Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 165

Chapter 151: chapter 150-- who is it

His lips are still moving down. When he is about to touch her sensitive parts, Tang Ningshan suddenly shouts "darling."

"What?" Shao Ruihan looks up and asks with a confused look.

Tang Ningshan is anxious, and she couldn't wait to put Shao Ruihan directly under her body and give him a few slaps.

Tang Ningshan gnashes her teeth and says "Dar!!! ling!"

"Be gentle." Shao Ruihan's expression is cold, but he is very happy in his heart.

"What do you want to do? You asked me to call you darling, and I called. What do you want to do?" Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan doesn't mean to get up from her. She can only say aloud.

"What do you think?" Shao Ruihan finishes and smiles at her. His meaning is quite obvious, which is that he wants to continue what he just did not finish.

"You get up! I don't care what you want to do. Do you know what the first qualified condition of a qualified husband is?" Tang Ningshan turns her eyes. She thinks they can't go on like this anymore. There is no one in the living room now, but she can't guarantee that no one will come in. If other people see this scene, is it more difficult for her to explain?

"What? Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with a playful face; there is more obvious banter in his eyes.

"First of all, a qualified husband will spoil her wife, love her, pet her, protect her, take care of her, but don't bully her!" Tang Ningshan uses a long list of words to set the stage, and finally says the point she wants to make, which is not to bully her.

"And then?" Shao Ruihan looks at her with a smile, he does not agree with her opinion, but also does not deny her opinion, just lets her continue.

"Then, he will listen to his wife. He does whatever his wife tells him to do. He will not do anything without the consent of his wife." Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan does not understand her at all, and then she only can continue to say the standard of the most desirable husband in her heart.

"Go on!" There is no change in his face, and Tang Ningshan even feels that he really agrees with her.

"Finally, a qualified husband, he will love her forever!" Tang Ningshan does not want to entangle with him, especially in this dangerous situation, so she can only tell the truth.

After listening to Tang Ningshan's words, Shao Ruihan gets up directly from her. The smile on his face disappears, and this movement makes Tang Ningshan feels both happy and sad. Sure enough, there is no such thing as love between them.

"I see." After Shao Ruihan finishes, he leaves the living room. Tang Ningshan does not care where he goes. Not to interfere his affairs should be the way to get along with him, she thinks. However, when Shao Ruihan turns around, Tang Ningshan's heart still hurts.

Sitting on the sofa, Tang Ningshan whispers self-deprecatingly. "Sure enough, it still hurts."

In this way, the seemingly calm night has passed. A series of big events have happened in A city. First, General Ni disappears and is suspected of committing suicide because of the human experiment. Afterward, a series of government officials of various sizes are implicated and all are taken away for inquiry.

This incident does not seem to have anything to do with the Shao's family, but Shao Cheng receives a call for help from General Ni.

"Commander, I hope that you can protect me, even if you don't protect me, then I hope that you can save my family afterward." At this time, General Ni is pleading, hoping that Shao Cheng could make a promise as he followed Shao Cheng for many years in the past.

Unfortunately, Shao Cheng does not express his position but is silent.

"Commander, don't you want to know the truth of that year? You don't want to know where your son has gone? You don't want to know how he disappeared?" General Ni's series of questions make Shao Cheng confused. Shao Cheng's constantly shaking hands show how uncomfortable he is at the moment.

"You... know?" Shao Cheng's voice is not high, but with anger in his tone.

"Commander, if you can save me, I must tell you the truth of that year." General Ni feels hopeful and continues to ask other requests.

"You just need to say yes or no," Shao Cheng says coldly.

"Commander, I have the evidence."

"The report said that you committed suicide, where are you now?" Shao Cheng asks deeply.

"My current position is very safe. I only hope that the Commander can save me. After that, I will give you all the evidence." General Ni finishes talking and hangs up. He looks at the people around him who pulled him out of the fire pit.

"Is this ok?" General Ni asks weakly.

"General, you have to understand, we save you just because we want to know the truth of the year, but you said that everything has been burned, then we can only start from you, I hope you don't mind." The man who is standing next to General Ni is Lee. If Tang Ningshan sees this scene, she will certainly ask why they want to save this mad person. Unfortunately, she is not here and does not see this scene.

"The information of the events of the year is all in the secret room of the warehouse. The information is related to the Shao's family. However, the information is not so comprehensive. The information in my hand is only part of the evidence." General Ni says frustratedly, his expression is very painful, and he looks like a defeated soldier.

