Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 162

Chapter 148: chapter 147-- exposed video

This evening, A city is still brightly lit. No one knows that something will cause public outrage tomorrow. Everyone in A city, including the protagonist of this event, spends the night peacefully.

But on this quiet night, all major newspapers and media have received an anonymous submission email, which is a submission email that can't find the source.

After receiving the mail, each media holds a meeting to decide whether to release the news. After all, they can't afford the character, who is related to the contents of the mail. However, every media has made a backup. In this highly competitive era, no one can be sure whether this person will fall from his current position after the next second.

The content of the email is reported layer by layer, and everyone who sees the email does not dare to make a decision and is afraid to be involved. Some people have even prepared for asking for some time off and want to avoid the repercussions of this matter.

Unfortunately, before the video is sent to the top level, it is cut off directly.

And this person who cut off this video is the General Ni, who was promoted by Shao Cheng.

Watching the contents of the video, General Ni can be described as violent. He rushes home from the army directly, and even calls all the people who have involved in this matter to come to his house, including some who depend on Ni's family. After all, if such a video is sent out and cause public outrage, then no one can protect them.

Unfortunately, General Ni overestimates the patience of Shao Ruihan. The morning has passed, and after discovering that the news has not been released, Shao Ruihan lets Tang Ningshan expose the video to the Internet. In this age of technology, the power of the Internet is amazing. Therefore, before the Ni's families come up with a solution, this video has been well known.

Of course, some people are trying to find out the source of this video. However, Tang Ningshan's technology is really high; she is simply killing them invisibly. This video seems to suddenly appear on the network automatically, nobody can find any trace.

When General Ni receives the news that the video has been exposed on the Internet, other people who are rushing to the Ni's house also stop. They all decide to observe the situation for a while before making the following plan.

The people in Ni's house, in addition to General Ni, are sitting in the living room in confusion. They have nothing to do with the outside world, so they don't understand why General Ni would call them back.

At this moment, General Ni is like a failed soldier, with his head down. White hairs make him look older at this moment.

"General, what happened in the end?" The person opposite General Ni asks. This man is a subordinate of General Ni and he is promoted by Ni. Although this person does not live in A city, because of General Ni's instructions, he immediately drove over. Unfortunately, no matter what they do now, it's too late. What can be done now, in addition to controlling the proliferation of information, there is no other way.

General Ni shakes his head. He waves at the crowd and lets them all leave. After all, no one can help him now, except Shao's family.

After the people in the living room left, the old General Ni walks into the study with the help of the servant. He takes out a mobile phone from the drawer, loading a card, and dials a number directly. He is ready to make the final stroke.

This is not that he is too pessimistic, but the person who sent the video out is too vicious. There is his figure on the video. If they really decide to sacrifice some people, then the abandoned person will only be him. Their video of the human test was exposed. General Ni has now dared not imagine what the consequence will be. He has only one purpose, which is to save his own life.

The phone is connected very quickly.

"I need help." General Ni says straightforwardly. After all, this lab is not his own. If they don't help, he can only involve them together.

"Things have grown to this point. How can I help you? Otherwise, you will go abroad now, if you still have time." The voice on the phone is calm and there is no sense of urgency.

"If you don't help me, then you don't want to have a good result!" General Ni has no time to fully consider this matter. His face is pale. Even if he is going abroad now as the person said, can he really leave? After such video was exposed, he has become a public enemy of the country. This is still the case when the head of state does not know. If the head of state knows, then what should he do? Then is he directly sentenced to jail?

"Oh, do you have any plans? You are in the current state, do you still have time to deal with me? It's ridiculous!" The voice from the phone is ironic.

"Are you sure you are not helping me?" At this time, General Ni has made a decision. If he really does not help, then he can only admit it and expose other people involved in this case.

"Even if I don't protect you, what can you do? You don't have any evidence." The person on the phone sneers.

"How do you know that I have no evidence? Since you have already decided, don't blame me for being too ruthless. We both won't have a good ending." General Ni finishes talking and hangs up. He takes out a stack of documents from the safe in the study room. Below the stack of documents is a book. General Ni opens the book and takes out a key in the book. He also is relieved when he sees the key. As long as he has these things, Shao's family must help him.

