Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 159

Chapter 145: chapter 144-- Yu Huan's neighbor

Yu Huan has parked the car at the door of Tang Ningshan's community. Seeing Yu Huan's car, Tang Ningshan directly sits in the co-pilot. Shao Ruihan can only sit behind with Lee, Shao Ruihan's face is already dark, and the coldness of his body makes Lee, who is sitting next to him, shudder.

Yu Huan who is driving and Tang Ningshan have not been affected.

On the way, Yu Huan says to Tang Ningshan, "Ningshan, when we arrive, you just look at it quietly, don't talk. If you are satisfied, I will talk to him about the price. You can tell me in a low voice, or give me a gesture. If you are not satisfied, we will leave." After all, this house is used by the landlord to pay off debts, so it will be much cheaper than other villas. If Tang Ningshan is really satisfied, Yu Huan will continue to help Tang Ningshan to bargain.

Tang Ningshan understands the meaning of Yu Huan, and then she nods immediately. It is, of course, best to save money. If she can't save money, she won't feel anything. After all, a villa with a yard in A city would cost tens of millions.

Shao Ruihan is very jealous, but he listens carefully to the conversation between the two of them. He suddenly wants to know what the origin of Yu Huan is. This is the second time Tang Ningshan has asked him to look for a house. Is he a real estate businessman? But every time, the house is a second-hand house. Shao Ruihan decides to let Lee check his background after going back.

Soon, the car arrives at the villa area. People in this villa area are all rich. Most of the social elites in A city will buy a house in this villa area. This villa area covers a large area, and there are dozens of villas. Shao Ruihan's villa is also in this area.

The car slowly moves forward and stops in front of a villa that looks a little worn. Tang Ningshan frowns, but soon returns to normal expression, except Shao Ruihan, no one finds that.

Several people get out of the car and walk into the villa. The small garden inside the villa is full of weeds, and it seems that it has not been taken care of for a long time. The guard room at the entrance is also somewhat worn. Some of the wall coverings have been cracked a bit. It seems so dilapidated.

They walk into the villa along the road that is weedy on both sides. The facilities in the house are not bad. There is only a set of wooden tables and chairs in the living room, it's not like a living room, and there's no sofa.

Sitting on the chair is a white-haired old man.

After Yu Huan enters the house, he says hello to the other party first. The voice of the other party is low and hoarse as if the vocal cord is damaged.

"You are looking at the house today?" The man asks in a chair without getting up.

"Yes, look at the villa today." Yu Huan stops Tang Ningshan who wants to talk and says directly.

"Then you think about it carefully. I won't bother you." The old man shakes his head. His expression is very reluctant. Every word of him seems to be full of reluctance and helplessness.

"Thank you." Yu Huan bows to the old man then leads Tang Ningshan and they walk around the villa.

The specifications of this villa are similar to those of Shao Ruihan's. There is a living room on the first floor, several rooms, and the kitchen. and there are seven rooms on the second floor.

Tang Ningshan looks at it roughly and thinks it is not bad. Even if she is not satisfied, she can redecorate. After all, the most important thing now is to find a house that can live. She nods to Yu Huan, and Yu Huan leads Tang Ningshan and them to go out. Back in the car, Yu Huan takes out the phone directly and begins to talk to the other party about the price. Originally, the other party intends to sell it for 28 million. Although it is a second-hand house, it is also a villa after all. This price is actually not expensive at all.

Yu Huan begins to pick up the problem: "First, the garden is full of weeds; the entrance road has been covered by weeds. Second, I find the guard room at the door has collapsed. Third, there is no furniture inside the house. Who knows if the wall of this house is not the same as that of the guard room? If the house collapses, who will bear this responsibility? 28 million? Even if you lack money, you can't ask for such a high price." Yu Huan's words are mocking. However, the other party apparently does not pay attention to it, and even jokes with Yu Huan.

"Otherwise, you call me brother, and then I will give you the house for free." Yu Huan listens to the other party's words, the ears get red immediately. Tang Ningshan looks at Yu Huan in a way of looking at an alien creature. She never saw such expression of Yu Huan.

"I am not joking with you. You seriously tell me the price you expect. Otherwise, I will find someone else." Yu Huan is like if you don't give me a price that I am satisfied with, and then I won't buy your house, I can still buy someone else's.

Tang Ningshan feels that the current Yu Huan is like a spoiled child. She even begins to guess what the man on the phone is like, who can let the gentle Yu Huan change the attributes.

"Otherwise, you say, how much you want." The man opposite seems to be compromising on the words of Yu Huan and asks directly.

