Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 135

Chapter 121: chapter 120-- childish boy

Li's hesitant appearance makes Tang Ningshan feel funny.

"If you don't want to go, I can go by myself." Tang Ningshan says with a cold face.

"I am on my way, Mrs. Shao, I will go." Li immediately replies when he sees Tang Ningshan's face.

Looking at the back of Li, Tang Ningshan smiles.

At this time, only she and Shao Ruihan are left in the house.

Tang Ningshan also purchases a large number of daily necessities on the Internet, and then calls a takeaway.

Yin He stands in the door of Tang Yichun's study for about half an hour. When she pushes the door in, Tang Yichun has fallen asleep on the chair.

She pushes him first, then takes a few shots on his face with her hand, confirming that he has fallen asleep with no feeling. Yin He directly gives him two facial slaps, but that does not let Tang Yichun have any reaction.

Yin He immediately takes out the phone and calls a person, whom she has contacted before.

"You bring things with you now, come over, be quick." She whispers, then hangs up directly.

After that, Yin He doesn't touch Tang Yichun. Soon, a middle-aged man appears in the living room of Tang's house with a medicine box.

"Follow me to give him a body examination." Yin He's face is very well controlled, with a trace of worry, a hint of concern, so that the servants on the side feel that she is anxious about Tang Yichun.

"Okay, madam!" The middle-aged man answers with a smile.

Two people go upstairs and go straight into the study.

"Be quick, draw his blood before he wakes up. Take it for testing. Give me more test results. It may be useful one day." Yin He stands at the door, the expression on her face disappears instantly, commanding the man. The action is quite neat.

"Good." The middle-aged man nods and takes a blood-sucking needle, a tourniquet, and a small bottle for blood.

Rolling Tang Yichun's sleeve up, he puts the needle directly in the elbow position, then loosens the tourniquet and inserts the small bottle in the back of the needle. The container is quickly filled.

"Miss, then I will go." The middle-aged man bends over towards Yin He and puts everything back into the medicine box and quickly leaves.

After the middle-aged man leaves, Yin Bilu is brought back by their family's bodyguards, who is wrapped in a sheet with tear marks on her face.

At the moment she sees Yin He, Yin Bilu cries out uncontrollably.

"Aunt!" Yin Bilu cries and shouts. Her voice grows bigger and bigger as if she wants to let out of the grievances of these days.

Yin He holds Yin Bilu in her arms, and her hand pats gently on her back, comforting her.

"Bilu, you tell mom, what is going on, why is this happening, if we don't read the newspaper, we will not find you." Yin He does not say that she saw her that day.

"Mom?" Yin Bilu is stunned by the name Yin He said.

"Yeah, my poor daughter, you have suffered a lot." Yin He is excited. She once wanted to ask Yin Bilu call her mother, but because of Tang Ningshan, Yin He did not dare. After all, she said Yin Bilu is her niece at the beginning.

But after Yin Bilu disappeared that day, she went to Tang Ningshan to have a big fight. After that, she doesn't care anymore. Anyway, Tang Ningshan has already known it. Tang Yichun also believes that, so there is no need to pretend.

"You said that you are my mother?" Yin Bilu is shocked by this news. Although she once tempted to call her mother when she was a child, she was reprimanded by Yin He every time. Then she does not have such an idea later on. But today, Yin He said she is her mother.

"Bilu, you tell mother, isn't that Tang Ningshan kidnapped you, is she making you like this? you can rest assured, I will let her suffer all the consequences." Yin He's face makes Yin Bilu fear, and she shrinks her back unconsciously.

"Mom, not only Tang Ningshan, but also Song Zhu." Yin Bilu has already realized, but her hatred is even stronger. She said that she is a niece, and now she said that she is her daughter. Every time, she has to do what Yin He said, and Yin He also never thinks about her thoughts or cares about her feelings.

But now she needs Yin He's help. She has already read the newspaper on the way back. Although the bodyguard did not say it, she knows that she has been ruined from the way they look at her. This face, this identity has become a shame.

She will not let go of Tang Ningshan, will not let Song Zhu, and those who do not regard her as a person go.

"Bilu, what happened." Yin He asks Yin Bilu with a soft voice.

"In Lanyuan that day, after they took Tang Ningshan away, Song Zhu gave me a glass of water. After drinking it, I didn't know anything. When I woke up, I was already in another place. At that time, I asked them to let me go and said I would give them money, but they didn't care. They insulted me, bullied me, tarnished me, and gave me a bunch of medicines that I didn't know what it was." Yin Bilu says, and her tears are falling again, and which looks pitiful. She has fear in her eyes as if she does not dare to think about it.

