Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 138

Chapter 124: chapter 123-- evening talking

He does have a good impression on Tang Ningshan, but he thought that this good feeling was toward the secret of Tang Ningshan. Later, because Tang Ningshan saved him, he unconsciously regarded her as his own belongs, even family, sister, etc., but today they are weird. The appearance of them makes him start to doubt that is he doing something that allows others to misunderstand? But Tang Ningshan has always been like this, not too close or too far, this distance is just right. It can be seen from that after the appearing of Pu Jiayi and Yu Huan, Shao Ruihan feels as if his position has plummeted. He still remembers that after Tang Ningshan told him that she is not the original owner, the relationship between them has a quality change, as if he is the only one she could rely on. However, it is not the case now, which makes him very annoyed and a little uneasy.

"If you can't sleep in the middle of the night, can you not stare at my back with such a hot look? I am already exhausted." Tang Ningshan says suddenly, her voice is calm and there is a trace of dissatisfaction in her tone.

Imagine that you are very sleepy in the middle of the night and are stared by a hot gaze. Who can fall asleep?

"Let's talk about it?" Shao Ruihan wants to talk to Tang Ningshan for the second time. The last time was because they had a knot between them. This time Shao Ruihan also doesn't know why, but he wants to talk to her.

"What are you going to talk about?" Tang Ningshan turns over and faces Shao Ruihan. She is very curious about what Shao Ruihan wants to do, so she immediately turns around and wants to make it clear.

"Talk about Pu Jiayi and talk about Yu Huan." Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan turning around, and the light in his eyes is getting brighter.

"What do you want to say?" Tang Ningshan has been very annoyed, can't he say these things during the day? Must these matters be placed in this kind of quiet night? It not only influences her to sleep, but also let her feel speechless.

"What is the relationship between you and Yu Huan? I see that the relationship between you and him is not such simple, and it looks very embarrassing. Does he like you? Or do you like each other?" Shao Ruihan's words have a meaning of attack, he's like if Tang Ningshan's answer does not meet his intentions, he will immediately counterattack.

"that what relationship do we have has anything to do with you? Shao Ruihan, do you forget what the relationship between us is? Although you know my secret, these are bound from the moment we signed the agreement. There is no relationship except partnership between us. You can have people you like, now and in the future. And that the person I like also has nothing to do with you. As long as we don't conflict with the agreement, we are all individuals. Do you understand? "Tang Ningshan's eyes become very sharp, and the tone of speech becomes solemn."

"Or, do you like me, man?" The last sentence is used initially to make a tease by Tang Ningshan, but this sentence makes Shao Ruihan stunned.

Looking at Shao Ruihan, who is momentarily getting stiff, Tang Ningshan is dumbfounded, is she right?

But soon, Shao Ruihan recovers, with cold air on his body, and his gaze becomes sharp.

"I don't want you to break the agreement between us. I hope you keep your duty in mind. I don't want you to squander my plan. If there is any change in my plan because of you, then I will not let you have a good time." The cold voice comes from Shao Ruihan's mouth, with a bit of coldness in words, so that Tang Ningshan unconsciously stunned.

"Oh, Shao Ruihan, are you too despising me? Are you too despising yourself? The agreement between us is to help you when you need my help, and not let your family find that the marriage between us is fake. Others have nothing to do with me, or do you think that your confidential work is not in place? So you think your plan will be destroyed because of you?" Tang Ningshan says with anger, and her cheeks are getting redder because of rage.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan's ruddy pretty face and big watery eyes, and the heart suddenly jumps tempestuously.

Shao Ruihan says with a black face to Tang Ningshan "Okay, sleep!"

Immediately he closes his eyes after saying that, it seems that the conversation between them is

Tang Ningshan's dream.

Tang Ningshan also does not want to pay attention to Shao Ruihan but thinks that he has an intermittent mental illness.

Shao Ruihan, who closes his eyes, is in a complicated mood. He feels that such emotion has never happened to him before. His heartbeat was accelerated. Even the body was very directly reacted, which makes him overwhelmed. He also thinks that this was an illusion, so he chose not to continue talking, he thinks he needs to get calm now.

And there are not only two of them not calm this night.

In the Shao's house, except for the Shao Cheng couple, all of them are like the ants on the hot pot.

Shao Xingsheng walks back and forth on the ground, holding a phone in his hand, and pressing the phone from time to time, as if he is afraid of missing something.

