Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 152

Chapter 138: chapter 137-- a victim

"Look, is it inside?" Tang Ningshan could not be sure. After all, she does not have a perspective function and could not see the situation inside. She can only ask the system, and she is also very curious about how does the system know.

"Well, yes, it's this one, the camera is at the top." After the system finishes, Tang Ningshan directly touches it with her hand. After all, typically, the camera will have a glass mirror. However, the feel of stainless steel is similar to the glass, which makes Tang Ningshan confused.

Thinking for a while, she takes the faucet directly to the living room.

"Sir, the water flow in this faucet is too small, would you mind changing a new one for me?" Tang Ningshan carefully observes every people's expression while she is talking. She wants to know who installed the camera.

Two of them hear her words and are stunned. After all, these things are new, and they are all tested, and there should be no small water flow.

Another installer looks at the thing in the hand of Tang Ningshan, and his eyes quickly flash a guilty conscience, which also lets Tang Ningshan confirm that the person is the one who installed the camera.

"What's wrong?" Shao Ruihan walks over from the balcony with a hint of anger on his face, as if something has happened to him that she doesn't know.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head. She feels that such a thing would not be needed to report to him at all, and she does not want to bother him.

"If you want to change it, you may need to wait until tomorrow. Every time, we come out with a set of parts, it is generally tested. Basically, this situation will not happen." An installation worker explains.

"Then tomorrow. As for this faucet, do you want to take it back first, or put it here?" When Tang Ningshan speaks, she looks at the guilty person. Her eyes are questioned, and the man takes a step back involuntarily.

Shao Ruihan looks at the few people, and his face immediately becomes cold.

The few people feel the anger of Shao Ruihan and immediately say "Otherwise, I will go back and take it, and I will change it for you right away."

After Shao Ruihan looks at the speaker, he keeps staring at the man, whom Tang Ningshan is looking at. He doesn't understand why Tang Ningshan is always staring at him, but the expression of that person is not natural, and he seems not like a good guy.

"What is your name?" Shao Ruihan's cold voice comes out, and every word is as cold and piercing as a hail.

"Wang... Wang Fu..." the man says with a trembling voice.

"Okay, then you go back and get a new one. Hurry up, understand?" Shao Ruihan is like if he doesn't agree with him, he will directly find someone to force him to go.

"...sure...well." Wang Fu says. After wiping his sweat on the head, he nods.

After the man leaves, Tang Ningshan says to the installers who are left. "Can you help me to open this?"

Shao Ruihan does not understand her behavior but does not ask why. After all, Tang Ningshan is not an ordinary person.

"Okay." One of the installers takes the faucet in the hands of Tang Ningshan and directly opens it. Seeing the things inside, both people are dumbfounded.

"Wang Fu is your old employee?" Tang Ningshan asks this question for other purposes. However, she still wants to know if someone is installing a camera in this faucet to monitor Shao Ruihan. After all, before Shao Ruihan came, the furniture she bought have no any problems.

"Yes, he has been working in our installation company for several years." One of the installers nods.

"What do you think? Is he going to target you?" Tang Ningshan's words have no logical connection, but Shao Ruihan understands the meaning of Tang Ningshan.

"I hope that no one knows about this matter. You pretend not to see anything, understand?" Shao Ruihan says coldly.

The two installers nod immediately. After all, any installation company does not want this to happen. It's lucky that the customer does not call them to account, how could they say it out?

"I will call Lee later, don't worry." Shao Ruihan touches Tang Ningshan's shoulder, his face is still cold, but his eyes are tender.

"I don't worry!" Tang Ningshan finishes, throwing his hand away and walking away from him, and she intends to keep a distance from him.

However, her fears disappear because of what he has just said.

After a while, the delivery staff of the supermarket arrives with the installer, which makes Tang Ningshan alert again. Isn't that she shouldn't ask strangers to deliver things to her house in the future? After all, now she thinks that every stranger who is at her home is very dangerous, and she feels that they are all those who want to harm Shao Ruihan.

She moves all the things sent from the supermarket into the kitchen, purposely asking the system to check and see if there are any problems.

Besides, the system also checks the new faucet, this time there is no problem, there is nothing installed inside. Tang Ningshan nods and lets several workers leave. She remembers Wang Fu's appearance and work number in her heart.

"Ruihan, we got to go. If you are free, please help us contact that person. Otherwise, we have to spend more time to recruit reliable employees. But our company has no foundation in China, and everything is difficult at the beginning. Just because our channel is better than other companies, many people are now watching us. After all, the company is in the development stage, and human resources are critical." Ji Jun finishes, looking at Xuan Yun next to him, Xuan Yun also nods.

