Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 155

Chapter 141: chapter 140-- heart disease

At the moment when Tang Ningshan's face is turned, Shao Ruihan kisses her directly.

This kiss is quite rude. In Tang Ningshan's heart, he is not kissing her at all but is biting her lips. He is like venting his emotions.

Tang Ningshan can only passively bear his kiss. After all, she does not dare to move, and she is afraid that Shao Ruihan has other ideas.

Shao Ruihan's kiss gradually becomes soft and is changed from biting to kissing. His hand touches her back from her waist, and Tang Ningshan feels that her body is getting hot, but this is not what she wants.

When she finds a suitable time, Tang Ningshan immediately jumps out of his arms.

Standing in front of Shao Ruihan, she gently feels her heart with her hand, trying to make it jump slower. Her blushing face makes Shao Ruihan think that she is tempting him.

"Shao Ruihan! Are you a beast? I comfort you with kindness," Tang Ningshan does not know what would happen if she continues. However, looking at Shao Ruihan's constantly changing expression, Tang Ningshan does not dare to continue.

Shao Ruihan looks at the blushed Tang Ningshan, suddenly there is an idea in his heart, which is to hug her and press her under him. Unfortunately, Tang Ningshan runs away before he takes action, which makes him a little disappointed.

Tang Ningshan quickly runs into the bedroom and directly locks the door. She leans against the door and takes a deep breath. She doesn't understand why when she was kissed, to be precise, when she was used as a venting object, her heartbeat would accelerate, it's like the heart would jump out of the body. The heat in her body is obviously telling her that she likes Shao Ruihan's kiss and likes his touch. This thought surprises her.

Tang Ningshan pats her face and tries to keep herself calm. However, as long as she thinks of Shao Ruihan, she has an inexplicable feeling in her heart, which makes Tang Ningshan feel that she is already going to fall in love with him.

"System, you come out!" Tang Ningshan shouts in her heart.

"What's the master?" The system's lazy voice makes Tang Ningshan even angrier.

"See if I am sick? Why is my heart beat so fast? Is this body having heart disease?" In any case, Tang Ningshan does not want to admit that she has fallen in love with Shao Ruihan. She stubbornly lets the system help her exam her body.

"Master, you can rest assured. You have been genetically modified, you can't get sick at all," the system says sarcastically.

"Impossible. If the heart is ok, why do I feel that it is almost going to jump out?" Tang Ningshan is very angry and thinks the system is cheating on her.

"Sure enough, the person who is in love is irrational. I hope that next time you don't ask me such a boring question. That's all, if you ask me such a question, I will be angry!" After the system finishes, it disappears directly.

"..." Tang Ningshan sits on the ground. She even begins to think whether she can leave him immediately, after helping Shao Ruihan find the evidence he wants? She doesn't like the awkward atmosphere, and she doesn't like the feeling of a crazy heartbeat. Once, there were only two kinds of people in her world, one was friends, the other was strangers. She never had such a feeling. This feeling even makes her feel terrible.

Soon, she is shocked by the sound coming from outside, because Tang Ningshan hears the gunshots.

Tang Ningshan immediately opens the door and sees the pillow on the sofa in the living room being pierced by bullets. The feathers inside the pillow float in the air. Shao Ruihan wriggles under the coffee table, luckily, Tang Ningshan does not see the blood, so Tang Ningshan suddenly rest assured. Looking at the open balcony door, Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan could not stay in the living room alone next time. These thoughts are flashing in Tang Ningshan's mind. And now, the most important thing is to find a way to get Shao Ruihan out of the coffee table.

Tang Ningshan frowns and looks at the pillow that was pierced by the bullet. She knows that the other party must still be aiming at Shao Ruihan at a certain position. Therefore, she gives Shao Ruihan a gesture, in case that Shao Ruihan doesn't understand, she whispers "You keep staying here, I'll go to find the other party's position, you must not move." After that, Tang Ningshan goes back to the bedroom. At this time, Shao Ruihan has no other way. After all, nothing but this coffee table can block the sight of the opposite sniper. Thanks to Tang Ningshan's coffee table, this is marble-texture, so that it can prevent the bullet.

After Tang Ningshan returns to the bedroom, she pulls a small slit of the curtain in the bedroom. Tang Ningshan likes the feeling that the light shines through the curtains into the house. It is very dreamy, so after hanging the curtains, she has not opened it.

Tang Ningshan takes out the transform pen from her pocket and transforms it into a sniper rifle with a silencer. However, she suddenly finds that there are no bullets. When Tang Ningshan doesn't know what to do, the system comes out again. For the first time, Tang Ningshan feels that the system is sometimes quite useful.

The system gives Tang Ningshan a box of bullets, an armor-piercing projectile, which is said to be the product of their planet, even bulletproof glass can be directly penetrated.

