Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 164

Chapter 150: chapter 149-- don't push your luck

The expression of vigilance and alienation on Tang Ningshan's face does not disappear because of Shao Ruihan's explanation.

"Otherwise, what do you want? Divorce? Impossible. If there is no fault between us, we will only mediate and will not divorce. Do you understand?" Shao Ruihan looks at this kind of Tang Ningshan, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable. He really wants her to get back to the original state. However, Shao Ruihan himself does not know what the standard of this state is.

"Why did you sign the agreement with me at the beginning?" Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan indifferently, not thinking that he could give her an answer that satisfied her.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan and doesn't know how to explain it. Does she want hear that he married her at that time because he needed a wife? And coincidentally, his teacher entrusted her to him? And it happened that someone sent her to him, so he married her? After that, he found out that she was different, so they signed the agreement? Now he finds that he does not want to divorce at all, so tell her that there is no possibility of divorce between them? Shao Ruihan himself feels that this explanation is ridiculous. If he says, will Tang Ningshan believe?

"The past is the past, now is the present, you can't generalize." Shao Ruihan does not give any explanation, just saying with a cold face.

"Why can't I generalize? There is no difference between the past and the present. Why should I carry out what you say? So the agreement is actually what you used to fool me? Hehe..." Tang Ningshan gives a cold smile.

"Shan, you have to know, it's different now." Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, his expression in the eyes are quite complicated. He doesn't know what to say to appease the anger in Tang Ningshan's heart, but he couldn't say the absurd answer.

"Nothing is different!" Tang Ningshan angrily glares at Shao Ruihan and all the anger in her eyes spring up.

"Shan, isn't it good for us to keep the current state?" Shao Ruihan could not explain it at all, so he could only transfer the topic.

"You broke the rules between us first, and you make it impossible for us to get along with each other peacefully!" Tang Ningshan finishes and no longer making any sound. Her alienation and indifference make Shao Ruihan feel quite uncomfortable, but he could not do anything.

"Shan, I hope that you can think about it. Divorce is basically impossible." After Shao Ruihan finishes, he feels that he should leave some space for Tang Ningshan to think, so he goes out directly from the room. He goes to the living room downstairs and finds a seat to sit down.

After Shao Ruihan leaves, Tang Ningshan looks like a deflated ball. She throws herself on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling.

Tang Ningshan asks herself that what convinced her that Shao Ruihan would not deceive her. What convinced her that Shao Ruihan would keep his promise? What convinced her that he could let her go as long as she helps him find what he needs.

A sardonic smile appears on Tang Ningshan's face. She bursts into laughter, but her voice is so sad.

Tang Ningshan now really feels that life is not what it used to be. Before, at least, she was always so carefree. Even if she was cheated, she would calmly say to herself, "it doesn't matter; it's a blessing to suffer losses."

But now? She simply couldn't accept that Shao Ruihan didn't explain. Why didn't he explain? Why did he say that the present and the past cannot be the same?

Tang Ningshan's emotion is complex. But she ignores the feeling of happiness that they spent together during the time. The weight in her heart is swinging back and forth. Every time she wants to take a step forward, the video, which constantly reminds her, would appear, so that she not only dares not to move forward but also can only retreat.

As Shao Ruihan, he is forcing her to admit her inner feelings. Both of them couldn't figure out the true feelings in their hearts, but they are still entangled in each other, chasing and hurting each other. Invisible damage is far more hurtful than other injuries.

Shao Ruihan downstairs is no better than Tang Ningshan. He sits on the sofa in a decadent and recalls what had just happened. But he doesn't understand where the problem is. Isn't divorce a good thing? Why do they have to be separated? Isn't it good to always go on like this?

"Master, I hope that you can think carefully about the changes in your heart." Looking at the decadent Tang Ningshan, the system can only come out to guide her. After all, it really doesn't want to see such Tang Ningshan.

"Changes in my heart?" Tang Ningshan mutters.

Perhaps because of the system, Tang Ningshan has discovered that she is indeed deliberately avoiding something. And at this moment, the heart keeps pouring out of the emotion, which makes Tang Ningshan timid again. Why? Because every time Shao Ruihan hugs her or kisses her, there is a desire in his eyes, but she does not find a trace of love.

She suddenly realizes that she feels cheated because there is no love in the marriage. Since there is no love between them, then they only need to fulfill their obligations. According to the content of the agreement, Tang Ningshan divides two people, who should be closely connected, into two parts.

