Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 131

Chapter 117: chapter 116-- crazy

Tang Yichun does not have too many ideas. He feels that since Tang Ningshan told him that Yin Bilu is in this community, then she must be here, otherwise, according to Tang Ningshan's temper, she would not call him this time.

Not long after Yin He walks around, she sees the first floor of one building, which is at the corner, surrounded by several people, who are leaning over the window and looking into the room. She doesn't know what's going on. She walks over curiously and sees the scene, which shocks her.

She puts her hands over her mouth and looks at the woman in the room quietly. Soon, she comes back to her sense, and she immediately runs toward the door of the room.

The knocks are banging, and the sound reverberates in the hallway, but the people inside have no intention of opening the door.

Yin He rushes back to the window and bangs on it with her hand, hoping that the people inside would notice.

Her idea comes true. Everyone inside, including Yin Bilu, sees Yin He knocking at the window, but their reaction is to ravage Yin Bilu more intensely, and Yin Bilu looked at her with an air of enjoyment.

Yin He's brain now is like a bomb; it's blank. She does not know what to do. If Tang Yichun finds out, what would happen? She could not imagine.

Subconsciously, she wants to leave this place, quickly letting Tang Yichun go home. She doesn't want him to see such a picture.

Unfortunately, things turn out to be the opposite way as Yin He wants. Just as Yin He is about to go back to find Tang Yichun and ask him to leave, she sees that Tang Yichun has already gone in her direction.

Yin He hurries to Tang Yichun, being eager to stop him and let him go back.

"What's the matter, flustered? Do you know what you are like? I can't find her there. Is she here?" Tang Yichun's face is cold, and his face is distasteful.

"No... No... No, I haven't found her." Yin He stammers, her expression is panic and even a little guilty.

"Why are you so flustered? What's going on over there?" Tang Yichun asks, looking at the enclosed windows.

"I don't know... Let's go and find Bilu quickly." As she speaks, Yin He pulls Tang Yichun and walks in the opposite direction.

"I don't know what you've been thinking all day." Tang Yichun follows Yin He. Initially, he is not so fond of watching the crowd. Today he came out to look for Yin Bilu because of Tang Ningshan's phone call. Although he thinks Tang Ningshan would not cheat him, even if Tang Ningshan saw Yin Bilu, she did not say precisely where Yin Bilu appears. Maybe she is not in that position now. He has been looking for a long time, and if Yin Bilu is here, probably she has already been found.

Thinking of here, Tang Yichun also stops the thought of looking for Yin Bilu. He believes, anyway, she will go back sooner or later. It's not a big deal, even if he can't find her. Besides, Yin He has been sent someone to look for her all the time.

Of course, the main reason is that he can't confirm if Yin Bilu is his daughter at all. He is in a state of confusion and has not yet recovered from the test report, and his mind is not on Yin Bilu.

"Send someone to look for her later. It's already dark. How can we find?" Tang Yichun looks at the moon hanging on the sky, and his face is dark and indistinct as he speaks.

"Um... Well, um..." Yin He anxiously nods without the slightest hesitation. Generally, Tang Yichun would have wondered why she would show such an expression, but now he does not pay attention to the face of the person around him.

When they return to the Tang's house, it is already dark. Tang Yichun doesn't even look at Yin He and goes straight to his study.

Yin He doesn't disturb Tang Yichun either, mainly because she is shocked by the images today. She doesn't get over it. After long hours in the living room, she takes out the phone, going into the kitchen. She locks the kitchen door and dials a series of numbers.

"Hello..." Yin He's voice is timid as if she is afraid of the other. There's a tremor in her voice.

"Yo, what brings you to call me, Mrs. Tang? Mr. Tong is no good. Or are you empty?" The voice of the man on the other side of the line sounds sarcastic and mocking.

"That's not why I called you today. I have something to talk to you!" In Yin He's voice, there is a firmness.

"Oh? What else is there can be discussed between us?"

"Bilu is missing. Someone said she was seen in Wanjia District. Can you help me find her?" Yin He's anxious tone makes the man burst of a laugh.

"I mean, what's the point of finding me when your daughter's gone? Is Mr. Tang rich? Let him go to find."

