Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 130

Chapter 116: chapter 115-- warning

"Oh. Uh..." Tang Ningshan replies.

"Then come and give me a hand to lay him down, and I remember he has a cut in his leg, and I'll change the medicine together." Tang Ningshan continues.

Lee immediately comes to help, although he is shocked by Tang Ningshan's bandaging speed, his psychological quality is not bad.

Lee puts Shao Ruihan's flat on the pillow and puts the quilt gently over his body. At this time, Shao Ruihan suddenly opens his eyes to look at Lee, Lee raises his eyebrows, and even suspects that Shao Ruihan's weakness is put on for Tang Ningshan to look.

Shao Ruihan's eyes look to the door, and Lee says at once, "Mrs. Shao, I'll go and see if there are any curtains outside. I'll bring a curtain to hang there, or the room may be bright at night." Lee says, immediately bouncing away from Shao Ruihan and running out the door.

"Shan, slow down when you're bandaging. Do you know you're acting so fast that people will suspect?" The husky voice of Shao Ruihan startles Tang Ningshan.

"Oh, but..." Tang Ningshan stuns herself. Doesn't she promise not to divulge anything about the system? So a normal girl could possess these hacker technologies and bandaging techniques, and even such hand speed? This moment, Tang Ningshan deeply feels that she has dug a big hole for herself, which is hard to fill.

"If there's an outsider around, be careful yourself." Shao Ruihan says helplessly.

"I see."

Tang Ningshan takes the bandage off Shao Ruihan's leg and sees some redness and swelling on the edge of the cut in his leg, and her beautiful eyebrows are all twisted together.

"When you came out of the hospital today, did the wound craze?" Tang Ningshan stares at his eyes to say.

"... I don't feel it cracking." As Shao Ruihan speaks, his eyes look subconsciously to one side, as if he has made a mistake as a child.

"Do you know how to take care of your own body? If you go on like this, I don't care about you. you can go anywhere you like!" Tang Ningshan shouts this sentence out, letting the people outside turn to the door to see what happened.

"Don't be angry, I am anxious. Zhang Jia sent me a picture, which shows that you are pulling a man's arm, I do not know what's wrong with me, but can't control myself, so..." Shao Ruihan's voice is soft, which can only be heard by the two. When he says, the eyes are confused, as if to explain the things this morning, also as if to regret what he has done.

Tang Ningshan listens to Shao Ruihan's words, her heart rate comes fast uncontrollably, as if being confessed. But on second thoughts, how can Shao Ruihan like her? There is a partnership between them. She even feels that someone in Shao Ruihan's mind may have betrayed him, so he is afraid of being betrayed.

Tang Ningshan says after she has recovered her feelings. "Stop kidding. I know what you're doing to me. You are afraid of losing face; you can rest assured, I will not be such intimate with other men in public in the future, I did not expect you will also care about such kind of thing, that's my mistake today."

"You'll have a good rest later. What do you want to eat? I'll ask Lee to bring you something to eat from the villa, and bring you two sets of clothes. You can't keep doing that. If you go to the toilet, you'll catch a cold." Tang Ningshan says and walks out the door, no longer looking at Shao Ruihan in bed.

Coming out of the room and looking around the living room, Tang Ningshan smiles. The soldiers are not the same. Efficiency is high. How long did it take? A pile of stuff piled up in the ground is put away.

"Have you found the curtains, Lee?" Tang Ningshan asks.

" no, Mrs. Shao, Zhang Jia said that he would send some set of thick curtains later, " said Lee.

"And the two of them?" Tang Ningshan looks around and doesn't see Zhang Jia and Li. She asks.

"Li went downstairs, and Zhang Jia is inside." Lee points to the room in the middle where the door is closed with his finger.

Tang Ningshan nods.

"Get back to the villa later, bring some loose clothes for Shao Ruihan and bring him his dinner tonight. I don't know if Lin is going to the hospital. You'll see it's better to let Lin deliver the food or you go to pick it up. Find the safest way. But in my opinion, it's better to have Lin deliver it. After all, anyone who wants to kill Shao Ruihan should know who you are." Tang Ningshan says.

Lee's face also darkens, his eyes are also dark. Tang Ningshan has no idea what he is thinking, not disturbing him.

"I know, Mrs. Shao. I'll send someone back for it later." After a few minutes, Lee says aloud.

"Well, have you sent your computer?" Tang Ningshan looks around and doesn't find Lee's computer.

"No, when Li comes back, he will bring it back. Mrs. Shao, do you have anything else you need?" Lee asks.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head.

