Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 158

Chapter 144: chapter 143-- mysterious Tang Ningshan

"Really? That's great. You can help me ask, if possible, I hope we can go through the formalities soon. After all, this place is not safe now." Tang Ningshan does not say why it is not safe and does not say anything else, but Yu Huan has already understood the meaning of Tang Ningshan.

"Well, I know. I will give you a message tomorrow." After Yu Huan replies to Tang Ningshan, he takes out his mobile phone to make a phone call. He talks with the people on the phone for a long time, and finally hangs up the phone with satisfaction.

Yu Huan has deliberately helped Tang Ningshan to bargain. After all, the villa is not like a general apartment, and its price varies widely. Moving is not an easy task, and it is necessary to renovate it before moving, so it is best to buy at a low price.

After Tang Ningshan discusses it with Yu Huan, she is ready to tell Shao Ruihan. After all, she wants to buy a house with her own money. Even if nothing happened today, she would also buy a villa when she has enough money. Now Pu Jiayi lives with her, and if they live in the villa, then the personal space is relatively larger.

"Shao Ruihan, I will probably go to look at the house tomorrow. Would you like to go with me?" Tang Ningshan thinks that since she decides to buy a villa, she needs to hire some guards. The safety issue must be guaranteed, especially after the morning shooting.

Shao Ruihan raises his eyebrows, but he still doesn't say his thoughts. He just nods. After all, Tang Ningshan has made progress this time. At the very least, when she plans to look at the house, she asks him if he wants to go together.

"Then, have a good rest." Tang Ningshan finishes and goes into the bathroom. After washing, she climbs directly to the bed. She does not care about Shao Ruihan lying on the bed; she seems to regard him as a plush toy.

Shao Ruihan shakes his head helplessly. He can't keep up with the change of Tang Ningshan. The girl who blushed when looking at him yesterday does not have any reaction when sleeping in the same bed with him today?

In fact, Tang Ningshan is not as calm as she shows; after all, the man she loves is lying next to her. However, she understands that there is a huge difference between them, and there is no possibility of being together. Instead of waiting until she cannot control herself, it is better to break your mind early, so that it will not hurt him or hurt herself.

Tang Ningshan throws away the idea in her head and enters the virtual space. She didn't enter the virtual space to study during these times, but she knows that she still has a lot to learn.

"Master, you are self-conscious." The system sees Tang Ningshan enter the virtual space, jokingly saying.

"..." Tang Ningshan feels speechless, how can she encounter such a system who likes to satirize its master?

"Well, given that you are so conscious today then today we will learn something simple. Learn how to analyze the financial statements." The tone of the system is like saying that today your performance is good, so I will compassionately give you something simple to learn.

"Financial statements?" Tang Ningshan does not understand why she should learn this.

"Of course, as a businessman, if you don't even analyze the financial statements, then you can't be considered as a successful businessman." The system educates Tang Ningshan with a reprimanded tone.

"But I never want to be a successful businessman." Tang Ningshan says.

"Whether you want to be a successful businessman in the future, you have to learn this. Don't you know that only when you have completed all the learning tasks, can you know what you want to know?" The system makes Tang Ningshan shocked.

Yes, she wants to know everything about that woman, wants to know who the woman is, why there is a video of the woman in her system, or why the system has the memory of the woman.

"Okay." Tang Ningshan compromises.

When Tang Ningshan just finishes speaking, the scene in front of her eyes changes immediately. In front of her, there is a large bookcase and a desk filled with documents that are about one meter tall. The words and figures on the paper make Tang Ningshan feel a little dizzy.

"Master, you read them carefully. These are simple reports. After reading this, I will show you some books. You have to learn to analyze the accounts, record the accounts, and check the accounts." After that, the room is left to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan reluctantly goes to the desk and sits down. She takes a report from the table. The above is nothing more than recording some income and expenses, recording how much each item has spent, how much it has earned. And there's a sum at the end.

Tang Ningshan read it one by one, and she finds that there are several numbers and items that simply cannot match. Thanks to her memory, otherwise, she thinks that the purpose of the system who let her handle these things is to make it difficult for her.

After she read all the documents, Tang Ningshan finally understands what the so-called false accounts are. Finally, she also understands why the system let her read these reports. From the financial statements of a company, we can see the current status of the company and even predict the future development of the company.

"I feel that I am going to die, my eyes hurt." Tang Ningshan finishes all the account books, only to feel that all kinds of numbers are floating back and forth in front of her eyes.

"Eh..." The system sighs.

