Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 147

Chapter 133: chapter 132-- do you want to kill yourself?

After a long period, the system does not respond. Tang Ningshan has no choice but to accept this reality. Since there is no recipe, she will order the braised pork ball tonight. Try the taste, and then there will be contrast.

After ordering the meal, Tang Ningshan sits in the living room. Suddenly, she remembers that recipes can be found online. Tang Ningshan feels that since she met Shao Ruihan, her IQ has become lower and lower. She used to face computers all the time, and all her experiences were learned online. But since she came to this body, she goes out every day. Slowly, she also forgets to learn something online.

She enters the room and takes out the computer, placing it on the coffee table in the living room, and she grabs a pillow and hugs it in her arms. She starts browsing the Internet and soon the recipe for the braised pork ball is found. It looks very simple, and she suddenly feels that the system is very kind to her.

Just then, the doorbell rings. Tang Ningshan enters the house and takes the wallet. When she opens the door, she sees the shy girl she saw at the mall near the hospital last time.

"Hey? How could it be you?" Tang Ningshan asks strangely.

"Oh, it's you, it's a coincidence." The girl's face does not have any surprised expression, and she even looks up and looks into the room, which makes Tang Ningshan feel strange. She seems to know that she lives here, which makes her unable to understand. However, she thinks that she must have overthought, taking over the food, and gives her the money in her hand, and then ignores this doubt.

After taking things into the room and putting them on the table, she opens the box. Looking at the dishes on the table, Tang Ningshan immediately frowns, immediately taking out the phone to make a phone call to the restaurant.

"Hey, hello, I am the person who ordered the takeaway. The things you sent are not the ones I ordered before." Tang Ningshan's tone is not good, and she tells them her address for them to check. If they send one wrong dish, she can understand, but they are all wrong, Isn't it way too outrageous?

"Hello, lady, your order has not been sent yet, have you made a mistake?" The waiter on the phone is very polite, the tone is very calm, and the attitude is very good, so Tang Ningshan thinks it might be as she said.

"A girl was coming to deliver the food for me, and she is about twenty-one years old. Is she your food delivery staff?" Tang Ningshan seems to understand where the strangeness came from just now.

"Sorry, Ms., there is no female delivery staff in our store. Your meal is just packed now. Now I will send you the takeaway. Please wait a moment." After the waiter finishes, Tang Ningshan responds and starts to stare at the food on the table.

Shao Ruihan comes out of the room, with only those gauze on his body, showing a strong upper body. He looks at Tang Ningshan who is staring at the table, walking over and sitting directly opposite Tang Ningshan. He reaches for a pair of chopsticks and is suddenly stopped by Tang Ningshan while preparing to pick up the vegetables.

"What's wrong?" Shao Ruihan asks curiously. This is the first time he is stopped by Tang Ningshan when eating.

"I don't know, but there is something wrong. This thing should not be my order, but how did she know the address here, and why did she deliver the meal? When I gave her the money, she also accepted it. There was no strange expression on her face." Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says her doubts. She just looked at the dishes and was thinking about it. She doesn't know why the girl would give her a meal. More importantly, why did she know that she lives here and know she ordered a takeaway?

"Who is she?" Shao Ruihan listens to Tang Ningshan's words and puts the chopsticks down. He is also very curious about Tang Ningshan's doubts.

"On the first day, you were in the hospital; I went to buy your daily necessities. In the mall, I met a waiter. She is the little girl who just gave the meal to me. She is very shy. But when she came to deliver the food, it seemed like when she saw me, she was not surprised at all, and she also looked into the room." Tang Ningshan finishes, still thinking about this problem, and not quite understands what is wrong.

"Put these dishes away, and I'll let people bring them to do the test. I will let people go to the security room of the community to check the monitoring, and then we will know what is going on." Shao Ruihan makes a quick decision. Tang Ningshan also agrees, after all, she is unwilling to think about this.

"Okay." Tang Ningshan responds with a sentence and then begins to think about how to cook braised pork balls. After all, she has no experience at all. And this is her first time learning new skills outside of the virtual space. Tang Ningshan is a little nervous and doesn't know where to start.

Tang Ningshan has been planning her study tasks, and Shao Ruihan is quietly watching her. Looking at the changing expression on her face, Shao Ruihan thinks that Tang Ningshan is worried about the takeaway.

"Shan, you don't have to worry." Shao Ruihan suddenly says.

"Ah?" Tang Ningshan hears Shao Ruihan's words and answers with a confused voice. She does not understand what Shao Ruihan meant.

