Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 150

Chapter 136: chapter 135-- neuropathy

"Why are you staring at me? I have seen a lot of women like you. Are you going to hit me and create an encounter? Although you are a little more beautiful, now beautiful women are all over the street. As long as you have money, they will come. The one I most despise is a woman like you, who seduces a man by creating a coincidence?" After listening to the opposite person, Tang Ningshan raises a wave of anger in her heart. The man looks gentle, but when he is speaking, it makes Tang Ningshan feel sick. His words and deeds do not match his appearance completely.

"I mean, gentleman. I was thinking about things with my head bowing. This street is such wide, and I still walked along the right road. Even if I hit you, it is because that you retrograde. Not to mention I have already apologized to you. Have I hurt you? Why do you curse me like this? Don't you know your appearance? You said that I seduce men? Even if I want to seduce men, I really won't attract people like you. "Tang Ningshan finishes, and she leaves without turning back. She does not intend to argue with him anymore. although he seems to have accepted high education, and also he is wearing brand-name clothes, Tang Ningshan thinks he is particularly rude."

"Hey, do I allow you to go? Do you think that you can solve this problem with an apology? Who do you think you are? Who knows how you got into this community? Look at your clothes; the total value will not exceed 1000, how can you enter such a community?" The man sees Tang Ningshan want to go, immediately going forward to stop her from leaving.

"What do you want? Do you need me to repeat the words just now?" Tang Ningshan says quite loudly to the man.

The quarrel between the two people has caused the attention of passers-by. After a while, they are surrounded by many people. The people around stop to see what happened, and some of them are whispering.

"What do you think is going on? The girl is not like the man said. Although her dress is very ordinary, no one has prescribed that the tenant of this community must wear a brand name."

"Yes, that man is way too unqualified. He stops the girl and prevents her from leaving. This behavior is insulting."

"exactly. This girl just accidentally bumped into him, not to mention that the girl has already apologized. He is too unreasonable."

"Now, people who have some money feel that they are superior. They dare to say anything."

The onlookers are discussing their ideas, but they all support Tang Ningshan. After all, Tang Ningshan did not do anything wrong, but the man is not happy.

"If you don't make it clear today, you are not allowed to go. How do you prove that you are a resident here? If you are not a resident here, how did you come in? Look at your shabby look, how do you get into such a high-end community?"

"Oh, why should I prove it to you? Who are you? You curse me, I can bear it, but if you reach out and touch me, don't blame me for being impolite." Tang Ningshan is very anxious, being worried that something will happen when she is not in the home. However, this man is annoying, and she wants to beat him.

"So what? What I don't lack is money. "When finishing, the man takes out the wallet. He takes a stack of money from the wallet and reaches directly to Tang Ningshan."

"See that? I have money. If you can't prove that you are a resident here today, then I will pay for you to serve me for a day, so that you can enjoy the treatment of a senior community." The money is thrown toward Tang Ningshan's face.

Finally, Tang Ningshan could not stand him. Fuck, he thinks that she didn't talk, so she is a soft touch?

Tang Ningshan reaches out to grab the man's wrist. She puts the man down on the ground with a suplex. She also takes out her wallet from her pocket. She takes out a card from the inside, shaking it in front of the man, and then puts it back.

"Have you seen it? This is my access card. Anything else I need to show you?" Tang Ningshan steps on the man's body with one of her foot. With sarcasm and disdain on her face, she says with anger. This moment, Tang Ningshan exudes the Queen's breath, but this makes the man under her feet have a different view of her. This man is a famous person in this community. He is a masochist, a manager of a company, and a celebrity in the business circle. Unfortunately, Tang Ningshan does not have any knowledge about these aspects. She just moved to this neighborhood a few days ago, so she doesn't know that there is such a weirdo.

"I see it, I am sorry." The expression on the man's face immediately becomes very flattering, which makes Tang Ningshan unable to adapt. After listening to his words, she has goosebumps all over her body.

"Then can I go now?" Tang Ningshan glances at him with a squint and says coldly.

"Yes, sure, girl, can you leave me a phone number?" The man follows Tang Ningshan with a look of expectation.

"Go away!" Tang Ningshan shouts and strides away, leaving only the man standing there as if he has been abandoned. Tang Ningshan does not know that the man has been standing there after she left. Because he has seen Tang Ningshan's access card, he thinks that since she goes out, she would come back sooner or later, and he decides to wait here.

