Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 157

Chapter 143: chapter 142-- sad feeling

Tang Ningshan also knows that she could not keep her current state. But every time when she sees Shao Ruihan, hears his voice, sees his smile and smells his smell, her heart would jump uncontrollably.

Tang Ningshan sits in front of the dressing table, taking out the previous picture book and beginning to draw on it. After a while, there is a bracelet on it, which is made up of many small rings with broken patterns on it. It gives people a very sad feeling, but people would feel that if they can put all these patterns together, this bracelet must be perfect.

The bracelet represents the feeling of Tang Ningshan. But she doesn't want to piece it together because she understands that they are simply two world people. One day, they will definitely be separated, so some things should be forgotten or buried deeply in the heart.

Tang Ningshan, who has decided everything, is like putting down a big stone in her heart. When she comes out of the bedroom again, Shao Ruihan obviously feels that Tang Ningshan has become different, but he could not tell where the differences are. Tang Ningshan's attitude is not alienated or indifferent, just like the usual Tang Ningshan. She will talk to him and laugh, but her way of seeing Shao Ruihan is too indifferent, making Shao Ruihan very uncomfortable.

"Shao Ruihan, since you said that we are husband and wife, I don't want us to divorce if possible. If you can really protect me as you said, then we will maintain this marriage." This was decided after Tang Ningshan thought about it for a long time in the bedroom. After all, in this world, only Shao Ruihan knows that she is not real Tang Ningshan, knowing that she is the soul of other places. If nothing else happens, then she really plans to continue to be with Shao Ruihan. After all, this strange world, the one who can gain the trust of Tang Ningshan, may only be Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan is surprised and sees Tang Ningshan for a while. After confirming that the person who spoke is indeed Tang Ningshan, he nods.

After that, Tang Ningshan goes to the kitchen to see the meat chopped by her. There are various kinds of condiments inside, which are all learned from the online recipes. The steps of each recipe are similar, but the details are different, so Tang Ningshan decides to try every one. After all, who knows what the system's requirements are.

The second step is also very simple, which is to make the meat into the shape of the ball. She deliberately bought a large spoon. She only needs to put the meat in the spoon and put the spoon directly into the pan.

A plate of fried balls is out of the pan, and the room is filled with the smell of meat. Shao Ruihan looks into the kitchen. Does Tang Ningshan decide to cook? Then why did she ask if she needs to call Li to go home to take the meal?

Shao Ruihan stands up and goes to the kitchen. He looks at the various big balls fried by Tang Ningshan. There are all kinds of shapes, but the most standard one should be the one that is now being fried in the pot.

"You are cooking?" Shao Ruihan asks softly.

Tang Ningshan nods her head and looks at the pot, being afraid that the meatballs would be burnt. Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan's posture and movements and knows that it is not the time to chat now, but looking at Tang Ningshan's appearance, she should be the first time to cook.

Shao Ruihan has been standing next to her, with a few expectations in his eyes. He even thinks, isn't Tang Ningshan ready to be a wife?

After Tang Ningshan fries all the balls, she begins to make the sauce. Finally, the table is filled with a variety of braised pork balls.

Tang Ningshan prepares to taste first. When she is ready to take chopsticks, the system tells her that the mission is completed. Since the task is completed, it means that at least one of the dishes is in line with the standard, but she does not know which one it is.

"Hey, what is the reward?" Tang Ningshan still prefers substantive things, so asks the system directly.

"Reward is a recipe of the medicine diet. This recipe contains a variety of cuisines. No matter what you want to cook, you can find steps in it. No matter what the disease is, you can improve it through the meal inside. Of course, I am afraid that you may never use it in your life." The system is smug, its words in exchange for the word "shit" of Tang Ningshan.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan's pale face and asks her what happened.

"Nothing. I suddenly feel full, and just throw away these dishes." After that, Tang Ningshan goes back to the bedroom. Now she has an urge to kill the system. She would like to ask why there is such a useless reward!

"Master, don't forget, the rewards I give are based on your inner needs. You have to understand that you are thinking about taking care of others' bodies. Recently, your subconscious mind has been thinking about how to cook soup. I am giving you recipes according to your wishes, you are not happy. You are an unreasonable master." After the system is finished, it disappears. No matter how Tang Ningshan calls, it does not come out.

Tang Ningshan murmurs "How could I encounter such a system, I would like to have one who is not so capricious."

When Li comes back with the meal, he sees a table of braised pork balls, and Shao Ruihan who is eating while drinking water.

"Boss, are these cooked by you?" Li feels that his doubts make sense. He thinks that Shao Ruihan has cooked so much food to please Tang Ningshan, so he plans to pick out a most delicious one for Tang Ningshan.

