Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 153

Chapter 139: chapter 138-- take good care of him

The expression on Shao Xingsheng's face is terrible. Although there is nothing particularly valuable in the villa, there are a lot of secrets in his safe. If these things are discovered at this time, then their whole family will be unlucky.

Shao Xingan is also watching quietly. He even doubts whether it is because of God's mercy that a fire happens. After all, if Shao Xingsheng and Shao Xingyan become relatives, their family will definitely be isolated. At this time, there's no doubt that the wedding will be postponed. As for the future, no one knows if there will be any changes? The fire is helping him fight for time. He even thinks that he must thank the arsonist.

"Go and check what is going on." Shao Cheng is full of anger. The crutch in his hand is knocking on the ground, and the people in front of him with rows of epaulettes do not dare to neglect. Some are on the phone and some are searching in the villa. One night passed, and nothing was found. The source of the fire was the bush next to the Shao's house, and the fire is interpreted as a natural disaster.

Shao Xingsheng's villa is burnt down, leaving a frame. The house is no longer available for people to live. The safe was also burned down by the fire, and everything inside was turned into ashes.

At this time, Shao Xingsheng realizes that the target of the fire is him. Otherwise, so many villas are not burned, only his villa is destroyed. If his families slept in the villa last night, no one could survive. Shao Xingsheng and Shao Hong looks at each other and two people think of Shao Ruihan at the same time. Unfortunately, they have no evidence. Even if there is evidence, Shao Cheng will not interfere, just like before. In Shao Cheng's heart, Shao's family is a place where the fittest survives.

Early in the morning, Tang Ningshan receives a phone call from Steward Lin and he asked her to return to Shao's house. After all, the Shao's house was in flames. Shao Ruihan could not attend because of physical condition, but as Shao Ruihan's wife, Tang Ningshan must be present to face this thing.

Tang Ningshan hangs up the phone and finds a suit from the closet, which doesn't look rude or arrogant. Tang Ningshan looks at the mirror for a long time and confirms that she has no problems in her dress before she goes out in high heels. She also carries her bag in her hand.

"Let Lee come over to accompany you today. You are not safe yourself. Pu Jiayi will not come out from his room, so you may be bored. I got to go, I will deal with everything." Tang Ningshan does not know what happened, but Tang Ningshan really looks down on them because of the attitude of the Shao's family to Shao Ruihan.

"You have to be careful too." Tang Ningshan's words make Shao Ruihan very happy. After all, Shao Ruihan enjoys this feeling of being cared by someone; especially this person is his wife.

Tang Ningshan nods and goes downstairs with Li.

But downstairs, Tang Ningshan sees the neurotic man, which makes Tang Ningshan feel very annoyed.

Tang Ningshan pulls Li and plans to bypass this man. But just after a few steps, the man directly chases them and stops them.

"Girl, I have been here for you for one night, I know you will appear. Girl, please give me your contact information." The man's face is very pale. Although the weather is not cold now, it is almost fall. Almost no one can afford to stand outside for one night.

"Sir, if you continue to harass me like this, then I will call the police." Tang Ningshan says indifferently.

Li looks at Tang Ningshan and looks at the man. He is filled with doubts and curiosity.

"If you don't tell me, then I will be here waiting for you every day." The man is particularly persistent at this time. He finally meets a favorite woman, and the woman's temper he likes very much. If he could take her home, he would be willing no matter what will happen.

"You are free." Tang Ningshan finishes, taking Li to leave.

But after a few steps, the man chases them again. But this time, his expression is more normal than before, and he also does not stare at Tang Ningshan with a pitiful expression.

"Girl, this is my business card, please accept it. No matter what you want from me, I will help you solve it for the first time." The man looks sincere and has a pleading sense in his tone, which makes Tang Ningshan not know what to do. If this person has always maintained his attitude and tone of yesterday, Tang Ningshan can scold him without mercy, or directly hit him. But now, his attitude has turned over, he is schizophrenic!

"Okay, then you can go now." Tang Ningshan takes the business card in his hand, without taking a look; she stuffs it into the bag and then turns to leave.

The man stands in the same place and watches Tang Ningshan gradually going away. His eyes are filled with infinite love and delusion.

"Mrs. Shao, who is that person?" Li asks curiously.

"Pervert!" After Tang Ningshan finishes, she walks toward the car. Li follows behind her. He opens the door for Tang Ningshan, and after Tang Ningshan sits in, he enters the cab.

"Let's go!" Tang Ningshan finishes, closing her eyes directly. She feels that she should recharge her energy now. After all, Shao's families are very difficult to deal with.

