Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 140

Chapter 126: chapter 125-- women need to be coaxed

Seeing Tang Ningshan frowning, Shao Ruihan immediately shouts: "Shan, come over, I have something to say to you.

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan and looks unhappy. But she still walks over because she wants to know what Shao Ruihan wants to say to her.

Looking at Tang Ningshan, who is unhappy, Shao Ruihan feels that she is a little excessive. After all, he is just living here for several days.

"What?" Tang Ningshan stops at the position in front of Shao Ruihan.

"I will go out for a while; maybe I won't be back in the next few days. If anyone in my family calls you, you will tell them that I am out of the task." Shao Ruihan says coldly, but his heart is depressed. He doesn't want to be separated from Tang Ningshan at all, he is quite resentful, but he doesn't think that it's because he misses her. He feels that she belongs to himself. She must be in front of himself. It is as simple as that.

"Oh? Are you sure that your body has no problems? Are you going to go out? I think it is better to call Shen Quan to give you a body examination. After all, you have several shots." Tang Ningshan does not ask where Shao Ruihan is going to go, after all, she can't involve in Shao Ruihan's business, there are not so many relations between them, although she wants to ask questions, she also knows that these things are not within her jurisdiction.

"Well, I will call Shen Quan over, and you will rest assured." When Shao Ruihan speaks, his eyes are not on Tang Ningshan's body. Tang Ningshan doesn't know if he doesn't want to see her or because of something else. This makes Tang Ningshan somewhat surprised, after all, in her eyes Shao Ruihan is a very qualified person. He will never do something that makes people feel uncomfortable. Apart from those few times, he has not done anything that is out of the ordinary or that she hates.

"Well, you pay attention to your own body and pay attention to safety, I will not confess some safety issue. Anyway, you should consider it yourself." Tang Ningshan says with a wink.

After Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan nodding, she does not speak anything else. She also walks away in front of him. Tang Ningshan doe not understand what Shao Ruihan is doing. She feels that after she walks away from him, his eyes falls on her, and he is staring at her as if he is going to see her inside heart through her body.

Li has been standing on the side as an invisible person. Although he does not understand the meaning of Shao Ruihan, he still sees that Shao Ruihan does not like him to stare at Tang Ningshan.

"Call Lee and let him pick me up later." Shao Ruihan finishes, and continued to eat the dish in the bowl; his eyes also fall on the door of the closed room.

"Boss, can I ask you a question?" Li couldn't understand it all the time. This problem has always made him think about it.

Shao Ruihan glances at the straight Li, and he knows what Li wants to ask from his face, but Shao Ruihan really doesn't know how to answer him because he doesn't know what to say, and he doesn't know who Tang Ningshan is in his heart, so he ignores his words and leaves him a cold look.

Li can only walk silently to the side, taking out his mobile phone to call his brother.

When Tang Ningshan, who goes back to the room, sees the newspaper on the bedside table, she remembers the headlines this morning and somewhat knows what Shao Ruihan meant. Maybe they would need Shao Ruihan at this time. Tang Ningshan thinks.

Tang Ningshan can only take out the computer and continue to study those viruses. In the past two days, Tang Ningshan discovers that researching viruses is an exciting thing. Every virus is different, and some viruses will breed, constantly destroying the programs on the computer. Some Trojan viruses are more straightforward than that. As long as you accidentally encounter something, it will automatically steal all the valuable things on your computer.

Today, Tang Ningshan also researches a new type of virus. This virus is quite impressive. Tang Ningshan combines a lot of viruses into one, making this virus the latest virus, it even costs herself a long time to crack. Then she targets this virus to create anti-virus software. After that, she plans to send it to Yu Huan to see how her anti-virus software is.

Tang Ningshan opens the dialog box of Yu Huan. She sends a few question marks to the other party. He wants to see if he is online. After all, it is still in the early morning. According to Tang Ningshan's thoughts, he should not have gotten up at this time. And yes, she is right, Yu Huan does not reply to her.

Seeing that Yu Huan is not there, Tang Ningshan can only go on her business. Opening the hacking forum, she plans to see if there is anything she can use to make money. Luckily, she finds it.

The content of the post is quite simple, mainly meaning is that the other party needs a virus. The person has bet with others to see whose virus is more powerful, so the person goes to the forum for help, if he can win, he will give a superior forum account, which is fantastic, to the one who makes the virus.