"20 million? Oh, no, how about 15 million? She needs to renovate and repair the wall. These will cost a lot. What do you think?" Yu Huan's voice unconsciously rises.

"Can I say no?" The voice of the other party is extremely gentle.

"That's such a happy decision." After that, Yu Huan hangs up directly.

Turning around, he sees Tang Ningshan looks at him excitedly.

"What's wrong?" Yu Huan asks curiously.

"Nothing how is the result?" Although Tang Ningshan wants to ask Yu Huan, who is the person who just called him, she really wants to gossip about whether they are a gay couple, but she does not dare to ask.

"He agreed, 15 million. In the afternoon I will take you to sign a contract with him and go through the transfer procedures. If you are in a hurry, you can move in at night." Yu Huan is just like treating Tang Ningshan as his sister; he is very meticulous and considers every aspect for her, which makes Tang Ningshan moved. This is why Tang Ningshan trusts him.

"Well, good, but Huan, you have to find a few jobs for me. After buying this villa, I have to become poor. After I renovate the house, I may have to go to the streets to beg." Tang Ningshan says jokingly.

Yu Huan gently pats her on her shoulder and says, "You can rest assured that you will not be short of money. The anti-virus software will have a result quickly, and then you will wait to collect the money."

As soon as she hears that the anti-virus software will have a result soon, Tang Ningshan's eyes become shiny. She looks at Yu Huan expectedly, making Yu Huan feel that she is very cute, she is just like a pet dog.

However, sitting behind Shao Ruihan is very unhappy. His face is black; his eyes are already shining coldness, his fists clench tightly, which makes Lee next to him tremble. Lee is afraid that the man next to him would come forward and kick Yu Huan, who is driving, out, so he is ready to stop him at any time.

The car arrives at Yu Huan's house. Tang Ningshan still does not feel that Shao Ruihan has any abnormality. Yu Huan feels that Shao Ruihan's reaction is very interesting, so he never reminded Tang Ningshan. Lee is relieved. After all, if Shao Ruihan can't help but kick Yu Huan out, then they would die.

Going upstairs, Yu Huan opens the door and lets them enter the house. The decoration of Yu Huan's home is quite simple, just like a hotel. It's a simple apartment with one living room and one bedroom.

"Huan, your home is... deserted." Tang Ningshan does not know what words should be used to describe this.

"Haha, really? I don't have enough time to decorate my home. Usually, I sleep during the day, you know what I do, and a lot of work is done on the computer. If not recently I am studying stocks, then we wouldn't meet in the library. To be honest, I didn't think that the person on the Internet is you. After all, your technique just makes me worship." Yu Huan says with a smile, going to the kitchen to take a few bottles of mineral water to place on the coffee table.

"Okay, oh, how did you solve the matter of your neighbor?" Tang Ningshan suddenly thinks that they knew each other online because of his neighbor. At that time, Yu Huan asked Tang Ningshan to help him check who is hacking his computer every day.

" can see him in a while." When it comes to his neighbor, Yu Huan feels very helpless.

"Really?" Tang Ningshan's eyes lit up and suddenly feels that Yu Huan's relationship with this person is not simple.

"Well, the house's real estate license is in his hand." Yu Huan says with his head bowing. As soon as he thinks of the man, Yu Huan feels very speechless. That day, after he knew the answer from Tang Ningshan, he went to question this man. The man actually said that he did this only to care about his life.

Soon, Tang Ningshan hears the sound of opening the door. There is a tall man dressed in a black handmade suit with a pair of handmade leather shoes on his feet. The man's face is very handsome, but his expression is very faint. When his eyes move to Yu Huan, Tang Ningshan sees the flowing love inside his eyes.

"Huan? Have a guest?" Wang Pengxuan's voice is a bit like Shao Ruihan's. The voices of both people are very indifferent.

"Well, Ningshan, this is Wang Pengxuan, my neighbor." Yu Huan reluctantly introduces, after all, the house is in the hands of Wang Pengxuan.

"Hello, I am Tang Ningshan, this is my husband." After Tang Ningshan introduces herself, she points to Shao Ruihan. She uses 'husband' instead of Shao Ruihan's name. This is Tang Ningshan's subconscious protection for Shao Ruihan's identity.

Shao Ruihan hears Tang Ningshan's introduction, and he suddenly feels very happy. He likes Tang Ningshan to introduce him to others in this way.

Shao Ruihan nods to Wang Pengxuan, but two people's eyes are flashing an emotion, which is only known by them two.

"After a while, you will go through the transfer procedures with Ningshan." Yu Huan says straightforwardly.