Yin He hears this, immediately being eager to rush to the opposite of the phone to beat up, but now she can not be troubled with him.

She takes a deep breath, relieving her mood, and says, "Bilu is your daughter too. You can't just let her go."

"Mrs. Tang, do you think it's funny? Only at this time, you can remember the affairs between us? Now say she's my daughter, why didn't you say she is my daughter in the first place? You have no evidence to prove that she is my daughter, you know!" The voice if the man on the other side of the line sounds hostile as if he is angry.

"Brother... Bilu is your daughter. Why else would she call me aunt..." Yin He thinks it's no use saying anything now, but changing tactics, she says softly.

"Hmm... Who knows what you're thinking, getting your daughter to call your aunt? I can't believe she's my daughter. If you can prove it to me, I'll find her for you, or no deal." The man hangs up the phone and says nothing.

Yin He's hands hold the phone tightly. Where is she supposed to get the evidence this time? Those things were destroyed. She never thinks that she will come across such a thing one day. She thought she would never have anything to do with this man, did not expect that there would still be a day of begging him.

After a long time, Yin He's face shows a grim smile. She hurries into the room, rummaging through the closet to find a small box which contains a small medicine bottle with no sign on it. It includes a transparent liquid, and the moment she takes the bottle, she hesitates. But the thought of the picture soon hardens her. And since he did not let her daughter be well, she will not care for him so much.

Yin He holds the bottle in her hand and walks step by step into the kitchen. Every step is heavy. It is like she has trodden in her heart. She could not regret it. She could not be more determined. She takes the milk out of the fridge and heats it in a pot. After washing the glass, the expression on her face becomes moony. After a long time, the boiling milk in the pot begins to spill out of the container, which makes her come back to her sense.

Turning off the heat, she pours all the contents of the bottle into the cup and pours the hot milk out of the pan.

Yin He comes to the door of the study with the sauced milk in her hand and knocks softly on the door.

"Yichun?" Yin He says softly.

"Come in." Tang Yichun sits in his chair and looks up at Yin He, who comes in with the milk in a confused look. He doesn't know what his feeling is now. After the woman died, she has always been there for him. Even if he does not love her, he has indulged her for many years. But when he suspects that he has been deceived again, his anger is wholly uncontrollable.

He is too old to be such impulsive as when he was young. And if she has betrayed him, he might have let it go, after all, many years have passed.

"Have a glass of milk and go to rest. see how tired you are." Yin He's voice is soft as water so that Tang Yichun's restless mood relieves instantly.

"Well, I'll have a drink later, and I've sent someone to look for Bilu. Don't worry." Because of the peace of mind, the voice of Tang Yichun is not as cold as before.

"Well, I'll go and have a rest. Don't be too tired. Don't forget to drink the milk."

If Tang Yichun carefully observes Yin He's movements, he would find that she is not as calm as she acts. She does not know whether she is doing the right thing or not, but one thing she could be sure is that she needs someone to rescue Yin Bilu and that person could not be Tang Yichun!

'Hmm.' Tang Yichun thinks Yin He does not trust him, directly drinking up a glass of milk in front of her. He gives her a pacifying smile, as if he is saying that he has finished drinking, then she can leave to rest.

Tang Yichun has gone through this period of confusion, feeling that he is getting old. To settle himself down, he needs to let go of the hatred in his heart. Even though he knows that Tang Ningshan is his daughter, they have already broken off the relationship, and now she has a good marriage. As long as he knows that she is well, there are no other requirements.

He even thinks, now that things have come to this point, he should peacefully live the rest of his life with Yin He.

The expression on Yin He's face is twisted, and there is a kind of madness in her eyes. She thinks Tang Ningshan causes the picture she saw today. She hates Tang Ningshan so madly, hates her mother, who controls Tang Yichun's feelings. Even if she has mixed them up so poorly in the first place, however, he still does not fall in love with her. She hates Tang Ningshan that she is Tang Yichun's daughter. Initially, she is an honest chess piece, and she can abuse her at any time. She has always had Tang Yichun's connivance, so she put all the hate to her mother on Tang Ningshan. She also hates Tang Yichun, hates that he knows that Tang Ningshan is his daughter, so he does not care about Yin Bilu. She thinks that he doesn't love her at all.