Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 15

Chapter 1: chapter 1--death and reborn

There was a violent explosion at a chemical plant in A city. The reason is unclear, according to the insider, the explosion was caused by people. To know the detail information, please pay attention to the follow-up report from our TV station.

"Damn, didn't you say that there wouldn't be any problem, why is this happening?"

"..., you can't blame me, you are so lazy that we miss the best time to escape..."

"Shit, you are the most unreliable system."

"...No defamation, I am the best super system in the world, it's you who don't possess the superb skill, how could you blame me."

"Okay, so tell what to do next!"

"There are two choices, one is that I find a body for you, and you get in. The other is that you find a body yourself and get in."

"So hurry up. No more nonsense!"

"You didn't choose."

"If I can choose everything, then you have no meaning to exist."


The morning sun shone through the window into the house, there is a beautiful woman lying on the bed, her expression is ferocious, and she is frown, a slender arm draped over the quilt. The woman on the bed wiggles lightly, it seems that she is going to awake, her eyebrows unfold, if someone see her now, he must commend her as beauty!

Her black hair draped over her shoulders, she rubs her eyes unconsciously, a delicate little face flushed, she opens her mouth, the quilt on her body slides down, showing her shoulders, and there are some faint red marks.

Tang Ningshan wakes up, and looks around. She knows the host of this house must be rich. A king size bed, and jewelries and perfumes spread all over the dressing table, lambskin carpet is put on the ground, there is huge French window opposite the bed. Curtains on the window are opened, leaving a gap, which makes the house more bright, this room is about 80, 90 square meters, but there is no other furnishings.

As soon as Tang Niangshan moves, she feels a sense of strange between her two legs, she quickly lifts the covers, seeing that her body fulls of bruises, especially her chest. She can clearly see the handprint. A clump of red stimulates her emotion.

Tang Niangshan's veins are up in her forehead.

"System, if you are unable to explain what happened, I will never let you go, I am a virgin, how could I become a woman who had lost her first time, after I reborn! What should I do now?"


"I will send you the memory, you can see it yourself, but now you need to be calm."

After 20 minutes, Tang Ningshan thinks herself was appended by evil, how could she become such unlucky, she want have made a explosion to destroy something harmful, but finally sacrificed her own life. Her new body and identify makes her feel more guilty.

"Master, I suggest that you'd better have a rest, it's not stable now, if you don't have a good rest, it's easy to have a rejection reaction."

"It's better to reject, what kind of body did you find for me, there is no one loves her, finally she was sold by others, and she even counts money for others, all the things that belong to her was stolen, while she still takes it for grand. She is not a goddess." Tang Ningshan couldn't stand this situation, having no idea that how could people like her can exist until now. What's worse, her previous first night was lost easily.

"My master, only this body can match with your magnetic field, or I wouldn't..." the volume of system gets smaller and smaller, and gradually disappears in her mind.

Tang Ningshan throws herself on the bed, she has to accept this truth, although the system is not reliable, it will never hurt her. The only good thing is that now she can control this body, let her change the situation after sleeping.