Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 166

Chapter 152: chapter 151-- Im waiting for you

Tang Ningshan has now entered the virtual space and started to complete other tasks. What she is thinking now is to paralyze her own heart and let herself be busy, so that her emotions will not be affected by Shao Ruihan.

"Master, that energy stone..." The system has been waiting for an opportunity, and finally, now is the time when Tang Ningshan is alone, so it could not wait to remind her.

"In the closet. Wait for me; I will go downstairs to get it up." Tang Ningshan feels that her memory has really decreased. Such an important thing was left behind by her. She has been focusing on Shao Ruihan recently, so she forgets a lot of things.

Tang Ningshan runs downstairs and sees no one in the living room. She walks into a room and takes the box out of the closet. After that, she goes back to the room and locks the door. She sits down on the bed and places the box in front of her. When seeing the colorful beads, Tang Ningshan feels heavy.

"You will absorb all of these beads. You see how much you need, and for the rest of them, I will use to blend." Tang Ningshan feels that the system must not use all of them. What's more, she can also upgrade the system by doing tasks, so she should leave some for herself.

"Okay." The system immediately agrees, in fact, it only needs one. It lacks energy now because Tang Ningshan did not do random tasks. If she did, it would not need to use energy stone at all.

Tang Ningshan puts a bead on the palm of her hand. Gradually, she feels it becoming smaller in her own hands until it disappears completely.

"Master, I may take some time to complete the blending process. You may not be able to complete the learning task tonight." After the system absorbs all the energy stone, it tells Tang Ningshan.

"Well, I see. How long does it take for me to integrate the remaining beads into my body? Is there no sequel? This is the first time I have blended so many beads." Tang Ningshan asks worriedly.

"Master, you can rest assured. I will let them enter your body little by little; I promise there will be no abnormalities." The system proudly says.

"Okay, you are free to go then." Tang Ningshan does not know what mood she is now. She is a little expecting and a little scared.

After the system's voice in her mind disappears, Tang Ningshan takes the phone number out of the box again. After remembering the number above, she stuffs the box directly under the bed. She doesn't know why she wants to remember the phone number, but her instinct tells her that the phone number could help her. But now she doesn't need any help at all, so just remembers it first.

These days, Tang Yichun, who has been tracking Yin He, is very annoyed. Originally, he had already wanted to live peacefully with Yin He, but guess what he finds? Yin He will appear in the hotel on time every night and go home with scars in the morning. If it was not that he feels abnormal, will the situation happen that she is pregnant with someone else's child, he still does not know what happened?

Tang Yichun does not understand why Yin He would do this, but witnessing such a thing happening, which is still a very big blow for him. Although he does not love Yin He, he still has feelings after living together with her for so many years. He also hinted at her, hoping she could turn back, and then he does not intend to pursue it. Unfortunately, Yin He did not receive his hints, and she continues to do the same thing every night. It was not until Tang Yichun discovered that Yin Bilu had disappeared, he feels that things had developed in an uncontrollable direction. Only then, he decides to talk to Yin He.

In the morning, the sky is bright and the outside is foggy. Tang Yichun sits angrily in the living room.

The sound of the car comes from outside and the teacup in the hands of Tang Yichun shakes slightly. He slowly bows his head and takes a sip of tea.

The high heels step on the floor and make a sound. Yin He walks in from the outside tiredly. If it wasn't for Tang Yichun who deliberately put the cup on the table to make a sound, Yin He wouldn't even notice that there is a person sitting there.

Seeing Tang Yichun, Yin He shows an unbelievable expression. She stands in the same place, opening her mouth but does not make any sound for a long time.

"Sit down." Tang Yichun's voice is very low now, with a hint of hoarseness. He seems to have been waiting here for a long time.

Yin He walks over without knowing what to do, trying to put on a calm look, and she even has a smile on her face.

"Why don't you sleep?" Yin He asks awkwardly.

"I'm waiting for you." Tang Yichun does not look up; his eyes are staring at the floor as if he is chatting with himself.

"Eh..." Yin He doesn't know how to respond to him, she could only look down on her toes.

"Have you been doing well recently?" Tang Yichun suddenly makes a sound and interrupts Yin He's fantasies.

"What?" Yin He looks at Tang Yichun with a confused face.

"I originally thought that my hints would make you restrain yourself. But now, can you tell me where you have hidden Bilu?" Tang Yichun looks up at Yin He; his eyes are fierce, letting Yin He shiver.

"Bilu... Bilu..." In fact, Yin He does not know where Yin Liangxing sent Yin Bilu to, so she could only remain silent and then put on a grievous expression.