Tang Ningshan puts the bullet up and puts the gun on her shoulder. Through the scope, she looks carefully at each floor opposite. Time passes, Tang Ningshan's patience is limited, and the injured Shao Ruihan is still outside. She has started to sweat now, but the hand with the gun does not shiver.

Just as Tang Ningshan is about to give up, she suddenly finds a reflective window opposite. Tang Ningshan immediately points the muzzle at the reflective position and sees that the other side also blocks him with curtains, only revealing a gun.

Tang Ningshan calculates the angle of shooting; she wants to kill the other party within on shot. But when she is about to shoot, the other party actually moves. The curtains are suddenly pulled open, and Tang Ningshan actually sees the face of the opposite person. Tang Ningshan remembers the appearance of this person and quietly observes the next action of the man. If he is not ready to shoot, she is not prepared to take risks this time. After all, Tang Ningshan's identity is impossible to possess guns at home. If it is found, she is likely to go to jail.

Tang Ningshan has been looking through the scope and looking at the movement of the opposite person. She watches him withdrawing the gun and the curtains are all pulled open. She could even see a man lying on the floor in the house. The man with the gun also kicks the people on the ground a few times. After that, he leaves with a calm face.

Seeing the situation, Tang Ningshan immediately puts back the sniper rifle in her hand. She opens the door to the living room and prepares to take Shao Ruihan out of the coffee table. In fact, she also admires Shao Ruihan; there is really not much space under this coffee table. He cannot be hit in the first time, and find a cover, which is also a survival skill.

"Don't come out!" Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan coming out and shouts.

"Do not worry, I have confirmed, the man has gone. But he seems to have killed a person." Tang Ningshan says coldly.

Shao Ruihan listens to her words and immediately comes out from the coffee table. He moves very fast. After that, he immediately takes Tang Ningshan into the bedroom without any pause. Although Tang Ningshan said that she saw that the person had already left, he is not sure if there are any other snipers.

"Are you okay?" Tang Ningshan says worriedly.

Shao Ruihan shakes his head. He did not expect the other party to be so daring. This is a residential area, that shooting in public areas is simply defying the existence of the law.

"I will draw a portrait of that person for you." Tang Ningshan is silent for a few minutes but decides to take Shao Ruihan's safety as the most important issues.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan suspiciously and nods, not asking his doubts. The distance is such far, how could she see the other party?

After a while, Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan enter the bathroom with a phone. Tang Ningshan takes out a picture book from a pile of things, which was bought when Tang Ningshan drew the designs for Ji Jun, all of which are A4 paper. She takes a pencil out of the drawer and begins to paint.

When Shao Ruihan comes out of the bathroom, he sees Tang Ningshan who is carefully painting the picture. Such Tang Ningshan has another beauty. The usual Tang Ningshan is also beautiful, but because her face and body are pretty, she is recognized as a beautiful girl. But once she is serious, Tang Ningshan will become very different, and the beauty comes from the inside, which is particularly attractive.

Shao Ruihan walks over to her and finds that Tang Ningshan has drawn a frame of that person. Even the clothes on his body, the gloves on the hands were drawn, and all the details were recorded; only the face is not finished.

"What's wrong? If you can't draw it, don't think about it." Shao Ruihan thinks that Tang Ningshan didn't see the other's appearance. He comforts her.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says "I always feel that I have seen that person somewhere. I just forget where it is. But I can be sure I have seen this person."

"It doesn't matter, forget him." Shao Ruihan sits next to Tang Ningshan, and his hands naturally hug her. The action is so natural as if he has been done it thousands of times.

"Wait for a while." Tang Ningshan finishes and then continues painting. After a while, a portrait comes out. Every detail is clearly expressed. Tang Ningshan paints the man's face with a calm look. After confirming that there are no problems, she pulls the figure in her hand from the book and hands it to Shao Ruihan.

At the moment of standing up, Tang Ningshan realizes that she is hugged by him again. Tang Ningshan immediately gets up from the bed. Shao Ruihan reaches out to take the paper that Tang Ningshan hands him, and the hand placed on her waist is released, so he gives Tang Ningshan a chance to escape.

Shao Ruihan looks at the back of Tang Ningshan and shakes his head helplessly. He does not understand why Tang Ningshan's reaction is so strong. However, no matter how she reacts, she is his person anyway, and he will not be angry.

After Tang Ningshan goes out from the bedroom, Shao Ruihan immediately changes his expression. His body exudes anger, like a volcano that is going to erupt, and as soon as it reaches that particular point, the fire will spew out.

"You will come over and take this picture for a while. Find this person. I must know who the instructor behind him is!" Shao Ruihan takes the phone and looks at the figure on the picture with sharp eyes. His voice is cold to the extreme.