Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 142

Chapter 128: chapter 127-- source

"brother, we'll go back." Shao Xingan pulls his wife and daughter, nodding to Shao Xingsheng. He does not intend to watch this show here. After all, the result is beyond his expectations, if that two are married. Then, will they work together? And then he can get fewer things, especially there is still a Shao Ruihan, who has planned to drive all of them out of Shao's family, he has to go back and prepare well. He is not as brainless as his wife, who only knows how to beat others in words.

After they leave, Shao Xingsheng goes straight to Shao Mushuang on the ground and pulls her up to slap her on the face. The anger in his eyes is visible. Shao Mushuang subconsciously wants to hide behind Yao Ye but is stopped by Shao Hong who is standing beside Yao Ye.

"Dad... I know I'm wrong... but... really... it's not my business..." Shao Mushuang says with a cry, her face becomes red and swollen because of this slap, and Yao Ye is also distressed, but she also knows that if Shao Xingsheng is not allowed to vent out now, the one who is going to be unlucky is still Shao Mushuang.

Shao Kaile stands up ironically and looks at his parents. Although his parents do not look as angry as Shao Xingsheng, he knows that they are no better than him.

"Dad, I will open a conference for a while. after all, we have to get married." Shao Kaile looks at Shao Mushuang in disgust and says to Shao Xingyan.

Shao Xingyan looks at Shao Kaile with a black face. He also knows that it is useless to say anything now. This wedding must be held. Since it is destined to be such a result, no matter how the argument is debated, it will not change the fact, so it is better to follow up, in which way, they can also save a little of their image in Shao Cheng's mind.

" Shao Mushuang, please remember, although I don't know why these things are leaked, you have to be clear, I have other things besides these, please be good. if you let me find such things after we get married, then I am not afraid of losing face, let's see." Shao Kaile now has only one idea in his heart, that is, Shao Mushuang frames him, he thinks that Shao Mushuang can't attract Shao Ruihan, so use him as a back.

After the words fall, Shao Kaile goes out. He doesn't want to stay in the same room with Shao Mushuang. He has to check if other things are lost.

Shao Xingyan also nods to Shao Xingsheng then he leaves. Later, they will become relatives.

Although they could not escape the blood relationship, Shao Cheng has already ordered, then they must do so. After all, they are attached in the Shao's family.

When there's only Shao Xingsheng's family left in the living room, Shao Hong suddenly speaks. This man who is just busy with company affairs rarely speaks in such a public scene. After all, he feels that quarreling here does not attach his identity, but today's thing makes him feel embarrassed. He thought that even if Shao Mushuang is brainless, she would not have anything to do with her family, but he did not expect that such news will burst out, even his position in the company has been met threat. If at this time, Shao Ruihan suddenly lets Tang Ningshan come to the company to be an internship, then it will affect him.

"Dad, let's go back and talk about it. After all, it is not a place for discussing these things." Shao Hong stops Shao Xingsheng. He thinks that it's better to go home to solve their problem. Other things that happen in Shao Cheng's villa are humiliating him.

Shao Xingsheng also understands the meaning of Shao Hong, nodding with a black face. Yao Ye hurries to the side of the Shao Mushuang. She wipes the tears on Shao Mushuang's face and pats her shoulder to comfort her.

"Hey... Hey... Mom... It's not me... I was forced..." Shao Mushuang rushes into Yao Ye's arms and bursts into tears; she seems to release all the grievances and panic.

"Shut up!" Shao Hong whispers, but which lets Shao Mushuang's crying stop. Shao Mushuang is afraid of Shao Hong from an early age. Although he always has a gentle look, there is no humanity for him at all. She remembers that when she was a child, she broke the things that Shao Hong liked, then Shao Hong kept her in her room for three days. Even the food was not given to her. The purpose was to let her reflect on it, letting her know that she needs to get the permission of others before touching others' belongings, and since then, Shao Mushuang is very afraid of this biological brother.

"Well, let's go back and talk about it." after Shao Hong says that, he goes out from the living room without looking back. Shao Xingsheng snorts and leaves with Shao Hong. Looking at the two men who have gone out, Yao night can only pull Shao Mushuang, who has been crying for a whole morning and has been out of breath, to follow behind them.

Back to their villa, a few people go directly into the study. Yao Ye is shut out, can only stand by the door worryingly, after all, just the two men in the house have the final say in their family. Although she is their wife and mother, she has no right to decide at all.

