Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 137

Chapter 123: chapter 122-- deep thought

"Oh." Shao Ruihan's face has no expression, faintly answering.

When they are talking, Tang Ningshan knocks at the door.

"time for dinner, are you still talking for a while?" Tang Ningshan says, only showing her head in.

Looking at Tang Ningshan, Shao Ruihan knows that she is not talking to him. He immediately turns to face the window.

"Cool, we will come right away." Ji Jun feels hungry and immediately replies.

When Tang Ningshan hears the answer, she immediately takes her head back and says "good" at the moment of closing the door.

"You will go eat, and we will be here right away." Xuan Yun takes a shot of Ji Jun's shoulder and says while pushing him to the door.

Ji Jun doesn't think he is isolated or they have any secrets. Anyway, no matter what happened, they would face it together, and he would know sooner or later, so he goes out to the dining table outside carelessly.

"Talk about it, what happened to Bo? he has been absent-minded since he came back from that day. He has almost signed the wrong contract. I thought it was because that you told him to do something which made him busy, but now it seems not what I thought." Xuan Yun's words are very straightforward, so Qu Bo does not know how to explain, but what should he say about this kind of thing? Does he tell him that he found out that a woman he loves is a slut? She betrayed him and abandoned him because the other party is rich and powerful and can give her more men? Or he still has to say that he saw a bunch of videos and photos of his beloved woman and other men?

"... Hey, this is his private matter, we have no right to ask questions. what we need to do is to support him." Shao Ruihan says to Qu Bo who is standing on the bedside stiffly.

"I understand, then I will go out to eat." Xuan Yun sees Shao Ruihan on the bed with a deep meaning in his eyes, and he has already understood what was going on. There is only one person who can make Qu Bo become like this. It is the woman who was a classmate with Shao Ruihan and Qu Bo.

There are two people left in the bedroom, Shao Ruihan and Qu Bo.

Both people are silent.

"What are you going to do?" Shao Ruihan asks in a low voice after a long silence.

Qu Bo stands still, facing the window as if he is thinking. It seems that he is looking far away, it's more like recalling something.

"Since it's all gone, let it go..." Qu Bo's words are filled with helplessness.

"Since she has left you, let her go." Shao Ruihan's tone is quite sincere.

Qu Bo nods and turns around. He shows a long-lost smile to Shao Ruihan on the bed. This smile has not appeared on Qu Bo's face for many years.

"I'll go for dinner; you don't go?" Qu Bo asks.

"okay, my meal has not arrived yet." Shao Ruihan leans on the head of the bed with his hands under his head, saying leisurely.

Qu Bo nods and leaves.

In the room, Shao Ruihan's heart is not as calm as it seems. The things of the year are now vivid. He is not a cold person, but he is tortured by reality. If he is not cold or furious, then the one who would die first will be him.

People surround the table in the living room, and everyone has a smile on his face, they are like a family.

Tang Ningshan holds a wine glass in her hand, which contains a half cup of beer. She says to Yu Huan "Thank you for coming to help me today, especially Huan. Thank you for helping me find such a house. cheers."

"Ningshan, what are you talking about, isn't your business just my business? do we need such a manner between us?" Yu Huan says softly with a playful smile on his face.

"Haha." Tang Ningshan immediately shows a beautiful smile on her face. A delicate face is red, and it looks charming.

"Then I won't say anything more. I hope you can all eat well." Tang Ningshan says, putting the wine glass on the table. She serves a bowl of dish for Yu Huan. When she is just about to sit down, she sees Pu Jiayi looking at her poorly.

She does not say anything and also serves Pu Jiayi some food. After that, she sits in her seat and begins to eat.

Tang Ningshan, who has been busy for a whole day, is very hungry, but this time the doorbell rings again. Tang Ningshan wants to know whether God is doing something to against her, and why everytime she is about to eat, the thing would not develop as her thought.

Tang Ningshan walks over and opens the door. She sees Lee, Wang Yu, Miao Yu, Niu Er and Gou Zi standing at the door. Five people are holding two bags in each hand. Tang Ningshan doesn't know what is in it. When seeing Tang Ningshan, all of them says "Mrs. Shao" at the same time except Miao Yu.

"Ah..., you are coming? Come on in." Tang Ningshan lets the five people come in. Seeing that Tang Ningshan has not come back for a long time, Yu Huan comes over.

"Ningshan? These are also your friends?" Yu Huan looks at the few people who have just entered, and everyone is wearing a training suit, and all of them look quite serious.

"No, they are coming to see Shao Ruihan." Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says with a smile.

"Oh, let's hurry up, and every dish is going to be eaten up by them." Yu Huan says with a smile and turns back to the table.

