Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 145

Chapter 131: chapter 130-- hug together

Shao Ruihan twists his eyebrows and watches Tang Ningshan comes in and reaches out to motion her to come.

"Shan, you see, is there any way to enlarge the position of this video. I want to see what the things in his hand are. If it doesn't work, whether I see the password of the safe." Tang Ningshan walks over to him. At that time, Shao Ruihan pulls her into his arms, and as if nothing happened, he says directly.

Tang Ningshan struggles a few times. She finds that Shao Ruihan's eyes do not leave the computer at all, and she gives up the struggle. But she misses the raised corner of Shao Ruihan's mouth and the favor in his eyes.

Tang Ningshan takes the computer from Shao Ruihan's hand and places it on her lap. Looking at the picture above, she begins to zoom in and adjust the number of picture frames, as much as possible to ensure the magnification in the original definition. However, Shao Ruihan behind her is continually changing his body position, making Tang Ningshan more comfortable. She finally leans comfortably in the arms of Shao Ruihan.

"Okay, look at it." After Tang Ningshan finishes, she immediately turns to Shao Ruihan. When she turns her head, her forehead passes through Shao Ruihan's mouth, which makes Tang Ningshan's face red. She immediately jumps out of Shao Ruihan's arms and secretly scolds herself for forgetting that she was sitting in the arms of him. Thinking of the scene just now, she feels her face begin to get redder.

"That... you see it yourself, I go out to breathe some fresh air." After that, Tang Ningshan rushes out of the house. But as soon as she comes out, she sees Shen Quan with a smile on his face. Tang Ningshan blushes and could only turn her head and runs into the room of Pu Jiayi.

When she enters, she sees a piece of unfinished carving work of Pu Jiayi. At this time, she discovers that Pu Jiayi's craft is excellent. A row of all kinds of wood carvings is placed on the bedside of Pu Jiayi, and each one is lively. If it is not because there is no coloring, Tang Ningshan will think it is true. She reaches for a little fox he has carved to put it in her hand.

Then she sees Pu Jiayi coming out of the bathroom with a bath towel around him. Tang Ningshan blinks and suddenly feels that she should not come to this room. Although she regards him as a younger brother, this is Tang Ningshan's first time to enter other's room without permission.

"Oh... I come to see what you are doing. Your worktable should be able to be sent today." Tang Ningshan smiles and says awkwardly.

Pu Jiayi nods, and there is no meaning of embarrassment at all. His calm appearance makes Tang Ningshan breathe a sigh of relief.

"Well, I will go out then. Also, the clothes you bought will be sent for a while. There are wardrobes, and they will help assemble, you design your position, put it according to your ideas. That's it." Tang Ningshan finishes and rubs Pu Jiayi's head. Tang Ningshan seems to like this kind of action. It may be because there was no relationship with the family before. Now there is such a younger brother who has a bright eye and is such pure, so she unconsciously wants to be close to him.

"Yeah." After Pu Jiayi replies, he prepares to take down his bath towel. Tang Ningshan sees it and immediately turns her head. It takes about a second to open the door and close the door.

After getting out, Tang Ningshan suddenly finds out that, in her room, she could not find a place to stay, which makes her feel very unhappy. This is her home, why she can't even find a place to go. Thinking this way, she walks over to the bedroom and pushes the door directly. The door slams.

"Shan?" Shao Ruihan looks up and looks at Tang Ningshan, who is unhappy, she's like a cat who is preparing to fight. He thinks she is charming, but he doesn't understand who annoyed her.

"Can you move outside to watch the video? I want to sleep for a while." Tang Ningshan does not know how to let Shao Ruihan go out. After all, he is doing business right now, but she has no place to go, only to let Shao Ruihan give her room.

"Tired? Come over." Shao Ruihan's eyes have a firm gentleness. His eyes are like a temptation to let Tang Ningshan unconsciously obey. After being taken to bed by Shao Ruihan, she finds out that she is leaning on him again.

"Hey!" Tang Ningshan shouts with dissatisfaction.

"Good girl, you can sleep in my arms for a while, I will continue to look at this." Shao Ruihan directly locks Tang Ningshan in his arms and lets her head rest on his chest. The breathing of the two people gradually becomes the same, and the atmosphere in the room is exceptionally harmonious.

After Shao Ruihan feels that the girl in his arms becomes softer and softer, and she is like having no bones, he only slightly moves. He adjusts his posture to make Tang Ningshan more comfortable.

Smelling the faint aroma of Tang Ningshan's body, his heart becomes very peaceful, and she instantly resolves the angry mood of him.

Lee comes back with a portfolio. He gently pushes the door open and sees two people hugging together. Tang Ningshan almost put all her weight of the body on Shao Ruihan's body, and Shao Ruihan is holding Tang Ningshan. Lee would like to go back and doesn't want to disturb this warm moment, because he sees a happy smile on Shao Ruihan's face.

