Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 163

Chapter 149: chapter 148-- scam

After Shao Ruihan makes a phone call, soon, a lot of people come over. Of course, these people are not the employees of the moving company, but the soldiers of the Shao Ruihan's team.

Tang Ningshan quietly watches the soldiers emptying the house little by little. She is still a little surprised. After all, no one will call soldiers for his own private affairs. If this matter is spread out, Shao Ruihan's rank may be affected.

"Let's go, Shan. If you like here, after this thing is done, then we will move back." Shao Ruihan does not take himself as an outsider at all, holding Tang Ningshan's shoulder and saying softly.

"Shao Ruihan, can you be normal? Now we don't have people from your Shao's family around us. We don't need to pretend that we are very close, okay?" Tang Ningshan couldn't stand the tone of Shao Ruihan and pushes him away directly.

Shao Ruihan shrugs and looks at her calmly. On the surface, he is like he doesn't care what Tang Ningshan said just now, but the hanging hands of him are saying that his mood is not as calm as he shows.

"Let's go." Tang Ningshan looks around the house, and she probably knows that she might not return here in the future. Although she did not live here for a long time, this is the first home of Tang Ningshan, she cherishes it. Although she has to leave now, she can still come back if she has the opportunity.

Downstairs, Tang Ningshan sees the car that Shao Ruihan called, all of which are military trucks and are full of furniture. There are two vehicles. Tang Ningshan can only choose to ignore these; it's too exaggerating for Shao Ruihan to do this.

Shao Ruihan pulls Tang Ningshan in Lee's car. A group of people slowly leave the Wanjia community. Of course, this matter is quickly spread to Commander Shao.

Shao Cheng is not in the mood to interfere with Shao Ruihan's affairs at all. Because the cause of the fire in Shao's house has not been investigated clearly, but obviously it was someone who deliberately set the fire, and the one was coming to Shao Xingsheng. Although Shao Cheng does not care about Shao Xingsheng, the fire was set in Shao's house. This time the goal of others is Shao Xingsheng, who can guarantee that he is not the goal next time. However, the police have not been able to give Shao Cheng a satisfactory answer. Shao Cheng can only send people to investigate, so he does not care about Shao Ruihan's private transfer of military vehicles. After all, Shao Ruihan's report said that the purpose of this time is training. As for the content of training, it will also be decided by Shao Ruihan.

When they arrive at the villa, Tang Ningshan picks two nice bedrooms, one for her and one for Pu Jiayi.

"Jiayi, you will live in this room today. I will find someone to come over to decorate tomorrow. You will show me the style of the room you want, I will let the decoration workers decorate according to your own ideas, okay?" Tang Ningshan discusses with Pu Jiayi with a smile.

Pu Jiayi looks at Tang Ningshan with anticipation. This time, Tang Ningshan takes him with her, although they have changed the place where they live, Tang Ningshan does not abandon him, which makes him very happy. He used to live in the mountains and his living environment was very simple. Now he has arrived at the villa, and Tang Ningshan said that he can design the room himself, so he is very excited.

"You are waiting here now. After they move things upstairs, you can go to your own room. When the dinner is ready, I will go upstairs and call you." After Tang Ningshan finishes, Pu Jiayi goes straight upstairs. After all, his handicrafts are in those boxes that they are carrying, and he doesn't want them to be broken.

Shao Ruihan goes to the side of Tang Ningshan and says with sorrow: "You are treating him much better than treating me."

"Shao Ruihan, are you sick? He is my brother; of course, I should treat him good. If you want to be my brother, I will be good to you." Tang Ningshan finishes, ignoring Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan is not willing, but can't say anything. He thinks that Tang Ningshan is his wife, so she can only be good to him, not to others. Anyway, he is not happy. So when he sees Pu Jiayi again in the evening, his eyes could almost kill people.

After dinner, Tang Ningshan tells Shao Ruihan that she wants to renovate. Shao Ruihan also calls Ji Jun directly. Although they do not have their own staff in China, they have in foreign companies. Although they are not going back abroad now, the network is still there, it is a simple matter to mobilize some decoration teams and decoration materials.

After the renovation is confirmed, Tang Ningshan breathes a sigh of relief. Now she has a house, but she has not bought a car yet. For the driver's license, Tang Ningshan is really helpless. It is really a problem for her to test the driver's license.

She really doesn't know what to do, so Tang Ningshan turns to Yu Huan on the Internet.

"Huan, is there any place I can go to test driver's license?" Tang Ningshan asks directly.

"Do you want a driver's license?" Yu Huan is surprised that Tang Ningshan does not even have a driver's license. He recalls and finds that as if he has never seen Tang Ningshan driving, so he simply asks.

"Well, no, but I drive." Tang Ningshan adds an exclamation point after "I drive", indicating that she really does.