"You don't have to act in front of me. For the sake of the daughter you have borne me, I will let go all other matters as long as you bring Bilu back." Tang Yichun is calm now. Since he has lost a daughter, he does not want to lose another, so he hopes Yin He will bring Yin Bilu back.

"You... know all the things?" Yin He looks at Tang Yichun incredulously. She is very guilty now, and her fears are all coming out. Does he know that she drugged him? Does he still know the thing in the past?

"As long as you bring Bilu back, I'll pretend that nothing has happened." Tang Yichun says faintly. There is no sadness or joy in his eyes, only peace; he is like an old man who has experienced life and death.

After listening to Tang Yichun's words, Yin He suddenly cries, as if she has suffered a lot of grievances. She never thought that after Tang Yichun knows about this, he would have such a reaction. He is not angry, and he did not blame her, he is indifferent. If she knew that things would be the result, wouldn't she have to experience so much?

"I... I don't know where Bilu is now? Bilu wants to go to the plastic surgery and wants to change her identity, so I can only help her to contact some people, so ..." Yin He whimpers. Her tears continue to flow down along her cheeks, but Tang Yichun does not have any comfort and pity for her. He just lowers his head without saying anything.

After a long time, Tang Yichun says "You go upstairs to have a rest." After that, Tang Yichun walks upstairs step by step. His back looks very old, and the straight back has now been somewhat curved. Yin He is really regretful now, but whatever she does now could not make up for her mistake. Yin Bilu has left, and Tang Yichun has already known that she drugged him. Even if they can continue to live together, they will not have children anymore. At this moment, she could not help but kill herself and kill Tang Ningshan. If it was not because of Tang Ningshan, such a thing would not happen to Yin Bilu, and she would not leave, and also herself would not go to find her mad brother.

The Shao's family's conference is also held this morning. Only Shao Xingsheng and Shao Xingyan attend the conference. They simply announce the engagement of Shao Mushuang and Shao Kaile.

Due to the fear of Shao's family's position, the major media only briefly describe the matter of Shao's family. They wrote what the speaker said. No comments are added.

Shao Kaile walks back and forth in his private villa study; he is like the ants on the hot pot. Now, not only his business is affected, but also there are many women who have had sexual relations with him coming to him. Some ask for money, some said they want to marry him, and some even said that they have his children. Every day, facing women who are constantly looking for him, Shao Kaile goes crazy, but he still has to face.

Shao Kaile has been thinking about whether he has offended someone recently. First, the video in the computer was exposed, then the business was affected, and now it is the women who are asking him to take the responsibility. How does the other party plan to deal with him next? Who on earth is trying so hard to frame him?

He suddenly thinks of Tang Ningshan and thinks of Shao Ruihan. Shao Kaile grits his teeth. "Shao Ruihan, you must not let me catch you on the handle; otherwise, I will make you feel that life is worse than death." After that, Shao Kaile directly drops the computer on the table to the ground.

The happiest person in this period should be Shao Hong. Originally, he thought that there is nothing valuable in Shao Kaile's computer, he didn't expect him to smuggle, which finding makes him excited. For so many years, Shao Hong has been busy promoting in the company. He has been making himself outstanding and has never thought about making money. After all, he believes that as long as he gets Shao's company, he can get everything.

But now it is different. Shao Mushuang and Shao Kaile are about to get married, and Shao Ruihan is watching him secretly. His status is now at stake. Now what he needs most are money and connections. After so many years, he has a very strong network of contacts, but he does not have enough money. Even the money paid for the hacker was obtained by his misappropriation of the company's money.

The chicest ones are Song Zhu and Leopard. Since taking revenge on Yin Bilu, Song Zhu now only expects Tang Ningshan to suffer the same pain as Yin Bilu. When her plan is completed, she plans to leave A city. The Leopard also shows an unprecedented interest in Song Zhu. Two people are planning to leave here and start a new life.

Unfortunately, the days of chic do not last for a long time. During the renovation of Tang Ningshan's new house, the wedding of Shao Kaile and Shao Mushuang also arrives as scheduled.

Shao Ruihan takes Tang Ningshan to the wedding scene. Shao Ruihan is wearing a blue-gray suit, and he is like a prince in a fairytale world. Tang Ningshan, who stands next to him and is holding his arm, is like a fairy that falls into the world. Both of them let everyone in the room lose their color.

Shao Kaile sees them coming in and walks over to greet them. After all, today is his wedding, even if he has any plans, he can't perform at his wedding.


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