Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 146

Chapter 132: chapter 131-- I won't resist

"Oh... I thought my Shan wants to ask why did I suddenly wake up. But it doesn't matter, even if I wake up, I can hold you as well." Shao Ruihan says while pulling Tang Ningshan in his arms. Tang Ningshan, who just got out of his arms, is pulled back directly. Because Tang Ningshan is not prepared at all, her face hits Shao Ruihan's chest, and her lips are accidentally bitten by herself, letting her make a sound "eh."

Shao Ruihan looks down at her and laughs. The smile on his face became stronger and stronger, and Tang Ningshan's face becomes as red as the apple. She feels that it's too shameful.

"What are you laughing at? You didn't see me being hit? Did you even laugh out? That's all your fault." In Shao Ruihan's opinion, Tang Ningshan is now spoiled. And Shao Ruihan says with a good temper: "Yes, yes, you can blame me. But if Shan, you don't slip away from my arms, I will not hit you, so next time you must not leave from my arms. good girl." Shao Ruihan's tone is like calming the child, and the smile on his face is almost overflowing, making Tang Ningshan even more embarrassed.


Tang Ningshan pushes him away, and Shao Ruihan's face changes immediately. Tang Ningshan looks back and sees Shao Ruihan, who starts to sweat, and reaches out to pull the clothes on him.

"Shan, are you ready to force me? Don't worry, take off slowly, I won't resist." Shao Ruihan finishes this sentence, putting his arms under his head and showing a leisurely look, which makes Tang Ningshan very speechless. How can he still joke with her at this time?

"Let me see!" Tang Ningshan has not been able to unlock his button for a long time. Because of her urgency, she is even more confused, and it takes a few minutes for a button to be untied. Tang Ningshan is so impatient that she directly tears up the clothes on Shao Ruihan.

"Shan, you don't have to worry so much, take it slowly, I won't run away, I will let you do whatever you want." Shao Ruihan leans on the bed and moves. He lets the body get closer to Tang Ningshan to facilitate her movements.

"Shao Ruihan, can you be serious? Did I touch your wound?" Tang Ningshan shouts as she begins to tear open the clothes of Shao Ruihan. Sure enough, a wound has already dyed the bandage red. Tang Ningshan looks at the position, and her expression becomes very serious.

"Shao Ruihan! If you don't care for yourself, get out from my house. Do you know that if the wound on your body can't heal, it will cause problems? why you were still making a joke with me?" Tang Ningshan completely doesn't know what word should be used to describe Shao Ruihan. She feels that Shao Ruihan must have a tendency to be abused. She used a lot of effort to push him, but he didn't make any noise, even joking with her.

"Yes, yes, Shan is right. I know I was wrong, please check the wound for me, okay?" Shao Ruihan also sees that Tang Ningshan is angry. As long as she is not happy, she will change her attitude immediately. Although he would like to know how much Tang Ningshan cares about her, how nervous she is, seeing her angry face, unconsciously, his tone of voice is softened, which is not like the usual Shao Ruihan.

"Hum!" Tang Ningshan sends a nasal tone and turns to get out of bed.

When Shao Ruihan sees it, he reaches out and stops her. Tang Ningshan glances back at him and says coldly: "Are you still not aware of your mistakes? I am going to bring your medicine. I don't know how you grew up. How can Shen Quan is willing to be your doctor? If you don't care for yourself, even if there are a hundred of Shen Quan, it's useless!"

After that, Tang Ningshan goes out of the room without turning back her head and does not want to see Shao Ruihan's expression.

Therefore, she also misses the expression of Shao Ruihan. She doesn't know how bright the smile on his face is when Shao Ruihan looks at her back after she turns back.

When Tang Ningshan takes medicine back, she sees that Shao Ruihan has obediently taken off the clothes that have been torn apart. There are thick bandages on his body, and only two arms are exposed, it's like he's wearing a vest.

Tang Ningshan looks at the bandage on Shao Ruihan speechlessly. In the end, she still couldn't control herself and laughs out.

"Shao Ruihan, you look funny. Is this bandage wrapped up by Shen Quan? Is he afraid that you are cold, he even made a strap vest for you, hahaha..." Tang Ningshan stands at the door, laughing for a long time. When she finds that Shao Ruihan's expression gets colder and colder, her laughter suddenly stops.

"Eh." Tang Ningshan coughs, and after a long time, she slowly says "I am joking, don't mind."

Shao Ruihan leans on the bed, and he does not say anything for a long time, and Tang Ningshan feels very scared. After all, she knows that Shao Ruihan is not good at all. If she annoys him, the unlucky one would be herself.

"You get up. I'll take apart the bandage on your body, change it to a new one, and then paint a little medicine on your wound." Tang Ningshan immediately changes the topic. She does not want Shao Ruihan to find her trouble. Tang Ningshan stands in a position that is one step away from him and says.