Out of the community, Tang Ningshan finds a good supermarket, which is very close to her house. Because she needs to buy a lot of things, especially meat, she lets the supermarket directly deliver those things to her home. After buying what she needs, Tang Ningshan also forgets what happened just now. She begins to plan where to start and how to cook after going back. Her house doesn't have many cooking tools, but it doesn't affect her mood that is getting better.

When she finishes shopping, it is almost in the afternoon. Tang Ningshan thinks about her task and could not help but speed up. When she enters the community, she sees the man she met in the morning. Tang Ningshan frowns and passes directly through the man.

"Girl, wait a minute." The man sees Tang Ningshan pass straight through him and wants to reach out to grab her. However, he could only shout when he thinks of the action of Tang Ningshan in the morning.

Tang Ningshan directly blocks his voice. She doesn't understand that she has been away for so long, why would she meet him again.

Tang Ningshan's footsteps are faster than before, and she does not want to be surrounded.

"Girl! Girl! Wait for me." The man shouts behind her.

Tang Ningshan sees that he has been chasing after her and then she begins to run. Because she has received training, and Tang Ningshan also does not want to be entangled by him at all, her speed is breakneck, and in a few minutes, Tang Ningshan disappears directly in the sight of that person.

"Girl, I don't believe you will never come out." The man sees that Tang Ningshan's back is no longer visible. He walks along the place where Tang Ningshan ran through and plans to wait there.

After going upstairs, Tang Ningshan takes a deep breath and opens the door to enter the house. She puts on her slippers and sees four people sitting in the living room, Shao Ruihan, Qu Bo, Ji Jun, and Xuan Yun. She doesn't know what they are discussing.

Shao Ruihan looked at Tang Ningshan's head with sweat, and asks strangely: "What happened to you?"

Tang Ningshan's face is unpleasant. Being chased, she is not feeling well, and says with a lousy tone: "Nothing, I encountered a neuropathy downstairs."

After that, Tang Ningshan goes into the bedroom and closes the door. She can only find a few funny videos to ease the mood.

Going to the closet, she takes out a set of home clothes and then stands on the ground and starts to take off her clothes. She does not know why, since she came out of the army, Tang Ningshan does not like the feeling that the clothes that are wet by sweat are stuck on the body.

When Tang Ningshan takes off her clothes and prepares to put on the clothes that have just been taken out, Shao Ruihan pushes the door in. He sees Tang Ningshan, who is only wearing underwear, he is shocked, and quickly enters the house to close the door.

Tang Ningshan, who has been immersing in her emotions, does not find Shao Ruihan coming in. It is not until Shao Ruihan's hand touches the back of Tang Ningshan that she reacts.

"Ah!" Tang Ningshan screams and turns back.

Shao Ruihan puts down his hands speechlessly, shrugging and touching his ear embarrassedly.

"Shan, although I like to hear your voice, now you should control yourself. After all, several people are sitting outside. Your voice will make them misunderstand."

"Shao Ruihan! Who permit you to come in." Tang Ningshan throws the clothes in her hand to Shao Ruihan. Shao Ruihan ducks the clothes flying to him, and the clothes are thrown onto the bed. And because of her movements, the underwear on her body accidentally slips from her body.

Shao Ruihan's eyes stare at her, and there is a strange glow in his eyes.

Tang Ningshan also feels that Shao Ruihan's eyes fall on her, and says with anger: "What are you looking at? Hurry out!"

Shao Ruihan withdraws his gaze because of Tang Ningshan's shouting. He looks at Tang Ningshan's face and says, "Shan, although I don't mind that you dress like this, someone will install the bathtub in a while, you are sure that you are not going to hurry to put on your clothes?"

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with fun. He even thinks that if Tang Ningshan plans not to wear it, then they would go straight to sleep. Anyway, she has taken off her clothes.

"Damn!" Tang Ningshan gives a supercilious look to Shao Ruihan, going to bed and taking the clothes to put them directly on the body.

"You don't go out?" Tang Ningshan doesn't want to see Shao Ruihan at all. Especially after meeting the weirdo in the morning, she would be angry as long as she sees men.

"Well, clean up your bedroom stuff, and they will come to install the bathtub. You can let Li stay in the room to monitor them. There will be dust when decorating, so you take the computer and come out to the living room." Now, Shao Ruihan also does not dare to annoy Tang Ningshan. Although he likes to see Tang Ningshan's angry appearance, it is not the time now.

After Shao Ruihan finishes, he leaves the house to Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan also understands that Shao Ruihan was not intentional. She is also not such unreasonable, anyway, he has also seen her body. They even did something more intimate, so she doesn't care. Then she walks out of the house with her computer.