Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 132

Chapter 118: chapter 117-- take care

Tang Ningshan's house is more harmonious than Tang's.

Tang Ningshan moves a chair to sit beside Shao Ruihan's bed with a notebook on her leg, watching something, while Shao Ruihan is squinting at Tang Ningshan.

Inside the living room, Lee has been monitoring that two places with the computer, hoping to find new clues. Zhang Jia has left, after all, there's nothing fun in the room.

Li lays on the single bed in the middle room. Inside the whole house, there is only the occasional keyboard sound can be heard. It's very quiet.

"Water..." Shao Ruihan used to think he had eliminated the problem. After all, after all these years, he thought he had forgotten the woman, forgotten everything, but Tang Ningshan's words broke all the efforts he has done these years. He still remembers the past. He and the woman said to his teacher that they could be in love with each other, but he did not expect that he had seen a different side of her under the arrangement of his teacher. She is such material and vain, and such disgusting.

But he could ignore all of these because he thought they loved each other. But he did not expect that their relationship is so fragile, vulnerable. A small boss with certain assets can let her not admit their involvement. She said that she was playing with him, all their relationships are on the surface, there is no real relationship at all.

"Wait a minute, and I'll go and get it for you." Tang Ningshan puts the notebook on the edge of the bed and gets up to go to the living room because there is only a table and chair brought by Zhang Jia in the place. On the table, there is food brought by Lee and a hot-water bottle.

Tang Ningshan goes to the edge of the table, looking around. She also does not find a cup, can only take a bowl, then pours some hot water in it.

Taking the bowl to the edge of the sink, filling it with cold water. She then puts the container in to cool down.

"Mrs. Shao, why are you still up so late?" Lee looks Tang Ningshan behind him and says.

"Well, I'm afraid he'll have a fever, and if he doesn't come out of the hospital today, that won't be a problem. I think you have the power to protect him even in the hospital. Why you let him come out?" This is what Tang Ningshan never understands she feels that the main reason for Shao Ruihan to live in the hospital is that he wants to find out the real killer, but now he is living in her apartment, then who can come to this place to assassinate him?

" I'm not sure about the idea of the captain, but the boss is always right," Lee says, showing his white teeth and smiling at Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan shrugs her shoulders, taking the bowl out of the sink. She carries it into the room, asking Shao Ruihan to lean on her body to let him drink the water.

Shao Ruihan is actually all right when he woke up just now, but he very much enjoys Tang Ningshan's care, also does not care to be treated as a patient.

After Shao Ruihan drinks the water, Tang Ningshan lays him down on the bed, touching his forehead. She feels his temperature is slightly high, and her expression becomes worried.

"Lee, come over here." Tang Ningshan stands still and shouts.

"What's the matter, Mrs. Shao?" Lee runs in and asks suspiciously.

"See if he has a fever. I feel he is a little hot." Tang Ningshan feels that she needs to confirm whether she is right.

Lee touches Shao Ruihan's head obediently, putting his hand to feel his temperature. He shakes his head and says, "Mrs. Shao, he does not have a fever."

Tang Ningshan nods, she says relaxedly "That's good, I thought he gets a fever, am I too nervous?"

Lee doesn't speak because he sees Shao Ruihan looking at him sternly.

"Eh... Mrs. Shao, I'm going out now. I have to watch the surveillance." With that, Lee quits the room immediately.

"You all right? Let me know if you don't feel well." Tang Ningshan looks worriedly at Shao Ruihan.

'Hmm.' Shao Ruihan makes a nasal sound.

After thinking for a long time, Tang Ningshan decides to ask, "How long do you plan to stay here?"

Shao Ruihan stares at Tang Ningshan without any expression, also does not speak, but his face becomes more and more white.

"All right, all right, until you're well..." Tang Ningshan sees such Shao Ruihan, immediately giving up asking. If Shao Ruihan has some problem in her house, she thinks she must be tore into pieces by his personnel, so she can only accept this fact.

Tang Ningshan takes the computer to sit on the chair again. Since the house has been bought, then she does not intend to return to Shao Ruihan's villa. The house is still empty, but Shao Ruihan is living here so it can't be decorated, then she plans not to do now. If she can buy the next room, she would paint them together, but if she cannot do that, she will wait to buy a villa when she can make enough money later on.

Tang Ningshan is quietly sitting on the side, browsing the various web pages. The purpose is to find an online shopping site with a good reputation.