"Okay, okay, good girl, forget it, you can rest assured that they won't have a good end." Yin He glares at Yin Bilu while assuring her.

"My uncle?" Yin Bilu looks around, only to find that it seems that something happened in the living room, and there are some fragments of the cup on the ground.

"Uncle? remember to call dad for a while!" Yin He's eyes are full of love.

"Well, where's dad?" Yin Bilu looks at Yin He with pity.

"Your father is in the study room. He will come down later. I will take you to rest first. Look at yourself, and you are skinny. You can rest assured. I promise that I will not let them have a good ending." Yin He looks at Yin Bilu with pity. She says.

Back to the room, Yin Bilu directly locks the door, rushing into the bathroom. She throws the sheets on the floor and looks at herself in the mirror. Yin Bilu thinks that she was ruined, looking at the white body. There are purples all over the body. Every trace makes her feel sick. She sits in the bathtub, and even her head is soaked in the water. She keeps rubbing on her body, many places are bleeding, but she ignores.

She doesn't know how long it takes. Until the skin is soaked and swollen, Yin Bilu comes out of the bathtub. When seeing the bed sheet on the ground, she rushes into the room crazily and takes a scissor out from the drawer.

She cuts the sheets into pieces and looks at the broken cloth on the ground. Yin Bilu seems to see that Tang Ningshan and Song Zhu are experiencing what she had experienced.

After Yin Bilu goes upstairs, Yin He calls the man whom she called brother.

"Hey, how does Mrs. Tang call me again? Did you read the newspaper today? I saw it, your Tang's family is famous this time." The teasing voice of the man comes from the phone, letting Yin He want to drop the phone directly.

"I will give you evidence to prove that Bilu is your daughter. After that, will you laugh like this?" When she finishes, Yin He hangs up the phone. If it is not because she still needs him, she doesn't want to say a word to that man in her life.

In the evening, Yu Huan comes to Tang Ningshan's new home and stands at the door and presses the doorbell twice.

"Welcome to my new home." When Tang Ningshan opens the door, she sees Yu Huan with simple and stylish sportswear. He looks like a college student with a fruit basket and several gift boxes in his hand.

"You moved today, moved to the house, congratulation." Yu Huan says with a smile.

Tang Ningshan immediately lets him in.

She takes a pair of slippers from the side of the shoe cabinet to him, after all, this is the result of Tang Ningshan's labor in the afternoon, the clean of her room must be maintained.

"Oh, it's too fast, so you plan to live in so soon? I thought you are going to decorate it." Yu Huan follows Tang Ningshan into the living room and sees that there are already many things in their respective places. Especially the kitchen, in the open kitchen, there is a large refrigerator and various kitchen utensils.

"Well, Shao Ruihan is living here, it is not convenient to decorate. I want to move over soon, so I don't plan to decorate it. After I have enough money, I will buy other houses." Tang Ningshan says with a smile.

"Why don't you put things on the sofa and have a sit, I choose the furniture myself, I feel good, how do you feel?" Tang Ningshan pulls Yu Huan to walks to the edge of the sofa, letting him put everything on the coffee table. Then she presses him directly on the couch and asks how he feels.

"Well, the color is not bad, it is okay to sit, but why is it facing the outside? Why didn't you buy a TV?" Yu Huan couldn't understand why the sofa is facing the window.

"I usually use a computer. I don't need to do something with TV. If I have to watch TV one day, I will buy it." Tang Ningshan looks at Yu Huan and explains.

Yu Huan nods.

"Can I have a look of your rooms?" Yu Huan stands up and plans to see what Tang Ningshan had bought. The living room is nice, and it looks simple and generous.

"Of course, take here as your own home." Tang Ningshan's words make Shao Ruihan angry, who has been standing at the door of the bedroom.

Looking at Yu Huan walking to the direction of the bedroom, Shao Ruihan ruthlessly locks the door directly. This is the bedroom, the woman's bedroom, how can other men come in, absolutely no way!

"Ningshan, your bedroom door is locked." Yu Huan fails to open the bedroom door for a long time, so he asks.

"Yes? Then look at the other houses first. Let me see what's wrong with the door." Tang Ningshan gets up from the sofa and goes to the door. The door opens suddenly. And after looking at the bed that is shaking up and down, Tang Ningshan immediately understands what is going on. She more feels that Shao Ruihan is a childish boy, just like a child.