Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 139

Chapter 125: chapter 124-- resent that

"Don't look at me with such a look, and I will think that you are craving me." The man is in black, looks rather wretched, and there was a big black more on his dark face, but it seems very awkward.

There are also a lot of dirty things on clothes.

"What are you talking about, you directly say how much money do you need to settle these things, you must understand that Bilu is also your daughter, if you don't believe, I can give the testing report to you tomorrow, you can also do a paternity test." The expression of Yin He is quite calm, and it seems like she is telling the truth so that the man has no doubt.

"Oh, do you think that now is time to talk about money?" The man goes to Yin He's side and sits down. He looks at her from top to bottom with a pair of eyes, making Yin He feel like she is instantly teared up. She is not comfortable with his look.

"What do you want to do!" Yin He has a reddish face and looks like a shy girl.

"Since you have come, you still don't understand what I want to do? My dear sister." The man drags Yin He over, Yin He's upper body is on the man's lap, her face is right in front of the man's important body part.

"Now is not the time to say this! We should now find a way to help Bilu!" Yin He says, struggling to escape from the man's hands.

"Hey! You are here at this time, and you will understand what I am going to do. What are you doing now? You are here pretending that you are pure? If you don't have this meaning, you can roll now, your daughter, save yourself. I have seen those photos and videos. It can be said that there is a kind of mother, and there's the same kind of daughter, this is genetic." The man's face is full of anger, the voice of him is angry, directly he pushes Yin He to the ground and kicks her. It seems that he never regards Yin He as a person, and from the man's movements, it looks like he often does this kind of things.

"I... I... I know, please, don't hit me..." Yin He is fear at the moment, and the alarm can be seen that it's from the bottom of the heart. When watching the man, her shoulders are constantly trembling, every look and movement of the man can make her scream.

"Hey, be good, as long as you allow me to be comfortable, I will let you go." The man looks disdainful and looks at Yin He as if he is watching a piece of dead meat.

The man says that when he goes straight to the bed to lie down. Yin He quickly climbs from the ground and does not dare to escape.

"Hey, remember? It's not bad, you don't have to suffer, and you didn't waste my time for teaching you carefully these years." The man looks at Yin He's face, his face shows a satisfied smile, but the words in his mouth still make Yin He feel painful and unbearable.

"I will be obedient..." Now Yin He looks pitiful, quite docile, and the coat she wears is torn down, leaving only close-fitting pajamas.

"Hey, I thought you have changed. Isn't this already ready? It seems that you know what to do here, then you still pretended that you are pure just now?" The man says this, raising his hand to give her two slaps, which makes Yin He dizzy.

"Oh... I am wrong, and I don't dare next time, please..." Yin He cries in tears, and the muttering sound sounds like a cat.


This night, Yin He repeats what she has experienced in the past year, which memories make her dare not to recall. Every time she remembers, she seems to be trapped in a quagmire. She once thought that after marrying Tang Yichun, she would let Tang Yichun help her to ruin the man, but everything is a dream, she does not dare to let Tang Yichun know the existence of this man.

The next early morning, Yin He returns to the Tang's house with wounds all over her body and looks at Tang Yichun, who is still sleeping in the study room. Yin He quickly enters the room to clean up herself and blocks the scars left on her face with concealer. Thanks to her obedience, so there are not many scars on her face, but there are no ways to cover her injuries on her body. She can only choose to use the same method to drug Tang Yichun every day to wait for the traces of her body to disappear, and then she can make the following plan.

And something interesting is happening in Tang Ningshan's house this morning.

Li bought breakfast downstairs as usual and got a newspaper back, but this time the main characters of the headline of the newspaper changes. From yesterday's Yin Bilu to Shao Kaile and Shao Mushuang, the newspaper's bright caption reads "The scandal brothers and sisters in Shao's family."

Looking at photos that are almost the same as yesterday, Tang Ningshan feels that there are not many pure people in the world. Another point is that people should never do bad things. Maybe the next second, what you have done will be picked up when you are still stupid in the dark without any preparation.

"You take it to Shao Ruihan to read. See what he is going to say." Tang Ningshan returns the newspaper to Li and then goes to Pu Jiayi to call him to have breakfast.

After Pu Jiayi comes out, Tang Ningshan asks him directly how big the workbench he needs. She plans to customize one for him, so she wonders what details he needs to request.

Pu Jiayi talks for a long time. Tang Ningshan does not understand what he meant in the end, and Pu Jiayi is very anxious.