The moment that Lee goes back, Shao Ruihan on the bed opens his eyes, glances at him, and looks at the girl in his arms. He puts Tang Ningshan aside and puts her head on the pillow. The action is quite gentle. He gets up and goes to the door quietly, being worried that he would weak the girl in sleep up.

After getting out of bed, Shao Ruihan also goes to the bedside to close the curtains. He intends to let Tang Ningshan take a good sleep. Later, under Lee's surprised eyes, he leaves the room.

"Here you are." Lee stands with his hand holding a portfolio, curiously looking at Shao Ruihan, he doesn't know what the situation is now.

"Go there, and I'll tell you." Shao Ruihan points to the sofa, walking over. He says as he walks.

When Shen Quan sees Shao Ruihan coming out and sees Lee's strange look, he curiously follows over.

"What's wrong?" Shen Quan asks curiously.

Lee shakes his head under the cold gaze of Shao Ruihan. He does not want to offend Shao Ruihan. He can talk about it later, but when facing him, he doesn't have that gut.

Lee immediately resumes his usual appearance. He hands the paper bag in his hand to Shao Ruihan and says "Boss, this is all the information of Shao Hong. All of them that can be found is here. Shao Hong is 28 years old, unmarried, has no fixed girlfriend, and usually lives very self-disciplined. However, he will regularly go to the hotel to date with different women, each time he is going to the same hotel, once or twice a month. There is no close friend of him. Now he is the general manager of the Shao's Group."

Lee stands on the side and says the contents of the information. Some of the materials are more related to the privacy of Shao's family, and it's not appropriate to directly speak out, so he directly hands it to Shao Ruihan to read.

Shao Ruihan nods and opens the portfolio. He takes a stack of information from the inside and read it carefully one by one. Combining with the video he just watched in Tang Ningshan's computer, he seems to have discovered something vaguely.

"It seems that we don't have to leave now, live here. You will go back later, don't come over for a while. If someone looks for me, you will say that I am out of the mission." Shao Ruihan finishes, holding the portfolio to back to the bedroom, and he leaves a back to Shen Quan and Lee.

At the moment when Shao Ruihan closes the door, Lee suddenly says "Captain, what about Li?"

"He will leave here." After that, the door is closed, and there is no sound.

Lee and Shen Quan looks at each other, and they both see a surprise from the other's eyes. However, they do not understand why Shao Ruihan changes his plan, but they would not interfere with Shao Ruihan's decision. All they have to do is execute the order. In the medicine box, Shen Quan takes out a lot of medicines prepared for Shao Ruihan on the coffee table. After that, he begins to pack the medicine boxes and is ready to leave. Since Shao Ruihan has already decided, they only have to do what Shao Ruihan means. After all, for many years, Shao Ruihan's decision has never been wrong.

After returning to the room, Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, who is quiet in bed. His face shows a smile. He goes to bed and puts the computer on the bedside table. He lies on the bed and reaches out to take Tang Ningshan into his arms. He presses her head to his chest. Tang Ningshan struggles for a few times because she is locked by his hand, and then gives up her movements. He unconsciously prints a kiss on her forehead.

After kissing him, he is stunned. He does not think that he would do such an action, but still intends to indulge himself. If he likes her, it is not bad. After all, Tang Ningshan is a pure and straightforward person, and every emotion will be shown on her face. Although she seems to have a lot of secrets, these things are not something he can explore now.

Smelling the smell of Tang Ningshan, he slowly closes his eyes. The amount of information of these things is a bit big today, especially the stuff in Shao Xingsheng's safe, so that he has the impulse to take a look at what is inside, but these actions need to continue planning.

After Tang Ningshan wakes up, it is already dark. She feels that she is in a warm place and is relaxed subconsciously. But she suddenly remembers that there is no such thing as a doll in the new home for her to hold. She looks up directly and sees Shao Ruihan frowning and closing his eyes. It seems to be very painful. This makes Tang Ningshan think of the fragile Shao Ruihan that day. Suddenly, she reaches out and touches Shao Ruihan's brow and gently rubs his eyebrows. Tang Ningshan shows a satisfied smile, but the next second, the hand placed on her suddenly tightens, so that her body is closer to him. Although both of them wear clothes, she could still feel the heat from

Shao Ruihan, which is so warm that she wants to get close to him.

Tang Ningshan suddenly stops her movement. She doesn't know if she should wake him up or let her enjoy the warmth of this moment. Just as Tang Ningshan struggles inside her heart, Shao Ruihan suddenly opens his eyes, and Tang Ningshan reaches out and pushes Shao Ruihan.

"Ah... why are you here?" Tang Ningshan turns and does not look at Shao Ruihan, being afraid that Shao Ruihan would find her strange.