Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 136

Chapter 122: chapter 121-- the reason for buying the house

"Huan, the door is opened, come and have a look." Tang Ningshan shakes her head helplessly, shouting at Yu Huan.

Yu Huan sees Tang Ningshan's helpless expression and realizes that the result that the door could not be opened is human-made.

When he enters the house, he sees Shao Ruihan lying on the big bed. Shao Ruihan looks at his eyes with murderousness, and it is so cold that he feels funny.

The bedroom looks very dreamy, really like what Shao Ruihan said, it's much like a wedding room. It'd be better if the sheet on the bed is in red.

"Not bad, it looks full of warmth, this room is going to be like this?" Yu Huan looks at Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says "There are still some things that I have not had time to buy. I plan to go shopping on the Internet this evening. The bathroom is not installed. He is injured now. I am afraid that the decoration is so loud that it may disturb him." Tang Ningshan says, then she gives a glance to Shao Ruihan in bed.

"Hey, why don't we leave and let him rest," Yu Huan pulls Tang Ningshan to leave. He feels a gaze on his back, and Shao Ruihan is staring at him, making him think that Shao Ruihan is interesting.

When Yu Huan is looking around the house, the doorbell rings again. Tang Ningshan feels that Li has already taken over Pu Jiayi, but did not expect that it takes such a long time.

When she opens the door, she sees Pu Jiayi standing behind Li with an anxious face.

The moment when Pu Jiayi sees Tang Ningshan, his expression is like seeing his mother. If it weren't that Li stands in front of him, he would fall into the arms of Tang Ningshan.

"Okay, change your shoes quickly. We will stay here from today on. We will not live in the villa. Let's go online and pick up something you like and the closet. There is only one bed in the room." Tang Ningshan says with a smile, the way she is watching Pu Jiayi's eyes are the same as watching a child.

Pu Jiayi changes into slippers obediently, and his eyes are always on Tang Ningshan's body.

Li sees that, and he could only move in the boxes outside.

"Mrs. Shao, Ji Jun and they will come over for a while," Li says as he moves the box.

"Oh, I see, come to see Shao Ruihan?" Tang Ningshan says indifferently.

Li nods.

When Li moved a bunch of large and small cartons into the house and placed them on the ground, Tang Ningshan is shocked.

"These are all mine and Pu Jiayi's?" Tang Ningshan points at the pile of boxes.

Li shakes his head confidently and says "No, there is boss's stuff, you live here, and of course he has to move in, so I bring all the clothes and things of him here."

Tang Ningshan looks at Li and is eager to swear at him. At this moment, Tang Ningshan wants to take down Li.

Li looks at Tang Ningshan, whose face is constantly changing. He doesn't know what he was doing wrong. He could only blink and look at Pu Jiayi on the side of Tang Ningshan.

"Okay, let's put it here." Tang Ningshan knows that at this time she could not say that he has to move things away. She could only leave things behind. After all, there are other people here.

"By the way, Mrs. Shao, the box inside the closet, I also brought it to you, and also the things on the dressing table. Anyway, I moved all the things I could move. Pu Jiayi and I packed up for an afternoon." Li sees that Tang Ningshan is not angry, continuing saying.

"Well, I will clean up after a while, wait for someone to come out for a takeaway, and remember to open the door." After Tang Ningshan finishes, she begins to move the boxes on the ground one by one to the bedroom. After all, they could not all be placed at the door, and it's really in a mess.

Pu Jiayi also learns the way of Tang Ningshan and puts his things into the room where there is only one double bed. He doesn't have too many stuff. There is only one box with his carving tools and some carving materials.

All the things are moved, and several people sit down on the sofa in the living room.

"Pu Jiayi, what do you think of the room? Although the room is not as big as the one in the villa, the house was bought by myself, and we can live here with peacefully." Tang Ningshan looks at Pu Jiayi, saying with a gentle voice.

Pu Jiayi's big eyes shine with brilliant light, he opens his mouth, but when he looks at the people on the side, he immediately closes it again. And he has a big smile on his face as if he is satisfied with the new home he was moving in.

After a long time, the doorbell rings again. Tang Ningshan asks them to go to open the door, and she goes into the bedroom to get the wallet. When she enters the room, Li follows Tang Ningshan to get in.

After entering, Li says directly "Mrs. Shao, when I packed up, I saw two boxes in the wall with turned clothes, I don't know if you still want that, I just moved over." Li turns and goes out after finishing.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head helplessly. If it wasn't for Li, she seems to have forgotten that.

Shao Ruihan asks her "What are the clothes that were turned over?"

