Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 160

Chapter 146: chapter 145-- your wife is cute

"Well, I will go in a minute, you can rest assured. You cook at home later, and then we'll have a meal together at night?" Wang Pengxuan's tone is like discussing with him, which does not match his indifferent expression. But Tang Ningshan feels that he is so good. No matter what the man does, as long as he is willing to let go of his pride in front of Yu Huan, and even discuss with him, even if he really be with Yu Huan, then Yu Huan will not get hurt, Tang Ningshan thinks whimsically.

Yu Huan stands still and thinks for a long time, he wants to let Tang Ningshan taste the food he makes, but Wang Pengxuan is here, he always feels uncomfortable.

"Deal." Tang Ningshan directly speaks, so that Yu Huan could not refute.

Wang Pengxuan looks at Tang Ningshan and gives her a grateful look. Tang Ningshan just smiles, and behind this smile, there is a meaning that only she knows.

"Huan, then let's go through the transfer procedure now. After that, I can go to the new house to clean up. Anyway, it is impossible to live in the new home today. It is not too late to move tomorrow." Tang Ningshan looks at Yu Huan, who is standing in the living room reluctantly, and wants to take Wang Pengxuan out and ask him what the relationship they are.

Tang Ningshan does do what she wants to do. Before getting Yu Huan's answer, Tang Ningshan has already gone out, followed by Shao Ruihan, Lee and Wang Pengxuan. Yu Huan can only shake his head helplessly, accepting this fact.

At the moment when the door closes, Tang Ningshan walks to Wang Pengxuan and asks "Are you and Yu Huan a couple? What happened to you two? What do you do? Do your families know your sexual orientation?" Tang Ningshan Immediately turns into a gossip girl, saying all the doubts out.

Wang Pengxuan smiles and looks at Shao Ruihan, Shao Ruihan shakes his head helplessly.

Tang Ningshan does not notice the interaction of the two people and she just looks at Wang Pengxuan expectantly.

"Well, I confessed to him, but he doesn't seem to understand. As for us..." Wang Pengxuan suddenly stops.

"What happened between you? You tell me." Tang Ningshan couldn't control her curiosity and immediately asks.

"If Huan is willing to say it, just wait for him to tell you. I don't have any family, so I can decide for myself." Wang Pengxuan says this very formally, it's a bit like making a promise to Tang Ningshan.

"Well, I trust you temporarily." Tang Ningshan shrugs. Originally, she just wanted to know Wang Pengxuan's attitude toward Yu Huan. She is still not interested in other people's affairs. In her heart, Yu Huan is like her brother, so she chose to test Wang Pengxuan's attitude.

At this time, Shao Ruihan suddenly says "I didn't expect to see you here."

"Yeah, I didn't expect to meet you here. How have you been in these years? If I didn't see you at the banquet in Shao's house some time ago, I would think you are abroad." Wang Pengxuan says with a smile.

"Not bad. I have been back to China for several years. After returning to China, I have been in the army, so I rarely go out." Shao Ruihan briefly introduces his own status quo.

"You are a soldier? Cool, it is really suitable for you," Wang Pengxuan says.

"Well, why did you return to China?" Shao Ruihan asks curiously.

"Because of Huan, he is now a private detective, I have to come back to protect him," Wang Pengxuan says with a smile.

Since Shao Ruihan saw Wang Pengxuan in the house, he gave up the idea of investigating Yu Huan. After hearing the dialogue between Wang Pengxuan and Tang Ningshan, he also completely put aside the defense against Yu Huan.

"What do you do now?" This is what Shao Ruihan wants to know most. After all, when he was abroad, Wang Pengxuan was not a good person.

"Now? I set up a bodyguard company." Wang Pengxuan says carelessly.

"..." Shao Ruihan is silent. Who can believe that a famous foreign killer organization member actually founded a bodyguard company?

After listening to the conversation between the two men, Tang Ningshan feels that the world is really small. Actually, they can meet under this situation.

"I mean, I am still here. Please don't concentrate on chatting and ignore me, okay?" Although Tang Ningshan doesn't want to interrupt them, they still have to go through the formalities. According to the content and frequency of their chatting, she can't guarantee that they can finish all the plans today.

"Your wife is very cute." Wang Pengxuan looks at Tang Ningshan, jokingly saying.

"... Shut up, and go." Tang Ningshan cries angrily.

Shao Ruihan looks at the angry Tang Ningshan and suddenly laughs.

"What are you laughing at?" After that, Tang Ningshan goes straight ahead and prepares to ignore the two boring people.

"Shan, you wait a minute." Shao Ruihan shouts behind.

Tang Ningshan's steps are getting faster and faster, and she doesn't want to talk to him at all.

"Shan, stop, the car is behind you, the car is here." Shao Ruihan says softly.

Tang Ningshan blushes and could only walk back with her head down. When she gets to the side of the car, she glances at Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan smiles innocently.

"He-he" Tang Ningshan snorts and opens the door to get in the car.