"Now you can give a good account of how this happened, and then how it turned out to be like this, but I hope you understand that this marriage between you and Shao Kaile is unchangeable. you also heard the words of Shao Kaile just now, if you still hope that you will have a good life after you get married, then you will explain it to me in detail!" Shao Hong sits on the side of Shao Xingsheng, with a faint smile on his face, but both of them in this room see the coldness in his eyes.

Shao Mushuang listens to Shao Xingsheng, subconsciously looking at Shao Xingsheng. Her subconscious hopes that Shao Xingsheng could help her to speak. Because every time no matter what mistake she had made, although Shao Xingsheng would be angry, sometimes he would be mad at her, he would not punish her.

This time, Shao Xingsheng chooses silence. He believes that his son could handle this matter thoroughly, and he would manage it better than he does. His son is 28 years old this year, and he has been in the Shao's company from the grassroots staff to the present position. If he said that he has no means, even Shao Xingsheng could not believe it.

Shao Mushuang sees that Shao Xingsheng does not help at all. She could only look at Shao Hong with grievances. She says slowly: "Brother, this is the case. I don't want that thing to happen like this. Shao Kaile forced me. if not he forced me, I and he would not have such a thing at all." Speaking that, Shao Mushuang cries again, she looks poor, but Shao Hong never cares about that.

"Pum" Shao Hong pats on the table, letting Shao Mushuang chill.

"Brother, I don't know why Shao Kaile has my video. He threatened me with that video. We had such a thing happening. I was forced. Shao Kaile is a pervert. He is not normal. Every time he would use a whip to pump me, hit me, doesn't treat me as a person, but I couldn't resist it. I spent some money a while ago looking for a hacker to smash his computer, but I can guarantee that hackers did not send these things. I now wonder if Shao Kaile wants to take something on us, so he sent out such a thing to threaten us. "Shao Mushuang has never understood how could these things flow out. After all, Shao Kaile's computer has not only her video but also other people's. Why there are not others?

"You said that you asked someone to smash his computer? where did you find the hacker?" Shao Hong finds a keyword at this time. Since Shao Mushuang can find a hacker to access into Shao Kaile's computer, can he also find a hacker to take a look at it too? He wants to see whether there are other things in it, which can be used to threaten him. After all, only by grasping his handle can he talk to him about cooperation.

Especially when Shao Mushuang says that Shao Kaile wants to get something from them, Shao Hong thinks they need to make a plan.

"It was introduced to me by a friend because she also has a good friend who has the same video, but the other party is not Shao Kaile, is someone else." After Shao Mushuang says cryingly, watching Shao Hong, who has been thinking. She dares not bother.

"Okay, you go out now, but I tell you, please be good. if my status is affected by you, I must let you suffer the consequence!" Shao Hong says, letting Shao Mushuang rush to leave, he now does not want to see this useless sister.

"Dad, what do you think about this?" After Shao Mushuang goes out, Shao Hong glances at Shao Xingsheng, who has been sitting on his side and has always been silent, asking softly.

"You will go to ask Mushuang how the hacker was found. Spend some money to let him check if there are other things in Shao Kaile's computer. I believe that hackers are doing business for money, and should not put such things out. It must be Shao Kaile's plan. After all, your status in the company is not ordinary now." Shao Xingsheng thinks of this after listening to the discussion between Shao Mushuang and Shao Hong. After all, a family like them, it's common for people to take advantage of others to develop themselves, but he did not expect that Shao Kaile would be such pervert and he even took Shao Mushuang to make a bet.

"Well, I will ask Mushuang later. Since the other party can delete the things in Shao Kaile's computer, I believe I can find other things. Dad, you'd better put an eye on Mushuang recently, if you let her go this way, I am afraid that it is not good for us." Shao Hong's solemn tone makes Shao Xingsheng nod unconsciously, and he thinks so. After all, this incident has made Shao Cheng unhappy. If this continues, it will seriously affect their status in Shao Cheng's heart. Then if Shao Cheng and Xiao Leping are both dead, then Shao's family will turn into Shao Ruihan's own, and they don't want to see such things happen at all.

Initially, they were all happy to see Shao Mushuang rushing to Shao Ruihan. After all, this is the most accurate means, but after such a thing, Shao Mushuang becomes waste chess, and no one can use it. They can only hope that they will not fall in the heart of Shao Cheng.

"Hmm..." Shao Xingsheng sighs and shakes his head, feeling that the hard work of these years is all ruined at this moment.