Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 141

Chapter 127: chapter 126-- you have to get married

"Haha, are you finally going to take the shot? I used to think that you have your principle. I thought you would never involve in Shao's family's business and I thought you would like always to be pressed by people in your family. Even if you are the owner of the Shao's family, you have not taken over the business of Shao. you don't let your wife stay in Shao's house; I always thought that you would let them go." Shen Quan's expression immediately becomes serious. He has also stayed with Shao Ruihan for a few years. When Shao Ruihan entered the army, he was doing the most basic work. In the past few years, he has traveled back and forth to many cities and has stayed in many military areas. The biggest reason for this is because of the people in Shao's family. He always thought that Shao Ruihan has still not taken action because of Commander Shao, he didn't expect Shao Ruihan to release such a message directly, which is enough for the Shao's family to work for a while.

"You overthink it. I haven't got what I wanted before, and I didn't think that what I wanted would be in Shao's house, so I have been running around. but because everyone is surnamed Shao, I didn't want the situation becomes embarrassed." Shao Ruihan explains faintly, his eyes suddenly become deep.

"Then, should you start working on what you promised me?" Shen Quan's expression and tone immediately changs, which has never appeared in front of Tang Ningshan.

"Of course, I have always kept your business in my heart. I planned to make something I was investigating clear before helping you, but Shao Kaile is too short-sighted." Shao Ruihan's voice is killing, and his body's momentum is instantly releasing, which lets Shen Quan on the side begin to wonder what Shao Kaile did in the end so that Shao Ruihan gets such angry.

"That's good. I thought that you had forgotten it for so many years." Shen Quan immediately laughs again. Just like usual, his face is filled with a faint smile, and he's like having good tempter to everyone.

"The reason that I didn't take action is that were are not enough personnel and power. And the second is because many things needed to be checked. The last time I received the news, I found out that I couldn't get my men in Shao's house, the action was delayed until now." Shao Ruihan says that, and he looks at Shen Quan on the side. Shao Ruihan has been checking the things he wants to know since he was a child for many years. Although Shen Quan was also involved in this thing, it's not too dangerous. Shao Ruihan also checked that, and the matter of Shen Quan did have something to do with the Shao's family, but now he is not sure who the person is.

"You still can't remember the face of that person?" Shao Ruihan asks.

Shen Quan nods with a pale face. Whenever it comes to this matter, Shen Quan would become silent, with an intense hatred and resentment on his body.

"Well, I can't recall it. I could only see the back of the man in the closet. Unfortunately, the backs of your Shao's family are almost the same, and after so many years, everyone has somewhat changed, so it's getting harder and harder for me to figure it out." Speaking of this, Shen Quan has a regret in his words.

"Okay. You will know sooner or later, and you don't need to think so much. Anyway, things will come to light sooner or later. I will do what I promised." Shao Ruihan looks solemn, and his voice is sincere.

"I know, so I haven't mentioned this thing for many years. If you didn't take action to Shao Kaile, I would wait for it. Maybe I will wait until the day when you sit on the commander's position. It may be the day when Shao's family becomes yours." Shen Quan turns and walks to the bed, whispering. And Shao Ruihan looks at the back of Shen Quan, which is exposed by the sun, and feels that Shen Quan seems so lonely and even pitiful at the moment.

Without thinking, Shao Ruihan goes directly to the edge of Shen Quan and reaches out to pat him on his shoulder to express comfort.

Shen Quan also turns back and smiles at Shao Ruihan. But the smile of him is sad.

"Right, the injury on your body is not too good, and several places need to take care. Are you sure to leave now?" Shen Quan quickly comes out of sorrow, after all, the revenge thing is a long-term thing, the thing in front of him is the important one.

"Well, you will give me some medicine later. I will let Lee help me to change, or I can change it myself. Anyway, the bullet has already been taken out. There is no problem at all. There is no such serious thing as you and Shan said." after saying, Shao Ruihan gives Shen Quan a look, his eyes are full of meaning.

"Well, in fact, I want to know if the girl has given you any special medicine. Seeing that the wound last time can stop bleeding, and other people had no chance to meet you, so I naturally suspected that she gave you some special medicine. Rui Han, you should know, if she has such a medicine, even if you go to the battlefield, you will give yourself a chance to save your life. If she has it, even if it is given to you privately, I hope that you can give it to you. I will study, you have to understand how important the medicine is to us!" Shen Quan says, taking a deep breath. Then he leaves the position in front of the window to Shao Ruihan, going to the side to take out the medicine box and begin to pick out some medicines that Shao Ruihan can use, and then puts it aside.

