Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 151

Chapter 137: chapter 136-- help to investigate someone

"After you left, your stuff was delivered. Everything is on the balcony. Li said that they are your new purchases. You should check it." Shao Ruihan sits on the sofa and points at a pile of parcels on the balcony.

"Yeah." Tang Ningshan puts the computer in her hand on the coffee table. She does not bother their conversation, quietly going to the balcony and starting to unpack.

She takes out a folding table from the box; the table has a hole for installing the parasol. These are all folded, so they are very light. She places the table directly on the terrace outside the balcony, and the table is just the right size.

Then, she continues to take out all the things in the other packages. She also bought two chairs, which are well designed, with leather on one side and plush on the other side. The chair can be turned over, which makes Tang Ningshan particularly fond of it.

Putting both chairs beside the table, Tang Ningshan nods with satisfaction. Then she goes to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee and put it on the table on the balcony. She leans against the chair and begins to enjoy the sun. When the warm sunshine falls on her, Tang Ningshan feels for the first time that she has a feeling of before, which is warm, comfortable, relaxed and also she does not need to worry about anything, and doesn't need to care about anyone.

In a few minutes, Shao Ruihan comes over. Because the sun is too bright, she squints.

Shao Ruihan puts her computer on the table and helps her open the umbrella. Without saying anything, then he goes back and discusses with Ji Jun again.

Just now his actions shock several of them. Even before, Shao Ruihan did not show such a thoughtful side.

After they finish talking about the business, Qu Bo takes a look at Shao Ruihan and goes to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan looks helplessly at Qu Bo and feels that he has something to seek her help. However, he is not Shao Ruihan, and she can't be too indifferent to him.

She points at the opposite chair and motions him to sit down.

"What's wrong? Anything I can help you?" Tang Ningshan looks at Qu Bo's stiff face. She doesn't think he will speak first, so she can only ask.

Qu Bo nods.

"What? Do you mind telling me?" Tang Ningshan looks at the expression on Qu Bo's face, which has a trace of embarrassment, so she could only continue to ask.

Qu Bo continues to nod.

At this time, Tang Ningshan has already begun to growl in her heart. "Come on, man. Have you made a mistake? You have something to ask me, but why do I always feel that the situation is that I am seeking for your help."

"Shao Ruihan!" Tang Ningshan feels that she could not communicate with Qu Bo. Subconsciously, she shouts the name of Shao Ruihan.

After Shao Ruihan hears her voice, he comes over. Ji Jun is quickly following the back of Shao Ruihan. He would like to know why Qu Bo is seeking the help of Tang Ningshan. After all, when they lived in the same house before, Qu Bo and Tang Ningshan had little communication.

Xuan Yun, who has been sitting on the sofa, seems to think of something, and also follows them. Then the small balcony is filled with five people.

Qu Bo sees that they all come over, the expression on his face is getting more rigid, and he does not know how to express it.

"He wants you to help him check someone." Shao Ruihan says the meaning of Qu Bo in one sentence.

"Is that the case?" Tang Ningshan turns to look at Qu Bo.

Qu Bo stiffly nods.

"I thought it is a big deal. Do you know the other party's name? What information do you want to check? If you want to steal information from his computer, you need to tell me the address of the other party." Tang Ningshan says easily. She smiles when she speaks.

"Fan Jingrou." Qu Bo's voice is very depressed as if he is restraining something. Tang Ningshan looks up and looks at Shao Ruihan, and Shao Ruihan nods at her.

Tang Ningshan turns on the computer; she directly invades the public security registration department. At the very least, she has to know who this person is before she could continue to investigate her information.

"What do you want to know?"

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan who very easily enters a network system that other people might not be able to see for a lifetime. His eyes flash, but he does not speak.

Ji Jun and Xuan Yun can't see the computer screen, but looking at the speed of Tang Ningshan's hand, for the first time, they think that this girl could match Shao Ruihan.

"Address, phone number, if you can, I still want to know her recent situation." Qu Bo finishes, Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan again. After all, the other party is a woman, so she still feels a bit guilty when she checks the privacy of her.

"She was the girlfriend of Qu Bo. We don't know why she suddenly left. Qu Bo doesn't know what happened. Some days ago, I saw her in the video you gave me, only to know that she lives in A city now, so he wants you to help him check." Shao Ruihan is like a translator of Qu Bo. Every time Shao Ruihan speaks out a word, Tang Ningshan would find that Qu Bo's face would get paler. As soon as Shao Ruihan finishes, Qu Bo begins to sweat.

Tang Ningshan feels that she could help him with this, and directly finds out the address of the other party.

According to her address, Tang Ningshan invades her computer. After all, this is the fastest way to know the other person's current situation. In this age, mobile phones and computers are everywhere in people's lives.