"Master, I..." Pu Jiayi finally couldn't help but say a few words, which allow Tang Ningshan to spray the full mouthful of soy out directly.

"You..., didn't I say it? call me sister..." Tang Ningshan raises her hand to rub her forehead. She feels speechless, and she doesn't know how to make it clear to Zhai Jiayi because she sees that after Pu Jiayi listens to her words, his eyes are red in an instant.

"..., I mean, don't you think that sister looks much better? So the relationship between us is more intimate, you are my brother, I will take care of you in the future, we will always be together, will not be separated!" when Tang Ningshan says, her eyes are quite severe. While talking, she also observes the expression of Pu Jiayi. She finds that when Pu Jiayi heard that they will always be together and they wouldn't separate, his eyes light up instantly, and he is smiling. Tang Ningshan then pats his head softly.

"Sister..." Pu Jiayi whispers, which makes Tang Ningshan feel warm.

"Let's eat first, and then we will discuss the size of your workbench with the store owner." Tang Ningshan says softly, the tone and action of her are like a mother treats her child.

After listening to Tang Ningshan, Pu Jiayi nods and seriously eats breakfast. And Shao Ruihan, who has just come out of the bedroom, sees such a picture and feels upset in an instant.

Shao Ruihan has a cold face. Li standing beside him feels the change of his aura instantly. He wants to keep a distance with Shao Ruihan immediately, but when he moves, Shao Ruihan turns his head and looks at him.

Tang Ningshan seems to feel the temperature drop, and there is a chill in the air, and she turns around and looks back.

The moment of seeing Shao Ruihan, she frowns "Why you come out? Do you feel better? if you don't, have a good rest, Lee will bring your meal later."

"Let's eat together." Shao Ruihan walks over to Tang Ningshan and sits down at the table. Li is quite smart at this time. He immediately washes a bowl and places it in front of Shao Ruihan. He serves a bowl of soy for Shao Ruihan and puts chopsticks on his plate. Then he goes to sit in a relatively safe position from Shao Ruihan.

"Are you sure you can this? I think it is better to ask Shen Quan..." Tang Ningshan directly removes the soymilk in front of Shao Ruihan and does not think that he can eat these things according to his current body situation. After all, the soy milk and fritters are still very oily.

"I'm fine; I can eat, not so serious." Shao Ruihan's voice is very light, and it is no different from the sound and tone when they first met. Tang Ningshan feels that maybe she is way too nervous, and then puts the bowl of soy milk back.

"Since you said that you are fine, then when are you going to move?" Tang Ningshan feels that they still need to be separated. There is no need to live together, as long as the Shao's family is not suspected. She thinks during the last period, Shao's family would not focus on her and Shao Ruihan.

"After things are done." Shao Ruihan twists his eyebrows and says unpleasantly.

Tang Ningshan nods and says that she can understand that. Then the house quickly returns to calm.

Li lowers his head and sneaks at the two people with his eyes. He always feels that he has found something significant.

After breakfast, Tang Ningshan takes Pu Jiayi into the room of him, and there is only one bed in the empty place.

Tang Ningshan decides to design the room for Pu Jiayi. After all, the size must be determined before customizing, but which must wait until the furniture arrives. This room is not as big as Tang Ningshan's, but the area is not small, even if the wardrobe is put in, there will still be a lot of spare space.

Two people make a simple picture in the room with the computer. Pu Jiayi looks at what Tang Ningshan has made according to his thoughts. He is full of worship and looks at Tang Ningshan's eyes; he's like seeing God.

"Hey, since you are satisfied, I will tell them to follow this to make it, but generally the time for customization is longer. Can you wait? I have to buy some clothes for you. do you want to pick yourself or I help you with that?" Tang Ningshan immediately leans back on the bed after a sigh of relief, waiting for Pu Jiayi's answer.

"Sister helps me to pick ... listen to my sister." Pu Jiayi's voice is like a child, plus the eyes that are clear without any impurities, which always give Tang Ningshan a feeling that she is abducting children.

"Well, I will buy you a few sets of clothes later, I believe it will be delivered soon. You will stay in the room yourself. I will go out and see them." Tang Ningshan pats Pu Jiayi's head. Then she leaves the room of Pu Jiayi with her computer carrying.

The moment of getting out of Pu Jiayi's room, she feels someone staring at her. She subconsciously frowns. Why there is also a feeling of being monitored even if she is in her own house. This feeling is quite uncomfortable, letting Tang Ningshan unconsciously resent that.