After about ten minutes, she finally finds one that meets her requirements. There are full of variety and high-quality goods. Tang Ningshan does not hesitate to click into it.

After glancing over a lot of furniture on it, she chooses a store, which is very suitable for her taste. She now wants to move all the stuff in that store back home immediately. The most important thing is that the comments about it are good.

She bought the sofa, coffee table, wardrobe, bookcase, dressing table and bedside table in this shop at the same time, all of which are of the same color. She plans to fill the living room, her room and study first. As for Pu Jiayi's place, she wants to wait for him to pick the furniture himself.

Anyway, the furniture is not custom-made, the order will be delivered tomorrow after the order is processed today, and she doesn't plan to make some cabinets or anything like that in this room, because it would produce too much dust, which is not bad for the recovery of Shao Ruihan.

Filling her shopping cart with these items she has selected, she sighs comfortably and feels as if she has accomplished the greatest thing in the world.

Later on, she buys some living goods on the website and then closes the site.

She logs in the hacker site, finding that Yu Huan is on the line. She remembers that in this morning, she said she would call him, directly sending him a message.

"Hey, what are you doing now? "Tang Ningshan asks.

"Didn't you say that you would call me at night? I'm waiting here."

"... well, if there's any job, please let me know. I just spent a lot of money, and I lost two-thirds of what I got."

"Well, I see. May I ask, what does your husband do?"

"He's a soldier, didn't you see him in his uniform... "

"A soldier married a hacker wife, although you said that you are a nominal relationship, I think he may have different views with you."

"Something happened between us, and now this relationship is the consequence of that thing. and a lot of it is involuntary, and I couldn't help it." Tang Ningshan sighs as she says this, but she doesn't want to be in such relationship with Shao Ruihan. She wants them to be friends, or have other relations.

In Tang Ningshan's heart, Shao Ruihan is a different existence. She is like a newborn kitten and doggie, for the first person she saw, subconsciously she will pay more attention to him. She wants to get his trust and hopes that they can keep a close relationship, but she can't tell her secret out, even if it is a bit, as long as she says, she may be beyond redemption.

"Well, I'll go to work, then, and there's another job, I don't know if you'll do it."

"what kind of job?"

"there's a company that needs anti-virus software. I don't know if you're interested."

"Anti-virus software? I don't have any research on computer viruses. Could you send me a few samples for me to research?

"... I don't know how your technology was developed, how could hackers not understand viruses.

"If you know the code, you could be a hacker? why should you know the virus?" Tang Ningshan doesn't understand why hackers are involved with the virus.

"Ok, fine, I'll send you the information about this company first, and then you decide whether you want to make anti-virus software for them. Now there are only several kinds of anti-virus software. If the virus is too powerful, then it's hard for them to clean. and no one cares about the simple virus, so there is lacking a high-end anti-virus software." Yu Huan explains.

"How much can I make if I have superior anti-virus software?" After hearing Yu Huan's explanation, Tang Ningshan's eyes suddenly lit up. This is a business opportunity.

"If you make it, you can patent it and sell it, think about how much you can make." Yu Huan says in amusement opposite.

"I don't know it. if I can make it, then you help me to do the next thing?" Tang Ningshan's words all full of expectations.

"You're not afraid that I run away with your money?"

"you didn't run when you get millions of dollars of me last time. I have nothing to fear." Tang Ningshan replies with a smile.

"Well, I'll send you some samples of viruses later. They're some of the more difficult ones I've collected recently.

"Well, you can pass it to me later. I am free now."

After Tang Ningshan says, the body unconsciously leans back. The moment she leans back, Shao Ruihan, who has been watching her, jumps out of bed to stand behind her.

She leans directly against him, and he makes a sound.

Tang Ningshan hears the voice from behind and feels the heat of Shao Ruihan's body, can not help but look back. Shao Ruihan wearing only a pair of underwear is standing straight behind her, his bare upper body becomes the back of her chair.

"Hey, do you know what you're doing now? Even if I would fall back, you can't come down from the bed to catch me. you can say something to inform me."

Tang Ningshan doesn't know what to say. She can only yell at him with anger. Although she doesn't know many people, she has never seen a person like Shao Ruihan who does not care for his health.

Shao Ruihan with a cold expression doesn't talk but reaches out to fix Tang Ningshan's body and lies back on the bed.

Tang Ningshan looks at the unspeakable man silently, not to mention how depressed she is.