Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 143

Chapter 129: chapter 128-- 10 million

After Shao Hong leaves, Shao Xingsheng goes to the bookshelf and pushes open the mural on the wall. There is a safe in it. After Shao Xingsheng enters a few numbers, the safe door automatically pops open. Looking at the things placed inside, Shao Xingsheng shows a lot better expression. He carefully takes out two books and a stack of photos, and carefully checks them. After confirming that these things are not lost or have any trace of being touched by others, he carefully puts them back.

After Shao Hong goes out of the study, he goes to find Shao Mushuang. He needs to know who the hacker Shao Mushuang found is. Since Shao Kaile came up with such a way to against him, he would not sit still. People like them, who have no secrets in their personal computers? Since Shao Kaile wants to play, then he will fulfill him.

When he enters her room, he sees Shao Mushuang, who is still crying while sitting at the bed. Shao Hong is not happy at the moment. She has been screaming for a whole morning, and it is not over yet. If it weren't for her, he wouldn't be so passive, and now she still cries, it's a shame.

"Shut up!" Shao Hong goes to a sofa in Shao Mushuang's room and sits down. Shao Mushuang, who hears Shao Hong's voice, immediately looks up and sees that the person who came is her brother and immediately stops. She looks at him cautiously, being afraid that he would lose his temper.

"You give me the contact information of the hacker you found!" After finishing, Shao Hong directly throws a laptop on Shao Mushuang's dressing table to her, who is sitting on the bed.

"Well, I will give it to you right away." This time, Shao Mushuang, who has no time to cry, thinks about sending Shao Hong away. After all, this brother is the existence she can't afford.

Shao Mushuang takes the computer and slides the mouse back and forth with the trembling hands. She fails to click open the things she needs several times, but she clicks out a stack of photos. Shao Hong, who is on her side, sees it and reaches for the computer. He finds that Shao Mushuang is as frivolous as Shao Kaile said.

"No wonder Shao Kaile is not willing to marry you. Why didn't I find you are such lustful before?" Shao Hong's voice is very gentle, but which lets Shao Mushuang fall directly from the bed to the ground.

"Brother... brother... I..." Shao Mushuang's words are not finished, and Shao Hong's eyes stop her. There is obvious impatience in Shao Hong's eyes. Shao Mushuang also understands that he does not want to control her affairs. If it is not because of this news, even if she is slutty, as long as she has not been exposed, then this would not happen.

"Okay, I don't have time to take care of you. Just give me the hacker's contact information. Besides, after you marry Shao Kaile, I hope that you can be self-respected. If you are photographed like this, let alone Shao Kaile, even if I would feel very shame, understand?" Shao Hong's hand gently slips over Shao Mushuang's cheek but Shao Mushuang unconsciously tremble, and even her forehead begins to sweat.

"Hey, you don't care for yourself, whom can you blame? I thought about that when I take over the company, I will find you a husband with a prominent background. I didn't expect you to ruin yourself, and you can only now blame yourself for not being self-respecting." Shao Hong sees Shao Mushuang finally finds out the hacker's contact information and does not want to spend time in this room with Shao Mushuang. His sister has no use at all now, and he has no choice but to hope that she will not find trouble for him.

After Shao Hong finishes, he leaves Shao Mushuang's room directly with Shao Mushuang's laptop.

After Shao Hong leaves, Shao Mushuang sits on the ground and looks at the door with no emotion in her eyes. She doesn't know if she can still live in this family. She feels scared when facing Shao Kaile. Initially, she thought that there is such a thing today, but as long as she cried, her mother dad would stand on her side but never thought that Shao Hong would treat her like this. However, because of Shao Hong, she knows that whether she is willing or not, her marriage with Shao Kaile cannot be changed. If she still wants to have a good life after marriage, then she has to tolerate everything and everyone in the future. She not only needs to please Shao Kaile but also needs to flatter his parents, which makes her feel that the days ahead are full of despair.

After a while, Yao Ye pushes the door in. She sees Shao Mushuang sitting on the ground and shakes her head, slowly walking to the side of Shao Mushuang and reaching out to pull her up. Yao Ye lets her sit on the bed, and she also sits next to Shao Mushuang.

Yao Ye sighs and says "Mushuang, why did you choose to play with Shao Kaile? When you said that you like Shao Ruihan, weren't you such firm? Then why don't you use these ideas on him? ..." Yao Ye's words have not been finished, and she sees Shao Mushuang dropping tears in silence, which makes her complain stops. After all, Shao Mushuang is also her daughter. When she saw those things, she was angry except for shocked, but there were more sad and heartache.