And Shao Ruihan standing in front of the window doesn't know what he is thinking at the moment. He also suspected that Tang Ningshan had done something so that he could stop bleeding. But he has no evidence and could not ask Tang Ningshan. If she has, will she take it out? He already knows her difference and has begun to find ways to keep her. He can say with certainty that if one day he is going to die in front of her, or if he falls in front of her, she will use other means, or say that she will save him within the scope of her ability, but he does not dare to mention anything more before Tang Ningshan. First of all, in his opinion, Tang Ningshan is a very sensitive person. Secondly, she does not like others to temper and to test her. Although the relationship between them is much better, according to the understanding to her, If he asks, then Tang Ningshan will put him in a more dangerous position. He does not want the distance between them to get farther, so he chooses to ignore it, and does not think about the doubts in his heart.

In Shao's house at this time.

The living room is full of people. Shao Cheng is sitting in the middle position. There are several other people in the Shao's family sitting on the ground. Shao Kaile and Shao Mushuang are kneeling on the ground in the middle. Everyone has different expressions.

"Who can explain this to me now, what the hell is going on!" Shao Cheng's angry roar makes several people in the house subconsciously make a dodging action, and the newspaper flys out from Shao Cheng's hand and straight down in front of Shao Kaile. Seeing the photo above, Shao Kaile cannot help but is eager to smash the person who stole the video from his computer. And Shao Mushuang has the same thoughts with him; now she hates the hacker and Shao Kaile from the bottom of her heart, she soon suspects if she was wrong to spend money to find someone to delete the video. Before she finds someone to remove the video, such a thing didn't spread out. Although she would be threatened by Shao Kaile before, it's better than now. She is looked at by a house of people with a strange look.

"Grandpa, I..." Shao Mushuang can only pretend to be pitiful. From the morning, she always has tears on her face. After crying, her eyes are swollen like a walnut. The voice is also hoarse because of crying. Every time she says a few words, I will suddenly cough.

"the two of you tell me what is going on! Do you know that today, because of such a headline, how much the stock of our company has fallen? Directly goes down to the bottom line!" Shao Cheng is furious. When Xiao Leping asked him to read the newspaper in the morning, he thought that who had made a mistake but did not expect it to be such a thing, which lets him open his eyes. He didn't find there is such a tendency between Shao Kaile and Shao Mushuang. He remembers that when Shao Mushuang looks at Shao Ruihan, she will show an expression of love instead of Shao Kaile.

"No matter what happens between you, I will start preparing for the wedding tomorrow. Fortunately, you do not have the same mother, and you are just cousins! Although it is not ancient, it is not popular for cousins to get married, so to save our family's face, you must get married." Shao Cheng says sitting directly in the chair, waiting for the two of them to express their attitude.

"Uncles, this..." Yao Ye looks at the man who is silent with an unhappy face. She could only speak, but when she says a few words, she feels the cold eyes of Shao Cheng. Her words are stuck in her mouth.

"I don't care if you are willing or not. You must get married. Otherwise, you will leave the Shao's family now. I will declare that you have nothing to do with the Shao's family. Shao's family will have nothing to do with you in the future. If you do not intend to leave, then just get married within a week, now you must immediately release the news that you are going to get married!" Shao Cheng says that then he leaves, simply ignoring the few people who want to talk.

"Grandpa..." Shao Mushuang screams, but Shao Cheng's footsteps do not stop, instead, because her voice, he goes faster.

"Hey, if I know that today would be like this, I wouldn't touch a woman like you." Shao Kaile finishes and looks at Shao Mushuang with a look of disappointment. But he also knows that this marriage is unchangeable and he ha no choice. If they don't, they will leave Shao's house, so that their shares their house will be taken back. Now Shao Ruihan's in charge of Shao's family. If Shao Ruihan returns, it's estimated that he would like to drive all his cousins, uncles and aunts away.

"I didn't expect that you can have some relatives one day. If we know that you will become a family, we should arrange you in the same villa so that you can be more intimate." Shi Panzhen sneers, and the words are ironic, making a few people feel embarrassed.