Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 149

Chapter 135: chapter 134-- unfamiliar Shao Ruihan

Lee feels the anger of Shao Ruihan. He is like a sleeping lion whose territory was invaded. Now, when the lion wakes up, are these small animals who came to his land going to suffer? The game has just begun. Thinking of this, Lee even thinks whether that all the things that they have investigated for these years will be cleared.

Tang Ningshan looks at the unfamiliar Shao Ruihan. For the first time, she does not know what words should be used to describe his current state. She thinks that anger is not enough to define the current Shao Ruihan.

But this also makes Tang Ningshan once again believe that Shao Ruihan is a dangerous person. They are not suitable for close contact. Otherwise, according to her temper, her secret will be exposed to him one day sooner or later.

And this evening, Shao Mushuang calls Ni Zizhu again to discuss what they have considered before.

When Ni Zizhu receives a call from Shao Mushuang, she is quite surprised because she has not seen Shao Ruihan for two days. She doesn't know if he is still in the ward. Every day, a doctor would enter the room. Even the nurse has been replaced by another military doctor. She is transferred directly from the military hospital, which makes Ni Zizhu feel strange. However, she is about to be promoted soon, and there cannot be any mistakes, so she has been waiting for opportunities. Once, she tried to get close to the ward, but every time she was directly blocked.

Looking at the name of Shao Mushuang on the phone, Ni Zizhu does not hesitate and takes the call directly.

"Ni, my cousin, how is he doing recently?" Shao Mushuang's voice is fragile.

"I haven't seen him for two days. Soldiers surround his ward, and no one is allowed to enter. Even the nurses and doctors in our hospitals can't enter. I don't know how he is doing recently." Ni Zizhu says helplessly. She and Shao Mushuang reached an agreement, and the two people cooperate to get Tang Ningshan away. Then Shao Ruihan is hers, and she will repay Shao Mushuang in the future. However, she did not expect that things would become like this now.

"What are you talking about?" Shao Mushuang shouts in shock.

"I said, I haven't seen Shao Ruihan for two days. I don't know how he is doing now, you hear me?" Ni Zizhu repeats the words just now; she does not understand why Shao Mushuang is so surprised.

"Oh, then our plan can't be done?" Shao Mushuang's tone is disappointing.

"Well, we can only re-plan it. After all, I have no way at all. Otherwise, you see if you can ask Tang Ningshan go out? if it's possible, then we can make a new plan." Ni Zizhu begins to come up with ideas. She doesn't like Tang Ningshan at all, especially after Tang Ningshan humiliated her in the army. At that time, she could not wait to kill Tang Ningshan directly, but she knew she could not, so she had been holding back. She hopes to take revenge one day. The reason why she stays in A city is that she wants to marry Shao Ruihan, and the second is to retaliate against Tang Ningshan. Therefore, when Shao Mushuang sought her cooperation, she did not hesitate and immediately agreed.

"It should have been impossible in the recent period. Let's talk about it later. that's all." Shao Mushuang says that then she hangs up the call.

Although she wants to let Tang Ningshan leave from Shao Ruihan, she will soon marry Shao Kaile. Moreover, now that Ni Zizhu can't see Shao Ruihan, this plan can only be carried out after she gets married. Thinking so, she suddenly realizes that Shao Ruihan would appear on her wedding day. There is a thought in her heart. She suddenly feels that marriage is not a terrible thing.

The other side, the atmosphere of the Tang's family is not such nervous.

With the headlines of Shao Kaile and Shao Mushuang, Yin Bilu's affairs are quickly suppressed. Now all the people are discussing the things about Shao's family. After all, Shao's family is a famous family in A City. Such scandals of them were exposed so that many of Shao's competitors are happy to see it.

After that day, Ying He would give a cup of sleeping pills to Ying Yichun every night. She will go out to date with her brother at night. She proved that Yin Bilu is the daughter of her brother and asked him to help Yin Bilu.

Recently, Yin He knows that her brother Yin Liangxing is now a manager at a casino. His position is higher than ordinary people, which makes Yin He very happy. She even thinks that only Yin Liangxing can help her and Yin Bilu. After all, Tang Yichun has begun to distrust her, and he does not discuss many things with her. He does not pay much attention to what she says.

And this evening, Yin He comes to the Dio Hotel again. Yin He also says what she wants to say most. She first gives a photo of Tang Ningshan and Song Zhu to Yin Liangxing and then says something about Brother Leopard.