Shao Ruihan follows her into the car and Lee is sitting in the co-pilot.

After getting in the car, Shao Ruihan holds the hand of Tang Ningshan directly in his hand.

"Baby?" Shao Ruihan whispers in the ear of Tang Ningshan.

"Shut up!" Tang Ningshan turns to face him and says.

"Oh, you admitted that I am your husband." Shao Ruihan's voice is very happy.

"..." Tang Ningshan wants to say that it was because she worried that Wang Pengxuan would misunderstand her relationship with Yu Huan; she introduced it in that way. However, looking at the pleasant Shao Ruihan, she does not want to hit him.

"You have no place to live now? Why are you planning to buy a house?" Wang Pengxuan asks Shao Ruihan. He knows that when he was abroad, Shao Ruihan was a rich man, and he never lacked money. Shao Ruihan said that he has returned to China for a few years, so it's impossible to not have his own house.

"Shan wants to buy." Shao Ruihan replies briefly and does not want to explain the reason. Wang Pengxuan also does not continue to ask.

Because she has already applied for a transfer procedure some time ago, this time she will finish the process very quickly. All the required materials are ready, and it only takes about a few minutes to complete the transfer. After that, a few people go to the supermarket to buy a lot of food, because Wang Pengxuan worries that the food in Yu Huan's house is not enough.

"Is the food Huan makes delicious?" Tang Ningshan asks curiously.

Wang Pengxuan nods with a smile. There is love in his eyes. Tang Ningshan knows that he really loves Yu Huan.

At this time, Shao Ruihan thinks of the braised pork ball made by Tang Ningshan. He also laughs. Those dishes have a variety of flavors. Obviously, it was Tang Ningshan's first time to cook, and he enjoyed her first time. He is very happy.

Soon, they return to Yu Huan's house. Yu Huan is wearing an apron and cooking in the kitchen. Tang Ningshan enters the kitchen and sees that Yu Huan is handling a fish. The lively fish quickly dies in the hands of Yu Huan.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says "Huan, you are killing a life..."

Yu Huan blinks and he knows that she is joking. Yu Huan looks down and ignores her, and his action of taking care of the fish gets faster.

"Shan, don't bother him. Don't you want to have dinner soon?" Shao Ruihan says, looking at Tang Ningshan. He does not hide the gentleness in his eyes.

Tang Ningshan is shocked by the expression in his eyes and shakes her head. She resolutely refuses to admit that his gaze just now makes her feel very happy.

Shao Ruihan also does not say anything else.

Shao Ruihan and Wang Pengxuan have been chatting in the living room, and two people are secretly discussing something. Tang Ningshan is not interested in their topic, so she has always been playing Yu Huan's computer in his bedroom. Yu Huan did not stop her. After all, if Tang Ningshan wants to steal information from his computer, with her technology, even if he stops her, it doesn't make any sense.

Tang Ningshan feels very tired, then she finds a movie to watch on the computer. Gradually, she falls asleep.

"Shan? Wake up, it's dinner time." Shao Ruihan says softly in the ear of Tang Ningshan. He lifts Tang Ningshan to his chest.

Tang Ningshan opens her eyes in confusion and glances at the surrounding environment. Suddenly she remembers that she is in Yu Huan's house. She immediately comes back to her sense. After feeling the temperature of Shao Ruihan, Tang Ningshan frowns.

"Wake up?" Shao Ruihan asks softly.

Tang Ningshan nods and struggles out of his arms.

Shao Ruihan frowns and glances at Tang Ningshan. He clearly feels that she does not want physical contact between them. Although he feels that Tang Ningshan does not reject him, she does not want him to touch her.

Two people come out of Yu Huan's bedroom in tandem and see the delicious dishes that have been placed on the table. There is a dish of braised fish in the middle of the table.

Seeing they come out, Yu Huan tells them to have a seat. Then he kicks Wang Pengxuan, who is sitting in the chair, and signals him to serve rice for them.

Wang Pengxuan gets up from the chair very obediently and quickly enters the kitchen. After the rice is served, he comes out with bowls.

After several people sit down, Yu Huan says "I am not a professional chef, so the dishes are not very delicious. If you feel that it's not good, be sure to tell me."

"Huan, you are too modest." Tang Ningshan says.

Yu Huan immediately says with a smile: "Well, then you have a try. If it's not good, don't say anything, you have to swallow it."

"Okay." Tang Ningshan says. She puts the dishes on her plate. After eating the first spoonful of food, her hand never stopped, so that Wang Pengxuan feels that she is funny.

"Let's eat." Wang Pengxuan is obviously a host who is entertaining guests. Shao Ruihan also takes the chopsticks and starts eating.

After a full meal, Tang Ningshan touches her stomach and looks at Yu Huan with a look of resentment.

Yu Huan gives her a cup of tea and sits beside her.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan and hopes that Tang Ningshan could treat him with the same attitude that she used toward Yu Huan.