Yao Ye keeps refreshing the page of the online bank as if something would appear immediately.

The rest of Shao's family has a similar situation, especially Shao Kaile. After giving Tang Ningshan the bottle of medicine, he began to regret it. Although he had a concern for Tang Ningshan, he could not guarantee that Tang Ningshan would not sell him. He has already figured out what he needs to do after he is exposed. Although he has already decided to push everything to Tang Ningshan, he still feels that something is going to happen. He keeps walking around in the study for the whole night or checking the accounting books on the computer.

While for Tang's family, tonight is even a sleepless night.

Tang Yichun sits in the study room and keeps calling. He hopes that some people can press Yin Bilu's news down, but every call is rejected as if the person who sent the photo is someone he can't afford. In places A city, there are thousands of families have the same or even higher position than Tang's family. As it is said that money can deal with anything, but because the news of Yin Bilu is broke out, their company's stocks also suffer some blows, which is still under the case that Yin Bilu is his niece.

Yin Bilu keeps calling Li Bao and several other people who have bullied her these days. Of course, Song Zhu is also included.

The content of the call is also straightforward, nothing more than saying that one day, she will retaliate, so that they not only are not allowed to have a good ending, but also will taste her suffering. But unfortunately, no one listens to her words, directly putting it as a fart.

The most annoying one is probably Yin He.

In the middle of the night, she goes to the kitchen and calls her brother. Of course, the main thing is that he can help to suppress Yin Bilu's affairs and give Yin Bilu a place to settle down.

"Brother, are you going to give up your daughter?" Yin He says, the voice is awkward, but the expression on her face is quite furious.

"Oh? It is not impossible for me to help you, but you also know that in this era, you need money regardless of what you do. If you give me money, then I will help you settle things." The voice of the man is also not as natural as a few days ago. The tone is quite urgent, and it seems that he hopes that Yin He immediately agrees to give him money.

"How can you do this!" Yin He screams!

"I also have no choice, I have been too tight recently. Even if I want to help, I am powerless. But you said that she is my daughter, it's a common thing for her to support my life. of course if you think the thing that she is my daughter is not enough for you to give me the money, add the relationship between us. Now, are you willing to give me the money? my baby sister?" The man says with threats and teasing in his voice.

Yin He keeps controlling her anger in her heart and wants to calm herself down so that there will not be any trace of anger in her voice.

"How much do you want?" After saying these words, Yin He seems to use out the strength of the whole body, her face suddenly changes.

"Oh, it's up to you, what do you think is the value of our daughter? If you figure it out for a while, call me then. the effective time is only before 12 o'clock tonight." After that, the man hangs up directly.

Yin He's head keeps echoing the man's voice, and Yin He couldn't wait to kill him now to solve her hate.

After a long time, after Yin He has smashed everything in the kitchen, she takes out the phone and dials it. She has no other way. She couldn't save Yin Bilu with her ability and Tang Yichun's ability. She can only find someone who knows how to use evil tricks.

"Hey, I will give you the money, you will give me a card number now, I will transfer the money to you." Yin He has already restored the original dignified and graceful appearance, and the voice is particularly gentle.

"Hey, I don't have a card number, you send it over, I am waiting for you at the Dio Hotel 1022 room, remember to hurry, I will only wait for you until 1 am." The man smiles, then hangs up the phone.

Yin He's heart is burning now, but she can only bear it. For helping Yin Bilu, she must accept it.

Yin He uses the same trick, pouring Tang Yichuan a cup of milk with sleeping pills. Now she has no pressure on drugging as if she has become accustomed to it. She was slightly nervous the first time. Now everything is different.

After Tang Yichun falls asleep, Yin He changes her clothes, booking a car to rush to the Dio Hotel.

Arriving at the hotel, she directly runs into the elevator. There is no one on the road at this time, and she is not afraid to be seen.

At the door of 1022, Yin He calms herself down. She knows very well what would happen next, but for saving Yin Bilu, some things have to be paid. It is imperative, and she could not hesitate, as long as she hesitates, Yin Bilu will suffer a lot.

In the moment of Yin He getting in the room, she is seen by one person, but the man shakes his head carelessly and thinks that it is his illusion. After all, how could Mrs. Tang appear in the hotel at such a time?

Yin He enters the house and goes straight to the side of the sofa to sit down. Looking at the man, her hatred and anger of the man who was once familiar, but now a stranger, spew out.