"I hope that you can say everything you know." Lee stands next to him, does not talk nonsense with him, he goes straight to the subject. After all, if not because of Shao Ruihan's order, no one would save him.

"Laboratory was created in cooperation with Shao's family. The reason for the establishment of this laboratory is because we found a woman who is capable of doing anything she wants to do. Unfortunately, this woman is a person who is stunned by love." General Ni simply talks about the laboratory and does not mention Shao Ruihan's parents.

"General, you have to understand, I don't want to know this," Lee says coldly.

"The laboratory was a joint venture among me and Shao's few young masters. After that person in Shao's family disappeared, only Shao Xingan is continuing to do the research." General Ni does not seem to know what Lee wants to know.

"What the hell he is studying?" Lee couldn't get any useful news. He could only ask straightforwardly.

"Maybe superpower? Anyway, it is not something that ordinary people can do. The purpose of setting up this lab was to study the secret of that woman. We wanted to see if we can transfer her superpowers, or use that ability to benefit humans. Not long after the disappearance of one of the Shao's families, the woman also died. Several of us gave up the research experiment, only Shao Xingan has been insisting." General Ni shakes his head and says, he sighs. Lee does not know whether he is regretting the disappearance of the man or the death of the woman.

"I will go back to report. You should think about it carefully. If you think of what is important, you can contact me again." Lee thinks since General Ni beats around the bush, so he can only report these things he has already known to Shao Ruihan first, then they can make the next step plan.

Lee takes the recorder and then tells other guards to be vigilant. After that, he drives to Tang Ningshan's new home.

Although Tang Ningshan's villa is now quite worn, even the guard room has collapsed; Shao Ruihan has already transferred a lot of soldiers to come here. Safe work is quite perfect to some extent.

When Lee arrives, he sees the closed door and the people who are patrolling.

The car stops at the gate; he presses the horn and then rolls down the window. After the guard confirms his identity, the door slowly opens.

After Lee enters the house, he sees things that scattered on the ground. He is thinking whether to find a few people to help Tang Ningshan to clean up.

No one is in the living room. Lee directly calls Shao Ruihan. After all, there is Tang Ningshan in this house, he dare not walk around. If he sees something that shouldn't be seen, the unfortunate one is himself.

After a while, Shao Ruihan comes out from a room on the first floor. He glances at Lee and waves to him to signal him to come in.

Two people enter the house one after the other. After entering the room, Lee sees that the bed in the house is the single bed that has been used by Li for a long time at the year.

"Boss..." Lee wants to ask, but looks at Shao Ruihan's cold expression, he stops talking.

"How is the situation?" Shao Ruihan does not pay attention to Lee, asking directly.

"He only said the situation in the laboratory and a woman. He did not mention anything else, but the laboratory is indeed related to Shao's family." Lee hands the recording pen to Shao Ruihan, saying.

Shao Ruihan puts the recorder in his hand aside and asks "What is the action of Shao's family?"

"General Ni called the Commander and said that he knows the things of the year and asked the Commander to protect him. The Shao's family does not have any action yet. But boss, we are only monitoring the periphery, only when they come out, can they be tracked. We are not sure if they have contacted other people secretly," Lee says.

"Well, you can decide the next step. I guess he still has something that he didn't say. Recently, monitor his every move and see if he has contacted other people. And you will continue to monitor the people in Shao's family." Shao Ruihan thinks for a long time and says.

"Do we need to find Mrs. Shao to help?" Lee asks. He does not understand why Shao Ruihan did not let Tang Ningshan help with the monitor process. If Tang Ningshan helps, they don't need to spend so much manpower to monitor.

"Let's see the situation." Shao Ruihan sighs and says.

"You go back." Shao Ruihan waves his hand, obviously not wanting to continue. Lee also retires from the house. He doesn't understand why he didn't ask Tang Ningshan for help. But Shao Ruihan is the captain. He thinks that Shao Ruihan has his own ideas, so he gives up asking questions.

After Lee leaves, Shao Ruihan takes out the recording pen. He listens to the contents of the recording over and over again. Every time when it comes to 'that person', his heart beats violently. In fact, people, who have followed Shao Cheng for many years, all understand what 'that person' means. When his parents disappeared, Shao Cheng had a serious illness. After that, everyone does not dare to mention his parents' names in front of him; they all replace their name with 'that person'.

"Who is it?" Shao Ruihan looks at the night scene outside the window and says in a low voice.