"Oh, nothing, but it is the clothes I bought online." Tang Ningshan shrugs and says nothing, and also does not look at Shao Ruihan.

"What the hell is going on?" Shao Ruihan is particularly persistent. He feels that it was because of these clothes that Tang Ningshan chose to buy a house to move away.

"I don't know what's going on, but I bought some clothes online. I haven't seen anything yet, things have been taken apart, and everything inside has been turned over." Tang Ningshan carelessly says what happened before.

Shao Ruihan does not speak after listening, but his eyes are a little darker than just now.

. "Right, Li said that he brought all your things here. In the evening, I will pack all my things in the cabinet. I will put yours in the box. then when you go, move back."

Shao Ruihan feels that Tang Ningshan seems to be drawing a line with him.

"No, mine is also put in the cabinet." Shao Ruihan turns and lies down, leaving a back to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan feels that it is better not to argue with Shao Ruihan. After all, people who are sick and injured are more vulnerable. When they are so difficult to get along with, she should not find troubles for herself. However, she still decides to put Shao Ruihan's things in the box and put them aside.

Taking out the wallet and turning out of the bedroom, she finds out that it was not the deliveryman of the takeaway, but Ji Jun and the three of them.

"Shao Ruihan is in the house, you go in and see him." Tang Ningshan says with a professional smile on her face.

Qu Bo first nods to Tang Ningshan and then walks toward the room where Tang Ningshan has just come out.

"Girl, then we are going in to see Ruihan." After Xuan Yun says, he pulls Ji Jun, who is thinking about gossip, and follows the footsteps of Qu Bo.

The three enter the bedroom and look at Shao Ruihan lying in bed.

Ji Jun says complainingly "I mean, Ruihan, what are you doing, are you going to abandon us? Today, Li came back and took everything in your room away. We thought you had something wrong."

Qu Bo does not understand Shao Ruihan, and he also hopes that he can give a reasonable explanation.

Xuan Yun says "Ruihan, what are you going to do?"

The light in the eyes of Shao Ruihan suddenly flickers and says "She said that she doesn't want to live in the villa, she bought a house, just now I need a place that no one knows, so I live here."

Ji Jun jumps up: "I mean, Ruihan, you bought the house? This house is well arranged, but what about us if you move out?"

Shao Ruihan is indifferent. He doesn't want to answer Ji Jun's question.

But looking at the three people's expecting face, he can only continue to say "I did not buy the house, she bought it, she intends to live here with Pu Jiayi."

After saying this, Shao Ruihan's face flashes a trace of anger.

Qu Bo stands on the side without saying anything.

Ji Jun says "If so, you can go back to the villa, but why you must be here. In the villa, we have Lin. And also we can take care of you. It's safer than this place. Right, who's that man outside?" Ji Jun sees that there is no problem with Shao Ruihan, and the spirit of the gossip is immediately exposed.

"Her friend." Shao Ruihan says faintly, letting Xuan Yun on the side reveal a strange smile.

"Well, since you are fine, then we will move out of the villa tomorrow. The company is just starting, and it is not convenient to go from the villa every day. I plan to buy a house near the company. I think this neighborhood is good." After Xuan Yun says, looking at Qu Bo on the side. Then Qu Bo slightly nods.

"It's up to you, oh right, did you check the thing of that day?" Shao Ruihan's words are talked to Qu Bo.

Qu Bo's body is stiff, and he recovers quickly.

"Checking." After finishing, Qu Bo walks to the window with a hard face.

"What is it?" Ji Jun looks curious and walks over.

Xuan Yun immediately pulls him back and shakes his head at him.

Ji Jun immediately returns to normal.

"The company's development has been normal recently, but it is about to open soon. Are you going to show up on that day?" When this sentence is said, Ji Jun's face is quite reasonable, just like when he is usually working. He is severe, no other superficial expressions and smiles.

"Nope, you can do it yourself." Shao Ruihan shakes his head.

"Do you know that someone is living in the opposite house?" Xuan Yun asks Shao Ruihan.

"I have already asked Zhang Jia to inquire. If someone sells it, I will buy it." Shao Ruihan shows a smile at this moment.

"Did you read this morning's newspaper? Your wife's cousin can be said to make a fool of herself." Ji Jun immediately becomes excited. As long as he does not say anything about the business, Ji Jun's face is always smiling, and showing a trace of gossip.

Shao Ruihan shakes his head, and he is not interested in Yin Bilu's affairs.

"Haha, she played SM with people and the pictures was published by someone. I don't think she can stay in A city in the future." thinking of here, Ji Jun feels funny. He is quite disgusted with Yin Bilu. When he read the morning newspaper, he laughed for a long, long time.