After Yin Liangxing sees the photo of Tang Ningshan, there is only one thought left in his head, that is, to get the woman to his side. Even if he is tired of her, he can sell her at a reasonable price.

"You tell me what is going on in the end? Do you understand these people? What is their background?" Although Yin Liangxing wants to get Tang Ningshan, he also knows his ability. He knows that in places like A city, there are some people he can't afford. He doesn't have to find trouble for himself because of a woman.

"Tang Ningshan is the daughter of Tang Yichun. I don't like her. After Tang Yichun and Tang Ningshan made a paternity test, he discovered that she is his biological daughter, and then he does not care about Bilu. Bilu was very sad, so she went out to play with her classmates, but did not expect..." Yin He's voice becomes sobbing, her eyes are filled with tears, and she looks very pitiful. Her body leans on Yin Liangxing's body.

"Go on." Yin Liangxing's hand touches Yin He's body. Looking at the appearance of Yin He just now, he begins to have a desire again.

"Bilu and her classmates went to a bar. Her classmate is a bitch. Brother Leopard raped her, and she was going to involve Bilu in, so those photos were exposed. How could I not hate them? So I want them to have no good ending, I have to avenge Bilu." The hate of Yin He becomes more and more intense.

"Hey, your daughter is like you, you are such debauchery, you are the bitch." After Yin Liangxing says, he directly presses on Yin He's body.

"You haven't promised me yet." Yin He gently pushes him, making Ying Liangxing more excited.

"Well. I will answer you in two days." After that, he no longer gives Yin He the opportunity to speak. One night's time passes.

Tang Yichun, who has been sleepy for several days, begins to doubt. Every time after Yin He gives him milk, he would fall asleep soon. He wakes up every day until morning. Although there is nothing wrong with this, every time he sleeps in the chair of the study, he feels back pain the next day. However, his sleep situation is clear to him. He can't sleep before two o'clock in the middle of the night before. Why he falls asleep so early these days? And it's even deep sleep.

He didn't doubt a few days ago, but these two days, when he gets up, Yin He is still asleep. On one occasion, he vaguely saw that there is a scar on Yin He's body, which makes him suspicious. He plans not to drink the glass of milk tonight, and see if Yin He has any tricks.

About nine o'clock, Tang Ningshan wakes up again from Shao Ruihan's arms. This time she doesn't have any expressions, and she doesn't feel strange. She has even begun to get used to waking up from his side. She gets up, washing her face, and takes a suit from the closet. She puts those dirty clothes in the washing machine before she comes out of the bathroom.

Looking at Shao Ruihan who is still asleep, Tang Ningshan does not want to bother. She plans to go out shopping today and buy some pork. After all, the task of the system must be completed. Otherwise, the unlucky one is herself.

Getting out from the bedroom, she sees Li and Pu Jiayi eating breakfast together.

"Mrs. Shao, come and have breakfast." Li sees Tang Ningshan and asks directly.

Tang Ningshan nods and sits beside Pu Jiayi, showing a gentle smile to Pu Jiayi.

"I will go out later. You are waiting at home, some people will come to deliver things, and there is a bathtub. Put an eye on them. Li, after confirming their identification, you can let them in." Tang Ningshan worriedly says.

Li wanted to go out with Tang Ningshan. But seeing Tang Ningshan has arranged other tasks for him, then he can only shut up and obey.

Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time and asks "Are you carrying a gun on your body?"

Her words make Li stunned, but he still has to answer Tang Ningshan's question.

"Mrs. Shao, we usually are not allowed to carry guns."

"..., okay, then I will be back soon."

Li doesn't quite understand Tang Ningshan's words, but he also knows that the current situation is not very optimistic and it's even dangerous. However, he does not think that anyone dares to come and shoot Shao Ruihan.

She quickly drinks the porridge in the bowl and tells Pu Jiayi that she is going out to buy something. Then she goes out with her wallet and cell phone.

Downstairs, she slowly walks out of the community. Suddenly, she thinks that she should get a driver's license. After all, she should buy a car herself, and it is very convenient to have a car.

She thinks while walking. By mistake, she suddenly hits a person. Tang Ningshan immediately apologizes.

"I'm sorry."

When she finishes, she looks up and sees a man standing in front of her with a gentle appearance. His expression is cold.

"Sorry? Are you blind? Didn't you see anyone in front of you? It's terrible. There must be no good things today." The man's angry curse makes Tang Ningshan start to think whether she is also unlucky today. As soon as she goes out of the door, she meets such a strange person. She just hit him but why he is such angry.

Tang Ningshan stands in the same place and listens to him. After all, she hit him.