Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 148

Chapter 134: chapter 133-- do you want me to go?

Tang Ningshan opens her eyes, and there is no emotion in her eyes. Her thoughts have flown far away.

Shao Ruihan bites her lip gently.

"Ah..." Tang Ningshan feels the pain in her lips. When she wants to ask him what he was doing, Shao Ruihan speaks.

"You don't pay attention at this time?" After that, he does not wait for Tang Ningshan to answer, his lips are attached to hers again. There is no gap between the lips, but the kiss is sweeter than it was just now. Tang Ningshan can now be sure that she is kissed, and which is in the case that she is opening her mouth? His tongue reaches into her mouth?

Slowly, Tang Ningshan feels that her whole body is weak. Her hands unconsciously wrap around his neck. She moves lightly but in exchange for Shao Ruihan's more wild action. She wants to avoid the tongue he has put in, but he presses her head with his hand so that she could not move and could only respond.

Shao Ruihan feels the action of Tang Ningshan's response. His closed eyes suddenly open and his eyes flash. He looks at the girl with her eyes closed and her face is enjoyable, and Shao Ruihan feels extremely happy for the first time.

Tang Ningshan does not know how long the kiss lasted. She only knows that when the lips of the two people are separated, she feels that she has difficulty breathing, and even feels her lips burning when she speaks.

Shao Ruihan leans back with a leisurely look. He is like a lazy cat, which makes Tang Ningshan want to kick him directly to the ground.

She gives him a blank eye. She now understands that Shao Ruihan exists to tease her, find her trouble, and make her feel bad.

"Shao Ruihan, why are you still not going!" Tang Ningshan now hopes that Shao Ruihan will leave soon. She is lying in bed, gasping and blushing. Initially, Tang Ningshan's tone should be angry, but because of the kiss, her voice rises unconsciously, and the sound becomes full of temptation and reluctance.

"Shan, do you want me to go?" This is the first time Shao Ruihan asks Tang Ningshan with such expression and tone. The expression on his face is, and his tone is very solemn. It seems that if Tang Ningshan says "yes," he would leave immediately.

Tang Ningshan blinks and doesn't know if she should say yes or no. She could not help but hesitate. However, just as she wants to say no, she suddenly remembers the video that the system has shown her. She couldn't help but tremble, and she nods directly.

Shao Ruihan's face becomes stiff directly.

"Since you nod, it means that you hope me to stay. Very good, I know that Shan does not want me to go." After that, Shao Ruihan closes his eyes directly, which makes Tang Ningshan have no chance to refute. After all, Shao Ruihan's face writes that he does not want to be disturbed now. And she also doesn't want to find trouble for herself.

"Then you will go to the room of Jia Jiayi tomorrow, or go to the living room. I want to decorate the bathroom, and your wounds can't touch the dust. Or you can go outside the balcony and enjoy the sun."

When Tang Ningshan finishes, she gets up directly. She remembers that he did not seem to call Lee. She thinks it is because he doesn't want her to hear his conversation with Lee, then she leaves the bedroom to him and opens the door to go out.

Holding a laptop in her hand, she looks at the empty balcony and decides to buy some furniture here. The rocking chair is a good choice. It is best to buy a large umbrella to cover both rain and sun. After making up her mind, Tang Ningshan goes online to search for what she needs. She also buys a lot of things which could be used in the bathroom.

She clicks on the online chat program to see if Yu Huan has any news.

Sure enough, after logging in, she sees Yu Huan's message.

"Ningshan, the price has increased to 20 million, the other party required to get something before this evening. You can pick something useful to leave, then give her some of them."

Looking at the news from Yu Huan, Tang Ningshan bursts out with laughter. She never thought that Yu Huan would have such a small trick.

Shao Ruihan has been quietly standing behind Tang Ningshan, seeing her expression, his mood has become worse and worse, just it's like that Tang Ningshan has betrayed him. He knows that things are not like that at all, but he is uncomfortable, especially when he sees Tang Ningshan being pleased by a man other than him.

"Well, I will send it to you in a moment." After Tang Ningshan replies, she invades Shao Kaile's computer again. After entering, she opens the video directly. She has to check whether he is online now before she can steal information. After all, now is the peak period of the network, there are many people using computers.

As soon as the video is opened, Shao Kaile appears in front of the computer. She couldn't hear any sound, only to see Shao Kaile holding his chair with his hands and leaning his head against the back of the chair. Although he is frowning, his expression is enjoyable. Tang Ningshan has no choice but to install another software to extract sound.

After extracting the sound, she hears a gasping from Shao Kaile.

Tang Ningshan hesitates whether to turn off the video. However, the people inside the computer moves. A woman is pulled up from the bottom of the screen by Shao Kaile. She wears a long white dress with light makeup on her face. Her face is reddish, and she is pressed on the table by Shao Kaile.