After entering, Tang Ningshan hands the computer to Qu Bo. After all, she is not such a gossip; she is not interested in the privacy of others. Even she has never been seen the videos in Shao Kaile's computer. She just copied it to her laptop, and she deleted them after Shao Ruihan watched.

"Shan, someone is using the computer." as soon as Tang Ningshan leaves, Shao Ruihan sees the picture on the screen moves.

Tang Ningshan immediately sits back again and opens the camera of the other party's computer. A woman appears directly in front of the computer screen. Coincidentally, she had seen this woman before. That day, when Shao Kaile gave her the drug in the hospital, the charming woman was in Shao Kaile's car.

"How could it be her?" Tang Ningshan whispers.

"Shan, do you know her?" Shao Ruihan asks immediately after hearing it.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says "Do you still remember that day? On the day when Shao Kaile gave me medicine, she was in Shao Kaile's car."

When it comes to Shao Kaile, they are very shocked, except Shao Ruihan. Although Ji Jun and Xuan Yun do not know what happened, they read the newspaper that day. The story has been raging, and now almost everyone in A city knows Shao Kaile and Shao Mushuang.

Tang Ningshan stands up and walks into the bedroom. She pulls out a notebook and a pen to write down the other party's phone number and address.

After that, she returns to the balcony and hands it to Qu Bo.

"Here you go, this is her phone number and address. Although I don't know if she is your girlfriend now, and there are some words should not be said by me. But when I saw her that day, they were in the car, and they are... if It's not that I suddenly knocked on the window, maybe...the rest of the matter is your consideration." After that, she leaves the balcony. After all, such a thing is not something she can participate in. She has no position and does not want to be involved.

After Tang Ningshan finishes speaking, Ji Jun runs to the side of the computer, standing behind Shao Ruihan, watching the people on the computer. He did not expect that after several years, he sees this woman again under such circumstances. Once, Shao Ruihan and Ge Miaolu, Qu Bo and her, are very loving couples, and the four of them made him envious for a long time. However, the good times did not last long. First, Ge Miaolu left Shao Ruihan, but everyone knows the reason. After that, Fan Jingrou suddenly disappeared, which let Qu Bo go crazy for a while. But he has never had her news. They don't know, so many years have passed, Qu Bo still does not give up looking for her, but Qu Bo never thought she would return to China.

Qu Bo takes the paper in his hand and nods stiffly to several others. He puts on his shoes and leaves. No one knows what to say to Qu Bo at this time. After all, his face is ashen.

"Ruihan, when did you find out?" Xuan Yun comes over and asks softly.

"When I was in the hospital some time ago, Shan showed me the things in Shao Kaile's computer. after I found that, I told Bo, but I didn't expect that he still fails to forget her..." Shao Ruihan says with a sigh.

"Don't worry about him. You also can't forget the woman, can you?" Ji Jun subconsciously interjects, but after he finishes speaking, he seems to realize that he has said something wrong, turning and running away. He knows that Shao Ruihan does not like others to mention former things. Ji Jun doesn't know whether he couldn't forget it, or he feels too sad. After so many years, if it wasn't because he and Tang Ningshan are already married, they all think that Shao Ruihan was going to be alone in his life.

Qubo has left for a few minutes and the doorbell rings. Li comes out to the door. He first looks at the outside person through the door mirror and then opens the door.

"Miss Tang's house? We are here to install the bathtub. Where do you want to place that?" Several people put on the shoe cover after entering the house and then ask.

"Come with me." Li takes people into Tang Ningshan's bedroom. After entering the bathroom, they start to install.

Tang Ningshan squints at the installers who came in, and she always feels that they are not normal.

The installers move quickly, and it took a while to install the bathtub. After all, they are free to help her install so they will leave directly after installation. When they placed the bathtub, Tang Ningshan deliberately went in and checked it. She can confirm that there is nothing wrong with the bathtub, it is indeed the style she chose. Just as she is preparing to let them go, the system suddenly speaks.

"Master, there is a pinhole camera here, inside the bathtub." The system makes Tang Ningshan surprised. She thought that someone is going to hurt Shao Ruihan, but she didn't expect it to be such a pervert behavior.

"Where is it?" Tang Ningshan asks.

"Just near the faucet, as long as you screw the faucet down and you will see it."

Tang Ningshan walks to the edge of the bathtub and opens several faucets to let the water flow. She feels that the water flow of one tap is smaller than others.

"Li, you let those people wait." Tang Ningshan shouts in the bathroom.

Li immediately stops the people and asks them to wait a moment. After all, it's common for customers to check after installing. If there is a problem, the customer will ask for a refund. This is normal, so several people have no doubts. They sit down on the chair.

Tang Ningshan screws the faucet down, only to find that it is a solid one.