Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 16

Chapter 2: chapter 2--the first meet

She wakes up, rubs her waist, and gets up to the washing room to take a shower. When she looks in the mirror, she finds that the only advantage of this body is beauty and hot. A pair of brown eyes, a high nose, pink cheeks, a moisture little mouth, and a lovely figure.

"But she lacks a sagacious mind." Tang Ningshan sighs before the mirror.

She takes a random piece of clothing and put it on her body, then gets down the stairs. She plans to find something to eat, and to meet her so-called "husband".

As soon as she got downstairs, she saw the man who exist in her memory. The man is wearing a dark green uniform. He seems serious even though he just sits on the sofa causally. Dark eyes on his handsome face seem to have the ability to read others' mind. His nose is high. The corner of his mouth is raised lightly. He has a short hair, his whole body possesses grace and nobleness.

"Morning" Tang Ningshan says calmly, there is no any change on her expression.

She doesn't care whether the man will response to her, she goes straight to the canteen.

On the sofa, Shao Ruihan looks her to go through him calmly, then he raises his eyebrows lightly. Something seems different, then he follows her steps.

"Lin, please prepare the meal." Cold voice spreads from Shao Ruihan, which makes Tang Ningshan surprise. The voice is nice.

Looking at her expression, Shao Ruihan feels a little curious, but he doesn't pay much attention to it.

Lin quickly serves the meals on the table, the meals are sumptuous. They are having the dinner gracefully, but they are thinking different things.

Before marriage, Shao Ruihan had already investigated her, and her family. But just this moment, he finds that the people before him is completely a different one with what he had investigated.

However, the one who got married with him yesterday, is the person he investigated, he is pretty sure that his investigate is right. By virtue of his identify, it is easy to get to know all the information about an ordinary person.

Looking at the opposite woman, her eyes shows a sense of strange at one moment, then he raises the corner of his mouth slowly. It seems that he found something interesting.

"Funny?" Tang Ningshan asks curiously, looking at the man who is smiling like a fox. She has no idea what he is laughing at.

Shao Ruihan shakes his head to answer her question.

After the dinner, they sit on the sofa. Tang Ningshan knows that the first cross sword begins. This time can determine whether she can pass without being found by her "familiar husband".

Therefore, she decides to anticipate.

"I know that you may find that I am different with before, right?"

Shao Ruihan nods, raises his eyebrows to let her to continue.

Tang Ningshan takes a deep breath.

"You should know the current situation in my family. There's an old saying that if you have a stepmother, then you will have a stepfather as well. This old saying is showed on me. If I didn't listen to them, my life wouldn't be such peace. But since they have forced me to marry you, I am really sorry about that. If you are not satisfied with our marriage, we can get divorced, and I can move out quickly. But I hope that you can take the secret for me until I leave their sight."

"Oh? Why do you think I will let you go?" Shao Ruihan feels funny.

"Because of the military uniform you are wearing." Tang Ningshan stares at him seriously.

"Heh. So you should also know that because of this uniform, maybe I will never get divorced."

There's a sense of respect in his eyes. But with a hint of irony in his voice.

"Fine, I hope that I can get some respect that I should get in the future." Tang Ningshan frowns.

"Do you think you have the qualification to negotiate with me?" Shao Ruihan looks at her with sarcasm.

"Wait and see."

"I need to have a rest." Tang Ningshan wants to get away from this man instantly, she feels a sense of pressure when talking with him.

"Let's go to visit grandpa tonight."

Tang Ningshan turns to him, seeing that he is reading newspaper, and it seems that he doesn't want her answer.