"This is Shao Mushuang?" Tang Ningshan says quietly.


Tang Ningshan suddenly turns and looks at Shao Ruihan standing behind her. Once again, she is scared. There is no sound when this person is walking. If she is scared every day, she doesn't know if her heart can stand it.

"If you appear next to me, can you make a sound to inform me? Do you think that I have a long life, so you scare me every day?" Tang Ningshan says speechlessly.

"Yeah." Shao Ruihan finishes, sitting on the edge of Tang Ningshan.

But after a while, Tang Ningshan hears her name from the computer, which makes her turn directly to look at the screen, the picture above instantly makes her angry.

"I mean, are your Shao's family sick?" Tang Ningshan does not want to admit that she is angered. But who can hold back without being angry when one sees such a picture, and even the actor inside is calling her name.

"Shan, you can rest assured that his good days are coming to an end." Shao Ruihan extends his hand to hold Tang Ningshan. He gently touches her head and finally kisses her hair.

Tang Ningshan, who is focused on being angry, does not see the surging killing in Shao Ruihan's eyes and also not notice his the other clenched fist.

Two of them is looking at the screen, one is angry, and the other feels sick. The fierce action of the two people on the computer stops. Shao Kaile takes Shao Mushuang's hair and drags her to one side, just like throwing garbage. Looking at Shao Mushuang's face colliding on the ground, Tang Ningshan makes a sound, as if she feels the pain of Shao Mushuang.

"Shao Mushuang, do you think this can be over? It's still very early. After we get married, you will suffer more. Don't you like Shao Ruihan so much? Why are you so active today to find me? Do you feel that you have no hope? Then, turn around and ask for my help? Are you too overestimating yourself? You don't look at your appearance. Your body has been touched thousands of times. Now you even come to me? Do you think I will pity you?

Or do you think that you dress into the appearance of Tang Ningshan, Shao Ruihan will pay attention to you? Don't forget, in addition to me, and you have other sexual partners. Shao Ruihan will never fall in love with someone like you. I hope that you will be self-respecting in the future. Otherwise, I have a hundred ways to make you die very badly. Shao Kaile stands in front of Shao Mushuang, looking down at her, and says something quite hurtful. Shao Mushuang on the ground shrinks because of the painful body. The white skirt on her body is stained with blood.

"Oh, I didn't expect that such a lewd person would be a virgin. You surprised me. "Shao Kaile finishes, going back to the chair and sitting down, does not look at the woman lying on the ground.

"You'd better go back and see what plan your dad and brother have, and then come and tell me, like last time. But I didn't expect your dad to be such useless. It is obvious that Shao Ruihan was shot and he could still escape. It's a waste." Shao Kaile's face is angry, which makes Tang Ningshan feel sick.

"They are trying to hurt you?" Tang Ningshan looks at the side and asks Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan quietly looks at Tang Ningshan, does not speak, which makes Tang Ningshan understand that the person who wants to kill him is his family.

"What are you going to do?" asked Tang Ningshan.

"Sit tight." Shao Ruihan finishes, leaning on Tang Ningshan's body, this time Tang Ningshan does not push him away.

Tang Ningshan feels that even if Shao Ruihan does not express his sadness on the surface, he is desperate. They are family, although they are only cousins, they also want to put him to death.

After a while, Lee comes over with a few people and food. Everyone has a box in his hand. What makes Tang Ningshan curious is that Shen Quan is not in these people, but she does not think she needs to ask. After all, Shen Quan is a doctor, and he may be not good at chemical testing.

Lee takes things to Shao Ruihan, and Shao Ruihan puts the food on the coffee table. Lee also takes another two meals and sends them to Li and Pu Jiayi. After all, there are two of them living in this room.

After two people finish their dinner, Shao Kaile also leaves the computer. Tang Ningshan quickly checks the contents of the computer. She suddenly finds two more documents, she copies directly to her laptop, intending to let Shao Ruihan analyze and let him decide which part of the material should be passed to Shao Hong.

The people brought by Lee also complete the test.

"Boss, it's the same as last time. These are all drugs that are harmful to the spirit. However, this time the effect is much more obvious than the previous one. After eating, if you don't wash your stomach in time, it will easily cause confusion. After that, No one knows what will happen." Lee says, standing there quietly waiting for the order.

"You will go downstairs to check the monitor to see who sent the girl here. Also, grab Shao Kaile's personnel. The action must be neat, push all the responsibility to Shao Hong. Aren't they ready to get married? I will give them a big gift." Shao Ruihan is very angry at this time, just like the ancient emperor. Everyone in front of him is scared by his words. Although Shao Ruihan's face does not have any expression, you could not even see a hint of coldness on his face, but which lets the people next to him feel cold. Tang Ningshan is the first to see such Shao Ruihan.