Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 134

Chapter 120: chapter 119-- unless I am dead

Still following the routine of yesterday, except that the milk is replaced with white water, she crushes the sleeping pills and pours into the cup. She stirs evenly with a stirring spoon. After confirming that there is no impurity in the transparent glass, then she holds the container with a gentle and decent look put on her face and walks to the study.

Yin He walks into the study room and sees Tang Yichun leaning his back on the chair with his eyes closed. The expression is worried. She doesn't know he is concerned about Yin Bilu or Tang Ningshan. Yin He thinks in her heart.

She walks to the edge of Tang Yichun, putting the glass on the table and gently putting her hands on his shoulders to knead him.

"Yichun, don't be angry, I know that I was wrong. I apologize. I am also anxious because of Bilu's matter. Don't be mad at me. Drink some water to calm yourself down."

Yin He looks at Tang Yichun with flattering a look. Tang Yichun looks at her and takes the cup, sighing and saying "I know you are in a hurry, I don't blame you, now we should find a way to bring Bilu back, instead of getting angry at home."

Tang Yichun says calmly, but in the eyes of Yin He, he is speaking for Tang Ningshan, otherwise, why he does not go directly to Tang Ningshan.

"I have already told people to go, and you can rest assured." Yin He smiles and pats Tang Yichun, the smile on her face is gentle and charming.

"Well, after Bilu comes back, I am going to check what was going on. I won't let it go easily." Tang Yichun says to show his attitude, but in his heart, he has already determined that this matter has nothing to do with Tang Ningshan.

Yin He's face shows a surprise. Is it means he believes that Tang Ningshan is doing it? Even if Tang Ningshan did not do it, then it must have a relation to her. If it has nothing to do with her, she will involve Tang Ningshan in it.

"Then sit down, I will go downstairs and let them clean up the living room." Yin He drops a kiss on Tang Yichun's face and turns with his waist twisting to go down the stairs.

The moment of turning around, Yin He's face immediately changes. The sinister sin in the eyes would make people think that she is the ghost.

Tang Ningshan does not know that she is going to be framed up by someone who hates her.

Now she is looking at the furniture that has been delivered. The furniture is all woods, and she can install it directly if she finds a good location.

The window inside the house extends to outside, and the balcony is wrapped inside directly. It is about seven or eight square meters. This place is also the place that most favors Tang Ningshan's mind.

"Li, you should let these workers take a break. I will go into the room to see how to put these pieces of furniture. remember to pour a cup of water for them." Tang Ningshan warns Li. Because there are not many chairs in the house, Li can only give his chair to those workers, and then pours water following the words of Tang Ningshan, after all, they will also install furniture for Tang Ningshan.

When Tang Ningshan enters the room, she begins to make the plan. She feels that the bed should be moved to the side of the window. As long as she could put two bedside tables, it would be perfect. Shao Ruihan in bed makes her embarrassed. Should she even carry him with the bed together?

"Li, you bring in the two bedside tables." Tang Ningshan calls in the room.

Li hears the voice, immediately taking action. The two bedside tables are not big, and they are not heavy. But Li is afraid of smashing the paint on the top, so he is cautious when carrying. When he moves into the house, he picks a corner and places them on the ground.

"Mrs. Shao, can I put them there?" asked Xiao Li after he puts them down.

"Well, you will wait there for a few minutes, and I may need your help." Tang Ningshan says that then she lifts a bedside table and walks to the side of the window. She places the bedside table tightly against the corner between the bed and the window. She nods in satisfaction.

"We lift the bed to this side; otherwise, I am afraid that there is not enough space." Tang Ningshan makes a posture to prepare to lift the bed.

"Mrs. Shao, wait, I will let two people come to help, don't worry, I'll be back right away." Li quickly stops Tang Ningshan who wants to lift the bed. Is this something she can do? Not that Li looks down Tang Ningshan. It is because that Shao Ruihan on the bed has thrown him a sharp look. He doesn't dare to no stop.

When Tang Ningshan hears this, she could only stand on one side. She also sees that Shao Ruihan opened his eyes on the bed. But Shao Ruihan didn't say anything. She doesn't want to say anything. Since the bed couldn't be lifted, then she could put the wardrobe in and install it first. It's good.

Tang Ningshan decides to put the closet by the wall of the bathroom, just blocking the glass wall of the toilet, it would look very safe.

