Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 133

Chapter 119: chapter 118-- test result

Shao Ruihan doesn't know why that when Tang Ningshan was about to fall to the ground, his first reaction was to help her. He doesn't have time to think about anything else.

Looking at the angry Tang Ningshan, the mood of him is not bad.

"If you go on like this, then you should go to other places. just like you said, I don't have to blame myself, anyway, you don't care for yourself, then it's no use no matter how well I take care of you." Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time. Well organizing the language, she faintly says.

Shao Ruihan stares at Tang Ningshan for a while and finds that this time she is outraged, and immediately becomes gentle.

"Shan, I just don't want you to fall, the body is faster than the brain, it's subconscious..." Shao Ruihan now is wondering how to get along with Tang Ningshan. Since he regarded her as his family, he is treating her as a sister. When facing her, his sound or action will be subconsciously become soft and gentle. And he does not want to destroy the trust that is hard to be established between them.

"Forget it, and you have a good rest. If you want something, call me. I'll go out to see Lee." Tang Ningshan says, going out of the room with her laptop holding, and also shuts the door.

Lee looks at Tang Ningshan holding her computer in her hand with an indifferent expression, stunning. And he doesn't know what she is about to do.

"Hey, what's wrong? Is there any situation?" Lee asks softly.

"Nothing, the room is a bit stuffy, I am out to breathe some fresh air. you can ignore me..." Tang Ningshan says with a weak voice.

She just listened to Shao Ruihan's words. It's like something is playing drums in her heart. It's smashing, and it's not quiet. Especially, his gentle tone, as if he's talking to his lover, which lets she subconsciously want to avoid. Initially, there is nothing between them, and she does not want to have an uneasy relationship between them.

Lee sneaks a look at Tang Ningshan's expression, and he sees Tang Ningshan's face is annoyed. He could only secretly guess what happened in the room just now.

Tang Ningshan spends the night in researching virus. When it is dawn, Li goes downstairs to buy the breakfast for them. Tang Ningshan asks Lee to take Shao Ruihan's special meal back from his villa and then waits for Shao Ruihan to wake up and eat.

When Lee comes back, he takes a newspaper of this morning and hands it to Tang Ningshan.

"Mrs. Shao, this is today's newspaper. Look at the headline above." Lee now really doesn't know what Yin Bilu has done? And now her sage is written in the newspaper.

Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows. Taking the newspaper, she sees a big photo with a paragraph on the side.

The photo is that Yin Bilu is hung in the air, and different ropes tie the naked body. The men on the picture all have mosaics. Only Yin Bilu's face is exposed, and the intimate parts of her body are covered.

"Only this newspaper has this?" Tang Ningshan asks, putting the newspaper aside.

"No, there are a lot of magazine covers using this picture too. I just bought one of them..." Lee replies directly.

Lee doesn't know if Tang Ningshan takes her as her cousin, so when he saw the newspaper, he thought of taking the this back to Tang Ningshan and waiting for her to make a decision. If she wants to help, she will deal with it for the first time.

"Then I believe that the people of the Tang's family have also seen it. Then it's none of my business. Yesterday I called Mr. Tang. Since they did not take their daughter away, I don't want to gossip about it." Tang Ningshan says carelessly.

"All right." Lee did not expect Tang Ningshan to answer like this.

Li takes a look at Lee and pulls him aside.

"Brother, the next time you don't tell such thing to Mrs. Shao. They have already broken the relationship. Yin Bilu used to bully Mrs. Shao, and Mrs. Tang is still the stepmother of Mrs. Shao. Even if she is the Virgin, she will not help." Li seriously says to Lee. And Tang Ningshan, who has an acute auditory sense, hears all of his words.

For a long time, she fails to hold her laughter.

"Well, listen. That's not a big deal. I have no relationship with Mr. Tang, which means I have nothing to do with his family. I called him yesterday because of sympathy. After all, no one will expect such a thing to happen. They didn't stop the follow-up of this thing, and then this will have nothing to do with us. Now I only pray that they won't blame for this matter." Tang Ningshan says with a smile.

"If they are coming, I will drive them out directly. And besides, they don't know your current address. You don't have to worry about it." Li says excitedly.

"..., no, but I think this thing may not be such simple as we think. according to Yin He's temperament, no matter whether it was done by me or not, she will drag me into the water." Tang Ningshan says while shaking her head. She doesn't understand how did the original owner endure them before?

"Forget it. Lee, you go in and bring the meal to Shao Ruihan, let him eat." Tang Ningshan is not ready to enter the room this time, and she does not want to see Shao Ruihan now.