Shao Ruihan shakes his head, his expression is very painful. Now the taste in his mouth is really indescribable. After all, this is Tang Ningshan's first time to cook, even if she asked him to throw all away, he is a bit reluctant, so he plans to taste every plate. However, the taste of each one makes him suffer. He even thinks that Tang Ningshan has no talent for cooking. Every dish is either salty or bitter, and one plate is actually sour.

Shao Ruihan has tasted every dish on the table, leaving the only one that Tang Ningshan put in the kitchen. He thinks that since he has tried so many dishes, anyway he also needs to try the last one. Shao Ruihan takes the courage to take the pork ball in the plate. He takes a bite with his eyes closed. To his surprise, this taste is surprisingly good.

Shao Ruihan opens his eyes. Lee clearly sees Shao Ruihan's eyes shining. After that, he picks up another one.

"Boss, are you still leaving these on the table?" Lee actually wants to ask, did he cook too much? He feels that throwing it away is too wasteful, or he would bring it back to eat. After all, the meat that Tang Ningshan bought is very expensive.

"No, you will throw them away for a while." Shao Ruihan takes up the braised pork ball in the kitchen, then takes the meal from Lee and walks into the bedroom.

"Shan, let's eat." Shao Ruihan puts everything on the bedside table. After all, the outside table has no room for these meals.

"I'll give some to Pu Jiayi; he did not come out for dinner. I don't know if the gunshots of today have scared him." Tang Ningshan says, and she takes the bag from Shao Ruihan's hand. She picks out two boxes of food from inside and goes to the room of Pu Jiayi.

Shao Ruihan suddenly feels that Tang Ningshan not only care about him, but it seems that all the people, who she recognizes, would get her concern. He feels that this is not a good phenomenon. Shao Ruihan thinks in his heart, but he never thinks about why he feels this way.

Tang Ningshan takes the food out of the bedroom and sees Lee packing the food she made. She thinks that he is going to throw them away when he leaves, so she doesn't say anything.

Going to the door of Pu Jiayi, Tang Ningshan gently knocks a few times, then directly pushes the door in. She sees that Pu Jiayi is carving a piece of wood with a knife and there is already a shape on the wood. Tang Ningshan does not intend to bother him. After all, when people are creating, they do not like to be disturbed.

Tang Ningshan's food in her hand is placed on the work table of Pu Jiayi, and she leaves quietly.

Out of the room, she sees that Lee has already packed up, planning to ask Li what he is going to eat for dinner. After all, she doesn't know where Li is hiding every day. She only knows that he would only appear when she needs him.

"Lee, where is Li?" Tang Ningshan asks in a loud voice.

"Oh, he has a mission, is not at home now. Mrs. Shao, you don't have to worry about him, you and the captain eat first." Lee looks up and says. Tang Ningshan does not say anything else, intending to feed herself first.

After dinner, Tang Ningshan chats with Yu Huan on the Internet and plans to ask how the anti-virus software is going. Although she has some money in the bank, in the past few days, she has no time to take care of stocks, and she has not cared about whether the stock is profitable. She doesn't know how much it costs to buy a villa, so she urgently needs money.

"Huan, what's going on with the software?" Tang Ningshan asks after opening the dialog box with Yu Huan.

"It is still in progress. I have already registered a patent and applied for a trademark. Also, I have already issued a sample and I am still waiting for feedback." Yu Huan also replies quickly.

"Oh, that's alright. By the way, do you know how much it would cost to buy a villa?" Tang Ningshan thinks about it but decides to ask Yu Huan. After all, he can find this apartment, and he must have other ways to find other houses.

"Why? You are still planning to buy a house?" Yu Huan asks in surprise.

"Well, something happened today, I can't live here these days. I am going to change a house. Moreover, there are not enough rooms in this apartment. The human traffic of my home is a bit big; I think I still need to buy a bigger one. I want to buy a villa. A set of villa can be safer and save a lot of unnecessary troubles. I don't know if the money in my bank card is enough." Tang Ningshan tells Yu Huan, and soon, there is a reply.

"I will go to find out if there is a suitable housing for you tomorrow. Do you have any special requirements?" Yu Huan does not tell her how much the villa would cost. Because in A city, there are different villa areas, some have the yard; some are villas that are connected to each other. The price is different in different places. There is no way to say it clearly.

"It is better to have an independent yard. It doesn't matter if it is expensive. The environment must be better. I don't have any requirements for the decoration in the house. The most important thing is safety. That's it, but it's better to be faster." Tang Ningshan says a minimum requirement. After all, if she really buys a right one, she can redecorate it herself after buying it.

"I really know that there is a family that wants to sell a house. This owner of this house was originally a wealthy businessman, but he has a son who liked to gamble. His son secretly took out the real estate license and mortgaged it. Now the house is being sold privately, the price is very cheap. If you are interested, I will inquire for you." Yu Huan replies.