." There is no more room in the office, so she asks Shao Ruihan to go to the inside room.

Shao Ruihan nods, and his tone is not very good. "Well, you close the door first, remember to lock it. You are a girl. You are the only one in the whole building. You don't lock the door? If something goes wrong, what would you do?"

"..." Tang Ningshan suddenly wonders, is this Shao Ruihan's way of caring for her? Although his tone does not sound comfortable for her, the meaning in his words is obviously showing that he is worried about her safety.

Tang Ningshan locks the door. After that, she enters the room behind Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan puts the insulated lunch box in his hand on the bedside table beside the bed, and puts the bag in his hand on the floor and asks, "How are you today?"

Tang Ningshan says with a smile: "Not bad, but Grandma is really an outstanding figure. Today, we met in the upstairs conference room. No one in the meeting room spoke or refuted her when grandma was speaking.

However, I think she has dug a trap for me. She said in front of so many people that she hopes that I could take over the company quickly so that she would be able to relax in the future.

After that, your cousin said to me that we are family, so I don't have to call him general manager. "

Tang Ningshan describes what happened during the day. As she speaks, she imitates the expressions of others when they spoke. Shao Ruihan looks at the girl complaining in front of him with a warm gaze, and he actually has a feeling of happiness in his heart.

"Well, come over and have a meal." Shao Ruihan opens the insulated lunch box and the smell of the food immediately fills the room.

Tang Ningshan's stomach screams and she feels very embarrassed. She immediately turns her head and doesn't look at him.

Shao Ruihan asks "Don't you eat anything today?"

Tang Ningshan picks up the chopsticks and sends the food into her mouth. She nods.

Shao Ruihan immediately becomes very angry. He wants to pull Tang Ningshan over and ask her what she is thinking. Did she actually eat nothing because of these works? However, looking at her gorging, Shao Ruihan can only wait for her to finish and then ask her.

When Tang Ningshan finally finishes the dinner, she touches her stomach and shows a satisfied smile. When she intends to turn back and talk to Shao Ruihan, she sees that Shao Ruihan's face has turned black.

"...Eh? You also didn't eat it? Sorry..." Tang Ningshan looks at the lunch box that has been emptied by her and says with a little embarrassment.

Shao Ruihan really doesn't know what to say now. He immediately rushes over and presses Tang Ningshan to the bed. He says "If you don't care about your body in this way and you don't even eat anything, I will consider tasting you directly, and there will be no residue left."

Tang Ningshan speechlessly gives Shao Ruihan a supercilious look and says, "I mean, is there a connection between these two things? I didn't eat anything today because I can't get out of my office. There are too many files in the room. if I don't finish today's work, I can't get out. You see it too; the documents are all over on my office's ground. These are all sent by your grandmother." Tang Ningshan complains.

Shao Ruihan could only touch his nose and says "Then you can't give up your dinner time because of these things."

Tang Ningshan can only nod and say "Well, okay, but, can you get up first? You make me uncomfortable." Tang Ningshan said.

Shao Ruihan's expression becomes even angrier, but he still gets up from Tang Ningshan's body. There is a threat in his eyes, and he says "If I find that you give up your dinner time next time, then I will punish you directly. You have to believe, I will do what I said."