After the deciding, Tang Ningshan calls the install-workers, who are resting outside, and points to the position of the wall. The workers are also very quick to start. Several people take the pieces of wood and put them together. It takes a short time to install them. The classic white wardrobe has a lily pattern, which looks very delicate and beautiful. The closet is just as high as the house. From the ground to the ceiling, there is no gap left, which makes Tang Ningshan very satisfied.

The wardrobe is down; everything else can be done step by step. The bookshelf is also installed in the room where the single bed is placed because there is nothing else in the room, it looks empty, but Tang Ningshan is not in a hurry. Anyway, it will be filled up sooner or later.

After the two big pieces are finished, Tang Ningshan allows the installers to leave. After all, except for these two things, everything else is finished furniture, which can be directly put following her thoughts.

First, she moves the dressing table into the bedroom with Li and places it on the opposite side of the bed. Then, they put some small pieces of living things inside, such as desk lamps. She hasn't chosen the stuff in the bathroom, so today she avoids the sound of knocking on the wall when installing the toilet.

The sofa is placed in the middle of the living room because she doesn't think she needs to watch TV, she saves the money for buying a TV. The sofa directly faces the French windows of the living room. There is a coffee table that is surrounded by the couch. It looks good.

Several large pieces are put, Tang Ningshan begins to install the curtains. Because there was no rest last night, and she doesn't know if Shao Ruihan had a good sleeping in a room without curtains, but she is not curious, Shao Ruihan also did not say it.

When Tang Ningshan hangs a pink curtain in the bedroom, Shao Ruihan suddenly speaks.

"This curtain is suitable for hanging in a wedding room." Shao Ruihan gives such a comment so that Tang Ningshan does not know how to reply. Does she say that she likes the curtain very much, and bought it because that she has regarded her house as a wedding room? Or say that she is looking forward to getting married?

"..." Tang Ningshan hangs two pink curtains silently and then attaches a layer of tulle.

"Would you like to turn this room to a wedding room here?" Shao Ruihan looks at the white wardrobe and pink bedside table.

"It's none of your business?" Tang Ningshan says with a grin.

This time, Shao Ruihan says nothing, he doesn't know what to say, so he could only release the cold air of his body. And he begins to wonder if Tang Ningshan is ready to find a man to get married, so she dresses her house like this.

But he is very uncomfortable. When she married him, he didn't see that she paid any attention to decorate a room. Now she is so careful to take care of this room and even prepare to turn it to a wedding room.

And he completely forgets that it was not Tang Ningshan who was married to him.

"You won't get married with others unless I am dead." Shao Ruihan says that, and he closes his eyes directly without looking at the speechless Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan is now wanting to ask Heaven that whether the person lying on the bed is Shao Ruihan. The tone of him is just like a complaining woman, which makes her feel creepy.

Tang Ningshan quickly puts down the curtains and runs out of the house without looking back. She doesn't want to see Shao Ruihan, whom she thinks has schizophrenia.

The curtains in the living room are much more common than those in the bedroom. It is a pale green shade cloth. It also has a layer of yarn. Because there is a door in the living room, which can directly access the balcony, Tang Ningshan specially selected a small round table to put it here. She puts a few flower pots on the side and plans to enjoy the sunshine here when she is free.

Li looks at the busy Tang Ningshan and wants to help, but finds that there's nothing he can do and goes into the house to bother Shao Ruihan.

"Boss, Mrs. Shao is going to live here for long-term?" Li thinks for a long time and asks.

Shao Ruihan's eye flash a cold light, letting Li shut up directly.

"You tell Lee to send all the stuff I usually use here. And bring all the clothes at home here. I will live here in the future. and you go to see what's going on with the thing that I asked Zhang Jia do."

Shao Ruihan's idea is perfect, although he does not understand why he must not be separated from Tang Ningshan. Since Tang Ningshan chose to live outside, he can live here. Although he is not at home usually, he always feels that if he lives away from Tang Ningshan, they will gradually drift away, and this kind of thing is not what he wants to see.

There is another voice in his heart, but he subconsciously chooses to ignore it.

The morning has passed, Tang Ningshan put the house in a warm and tidy house. Kitchen utensils are all available. The bathroom in the bedroom has not been finished yet, but she is not in a hurry.

She always thinks that a bathroom is a private place, she plans to wait for Shao Ruihan to leave and then decorates it.

At noon, Tang Ningshan makes a phone call to Yu Huan, telling him to come over to her for dinner at night, to celebrate her move.

Later, She asks Li take over Pu Jiayi and bring her and Jiayi's things all over.