Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 161

Chapter 147: chapter 146-- no one else can do it

After dinner, Wang Pengxuan drives Tang Ningshan and Shao Ruihan back to Tang Ningshan's home.

After getting out of the car, Tang Ningshan sees that Shao Ruihan and Wang Pengxuan exchange their phone numbers, and then they give each other a meaningful gaze.

As soon as she opens the door, Tang Ningshan sees a lot of people sitting in the living room, which almost scares her. After all, anyone will feel this way, when they find that the living room is full of people after they go home.

Tang Ningshan puts on slippers in a calm manner. Shao Ruihan follows behind Tang Ningshan. He seems to know that there are people in the house. He doesn't feel surprised. After he puts on his shoes, he walks straight toward them.

Tang Ningshan knows that they should have something to discuss and plans to leave the living room to them.

"Shan, after you change the clothes, come out." Just as Tang Ningshan opens the bedroom door and is about to enter, Shao Ruihan suddenly says.

Tang Ningshan turns to look at Shao Ruihan and slightly nods.

Tang Ningshan, who has changed the home clothes, comes out of the bedroom. She sees Shao Ruihan, Wang Yu, Shi Shaohui and Zhu Tao sitting on the sofa, while Lee and Li are sitting at the table. Their common feature is that they are all around the computer. Tang Ningshan believes that the sofa is probably too small, so they sit separately.

Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan coming out and tells her to sit next to him. Tang Ningshan does not refuse, anyway, she can now calmly face Shao Ruihan.

"What's wrong?" Tang Ningshan looks at the screen of the computer and asks inexplicably.

"We found some clues today, I don't know if Mrs. Shao can help." Shi Shaohui looks at Tang Ningshan expectantly and asks softly.

"Oh? What?" Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows and looks at him, asking casually.

Lee walks over from the dining table and stands behind the sofa. Suddenly, he says, "This is the case. Do you remember that the people we caught were taken away? We have been monitoring these days. Today we found some abnormalities. The situation..."

"Please says it straightforwardly, what is it!" Tang Ningshan feels that they are not straightforward at all. They want her to help, but they never say the subject directly. If this continues, she is afraid that she will not know their purpose before the middle of the night.

"Shan, they want to know whether the other party will find that they are being monitored, and deliberately confuse us." Shao Ruihan says, and the eyes of several men in the house all gather in Tang Ningshan. This is really what they want to know, but this is just a prelude.

"Do not worry, for this monitoring technology, I can guarantee that no one else can do it except me!" Tang Ningshan says with certainty. The way the people in the house looks at Tang Ningshan changes, of course, except for Shao Ruihan.

"That's the case, Mrs. Shao, we found some clues, but we need further observation. But we can't pause this monitoring, so I wonder if you can help us extract this video?" Zhu Tao thinks that since Tang Ningshan can monitor then she must have a way to turn those monitors into videos and extract it for them to study slowly.

"What do you mean? Do you need a certain piece?" After listening to Zhu Tao's words, Tang Ningshan frowns. She has never thought of this problem before and never tried to extract a video of a certain clip.

"Yes." Zhu Tao looks at Tang Ningshan's expression and feels that it might be a bit difficult.

"Shan, if it's impossible, just forget it." Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan frowns and says involuntarily.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says "I have not tried it, but I can have a try now."

After that, Tang Ningshan hits Shao Ruihan's arm with her arm and says "You go in and take my computer out."

After listening to Tang Ningshan, he does not hesitate and immediately goes to take the computer for Tang Ningshan. There is no reluctance on his face.

"I will try to extract the clip in a while. I hope that the computer being monitored has not been shut down or has been disinfected by anti-virus software." Tang Ningshan says calmly as if the thing that she is going to do is a very simple matter.

After Shao Ruihan takes the computer out, he places it directly in front of Tang Ningshan and even helps her to turn on the computer.

As soon as Tang Ningshan's hands are just placed on the keyboard, and she sees that the eyes of these people are all staring at her hand.

"..., do you want to watch it?" Tang Ningshan asks speechlessly.

Several people nod and express their thoughts. If they don't want to watch, then they won't come here.

"Then please don't stare at my hand?" Tang Ningshan says. They have been staring at her, and which will make her feel stressed.

Several people smile and take back their sight. However, when Tang Ningshan turns her gaze back to the computer, several people secretly look at Tang Ningshan's hand again. At this time, Tang Ningshan does not know what to say.

Shi Shaohui knows that Tang Ningshan is very talented, but he did not expect that she would be such talented. Looking at Tang Ningshan's hand on the keyboard, he feels dazzled. He couldn't see her hand at all, and the increasing code on the screen is clearly telling him that on one's hand speed can be faster than Tang Ningshan's.

