Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 14

chapter 213-- gossip

After Tang Ningshan finishes washing, she changes her clothes quietly. After that, she stands by the bed and looks at Shao Ruihan, who is still asleep. She reaches out and pulls the quilt on his body, and then gently goes out from the rest room. She carefully closes the door, and then sits in front of the desk and continues to read the information she has not read yesterday.

Tang Ningshan does not know if this is her illusion, but she always feels that after Shao Ruihan's collation, the information is clearer and easier to understand. The same category of information is put together, which helps Tang Ningshan to absorb this information. At this time, Tang Ningshan feels that she admires Shao Ruihan. She even believes that if Shao Ruihan comes to manage the company, he would definitely do better than her, although she has been trained by the system.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, the outside secretary comes over and knocks at the door. She said that they are about to hold a daily morning meeting, which will be held in the conference room on this floor and Shao Hong let her go now.

Tang Ningshan can only put down the information that she is reading and walk into the conference room with her laptop and mobile phone.

This is a routine morning meeting. Tang Ningshan sees that there are not many people in the conference room through the glass, only a few departments' managers are there. After Tang Ningshan knocks on the door, she goes in and finds a seat to sit down and turns on the recording of the mobile phone. Although she can directly remember all the meeting content, as Shao Ruihan reminded, she can not reveal her true ability.

After Tang Ningshan sits down, Shao Hong sitting in the middle seat stands up and says "This is a daily morning meeting. Today we mainly talk about the company's current projects and development situation. Ningshan, this is your first time attending the meeting so I will not ask your opinion. However, I still hope that you will be familiar with the work at hand as soon as possible so that you will not live up to the expectations of the chairman. "

Tang Ningshan knows that Shao Hong has already started his revenge plan. That he said this in front of everyone is to tell everyone that Tang Ningshan is a person who has a backing, and her backing is the chairman. If she is not doing well, then she is embarrassing the chairman.

"General Manager, I will work hard, but you have given me a lot of information. I didn't expect that there have been so many things in the 50 years since the company was founded. I don't know if you can remember all these company's history. You can rest assured that I will try my best to move toward the general manager and follow the pace of the general manager." After Tang Ningshan finishes, she notices a slight change in the expression on many people's faces. Tang Ningshan thinks that her sentence will make most people misunderstand that she is Shao Hong's follower, but it does not matter, she only wants to achieve her purpose.

"Oh, Ningshan, I didn't ask you to remember all the history of the company. You only need to have a general understanding. Just next week our company will have a new bidding project. If possible, I hope you can deal with it." Shao Hong does not let her go because of Tang Ningshan's words. Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Hong's face with a fake smile and feels a little disgusting. In any case, she did not expect the internal competition of the big companies to be so intense.

After thinking for a long time, Tang Ningshan stands up and says "General Manager, I haven't even figured out the company's situation. You are going to hand a business case over to me? Is this a bit hasty?"

After Shao Hong hears that, he doesn't have any other reaction. He still smiles and says "Since the chairman trusts you, then I'll also trust you. I believe that you can complete the task very well. I believe that everyone trusts you as well. You can also ask everyone's opinions."

After Shao Hong's words are finished, he points to the present executives here. Tang Ningshan looks at the executives who nod, and she understands everything immediately. It turns out that Shao Hong has already been prepared, so she can only accept this tough work. Anyway, she can learn intermediate content as soon as she finishes learn medicine, so these are a piece of cake for her. Thinking this way, Tang Ningshan's mood relaxes a lot.

Tang Ningshan smiles and says "Since everyone trusts me so much, then I will not live up to everyone's expectations. I only hope that by the time you will not be disappointed because I am not doing well."

Shao Hong immediately says "How come? The chairman has high expectations for you, how can you disappoint everyone? "

Tang Ningshan listens to Shao Hong's words and immediately looks at him. She understands that if she messes up the case, then she will be squeezed out. Although there are already a lot of high-level managers want to squeeze out of her, but if this thing is messed up, it is estimated that people across the company will accuse her.

"Well, then, in this case, I hope that you can send all the information about this case to me as soon as possible. Since all of you are so confident in me, I will only do my best. I will go back and wait for you to send over the information." After Tang Ningshan says, she glances at Shao Hong and finds that he is looking at her with a deep meaning in his eyes. She ignores it and turns to leave.

After coming out of the conference room, Tang Ningshan hears someone immediately speaking as soon as she leaves "General Manager, what is the background of this Assistant Tang? She just got the trust of the chairman when she came. And she also occupies your office. But I don't think she has any outstanding ability, except for a beautiful face." After listening to this, Tang Ningshan looks back. The speaker is the financial supervisor, and he looks at Shao Hong with a flattering look.