"I mean, Master, if you are so negative, I don't think we can get the answer you want in this life." The system can only use this method to motivate her.

"I am negative? I have finished reading all of them, okay? I can accept the test now." Tang Ningshan is like I have already learned, and why you still blame me!

"Okay." The system responds helplessly. Then, the scene in front of Tang Ningshan changes again. This time it turns directly into the office of a company. And when she enters the office, someone knocks at the door.

Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows and sits in the chair and says "come on in."

All the people in the scene are simulated by the system. The stack of books in the hand of the man is placed on the table of Tang Ningshan and the man leaves.

"Master, check the account. Find out where the problem is. Finally, when you can know which account has a problem, then today's learning task is completed. If the task is not passed, then accept the punishment." The system disappears after it says, leaving Tang Ningshan with a look of anger.

Tang Ningshan also knows that anger is useless. Besides, the system has now become a compulsory learning model, and if she fails to complete the task, it will not pity her.

She can only helplessly take the stack of books. In fact, there are not many items, and it is easy to find the problem. However, without knowing the company, it is quite difficult for her to find the root cause of the problem. Just when Tang Ningshan is tangling, someone suddenly knocks at the door. Tang Ningshan understands that this is the setting of the system, so she puts down the books.

When the incoming person comes in with a pile of materials and puts down the documents, he says, "Manager, this is the financial statement of our company."

Tang Ningshan thinks that the system's setting is extremely powerful. Because the item problems can be found in the past accounts, it is much easier to check, but it will take some time. When she browses all the accounts, Tang Ningshan also understands where the problem lies. Just as Tang Ningshan understands, the system speaks.

"Congratulations to master for completing the test and you are going to get a random reward."

Tang Ningshan sees the scene in front change back to the virtual space, and she immediately takes a sigh of relief. After all, she does not need to be punished because she completed the task.

"This award is very good this time. Master, look at this." After the system finishes, a handbag appears in front of Tang Ningshan.

"..." Tang Ningshan looks at the bag silently. She doesn't know if she should take it.

"Master, don't underestimate this bag. Simply, it can be called a bullet box, which has countless bullets. You can see it when you open the bag," the system says.

Tang Ningshan takes the bag and opens it. It is similar to a normal bag, except that there are different words on the inside of the bag. There are armor piercings, omnipotence, ordinary bullets, and a large number of bullets that Tang Ningshan knows but has never seen.

"I mean, I don't dare to carry this bag. If it is lost or taken away by others, does that mean that I am hiding guns and ammunition?" Tang Ningshan feels that even if the handbag is very powerful, she also can't take it out.

"Master, you can rest assured that this bag is different from what you think. Usually, it is an ordinary handbag. The words above are only effective for you and not for others." The system proudly says.

"Well, but what the use of these bullets for me?" Tang Ningshan wants to smash the system. She is a law-abiding citizen. So many bullets are useless to her. After all, she does not rob the bank.

"Just in case, if there is such a situation today, you don't have to worry about not having bullets," the system says.

"Okay." Tang Ningshan finishes, putting the bag aside. After all, she can't take it out so brazenly now.

Getting out from the virtual space, Tang Ningshan opens her eyes and looks at Shao Ruihan who is sleeping. There is a faint smile on her face. Although they can't fall in love with each other, they can still be friends. Tang Ningshan thinks about it and falls asleep.

After Tang Ningshan falls asleep, Shao Ruihan's eyes suddenly open. In fact, Shao Ruihan has been observing Tang Ningshan during this time. He used to think that when Tang Ningshan falls asleep, her breathing would become weak. However, this time, he does not know if it is an illusion. He feels that Tang Ningshan had no breathing for a while. Except for a slight movement of her body, she is not like a living person. But that time is very short, probably between one second and two seconds.

This makes Shao Ruihan suddenly think of that day when the house was full of blood smell in the army. According to the bloody smell in the house that day, Tang Ningshan must have had lost a lot of blood, but Tang Ningshan did not have any problems. Although he could not directly ask Tang Ningshan, he is always skeptical. Since after listening to Tang Ningshan's confession, he thought that this is the aftereffect of Tang Ningshan, so she would bleed, but now he thinks it should not be the case. She should have a lot of secrets. Especially after connecting to the hemostatic that Shen Quan said, Tang Ningshan becomes more and more mysterious in Shao Ruihan's heart so that Shao Ruihan could not help to be eager to open the mystery.

The night passes. Tang Ningshan does not know if Shao Ruihan has caught the guy yesterday, but she is not interested. After she received a phone call from Yu Huan this morning, she is ready to pack up and look at the villa.