Lee sees Tang Ningshan walking around the room, and does not know what she is looking for, but Tang Ningshan does not have the intention to speak, so he can only sit there quietly. His brain is replaying the scene that Tang Ningshan bandaged for Shao Ruihan.

It's hard for him to think about how Tang Ningshan managed to do it so quickly. In the army training, although she has a fantastic learning ability, there is no such a quick speed. He does not understand very well. However, he is afraid that if he asks Tang Ningshan about it, Tang Ningshan maybe will get angry. When Shao Ruihan stared at him just now, he understands that Shao Ruihan wants him to keep his mouth shut, so that he could see that Shao Ruihan knows about the matter.

In Tang's family, after hanging up the call of Tang Ningshan, Tang Yichun sits quietly in his study, looking at a photograph of him and a beautiful woman. A woman with a happy smile is clinging to his body.

"Is it always my fault?" Tang Yichun mutters to himself.

Putting the picture in the drawer then locking it, Tang Yichun goes out of the study. As soon as he goes down to the living room, he sees uncollected Yin He.

"Did you find her?" Tang Yichun asks in a calm voice that has not appeared in him for a long time.

"No, she's your daughter. Why don't you help me find out? If anything happens to my daughter, I won't let you go." Yin He shouts with a grudge in her eyes. She hates Tang Yichun. Why Tang Yichun doesn't go to Tang Ningshan to ask for Yin Bilu. She is sure that Tang Ningshan has kidnapped her daughter, but Tang Yichun would not go.

"Didn't you say Ningshan isn't my daughter? What about the test report? Now, are you lying to me? Bilu, she's not even my daughter!" Tang Yichun's manner is very indifferent as if the person with whom he talks is not the wife who has been sleeping with him for many years, as if he is talking with the assistant.

"How come? We did the test together. It's obvious that Tang Ningshan is not your daughter and you saw it yourself. Now you're blaming me and saying that Bilu isn't your daughter.could you please be reasonable? for all these years, Bilu has been lived with you as a niece. she always is inferior to Tang Ningshan, and now you suspect that she is not your daughter!" Yin He's expression is twisted and hysterical, but clearly, she lacks confidence when saying.

"Well, I'll figure it out when I pick her back. many years have been passed, but If I know you've been lying to me, then..." Tang Yichun says that. his face shows a fierce expression. Yin He is frightened by the cold voice, but her face is calm. He will never be able to investigate that thing, so she does not need to be afraid. She is comforting herself constantly.

"Do you know where Bilu is?" Yin He gets a surprised look on her face.

"I've just been told that she has been seen in the Wanjia Community. Now let's go and find her. I hope she's still there." Tang Yichun says indifferently.

"All right, all right, I'm on my way." Yin He immediately puts on a surprise expression.

Tang Yichun strides ahead, Yin He closely follows him, as if being afraid of being left behind. Two people one after another get into the car.

The car speeds out of the Tang's house, and Yin He's hands grip the corners of her clothes. She has no idea why she always has a bad feeling as if something is going to happen.

Tang Yichun looks out of the window indifferently. And in his mind, there is the appearance of Tang Ningshan's mother when she was in the hospital. The scene appears again and again, like replaying the movie, continually deepening his memory.

The car soon stops at the gate of the Wanjia District. Because they need to record the information before getting in, without considering too much, Tang Yichun directly calls one of his friend who lives in the community. He says that he wants to go in looking for a person but he does not know which unit she is, so he calls this friend to tell the doorman to allow him in.

After a while, they are allowed to drive the car into the community. Looking at the houses, Yin He is anxious. How could she find her among too many buildings?

"Yichun, do you know the unit? there are too many rooms, how could we find it?" Yin He shows a deep worry in her eyes, but no one knows what she's worried about.

Tang Yichun glances at Yin He as if he is unwilling to speak to her. He asks the driver to stop the car, taking out the phone to call Tang Ningshan directly.

After a long time, no one answers, then Tang Yichun knows that Tang Ningshan does not want to answer his phone call. Now there are no other ways, and they can only look for one by one.

"Come out and look around. call me when you find her." Tang Yichun says coldly and then walks straight ahead.

Yin He could only get out and walk in the opposite direction.

Yin He is anxious to find Yin Bilu, mainly because that Tang Ningshan has done a paternity test with him, Tang Yichun will ask Yin Bilu do it. Without Tang Ningshan's hair, what would she do to make Yin Bilu become Tang Yi Chun's daughter? So she must find her first, and make all preparations, or both of them will suffer.