After Tang Ningshan finishes, she goes to the table and opens the plastic bag that Li brought back this early morning. It contains soy and pieces of bread.

Taking the bowl, she gives himself a bowl of soy. She puts the bread in the soy, sitting there to eat slowly.

Lee can only enter the room to serve Shao Ruihan.

"Where is she?" after Lee enters the room, Shao Ruihan asks directly. and Lee could not hear any trace weakness in his voice.

"...she is eating outside, she told me to come in and give you food. she also asked me to supervise you to finish it." Lee says to Shao Ruihan's cold face.

"How is the investigation?" Shao Ruihan's eyes are filled with chills.

"The test report released last night, the drug is for eating nerves. That bottle of medicine can quickly cause nervous necrosis. The best consequence is paralysis, the worst is being vegetative, but you will not die.

The good news is that people who were taken away did not have any contact with others, but they were all shut down." Lee makes a brief report and stands still in the same place, waiting for Shao Ruihan's order.

"Distribute that information we have investigated, and send them out gradually. You decide the time." Shao Ruihan's eyes flash a hint of murder and then returns to calm. If not the coldness of his body is getting heavier, which lets Lee feel scared, no one can find any abnormalities of Shao Ruihan.


Lee finishes, putting Shao Ruihan's meal on the chair where Tang Ningshan sat last night. There is no way. There is nothing other than a bed in this room. There is a big surprise that there's a chair.

Putting things on the table, Lee goes out from the place, and now Shao Ruihan does not need him at all.

Tang Ningshan sees Lee coming out of the house with nothing in his hands, and continues to eat slowly. Li looks at Lee and takes a look at Tang Ningshan. He finally decides to sit beside Tang Ningshan.

"Mrs. Shao, I will leave later, because I get something to do. If you need something, tell him to do it." Lee says while pointing to Li.

Tang Ningshan nods.

Lee takes Li to one side and tells him something, before leaving.

At this time, the Tang's family seems to be visited by a thief. The things in the house are scattered all over the ground, and some cups are broken. The maids in the house are standing by the wall. Yin He is sitting in the living room silently. Tang Yichun stands on the opposite side of Yin He angrily.

"You don't intend to explain to me what is going on, do you?" Tang Yichun is annoyed. No matter if Yin Bilu is her daughter, he has been spoiling her since she was so young, and he has already regarded her as his daughter. The newspaper writes the name of Yin Bilu, her school, and the home address, and even there's the back of him and Yin He in the picture, which makes Tang Yichun angry. If yesterday Yin He didn't say that Yin Bilu was not here, maybe he would find Yin Bilu and then this thing will not happen.

"It must be Tang Ningshan; she is a bitch. She hates us, so she treats us like this. Yichun! You must avenge Bilu!" Yin He cries, shouting. There is hate in her eyes. Tang Yichun has no doubt that if Tang Ningshan is standing here, she will be directly killed by Yin He.

Tang Yichun thought that Tang Ningshan did this thing in the moment of seeing the newspaper. But on second thought, if Tang Ningshan does this thing, then yesterday she would not call that phone to let him go Wanjia Community, then he would not doubt her at all, so he understands that Tang Ningshan did not do this.

"If it wasn't that you said you didn't find her there yesterday, would the thing happen? Now you are blaming Ningshan. I don't know what you are going to do." Tang Yichun's words stimulate Yin He.

"How do you know that she didn't do it, she must have done it. She wants Bilu to become like this. When she comes back, she will take everything away from Bilu!" Yin He stands up and rushes to Tang Yichun. She is going to beat Tang Yichun up, but she puts her hand down when she lifts it, and then she becomes calmer.

"Oh, since things have happened, now I have to think about how to remedy, instead of listening to your nonsense here!" Tang Yichun feels that he has nothing to say with Yin He, and turns to go upstairs.

"Ask some people clean here, what it looks like!" he turns and says when going upstairs.

Yin He looks at the back of Tang Yichun, and hatred instantly fills the brain. Now she can understand it. Since Tang Yichun knows that Tang Ningshan is her daughter, he begins to change the attitude to them. Such a thing has happened to Yin Bilu, but Tang Yichun can still be indifferent. Yin He is entirely disappointed.

The only thing she can think of now is revenge, revenge on Tang Ningshan and revenge on Tang Yichun!

After thinking about it, she asks the servant to clean up the house and goes out to buy some sleeping pills. Anyway, she had already drugged Tang Yichun last night. There is no pressure at all for the second time.