Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 154

Chapter 140: chapter 139-- Shao Ruihan's parents

"Okay. You are free to go. Then, when Shao Ruihan feels better, you go to the company to work. After all, many things in the company should be decided by you. If you even fail to manage the company well, then I can only ask Shao Ruihan to change his wife." After Shao Cheng finishes speaking, he gets up and leaves. He does not intend to talk nonsense with Tang Ningshan. After all, in his eyes, Tang Ningshan is a materialist. Regardless of whether she married him because of Shao Ruihan's identity; her family background does not match them completely, which makes Shao Cheng very dissatisfied.

"Yes, grandfather, then I will go back." Tang Ningshan bows to Shao Cheng. She does not notice whether Shao Cheng saw her movement. Anyway, she thinks there are so many outsiders here, so Shao Cheng will not embarrass her.

Shao Cheng does not say anything. With his back to her, he waves his hand.

Tang Ningshan solves this problem very quickly and goes home. She doesn't believe it, which is so easy to pass. However, when she thinks that Shao Cheng has asked her to go to work at the company, Tang Ningshan feels very painful. It seems that the system will give her a new learning task tonight, but the braised pork ball has not yet been made.

After arriving home, Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan, Wang Yu, and Lee sitting in the living room. Shao Ruihan's hand holds a few photos and a file bag.

Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan and Li enter the house and says, "Are you done?"

Tang Ningshan nods.

"My grandfather didn't embarrass you?" Shao Ruihan walks to Tang Ningshan with a worried expression on his face.

The performance of Shao Ruihan scares Wang Yu and Lee. Both of them never such a considerate Shao Ruihan and they feel that Shao Ruihan must be possessed by a ghost.

Shao Ruihan turns and sees the expression of gossip on Wang Yu's face and the stunned Lee. He coughs softly and looks at the two and asks them to read the documents on the table.

"Well, your family's house was in a fire. It is said to be a natural disaster. Your uncle's house was burned directly. Also, your grandfather asked me to go to work at the company. Then there is nothing else." Tang Ningshan simply states what happened in the morning today, Shao Ruihan also listens carefully.

"Shan, let's take a look at the people in this photo. Can you help me check if these two people still exist?" Shao Ruihan takes the hand of Tang Ningshan, going to the sofa to sit down, and then he points at the photo placed on the coffee table


Tang Ningshan reaches out and takes the photo to check. She finds that the photo appeared in Shao Xingsheng's safe on that day's video. She turns her head and looks at Shao Ruihan; Shao Ruihan slightly raises his mouth.

"This photo should have been taken for many years. It was not taken in the recent period. I think this photo should have been here more than a decade. Even though these two people still exist, they now must be different. If they are still in China, as long as you know their name or identity information, I can help you find them. However, if I only rely on this photo, I may not be able to do it." After Tang Ningshan looks at the photo, frowning.

After Tang Ningshan's words are finished, obviously she sees a disappointing expression on Shao Ruihan's face. Tang Ningshan looks at Lee and Wang Yu with a puzzled look. She hopes that two people can give her an answer. However, two people bow their heads at the same time, which makes Tang Ningshan afraid to ask.

"Do you know their names?" Tang Ningshan feels that she needs to help Shao Ruihan as much as possible. After all, she has never seen Shao Ruihan showing such disappointing expression.

"They are my parents. You know, this photo was found in Shao Xingsheng's safe. Our family is not close to them..." Shao Ruihan says, and the expression on his face becomes serious and Tang Ningshan can even feel his sadness. His hand keeps touching the photo.

"I understand. But if they are really your parents, we have no way to find them through normal channels. Do you know where they are probably?" Tang Ningshan asks carefully.

Shao Ruihan shakes his head and shows a trace of pain and hatred on his face.

Tang Ningshan feels that at this time she would better not bother Shao Ruihan, so she chooses not to ask. If Shao Ruihan needs help, she thinks that Shao Ruihan will tell her.

When Tang Ningshan is ready to get up, she is dragged by Shao Ruihan. She does not stand firm and falls to the ground. Shao Ruihan reaches out to catch her. He directly puts Tang Ningshan into his arms and the two of them become face to face. Tang Ningshan is in Shao Ruihan's arms, and the faces of the two people are almost stuck together. Tang Ningshan blinks and looks at his face. Her heart beats speeds up crazily, and she immediately turns her head away. She blushes. Shao Ruihan puts his head on the shoulder of Tang Ningshan, and his hands clasp the waist of Tang Ningshan tightly.

Tang Ningshan wants to struggle, but suddenly thinks of the expression of Shao Ruihan just now, and then she gives up. Anyway, even if she tries to struggle, she may not be able to break free.