"Mom... I... is I... ruined..." Shao Mushuang says intermittently so that Yao Ye does not know how to answer. She doesn't want to lie to Shao Mushuang. She doesn't want to give her hope and then let her down. But now, before there is no better way, she can only marry Shao Kaile. There may be a turnaround in the future, but who will be sure about the future.

" still need to listen to your father and brother. you will wait for the marriage during this time. You have to understand that if you are not married, then not only you but also your brother will be implicated. Only your brother in our family has a higher position in Shao's family. If your brother's position can't be saved, then what do we still have that can be used to compete with other people in Shao's family?" Yao Ye's words are simple and clear, and the meaning is quite simple. There may be a turning point if she can bear the situation. If she can't stand it, then it will be a catastrophe.

For this sentence, Shao Mushuang thinks that Yao Ye gives up her to save her brother's position. As long as her brother can do well, everyone can live a good life. If her brother fails, then their family has no good days.

"I... I know..." Shao Mushuang says in a whisper, a pair of eyes staring out the window in confusion as if she has seen a hell-like future.

"Oh..." Yao Ye sighs and pats Shao Mushuang's shoulder and leaves Shao Mushuang's room.

After the house returns to calm again, Shao Mushuang's face shows a sad smile. She knows that Shao Kaile is not a good person. Since she must marry Shao Kaile, then she can better maintain her future life, then she can only please Shao Kaile. After all, in the eyes of her family, she has become waste chess.

After thinking about it, Shao Mushuang finds a white dress from the closet. She still remembers that when Shao Kaile saw her wearing this suit, he was so excited that her eyes were glowing. It is evident that Shao Kaile likes her to wear this dress. After that day, she stuffed the skirt into the bottom of the closet. She had vowed not to wear it in the future, because after that day, she has injuries all over her body and even almost went to the hospital.

Shao Mushuang changes the skirt. She only posts a chest sticker and wears a pure white thong. Sitting in front of the dressing table, she draws a light makeup. She knows that Shao Kaile likes such a woman because every woman who has been with Shao Kaile was pure at the beginning.

After finishing the makeup, she finds a pair of silver high heels and stands in front of the mirror and takes a deep breath. After making many psychological cues for herself, she takes out the phone and calls Shao Kaile to ask him to meet outside.

After hanging up the phone, Shao Mushuang takes a bag with black sunglasses on her face then goes out.

Shao Hong, who takes Shao Mushuang's computer to back to the room, is in contact with Yu Huan. It's nothing more than talking about how much money for stealing information from Shao Kaile's computer. Yu Huan would like to ask why he doesn't take information from the Shao's Group? Isn't that much easier? However, due to professional ethics, Yu Huan closes his mouth but gives an extremely high price. After all, only Tang Ningshan can handle this kind of job, and Tang Ningshan is short of money, so he needs to help her make money.

Shao Hong looks at the price given by the opposite person on the computer and is shocked. He didn't think about that stealing information from others' computer costs too much. The other party asks for a price of 10 million. Is there any secret in Shao Kaile's computer?

"Well, how long can I get the information?" Shao Hong quickly sends this message.

"Ms., what you want will be probably received at the latest tomorrow night. Please pay half of the deposit." Yu Huan also gives a reply soon.

Shao Hong sees this and hesitates. After all, the information has not been obtained, but he needs to cost five million. Is this too sloppy?

"Ms. If you have doubts about our credibility, then I suggest that you consider changing other people to serve you." Yu Huan sees that the other party does not reply for a long time, and says directly. After all, the second hacker like Tang Ningshan cannot be found in China. She is merely a world-class player. Although he has never seen Tang Ningshan's hacking techniques, she is extremely efficient in completing tasks every time, so he firmly believes that Tang Ningshan is particularly good at hacking.

"Well, I will transfer the money to you now, I hope you don't lie to me." Shao Hong sees the other party is confident, and he speaks very straightforwardly, so he would not worry. After all, there are a few people work on this kind of job, and it is easy to know whose technology is talented. It is said that the person is a famous master.

"Of course, after all, we have cooperated once, isn't it, Miss!" After Yu Huan finishes, he is ready to call Tang Ningshan. After all, 10 million are enough for her to buy a lot of things, he wants to know if she still intends to treat him a meal.

Yu Huan takes a look at the transfer information on the computer, and at the same time, dialing the phone.

"Hey, Ningshan, there's a new work, this time is worth more than the last time, how are you going to thank me?" Yu Huan's words are exciting. He sits leaning against the chair with a leisurely look.