When they are about to arrive at the Shao's house, Tang Ningshan sees the trees on the mountain next to the road burned to ashes. Tang Ningshan is really stunned. She doesn't understand why there was a fire in such a location. She is very curious, so she asks Li to speed up the car.

She enters the living room and finds that the living room is crowded with people. In addition to the Shao's family, there are many police and soldiers with epaulets.

"Grandpa!" Tang Ningshan has a smile on her face and is not shy. Although she has not experienced such a thing, Tang Ningshan has a special ability, which is that the more she feels nervous, the more she pretends to be calm. And her disguise is perfect; no one can see a trace of flaws.

"You are here. Wait a moment for them to tell you what has happened. You are the wife of Shao Ruihan; these things should be handled by you." Shao Cheng looks up and finds that Shao Ruihan is not here. He wants to say something, but there are too many outsiders around him, and he could only keep silent. Tang Ningshan, after all, is Shao Ruihan's wife, if this time, he embarrasses her in front of so many people, once this matter is spread, and it will have a quite bad impact on Shao's family.

"Okay, Grandpa!" Tang Ningshan nods and smiles, walking to the sofa. Just as she is about to sit down, Shao Xingsheng comes over.

"Ningshan, why did Shao Ruihan not come with you?" Shao Xingsheng blinks as if he is thinking about something.

"Uncle, Ruihan, he is injured, and he can't get out of bed now. He hasn't come out from the hospital's intensive care. How could he come over?" Tang Ningshan thinks of Shao Kaile's conversation with them that day, she feels sick. She doesn't want to talk with this person at all. He is a vicious person.

"Oh... I forgot that he is in the hospital..." Shao Xingsheng says with a smile.

"It's okay; I can understand that my uncle may have been scared by yesterday's fire, so you forgot about it. It doesn't matter, although the villa was burnt down, we can rebuild a better one than before. Uncle should rest well to calm yourself down." After Tang Ningshan finishes speaking, she turns to look at the crowd. Their eyes have been falling on her body, making her very uncomfortable.

"Hey, could you please briefly talk about the cause of the fire and the source of the fire." Tang Ningshan asks. After all, she is a junior, and before Shao Cheng orders, no one will report the situation to her. However, Shao Cheng gave this matter to her to deal with, and she could only ask


"The thing is that after a night of search and investigation last night, we don't think this fire is artificial." a police officer says seriously.

"Then what you mean is that this is a natural disaster?" Tang Ningshan asks with a frown. She always has a smile on her face, but which makes people feel that this girl is not easy to deal with.

"This is a preliminary determination. After all, it is almost autumn. Many trees will spontaneously ignite, but these are only temporary inferences. The source of the fire is the mountain next to the Shao's house. The fire was very big, but fortunately, the scope is not big," a soldier says.

"Since it is not the result of man-made, then I hope to see the relevant proof." Tang Ningshan says seriously.

"We will definitely issue relevant appraisal reports. After all, some other residences have also been burned down, and we will definitely give a reasonable explanation."

After Tang Ningshan hears it, she nods. She goes to Shao Cheng and asks softly: "Grandpa, I want to ask if there is any other loss besides the villa of the uncle. Since it is a loss caused by natural disasters, can we apply for subsidies from the government?"

Shao Cheng does not react to the first half part words of Tang Ningshan, but the government subsidies mentioned later make Shao Cheng frown.

"There is no need to apply for the subsidy. We can rebuild your uncle's villa. You should arrange for them to go to other villas." Shao Cheng feels that it is a mistake to hand over this matter to Tang Ningshan. He had intended to let her pay for the villa, but he did not expect that she would directly apply subsidy from government.

"So grandfather, do you think where they should live?" Tang Ningshan's modest look makes Shao Cheng very helpless.

"I will let your grandmother arrange it. Right, how about Ruihan?" When Shao Cheng mentions Shao Ruihan, his voice suddenly becomes bigger. Tang Ningshan knows that he is deliberately embarrassing her. If she can't answer him well, the unlucky one must be her.

"Grandpa, Ruihan recently recovers quite well. According to the doctor's request, I will give him a soup every day. I estimate that he will be able to get out of bed after a short time." Tang Ningshan says, the words are very strict, and people can't pick faults from what she said. Shao Cheng's face is paler, and he more and more hates Tang Ningshan.

"Then go back and take care of him now." Shao Cheng says, Tang Ningshan really does not know how to respond him. She immediately hangs her head and puts on a modest look.