Tang Ningshan uses her computer to directly invade the computer in Zhu Tao's hand. In less than a minute, countless codes appear on her screen. She starts to restore the video with code little by little. Shi Shaohui shows an incredible expression. He now has only one idea in his heart, which is to regard Tang Ningshan as a teacher. He must become Tang Ningshan. He believes that only those who possess such technology can be called hackers.

The code is automatically restoring the video. After that, one video after another appears on Tang Ningshan's computer, all of which are the videos of these days. After the code stops, Tang Ningshan gets up directly, rubbing her arm and stretching herself. However, Zhu Tao and Shi Shaohui have looked at her with an avid look.

"Can you not stare at me with such a hot look? I will feel a lot of pressure." Tang Ningshan shakes her head to relax, then says to the people on the sofa.

"Mrs. Shao, come on and join us." When Zhu Tao says this, he has jumped up from the sofa and rushed to Tang Ningshan. His hands are catching the shoulders of Tang Ningshan.

"..., I don't have such intention." Tang Ningshan endures the pain on her shoulder and shakes her head.

"Why?" Zhu Tao is quite dissatisfied with this answer.

"There is no reason. Can you let your hands go, it hurts!" Tang Ningshan feels that her endurance has reached its limit, but Zhu Tao does not intend to let go of her shoulders.

Zhu Tao finds that Tang Ningshan's forehead has started to sweat, only to realize that he caught her too hard. He immediately takes his hand off her shoulder and looks at her with apologetic eyes.

"I don't have the will to be a soldier. I am a lazy person. I don't like the kind of disciplined place." Tang Ningshan's expression is faint, but Shao Ruihan sees envy in her eyes.

"Captain Shao, you have to help me!" Zhu Tao sees that Tang Ningshan does not agree, can only turn to ask for Shao Ruihan's help.

Shao Ruihan shakes his head. In fact, he understands why Tang Ningshan is not willing to be a soldier. After all, she has secrets that couldn't be found by others, and some of which are secrets that he does not even know. How could she come to be a soldier? If she goes to the army, it simply means that she send herself to the lab.

"Oh..." Zhu Tao sighs and sits down on the sofa with his head down.

"I think the most important thing for you now is to find the person who was taken away. And how about the person who shot? Did you find him?" Tang Ningshan can only transfer the topic quickly. If she does not have a system, she may be really willing to be a soldier. Of course, the premise is that some people want her to enter the army, but unfortunately, she is simply a useless person without the system. Which army will recruit her? Tang Ningshan thinks about it with a mockery.

Wang Yu shakes his head. But from his eyes, Tang Ningshan knows that they already have the exact news.

"Then you take a look at the video, I got to go in my room." Tang Ningshan does not want to participate in these things. As long as Shao Ruihan is good, then everything else has nothing to do with her. She doesn't want to know, and she doesn't want to ask. She is lazier than most people. She thinks that thinking too much will be too tired, she just wants to live simply.

After Tang Ningshan enters the bedroom, Zhu Tao immediately asks "Shao Ruihan, why didn't you help me? You didn't see the envy in her eyes?"

"I don't want to force her. Even if she is not in our team right now, I believe that if we need her help, she will definitely help us." Shao Ruihan says affirmatively. The expression on his face is also very serious so that Zhu Tao does not know how to continue. After all, it is Tang Ningshan's own decision, and they could not force her. He feels that they are already very lucky for that they can get Tang Ningshan's help.

"Oh, forget this, let's take a look at these videos." Wang Yu says, but he looks at Shao Ruihan with a meaningful look.

Shao Ruihan returns to Wang Yu with a sharp gaze, and Wang Yu hangs his head and does not want to look at him.

Several people bury themselves in the video for one night and finally find the picture they need. After confirming that the content in the picture is exactly the evidence they were looking for, Shao Ruihan asks Lee to make a backup of the video. After that, he begins to arrange the task. After all, this thing has made Shao Ruihan very angry, he has no reason not to fight back.

"Start from tomorrow, I hope to see progress." After Shao Ruihan finishes, he takes Tang Ningshan's computer and walks into the bedroom. He doesn't take himself as an outsider at all.

After Shao Ruihan leaves, a few people in the living room look at each other, they show a bitter smile. Shao Ruihan's description is simple, but it is not easy to do. Forces like Ni's family are not so easy to grasp their handle, especially they are still working with the Shao's family.

After a while, Shao Ruihan goes out from the bedroom and says "You just have to release the news, and then wait and see."

Several people don't understand why Shao Ruihan changed his mind after entering the room, but his words make them relieved. After all, they really don't know how to get everything they need in several hours.