He puts the key in his pocket and puts everything back into the safe. General Ni's expression can be said to be cold, and he is ready to start making the final struggle.

Out of the study, General Ni is ready to go where they signed the contract in the past. No one can open the door of that place unless there is a special key. This is why he became calm after seeing the key.

Out of the door of the villa, he drives himself out. After all, now he can't count on anyone, especially Ni's families. If he is really in a desperate situation, then at the very least, he can save his family. In this case, he only hopes that his family will not be implicated.

The car drives to the suburbs. The speed of the car is very fast. The Ni's house is not too close to the city, so there are not many people along the way. He is not afraid to be tracked now. After all, the video is exposed and he has nowhere to run.

When he arrives at an abandoned factory in the suburbs, General Ni gets out of the car. He looks around, and after confirming that there is no one on the side, he walks in. Inside, there is a mechanical iron gate, which can only be opened by the special key in his hand. At the moment that the door opens, many people walk by. General Ni knows that this time he is really in trouble.

"Who are you?" General Ni calmly looks at the people around him.

"Haha, I know, you will have plan B. You must have spent a lot of time making this decision. If you didn't lead the way, I really forgot this place." Shao Xingan, who comes out behind the crowd, says with a smile.

"You..." General Ni is so angry that he doesn't know how to answer him. Carelessly, he falls on the ground.

"What? What happened to our General? Isn't the video of the lab exposed? As long as you take the initiative to commit the law or suicide, then I can guarantee that your family will not be implicated." Shao Xingan smiles wildly and says.

"Hey, do you think that you are safe? Anyway, I still have a backup. No one can get the things here, except me. Even if you kill me now, you can't get these things." General Ni is very aware of the current situation. He believes that if Shao Xingan is not afraid, he would not send someone to follow him. Since he has the handle of the other party, then why he needs to worry?

"You don't lie to me. Everything is inside. Even if I can't get it, I can ruin this place. But you can only stay here today, you will accompany with those things." Shao Xingan finishes, waving his hand and going away.

After Shao Xingan leaves, the people he brought directly tie General Ni and tie him tightly to the door of the mechanical door. After that, they begin to pour gasoline around him and around the factory. After all, it is much easier to set fire than to shoot.

After Shao Xingan sees that they have poured the gas on the ground, he drives away. After all, he shouldn't be here at this time.

After dumping all the gasoline on the ground, one of them directly throws a lighted lighter into the gasoline. After that, they watch the fire burning along the gasoline, and they all leave.

And just this day, the video has begun to be reported by major media. The contents of the report are basically the same, which is about the cruelty of human experiments.

Of course, the head of the state is very angry. In order to give the citizens a fair, the head of state says, "Our country will not tolerate such people. We will definitely investigate and bring all relevant personnel to justice, and we'll create a peaceful country for everyone."

After Tang Ningshan sees the news, she even suspects whether the video that the system showed to her is also from this laboratory. Now that this incident has been exposed, she hopes that they can continue to trace it.

The initiator of this incident is sleeping in Tang Ningshan's bed and does not mean to wake up, which makes Tang Ningshan feel more helpless. Although she does not know what Ni's family had done to annoy him, this method of him is too direct. Shao Ruihan is completely in revenge and does not give opponents a chance to fight back. This also lets Tang Ningshan know that Shao Ruihan is a wolf, who has been waiting for the opportunity.

After Tang Ningshan changes clothes, she prepares to pack out all the things in the closet. Although the Ni's family is now in trouble, no one can confirm that the person who was going to shoot Shao Ruihan that day is instructed by Ni, so they still have to move.

After Tang Ningshan repackages everything, Shao Ruihan wakes up. He quietly looks at Tang Ningshan, who is packing things. He suddenly feels that the scene is so warm that he wants to continue this way forever. After all, everyone would want to have a stable home and live a stable life.

"Wake up? Then you will help me find a moving company. Move all the things in this house to our new home." Tang Ningshan looks up at the people on the bed and says faintly.

Shao Ruihan blinks and nods, saying that he would ask someone to come over to move the stuff.