At this time, the smile on Shao Ruihan's face becomes enchanting, like a vampire, letting Tang Ningshan take a step back.

He sits up straight, raising his eyebrows and signaling Tang Ningshan to come over.

Tang Ningshan forces herself to walk to Shao Ruihan and take all the gauze wrapped around him. She checks other wounds, and there are no signs of cracking. She applies all the disinfectant and hemostasis to the injury and covers the wound with a bandage. The action is quite fast. After Tang Ningshan finishes wrapping, she remembers that the last time Shao Ruihan has reminded her. But this time, she involuntarily accelerates the speed again. Even if she is discovered, she can only accept this fact because she can't control herself.

Seeing Tang Ningshan bowing her head, Shao Ruihan knows what she is thinking. He pulls her to the bed. This time, Tang Ningshan does not dare to push him, and she is afraid to touch his wound. And Shao Ruihan pretends not to see anything, tightly locking her in his arms, and softly says "Shan, I am hungry..."

Hearing that he is hungry, Tang Ningshan wants to go out and take the phone to order a takeaway. But no matter how she struggles, Shao Ruihan is not letting her go. Tang Ningshan feels very speechless and could only say "You let me go, I will call a takeaway."

"You cook. We've got married for such a long time, but you haven't cooked for me. I want to eat the food you make." Shao Ruihan's head is placed on the shoulder of Tang Ningshan, and his lips are on the ear of Tang Ningshan. Every time he talks and breathes, Tang Ningshan can feel the airflow, which makes Tang Ningshan want to get out of the scope of Shao Ruihan.

"Well, I will cook for you right away. As long as you dare to eat, I will dare to cook." After Tang Ningshan finishes, she looks back at Shao Ruihan, meaning that if you want to eat, hurry up and let me go, otherwise you will keep being hungry. Shao Ruihan reluctantly allows Tang Ningshan to go and looks forward to the food cooked by Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan rushes out of the bedroom like a gust of wind. She does not understand why Shao Ruihan is very strange recently. And this strangeness is only for her, which is annoying.

Taking a deep breath and letting yourself come out of the strange feeling just now, Tang Ningshan goes to the kitchen. Opening the refrigerator, she finds that it is filled with fruits, drinks and there's no food for cooking. Tang Ningshan smiles.

Tang Ningshan takes out apples, oranges, kiwis, strawberries, and salad from the inside. She washes all of this, cutting them into small pieces, and then puts it in a glass bowl. Adding a salad dressing on it and putting a fork on it, Tang Ningshan is now looking forward to the look of Shao Ruihan after he sees the fruit salad.

She takes the bowl and goes into the bedroom. She puts things on the bedside table and instantly jumps a meter away. After that, she smiles and says "Eat, this is the only thing in the house. If you don't order takeaway, I am sorry that you may go hungry." After that, Tang Ningshan also sneaks a peek at Shao Ruihan and finds that he does not change his expression. Suddenly, she feels quite dull.

"You should eat some fruit as an appetizer first, and I will call a takeaway. What do you want to eat?" After Tang Ningshan finishes, she goes to the dressing table and picks up her mobile phone. Looking over the phone number while looking at Shao Ruihan.

"You order what you like." Shao Ruihan feels sorry for not eating something that Tang Ningshan cooks. But he can't let her go out to buy food. After all, it's already dark, and he will be worried if she goes out alone.

After that, Shao Ruihan picks up the fruit salad on the bedside table. After all, he is starving. He doesn't like the taste of salad dressing, so he puts the fruit with the salad dressing on the side and picks up the fruit without the sauce.

Tang Ningshan looks at his movements, she frowns, but does not say anything, after all, she could not control Shao Ruihan's habits.

Tang Ningshan takes the mobile phone, going out of the bedroom, and knocks on the door of Pun Jiayi. She is going to ask him what he wants to eat. Then she thinks of Li, who has been hiding in the study for a whole day. Tang Ningshan suddenly finds out that her house becomes a hotel, even her bedroom is occupied, and she also could not complain.

"System task, learn to cook a braised pork ball within three days, which must be full of flavor and fragrance. After the mission is completed, get a random reward. If the mission fails, the penalty will be upgraded."

"...system, are you kidding?" Tang Ningshan does not understand, she did nothing today, but why the system suddenly pops up.

"Master, because you don't know how to cook, this time I will allow you to learn to cook a dish. If the task can not be completed, you will be punished, hehe!" Its voice is particularly proud, probably because they have not communicated for a long time, the system is angry.

"...system, have I offended you in my last life? I remember the novels I read before. Other people's systems are very nice for the owner. Why are you different? You not only don't help me but also add trouble to me," Tang Ningshan complained.

"Master, you have to believe me. I am doing this for you. If you do not obey the task, you will regret it one day." When the system finishes, it shuts up again.

" go back, you haven't given me the recipe yet, how do I learn!" Tang Ningshan yells in her heart and hops that the system would quickly come out and give her recipes.