And a few people beside them quickly leave the space in the living room to them. There are only this two people left in the living room soon.

Shao Ruihan speaks at this time, and his voice is suppressed.

"At that time, I was still very young, my mother was kidnapped, and my grandfather did not agree to pay the ransom, so my father personally went to save her. After that, the two people did not come back. About a month later, Grandpa asked me to go to the funeral. It was at that time that I was told that my parents were dead. After that, I left the Shao's house." When Shao Ruihan says, he is like describing something that has nothing to do with him. He is very calm, except for the suppressed voice; Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan is like telling a story.

However, Tang Ningshan's emotions have undergone tremendous changes because of Shao Ruihan's words. She always thought that a social elite like Shao Ruihan must have a happy childhood, even if he didn't grow up in Shao's house. She has never seen Shao Ruihan's parents. Tang Ningshan thought that they are abroad and never thought that they had passed away.

"Do you suspect that they died of other reasons? Or do you suspect that they are not dead?" Tang Ningshan pats Shao Ruihan's back, hoping that he could face these things with a peaceful attitude. After all, it has been so many years. If his father really saved his mother, they should have returned, but she could not directly say that his parents had passed away.

"I think their cause of death is not what my grandfather said. Although I was still young at that time, I know that my father is very powerful. Almost no one can match him. At that time, he can even be an army himself, so I have always been chasing this matter. However, when I investigated the Shao's family, all the clues were interrupted. According to the information I searched, there must be something valuable in the house of my family. "At this time, Shao Ruihan's expression has already been fierce and hateful. Obviously, he seems to have had a skeptical goal, but unfortunately, there is no evidence.

"This is why you asked me to help you monitor everyone in your family?" Tang Ningshan suddenly understands why Shao Ruihan wrote this request in their agreement and also understands why his wife must have the ability of self-protect.

Shao Ruihan nods.

"I will find a way to help you. I hope I can help you get the evidence you want. However, are you sure you can bear such a result?" Tang Ningshan asks him suspiciously. It is not that she does not believe Shao Ruihan's psychological endurance, but those are his family. If his parents really die for other reasons, and the real murderer is his relatives, what kind of blow would this be?

"Shan, please." Shao Ruihan's words are serious and solemn, and Tang Ningshan is shocked.

Tang Ningshan pats Shao Ruihan's back and wants to go out from Shao Ruihan's arms, but Shao Ruihan just does not let her go.

"Can you let me go?" Tang Ningshan is speechless. Things have been discussed, even if he is sad, he also has to consider her current state, if she continues to maintain this position, and her waist may be broken.

Shao Ruihan turns and sits down on the sofa, pulling Tang Ningshan to sit on his lap.

"Shan, you are my only family now." Shao Ruihan is shocked by the words he blurted out. Before, he never thought that he has placed Tang Ningshan in his family's position. Although he regards her as a wife, there is still differences between wife and family.

"..." Tang Ningshan hears this sentence. Not only her heartbeat is accelerated, but also some strange ideas come to her. She even begins to fantasize about something.

"I hope that we can go on like this forever." Shao Ruihan's voice is too small to be heard. However, Tang Ningshan's auditory nerve is too sensitive. This sentence makes Tang Ningshan horrified, but she does not say anything, trying to control her breathing, so that she would not look strange. She is quietly held by him, dreaming of scenes that should not have appeared in her mind.

The more she thinks the redder her face is. She just wants to leave Shao Ruihan's range soon. Otherwise, she is really afraid that she can't control her feelings.

Tang Ningshan begins to struggle, but she forgets that she is sitting on Shao Ruihan's lap. Every time she moves, she will touch his sensitive part. Not until Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan has a reaction, she stops the action rigidly.

"Ah... I mean... Can you let me go first...?" Tang Ningshan whispers, but Shao Ruihan does not have any action. In this case, he does not want to let go of Tang Ningshan. Holding her, he will feel very comfortable. Because of her movements just now, she soon gives him a physiological reaction.

"Don't move." Shao Ruihan's words are obviously hoarse. This hoarse voice is an infinite temptation for Tang Ningshan.

"But..." Tang Ningshan does not dare to move, but she could speak. She would like to quickly persuade Shao Ruihan to let go of her. After all, if the two keep the current state, it is easy to have an accident.

At this time, Shao Ruihan does not intend to let go of her. After she moves in his arms and let him have a physiological reaction, then she wants to escape? Is there such an easy thing in the world? Thinking this way, Shao Ruihan's hand tightly locks Tang Ningshan's waist and the other hand directly turns her head directly to let her face him.