"Well, I know, I will let people do it, you can rest assured." Shao Ruihan finishes, his eyes glance at Tang Ningshan over there. In fact, he wants Tang Ningshan to help. After all, there is such a good design, and he guesses it must be her painting. Since there are resources available, he hopes that Tang Ningshan can help.

After Ji Jun and Xuan Yun leaves, Shao Ruihan wanders around the house for a long time before he walks to Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan looks up at him, and it seems that Shao Ruihan has something to say. She can only put down the things in her hand and stare at him.

Shao Ruihan touches his nose: "Shan, did you paint the last design?"

"Well, what's up? You can rest assured that I will not give the design to other people, so no one will say that you are infringing. haven't we talked about this issue last time?"

Shao Ruihan suddenly is very embarrassed, and he does not know how to speak. He suddenly thinks of an idea. If they offer Tang Ningshan technological share, is there no problem?

"This is the case. You have seen it. Our jewelry company has just started. There are deficiencies in many places. Although we have the best source of supply, we don't have a first-class designer. As far as the design you gave us last time, I believe that no one in the world can be more talented than you, so..." Shao Ruihan has not finished talking, Tang Ningshan directly interrupts.

"Shao Ruihan, can you be more straightforward? This is not like your character." Tang Ningshan finishes, directly giving him a supercilious look.

Shao Ruihan hesitates and says, "I hope that you can join the company with technology. You don't have to go to work every day. Just give the company a few designs every year, then you can own 20% of the shares." Looking at Tang Ningshan, he wants to know how she will respond.

"You are joking with me? Is your company's jewelry fake? Why do you give me so many shares?" Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan is very funny. This is the first time she has heard someone negotiate in this way. Although she does not know clearly about their company, from their market research, she finds all sources of supply are some high-end goods. However, Shao Ruihan is prepared to give her 20% of the shares at the beginning of their discussion, which makes Tang Ningshan particularly surprised.

"No kidding. 20% is not too much. Don't you know how much profit your design can bring? If you can provide more than a dozen designs every year, we will earn more, so twenty percent is not a big number." Shao Ruihan says solemnly. However, there is still a sentence in his heart that is not mentioned, which is "because you are my wife, I will give you a high price."

"Is there any other requirements besides the design drawings?" Tang Ningshan feels that his proposal is not bad. Anyway, she likes drawing, and drawing is not difficult for her. What's more, the system will also help her. So she must first understand the rights and obligations, and then she can decide.

"There is no other request, but..."

"But what?"

"But if there are special circumstances, you may be required to modify the design temporarily. But generally, this will not happen, it happens only in times of crisis."

"Anything else?"

"No." Shao Ruihan immediately shakes his head.

"I agree. Then you will let them come with the contract tomorrow. The contract needs to express my rights and obligations clearly to avoid some disputes afterward." Tang Ningshan thinks for a moment and says.

After all, she has nothing now. The anti-virus software has not yet begun to make a profit, and she does not have much money. If she plans to live a wonderful life in the future, she needs money. Drawing every day without going out, this is in line with her expectations for future life, so she agrees to Shao Ruihan's proposal.

"Well, I will let them come with the contract tomorrow." Shao Ruihan shows a hint of joy on his face. After all, the company's biggest shareholder is him. If the company's shares are calculated on a 100-percent basis, Shao Ruihan holds at least 50% of the shares, so hiring Tang Ningshan is mostly to help him make money. Of course, he will not tell Tang Ningshan about these things.

After Tang Ningshan agrees to Shao Ruihan, she continues to study the recipe. After all, she only wants to live a stable life now. Every punishment of the system means that she is one step closer to danger. She does not want to cause an accidental death because of her own mistakes.

And this night, there is a fire in A city. The source of the fire is Shao's house. The fire spreads to several villas in Shao's house. Although there are no casualties, there are several houses that are no longer available for people to live in, including Shao Xingsheng's villa.

All the people in Shao's house are standing outside the gate and are watching the fire trucks driving into the house. The entrance is surrounded by policemen and soldiers, which makes the initially deserted place very lively.

Shao Cheng is standing in the doorway, his face is tired, but his eyes are very sharp. The location of the Shao's house is very remote. Under normal circumstances, there will be no fire at all, unless someone deliberately set the fire. However, in recent years, Shao's family has been in the highest position in China, so no one should be willing to be a victim.