"That's true, general manager, what kind of information should we prepare for her? If we don't give her the information in time, will she inform the chairman?"

"Yes, general manager, what do you think we should do?"

Tang Ningshan shows a sarcasm smile to the people who are expressing loyalty to Shao Hong. She really did not expect that Shao Hong would have so many followers. But it doesn't matter; it is a good time to weaken Shao Hong's confidence. As long as she can successfully get this bidding case, she will certainly let Shao Hong be caught off guard.

Tang Ningshan walks toward her office with a smile. As she passes by the secretary's office, she notices that several secretaries are peeking at her. She begins to think that these secretaries should also be replaced, and their attention is all about talking about gossip, instead of work.

Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows. After entering the office, she closes the door directly. She does not make any noise when she closes the door.

Tang Ningshan first goes into the rest room to see Shao Ruihan who is still asleep. Then she continues to sit at the desk and reads the information left. Since Shao Hong wants to play, she also plans to play with him, although she is lazy. Shao Hong's every move is monitored by her. For his movements, she can still know for the first time.

After Tang Ningshan looks at the information for a while, she turns on the computer. She logs into the social software and wants to see if Yu Huan has replied to her message.

Tang Ningshan does not know whether it's that Yu Huan does not see her message, or it's difficult for him to collect the information about Shao's company. In any case, Tang Ningshan does not receive the messages and a phone call from Yu Huan. Tang Ningshan can only continue to wait.

It's almost at noon, Shao Ruihan finally gets up. The executives who attended the meeting in the morning also sent her all kinds of materials that have not been sorted out. This undoubtedly adds a lot of work to Tang Ningshan. When Shao Ruihan comes out of the inside room, Tang Ningshan just looks up and gives him a look. Soon, she is put into work again.

"What do you want to eat for a while? I will go buy it." Shao Ruihan asks softly at the door.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head gently, indicating that she doesn't want to eat.

Shao Ruihan also does not bother her and goes straight out after he opens the door. Tang Ningshan does not know that after Shao Ruihan goes out, many secretaries look at the door of her office with a very weird look.

After the lunch, Shao Ruihan leaves after receiving a call. Tang Ningshan is ready to return the materials that she has already read to Shao Hong.

Standing at the door of Shao Hong's office, she hears several secretaries whispering.

"What do you think is the relationship between the man who came out just now and her? I came here before eight in the morning, but I didn't see the man coming in, is it..."

"Oh, who knows, anyway, I think she is not a simple person."

"It's hard to say, but she seems to be very loyal to the general manager. I heard that the chairman let the general manager train her in the meeting. What do you think is the background of this girl? "

"No matter what background she has, it has nothing to do with us. Anyway, we only need to do what we should do. I suggest that you will not talk about such gossip in the office. If one day she hears your discussing, you may lose this job."

After listening to this sentence, Tang Ningshan turns her head and looks into the room. The person who is speaking is Sun Yan. Tang Ningshan thinks this secretary is quite good. At least, she is very clear about her position. She knows what she should not do. Although everyone has the mind of gossip, Tang Ningshan believes that when you are talking about gossip, you also need to consider occasions and objects. Sometimes a person may lose everything because of gossip.

Tang Ningshan turns back, except for Sun Yan; all the secretaries in the secretary's office immediately bow. Tang Ningshan notices that the documents in the hands of several secretaries are all reversed. However, she does not say anything; she knocks the door of Shao Hong's office gently. After she hears Shao Hong's voice in the room, she pushes open the door.

Shao Hong sees Tang Ningshan, and his face is obviously showing an unexpected expression. Shao Hong immediately asks "Ningshan, what happened? Why are you coming over? Have you received the information?"

Tang Ningshan nods and walks slowly to the front of Shao Hong's desk. She says with a smile "This is the case. I have already browsed some of the documents roughly. I am here to return these materials to you."

Shao Hong shows an evil smile and says "Oh, in this case, that is to say, you have a general understanding of the company? Then, if the chairman asks me about your progress, can I tell the truth?" Shao Hong's voice sounds a little gloomy; Tang Ningshan subconsciously wants to retreat. However, looking at Shao Hong's expression, she suddenly thinks of Shao Ruihan. Did he often face such a smile when he was a child? Since Shao Ruihan was not afraid, what is she afraid of?

"If you say so, then I can't refute it. There are too many materials, and you have arranged a new task for me. I will not read it for the time being, so I will send it back to you. If I need it, I will come to you. After all, I can't put all the documents on the floor of the office. If I go on like this, I estimate that my office will be filled with these materials. I may not be able to walk out of my office." When Tang Ningshan speaks, her face shows an embarrassing expression. She looks at Shao Hong with pity, and it looks a bit like begging.