Generally, an account of a hacking forum like this can be obtained by costing money. However, this superior account is usually given to people who have contributed to the website, or those who are quite skilled in technology, that is, some famous people in the hacking circle. Tang Ningshan is interested in this account.

The definition of a senior account on the website is that you can browse all the knowledge about hackers, including cracking anti-virus downloads. All things have permissions, and this website has a layout that only advanced accounts can enter, although it only takes Tang Ningshan several minutes to hack in, she still wants to follow the rule.

After deciding, Tang Ningshan sends the person a message, saying that she hopes to have a try.

The other party quickly replies to Tang Ningshan and asks her to send him the virus. He needs to look at the level of her virus first. If hers is not as good as his, then there is no need to ask for her help.

Tang Ningshan then sends the virus she has made to him directly, and then the other party goes offline. Tang Ningshan could only blink and push the computer aside, hoping that the other party could reply to her quickly.

Not long after, Lee comes over. Tang Ningshan could only leave from the side of the computer and go to the living room. After all, Shen Quan comes with Lee, and she also wants to know the physical condition of Shao Ruihan.

"Hey, you are here. Have you ever had breakfast? If you haven't eaten, let Li buy some for you. I didn't know that you would come over so early today. Also, Shen Quan, you should give Shao Ruihan a comprehensive body examination. if it's as what you said last time, then Shao Ruihan can't move at all, but now he tells me that he is already good." Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan sitting there and drinking tea elegantly, she feels angry, because she was worried about him, but he has no any reaction, it's like the person who was injured by the gun is not him.

"You can rest assured that I will check for him for a while. only after ensuring that his body has no problem and there is no any accident, then I can let him go." Shen Quan is smiling faintly, but he is excited. If it's in the past, some people talk to Shao Ruihan so much and even suspect him, then Shao Ruihan must be the first to get angry. After all, Shao Ruihan hates others doubting his words.

"Well, that's good, you give him a good examination." Tang Ningshan nods and goes into the kitchen. She takes two bottles of water from the refrigerator and walks into the room of Pu Jiayi. She knows very well that if there are other people in the house, Pu Jiayi rarely comes out of his place. This is why she likes this house, the most important thing is that there is a bathroom in the bedroom, so she and Pu Jiayi can live more conveniently.

"Hey, what's going on with you and the girl? Why do I feel that you are cold? Although the girl is worried about you, the eyes don't look at you. what happened between you?" Shen Quan wants to know what the hell is going on, these two people's situation today is not right. He wants to know what he missed. He couldn't help but ask.

"Nothing." Shao Ruihan looks up and looks at the door of Pu Jiayi, saying depressedly.

"Oh... I mean, you have to understand that a woman needs to be coaxed. If you make her unhappy, remember to coax her, as long as you have cheered her up, and then she will be obedient to what you say." Shen Quan says his secret of picking up a girl with a smug look, and it looks like he has been experienced a lot.

Shao Ruihan says with a cold voice: "So why don't I see a woman around you?" he has a disdainful expression on his face.

"That's because I don't need a girlfriend. You have to know that it's rare to meet women like your wife, who possesses both a beautiful face and a smart brain. Although the girl has now cut off the relationship with her father, even if she doesn't have money now, she has the excellent technology, which is hungered by every company. If you don't pay attention to her, you can let her go. I intend to accept her." Shen Quan's words are half tempted, half serious. He shows a playful expression on his face, it looks casual, but his heart is a little nervous.

Shao Ruihan's eyes immediately become sharp. His eyes are like a sharp knife, and it's like If he finds any wrong situation, he might rush over. But when he looks at him, he knows that he is joking. The momentum dissipates quickly, and he glances at him and says "Don't think about it!"

"Well, I won't make fun of you. Did you read the news this morning? I think Commander Shao is now mad at it. Are you ready to leave from here? Where are you going? Or can I say that you are also involved in this thing?" Shen Quan suddenly thinks of the headlines in the morning. When he first saw it, he felt that it was related to Shao Ruihan. Now he thinks that it must be Shao Ruihan's plan, otherwise, why would he want to leave from Tang Ningshan? According to the understanding to Shao Ruihan, he thinks that Shao Ruihan should stick to Tang Ningshan all the time, they are like in the infatuation period.

"Why, I can't do it?" Shao Ruihan says coldly.