"Oh, I am not worried." Tang Ningshan glances at Shao Ruihan and finds that he is looking at the dishes on the table. She realizes what he meant, but she is continuing to think about cooking.

After about twenty minutes, they have been in this state. Tang Ningshan is thinking quietly, Shao Ruihan is watching, and no one speaks, the atmosphere is very harmonious.

Finally, they hear the doorbell again. Tang Ningshan looks up to Shao Ruihan, and Shao Ruihan nods at her.

Tang Ningshan takes out a transform pen from her pocket and holds it in her hand. If something happens, she can handle it.

Through the door mirror, she sees a man wearing take-away clothes, wearing a hat with a restaurant logo on his head, and Tang Ningshan opens the door.

"Hello, is this Ms. Tang? It is your meal. Just now the manager said that you just called the restaurant to confirm that you have received the food. The manager told me to tell you that all the people in our restaurant are wearing the designated clothes with the designated hat, I hope that you will not make mistakes next time. You spend a total of 468 dollars." The man's face shows a smile, he gives a simple explanation, only then handing the food to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan takes over the things and takes the money from the wallet to hand it to him. After the man receives the money, he nods to Tang Ningshan and says "enjoy your meal."

"Thank you." Tang Ningshan finishes, directly closing the door. Once again, she takes things out and places them on the table, confirming that they are all that she ordered. But she doesn't know if they should eat it. After all, after experiencing the thing just now, who knows if there is any danger in it this time. This is not a dangerous thing for her, but she cannot guarantee the safety of Shao Ruihan. Tang Ningshan is very hesitant.

"Hey, or I will call Lin to send food, I am still a little worried." Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time, still intending to ask Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, and his mood is very complicated. He even suspects that Tang Ningshan is falling in love with him, otherwise, why would she care about him so much and worry about him? She is afraid that something is wrong with the dish, even if she has confirmed that these things are her order, she is still anxious.

"Shan... Baby..." Shao Ruihan lowers his head and looks at the dishes on the table, muttering. If it wasn't because Tang Ningshan has eaten the intensive potion and improved the gene of her, she couldn't hear the whisper of Shao Ruihan.

However, Tang Ningshan decides to pretend not to hear. This is too scary. In Tang Ningshan's heart, such a sentence should not be spoken out from Shao Ruihan's mouth. He is so gentle and affectionate, and his voice is trembling and moving. This makes Tang Ningshan somewhat unbearable. Tang Ningshan can only pretend not to hear, but can not control her blush.

"I let Li go back and take it." Tang Ningshan feels that she is easy to expose if she goes on in this way, so she immediately speaks to calm herself down.

"No, I will let them bring it over." Shao Ruihan pulls Tang Ningshan, who is going to stand up, his hand gently locks her wrist, she would not feel pain, but also cannot break free.

Shao Ruihan takes Tang Ningshan into the bedroom and pulls her to the bed. The two are sitting such quietly, Shao Ruihan does not have any extraordinary movements, just pulling her wrist.

However, this makes Tang Ningshan's heart beat faster and faster, and even let her think that her heart is about to jump out. Her palms begin to sweat, and she doesn't understand why she would become like this.

"Shan, it may not be safe recently. If possible, you should try not to go out. They are coming to me. I don't want you to be involved."

After Shao Ruihan finishes, he turns to look at Tang Ningshan on the other side and finds her face is flushed. When he slowly approaches her, he discovers that the girl is controlling her breathing, and to be precise, she is suffocating.

"...Shan, do you want to kill yourself?" Shao Ruihan shakes his head helplessly, not quite understanding what Tang Ningshan is doing.

Tang Ningshan sits in a dull, staring at the opposite wardrobe as if she has not heard the words of Shao Ruihan, still does not breath.

Shao Ruihan feels that she could not continue this way and gets up and presses against Tang Ningshan. Two people lie directly on the bed, one on the other. At this time, Tang Ningshan also comes back to herself and wants to push the person away. But thinking of his wound that has been split twice, the hand that has stretched out is taken back.

"Since you don't want to breathe, then I can help you." The words are finished, Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan bows his head, his head is getting closer and closer to her face. She doesn't react until she feels the coldness of her lips. Just as she wants to yell, his tongue directly goes into her mouth, leaving her mind blank. She does not understand what the situation is now. Weren't they still discussing security issues just now? Why does he suddenly kiss her?

The two people's lips are tightly pressed together. Shao Ruihan kisses very seriously, and he is very emotional. But looking at the girl under him, he feels a little frustrated. Although this is the first time he kisses her while she is awake, why does she react like this?