At this moment, Tang Ningshan completely understands. Even if Shao Ruihan does not agree to divorce, even if she admits that she loves him, the marriage without love is not what she wants. What's more, their marriage is not simple. In such a marriage, if it is mixed with love, then both of them will certainly be damaged.

Tang Ningshan gets up from the bed and her mood changes. She is indifferent now. When Tang Ningshan goes downstairs, Shao Ruihan sees such Tang Ningshan, she is so cool.

"Shan..." Shao Ruihan asks.

Tang Ningshan shows him an alienated smile. That smile can't be disguised, but it's really indifferent.

"Shao Ruihan, every time you are looking for me to talk. Then today I think we should have a serious talk." Tang Ningshan says straightforwardly. She thinks it's better to say something before it's too late.

"Talk... What?" Shao Ruihan suddenly doesn't want to talk to her because he is afraid that the topic she wants to mention would make the distance between them farther.

"Talk about us..." Tang Ningshan goes to sit next to Shao Ruihan. She makes Shao Ruihan feel strange. Even if they are sitting next to each other, there is always a feeling of a stranger.

"Okay..." Shao Ruihan knows that if he doesn't talk to her now, then the next time they chat may be a long time later. Although he is unwilling, he does not have a position, and also there is no reason and excuse for refusing.

"You said that we can't divorce, and then the original agreement is not necessary to obey, is that what you mean?" Tang Ningshan smiles faintly, her eyes are full of coldness.

Shao Ruihan nods stiffly.

"So the meaning is, I cannot comply with the agreement between us, I cannot help you solve the things you need, right?" Tang Ningshan smiles all the time, but which makes Shao Ruihan feel horrible. He has never seen such an impassive Tang Ningshan.

Shao Ruihan wants to shake his head. But if he shakes his head, does that mean that the agreement between them is valid? If he doesn't shake his head, does that mean she won't be helping him in the future? This dilemma directly confuses Shao Ruihan.

He doesn't know if he should nod or shake his head.

"Shan, do you have to be like this?" Shao Ruihan says hoarsely, with a cool tone.

"Otherwise?" Tang Ningshan asks.

"Do you think I must need your help? Is it because I have been too gentle to you recently, so you have the courage to talk to me with such an attitude?" Shao Ruihan also changes his tone. He finds that if the soft temperament would only make Tang Ningshan more and more arrogant, and even let her out of his control, then he should become as cold and ruthless as the beginning.

"Or, do you think you have the capital to against me now?" Shao Ruihan's eyes are like ice, so Tang Ningshan feels that she is frozen in an instant, and even feels cold.

"You..." Tang Ningshan does not know how to continue, and the feeling of fear appears again.

"I hope you remember that you are my wife, my girl. I feel that it is really necessary for me to let you understand what is called a wife and what is the duty of a wife?" Shao Ruihan finishes, directly pressing Tang Ningshan down. His entire body is pressed against Tang Ningshan's body and he begins to bite the neck of Tang Ningshan.

"Shao Ruihan, why do you do this? Even if we are a husband and wife relationship, you are not doing what a qualified husband should do now!" Tang Ningshan's eyes are red because of pain in her neck, but Shao Ruihan looks so angry that she cries out with trembling.

"Now you admit that you are my wife? You want me to be a qualified husband?" Shao Ruihan shows a bitter smile, but does not mean to get up from her body, he just whispers in her ear.

Tang Ningshan nods quickly. She doesn't want to have anything to do with him. She does not want a marriage without love, but she is not prepared to develop love with him.

"Then you can be a qualified wife?" Shao Ruihan's lips have been attached to Tang Ningshan's neck. His voice is low with a temptation, making her feel as if she is inadvertently indulged.

Tang Ningshan nods immediately. Now, as long as Shao Ruihan can get up from her, she will promise what he says.

"So my wife, can you call me darling?" A wild gleam comes into Shao Ruihan's eyes. Although he knows that he does not love Tang Ningshan, he does have a crush on her. Since they are married, he will not consider divorce at all. In fact, when Tang Ningshan talked about divorced, he wanted to kill someone.

"Shao Ruihan! Don't push your luck!" Tang Ningshan yells.

"Oh? It seems that you are not sincere to be a qualified wife." After that, Shao Ruihan's lips move down along Tang Ningshan's collarbone.