Yu Huan asks in confusion: "When did you learn?"

"I learned it in the army." Tang Ningshan honestly answers the question.

"Then you can directly let Shao Ruihan help you get a driver's license." Yu Huan does not intend to help Tang Ningshan. After all, he has not seen her driving. In the heart of Yu Huan, Tang Ningshan is talented in the computer, and for other aspects, she is at the child level, so he regards her as a sister. Yu Huan does not want Tang Ningshan to drive by herself.

"..." Tang Ningshan is speechless. If she can find Shao Ruihan to help, she will not go online to ask for help.

Shao Ruihan lets people put things down and tells them to leave. The house needs to be renovated, so other things are temporarily placed on the first floor. There are only beds in the two bedrooms upstairs. The things in the room of Pu Jiayi are a little bit more, most of which are Pu Jiayi's carving tools, but it seems quite plain.

Shao Ruihan goes upstairs and sees Tang Ningshan who is sitting on the bed and facing the computer. Shao Ruihan walks over and sits next to her.

"Not tired?" Shao Ruihan's voice is soft and his eyes are particularly gentle.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head.

"You are chatting with Yu Huan?" Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan not rejecting him and continues to ask.

Tang Ningshan nods.

"What are you talking about?"

"Driver's license."

"You want to test your driver's license?"

"I drive; I just need a driver's license."

"I will take care of this; I will give it to you tomorrow."

Tang Ningshan nods.

When Tang Ningshan returns to herself, she finds that she is already in the arms of Shao Ruihan, and she immediately sits up straight.

"When did you come?" Tang Ningshan watches Shao Ruihan with vigilance. She begins to think whether she has stayed a long time with Shao Ruihan, so she would ignore his existence or adapt to his existence.

"It's been a long time." Shao Ruihan says with a faint expression.

Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows and looks at Shao Ruihan. She wants to see what conspiracy he has from his eyes, but only sees tenderness. Such Shao Ruihan is not what Tang Ningshan wants to see at all.

"Today you sleep on your own, there are so many rooms, and you pick one you like." Tang Ningshan eagerly hopes that Shao Ruihan would leave the room.

Shao Ruihan does not say anything, directly putting Tang Ningshan on the bed and kissing her. Tang Ningshan wants to say that can you give me some time to prepare? Such sudden thing is scary.

If Shao Ruihan knows Tang Ningshan's thoughts, he doesn't know what other things he will do. After all, Tang Ningshan does not reject his touch, she just needs to prepare.

The kiss is getting deeper and deeper but is not gentle. However, this kiss makes Tang Ningshan feel a little in love, a bit reluctant to leave. Tang Ningshan feels that she is drunk and is indulged in his kisses. Especially after seeing his tender eyes, she does not have the strength to resist. She could only lie quietly in bed.

"Shan..." Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan not resisting, and his kiss moves down her white neck to the position of the collarbone. He begins to bite as if he wants to leave his mark on it.

"Ah..." The feeling of electric shock spread all over the body, which lets Tang Ningshan unconsciously send out a charming gasping.

Such a voice is simply a signal for Shao Ruihan. But when he is just preparing for the next move, he is suddenly kicked off.

Tang Ningshan's face is red, her eyes are red and her lips are swollen. Her appearance makes Shao Ruihan want to become a wolf immediately, but unfortunately, Tang Ningshan's eyes are full of defense.

"Shan, you..." Shao Ruihan doesn't know why Tang Ningshan, who was just immersed in the comfort, suddenly kicked him.

"Do you not think that we should not have such behavior?" Tang Ningshan tries to calm herself and says to Shao Ruihan with a very serious expression.

"You are my wife!" Shao Ruihan's words make Tang Ningshan feel that she is defeated.

"You also know that it is a fake!" Tang Ningshan snarls in anger.

"I don't think it's fake!" Shao Ruihan shrugs. Anyway, as long as he doesn't admit it, no one would think that the marriage between them is a fake.

"Why do you say this, you know..." Tang Ningshan suddenly finds that she could not refute, this is indeed a fact. Even if she tells others that her marriage is fake, will anyone believe?

Tang Ningshan suddenly feels that she was cheated. She used to think that the original owner is stupid. She suddenly finds out that she is more stupid than the original owner. This is a scam that is so simple and is not even concealed. She even stupidly believes that Shao Ruihan would keep his promise.

"What do you want?" Tang Ningshan's hatred and fear to Shao Ruihan that is hidden in her heart all come out at this moment. Her eyes are alienated and vigilant.

"Shan, I didn't lie to you. But you have to understand that the marriage between us is legally beneficial. Even if there is an agreement between us, but that does not mean that the marriage between us is a fake. Do you understand?" Shao Ruihan feels that Tang Ningshan has misunderstood his meaning and could only explain it.