Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 167

Chapter 153: chapter 152-- find troubles for themselves
Shao Kaile smiles and says hello to them. Shao Kaile is not like the bridegroom who is about to hold a wedding because there is no joy on his face."Cousin, welcome."Shao Ruihan nods and takes Tang Ningshan to walk in. Shao Kaile shrugs and follows behind the two of them.When they come to the front row, they see Shao Cheng sitting there and Xiao Leping is sitting next to him."Grandpa, Grandma." Two people bend over and salute.Xiao Leping smiles and tells them to sit down. All eyes are on the farce of the wedding, but no one questions it.After a while, Shao Mushuang takes Shao Xingsheng's arm to get out from the back.When Shao Kaile sees Shao Mushuang, his face shows a trace of fierce, but soon it is covered by a smile.Shao Ruihan takes Tang Ningshan's hand and sits next to Xiao Leping. Shao Ruihan has been holding the hand of Tang Ningshan, making Tang Ningshan very speechless. She doesn't know if she should let go of his hand and can only give him a supercilious look."Haha." Shao Ruihan smirks out as if he is in a good mood."be honest!" Tang Ningshan says, gritting her teeth.Xiao Leping looks at the interaction of two people, and the expression in her eyes becomes quite complicated.The wedding is going on, although the bride and groom are reluctant. However, no one objects to the wedding, even if everyone feels that such incest is too shocking.The people who come to the wedding are all people from the upper class of A city, and which can be seen from their wearing. However, this time, the wedding is not as crowded as the Shao's party last time. This time, basically, there are rich people. None of the soldiers in the army are present."I will go to the bathroom." Tang Ningshan whispers in the ear of Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan nods his head to express that he heard it. He gently pats Tang Ningshan's hand and then releases her hand.After Tang Ningshan gets up, she turns and goes to the bathroom next to the restaurant.After Tang Ningshan, who is going to calm down in the toilet, closes the door, she realizes that someone comes in with her. With the last experience, Tang Ningshan is very vigilant this time. After entering the toilet, she locks the door."Do you think Shao's family has any plans for this wedding? Even if there is such a scandal, there is no need to let them get married." Tang Ningshan hears the voice of a young woman complaining."Who knows, the family like Shao's family is not what we can rely on. But, I heard that Shao Kaile has not been very good recently." Another woman says nonchalantly."I heard that they seem to have children, and then there would be such news. Maybe Shao Mushuang feels that in addition to Shao family in A city, no family can match her, so this is the best policy for her?" A woman with a hoarse voice guesses."No, even if Shao Mushuang marries someone else, Shao's family will not treat her badly. I think she will be better than she is now if she marries other people. Do you see Shao Kaile's expression? He is reluctant. He is like he couldn't wait to kill her when he looks at Shao Mushuang." The complaining woman says."Can you still not forget him? Please don't be whimsical. Their marriage must be ordered by Commander Shao. If you still want to be good, don't think about unrealistic things. Have you heard of it? Recently, many women went to Shao Kaile, they not only did not get benefits but also brought trouble to themselves." Another woman once again persuades."I know, I can only complain in front of you. Now Shao Kaile is married, Shao Ruihan is also married; there is only Shao Hong who is available left in Shao's family..." The woman's words are stopped."Don't think about these meaningless things. Who can be sure about the future? Besides, I found that when Commander Shao looks at his granddaughter-in-law just now, there was a trace of disgust in his eyes."Really?" The woman's voice is obviously amazed."Really, let's go, let's go out, the ceremony will begin, we can't stay here all the time. Besides, apart from Shao, there are other aristocratic families? Why do we have to put all the attention in Shao's family?"The sound gradually disappears, and Tang Ningshan listens to all their conversations in the toilet. In fact, she does not understand, even if the Shao family is in a high position in A city, which is comparable to the ancient emperor, but there is no need for everyone to try hard to establish a relationship with Shao's family.Tang Ningshan comes out of the toilet and goes to the washstand to wash her hands. After that, she returns to sit next to Shao Ruihan. After sitting down, she begins to look at Shao Ruihan. After all, there are already women who plan to seduce him. Tang Ningshan feels that there must be a good show.Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan next to him. He doesn't know what the expression in her eyes means. Just when he is about to ask her, the host of the wedding starts talking. Shao Ruihan can only shut up and signal Tang Ningshan to look at the front.Before the end of the wedding, Shao Cheng has already left.Tang Ningshan is like watching a farce, watching the wedding because the two are the ones who harmed her, although she does not understand when she offended Shao Mushuang.After the ceremony, Shao Kaile and Shao Mushuang begin to go to each table to thank everyone for coming.The first place they go is Shao Ruihan's table. Shao Ruihan is now the owner of Shao's family, not to mention Xiao Leping is also sitting here, they have to come to their table first. Moreover, Shao Kaile has no strength to oppose Shao Ruihan right now."Grandma." Shao Kaile and Shao Mushuang hold their glasses in their hands, followed by two waiters carrying trays.Xiao Leping smiles and nods. She takes a gift from her side and hands it to Shao Mushuang.Shao Mushuang respectfully takes the gift from Xiao Leping. The two people say, "Thank you, Grandma."After that, it is the turn of Shao Ruihan. They skipped Shao Xingan directly. After all, Shao Ruihan is now the owner."Cousin." Tang Ningshan does not say anything; Shao Ruihan also does not stand up, and he just picks up the glass on the table.Shao Kaile looks at Shao Ruihan, his eyes clearly have hate. Shao Ruihan does not seem to care at all, he is still smiling.The way Shao Mushuang looks at Tang Ningshan is the same as the way Shao Kaile looks at Shao Ruihan, but her eyes have a trace of madness."Ningshan, don't you have a drink?" Shao Mushuang speaks directly."Mushuang, I do not drink." Tang Ningshan says with a decent smile on her face."Hey, do you think your behavior is appropriate? Today is my wedding day; you don't even want to drink a glass of wine?" Shao Mushuang forces Tang Ningshan; she is like if Tang Ningshan does not drink this wine today, this wedding is not going to continue. Shao Kaile looks at them quietly next to Shao Mushuang. Although he would like to get Tang Ningshan, he also looks forward to seeing the jokes of Tang Ningshan and Shao Ruihan."Darling, can you help me drink?" Tang Ningshan pushes Shao Ruihan on the side. Her meaning is obvious, she is like don't you want to be a qualified husband? Now the opportunity is coming.Shao Ruihan does not hesitate. He directly takes the glass in front of Tang Ningshan and pours the wine into his mouth. After drinking the wine, he stars at Shao Mushuang with a warning in his eyes."You..." Shao Mushuang wants to rush forward and directly beats Tang Ningshan up. She actually shows their love in front of her?Shao Kaile directly catches her. Perhaps his strength is so big that Shao Mushuang's hand shivers. Then she looks back at Shao Kaile."Let's go." Shao Kaile pinches Shao Mushuang's wrist. Everyone can see that Shao Kaile is in a bad mood. The wedding is coming to an end soon."Grandma, we got to go back now. I have to go back to take infusion." Shao Ruihan stands up directly, whispering in Xiao Leping's ear."Your injury has not healed?" Xiao Leping asks with a frown. The eyes are full of care and worry."Well, I feel better. Shan has been taking care of me very carefully. If it weren't for her, I might still be lying in bed now." Shao Ruihan says softly."Then go back soon." Xiao Leping looks at Tang Ningshan behind Shao Ruihan. Although she does not like this granddaughter-in-law, she does not want to refute the meaning of her grandson. After all, no one knows what will happen in the future."Grandma, bye." After Shao Ruihan finishes, the two people leave quietly, and they do not bother anyone.Getting out from the Shao's house, Tang Ningshan has a feeling of returning to the earth. She really can't stand the atmosphere in the Shao's house, especially that there is a smirk on everyone's face, but they are pretending to have a happy conversation."Hey, will their marriage be bad for you?" Tang Ningshan's idea is simple. Both families want to fight against Shao Ruihan. Now that two people are married, will these two families cooperate?"This is hard to say." Shao Ruihan whispers.Tang Ningshan finds that Shao Ruihan doesn't want to talk, she stops asking. After all, their marriage has become a foregone conclusion and there is no way to change it. If they really want to cooperate against her and Shao Ruihan, she can only be careful, making sure that they don't fall into their traps.Back to the villa, Tang Ningshan sees a lot of building materials in the house, and there are many strangers in the house. Except for the room with two double beds on the second floor, the other rooms that are not load-bearing walls are torn down."Shan, have you planned this villa? Does the house need to be expanded? There is a garden outside. If you have an idea, I can ask someone to handle it." Shao Ruihan asks the confused Tang Ningshan."Expansion?" Tang Ningshan does not understand the meaning of Shao Ruihan, asking."Well, according to the size of the villa now, I think the villa should still be able to expand a circle. But in that case, the garden area will be reduced." Shao Ruihan explains.