The five people who just came in have different expressions on their faces. Except for Lee, the other four people have the same idea in their mind, which is that Tang Ningshan has an affair.

"Shao Ruihan is in the bedroom. You can directly get in. If you haven't eaten, I will call takeaway for you. Have you brought his meal, Lee?" Seeing that they are standing at the door, Tang Ningshan can only speak. Otherwise, she doesn't know how long they plan to stand at the door.

"Miao Yu, go to eat with me first. After eating, you'll go in to see him." Tang Ningshan puts the things in the hands of Miao Yu into the hands of Lee, then she takes the hand of Miao Yu and walks to the table.

"This is my sister." Tang Ningshan makes a simple introduction and puts Miao Yu in the position she has just sat. She goes to sit beside Yu Huan.

Lee quickly goes into the bedroom. After all, he has Shao Ruihan's meal. If he doesn't hurry, he is afraid that he would die very badly.

The rest of people follow Lee. When they enter the house, they see Shao Ruihan, who is closing his eyes on the bed.

"Boss!" Several people speak at the same time, and the sound becomes loud in an instant.

Shao Ruihan looks around and confirms that there are no wounds on several people before asking

"You are coming! How is your body? Have you let Shen Quan examine it?"

Wang Yu nods his head.

"That's good. There may be things happening in the last few days. You all will be careful. Although the other party is coming to me, there is no guarantee that you will not be involved. After all, you are all in my team." Shao Ruihan gives a simple explanation.

"Boss, why don't you have the dinner first, you don't need to worry about us. Mrs. Shao is having dinner outside with Miao Yu. You don't have to worry." Lee places all the bags in his hands on the bedside table and then takes out an insulated lunch box.

Lee's words make Wang Yu in the house starts an infinite reverie. He looks at Shao Ruihan with a bizarre look. He begins to think that is it that Shao Ruihan does not like Tang Ningshan, but actually like Miao Yu? Because Miao Yu regards Tang Ningshan as her sister, to protect the safety of Miaoyu, Shao Ruihan married Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan is the shield of Miao Yu? Wang Yu thinks he is in the truth.

Shao Ruihan picks up the insulated lunch box on the bedside table and opens the one with the soup inside. He drinks and asks "How is the matter going?"

"Boss, you can rest assured, I promise that the newspapers and media networks will publish that news tomorrow morning. It will make him feel weak, and there is no chance for counterattack."

When Lee speaks, his face is murderous.

"That's good." Shao Ruihan nods.

In the evening, the people who stayed at Tang Ningshan's home has already left. At this time, Tang Ningshan, Shao Ruihan, Li and Pu Jiayi are left in the house.

Tang Ningshan lets Li stay in the study room temporarily. At first, she wanted Li to share the room with Pu Jiayi. However, looking at Pu Jiayi's attitude, it would not work, then she could only let Li sleep in the study.

Holding the laptop to enter the room of Pu Jiayi, she plans to let Pu Jiayi pick the furniture he likes.

About half an hour later, the two people glance over all the furniture one by one. Zhai Jiayi doesn't have anything he likes. He wants to have a workbench in the room. Nothing else is required.

Tang Ningshan reluctantly takes the computer back to the room, and then she sees Shao Ruihan on the bed with a pair of black eyes staring at the door.

"I mean, you don't sleep in the middle of the night, why you are staring at the door?" Tang Ningshan is frightened by Shao Ruihan when she enters the room, and her tone is not good.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, who is holding the laptop. He immediately turns his face away and doesn't look at her.

Tang Ningshan shrugs carelessly, holding the computer to the chair on the side of the dressing table, and continues to glance over the furniture page.

She picks up an ordinary wardrobe and then looks at the particular workbench for engraving. Initially, she wanted to buy one directly on the Internet. However, if Pu Jiayi likes carving, she would like to give him a custom one. Since she has accepted him, then she should regard him as her younger brother. Originally, Pu Jiayi is also very cute, after all, no one would dislike that pair of bright eyes of him.

After finishing all the things, Tang Ningshan turns off the computer. Tang Ningshan, who has not slept for two days and one night, is very tired. She immediately climbs onto the bed and doesn't even change her clothes. She picks a place far away from Shao Ruihan and presses her body tightly against the bed, and is ready to sleep.

Shao Ruihan keeps his eyes closed and does not move, as if he is asleep. When Tang Ningshan goes to bed, his body is slightly stiffer than before, but he recovers quickly so that Tang Ningshan does not notice.

After feeling that Tang Ningshan's breathing becomes smooth and peaceful, Shao Ruihan slowly opens his eyes and looks at Tang Ningshan, who is facing him and begins to think for the first time. What position is she on in his heart? Everyone here looks at him in a quite strange way today. It's not that he did not find, but he does not think about this matter carefully.